Super Bowl Food: BLT Dip and Sideline Smokies

I’m still in Hawaii stuffing myself with coconut pancakes, malasadas, and huli hulu chicken. But I haven’t forgotten that the 2nd biggest food day of the year next to Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, is only one week away. So to start you off on a week full of great Super Bowl food, check me out over at Betty Crocker where I’m being featured for a couple of game day recipes.

Click here to see me and the recipes over at Betty Crocker or on the photos below for just the recipe.

All the flavors of your favorite sandwich in a hot and bubbly dip.
You must eat these with Fritos…it’s the only way to go.
Little sausages wrapped in bacon, topped generously with brown sugar, and cooked until crispy in the oven!

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  1. Congrats on the Betty Crocker feature. That dip sounds/looks delicious. I am going to make that Sunday. Thanks for sharing.
    Go PACK!!! 🙂

  2. That dip sounds really yummy!

  3. I will for sure be adding these to my menu for next Sunday!

  4. Your dip looks unbelievable!!! AND Im soooo jealous your in Hawaii and Im not : ( Have a blast!!

  5. YUM!!! I hope you are having fun on your trip!! I wish I was in Hawaii right now!

  6. annnnd, bookmarked! That sounds so good!

  7. I hope that you are having an amazing time!

  8. That BLT dip sounds perfect for a BBQ or a picnic and looks delicious!

  9. Great idea! I’m drooling.

  10. I featured your BLT dip today…can’t wait to try it!

  11. The smokies are a must have! I make them for every potluck that we go to and they are always gone immediately. The dip looks amazing, I must try it!

  12. I just became a follower. Your recipes above look great. I have a fairly new blog called Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hypo. Thats me, a hungry hypoglycemic with a passion for easy gourmet food. I cook a lot with bacon and I bake alot so that explains the name. I might have to share your recipes on my blog.

  13. That dip is a-callin my name…screamin’ it actually (if we are being honest)

    Who am I to ignore the screams of a food involving bacon?

  14. Little smokies wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar? shut up! I’m pretty sure I’d eat at least a dozen.

  15. I made your BLT dip for the Super Bowl, and it was a unanimous Mmmmmmmmmm! Thanks for another winner.

  16. I made the smokies, the BLT dip and the “Ghetto” dip. All were wiped out before the half. Thanks for the new ideas.

    Jan B

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  18. I made these smokies for a football party and even though I made two packages we had only one little smokie left at the end of the night. Everyone LOVED these!! They were really pretty easy to make. I wrapped the smokies the night before so all I had to do before the game was sprinkle the brown sugar on and pop them in the oven.

  19. I love the smokies, I make mine the night before and bake them in my crockpot!

  20. I make the “Sideline Smokies” and they are a huge hit. I wrap them and broil them without the brown sugar. Then, I put them in the crock pot so I can take them anywhere. Once in the crock pot I add brown sugar and soy sauce to taste. The nieces and nephew beg me to make these.

  21. I think the sugar ruins the whole thing. Sugar and meat is a bad combination in my opinion. Without the sugar this recipe is really good.

  22. Yes! Finally something about bbq fritos.