My Favorite Things 2017

It’s that time of year! I do a My Favorite Things every year but this year I wasn’t planning on doing one until I got messages from people asking, “Where’s your My Favorite Things post?” So here I am. 

I actually have a My Favorite Things Party with some of the Dolphin’s wives next week so I already had my favorite things on my mind. Every single item listed I have purchased in the last year. Almost everything here is $25 and cheaper so great for friends and family gifts!

Most of it is from Amazon because hello two-day shipping. They actually gave me my own Amazon Influencer section so you can find anything I love in one place. This is not sponsored by Amazon but apparently if you spend your entire salary on Amazon, they’ll give you your own store.

Artic 30 oz Tumbler: I literally do not get in my car without my Artic Tumbler. I have it with me at soccer games, birthday parties, church, you name it. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. If I leave ice in it overnight, it’s still there the next day. It’s mind blowing. My husband bought them in a 2-pack from Costco for cheaper so check there first but Amazon also sells them and in fun colors.Phone Mount for your Car: This is a phone car mount for your car. Useful if you Snapchat or Instagram a lot in your car. I don’t do a lot of that but I do like it because it holds my phone up at eye level so when I’m following my google maps for directions it’s easy to see.Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel: My friends over at Lunchpails and Lipstick introduced these to me. I use these peels about once a week and it totally brightens your skin and gets rid of that top layer of dull skin.

Benefit Roller Lash: I love this mascara because it makes your eyes pop. It’s curls your lashes and opens up your eyes. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: I posted about these headphones on my Instastories and everyone wanted the link. I’ve used PowerBeats for years and after going through six pairs in a 6-month period, I had enough. The slightest hint of moisture and they would break. My friend Claire told me about the Amazon version of PowerBeats. They’re 1/4 of the price and I’ve had mine for six months with no issues. Love these!!!

Hamburger Meat Chopper: If you have Taco Tuesday EVERY Tuesday like we do, you need this meat chopper. Especially if you use lean meat because when you cook lean mean it doesn’t break up that well. Great stocking stuffer!

Instant Pot: Chicken done in 8 minutes? Pot Roast in an hour? I really didn’t want to jump on the Instant Pot train but here I am. I fell for a Black Friday deal and bought one for myself for Christmas. It’s fast than a slow cooker but with the same results.

Ancestra DNA: It’s a DNA test that shows the makeup of where you are from. I bought these (and Amazon Alexa) for my parents for Christmas. My husband’s family did them last year and it was really fun to see the differences among siblings.

Benefit High Beam Highlighter: I love this highlighter. Rub some on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose and upper eyelid to get that dewy pop!

RING CANDLES: My babysitter introduced me to these candles. They actually have a ring valued from $10 – $7500 hidden in each candle and as you burn it, you’ll find it. Pretty fun except for the fact that my kids kept lighting my candles because they impatiently wanted to see the ring. Candles are my love language. If you want to make my happy, give me a candle. I’ve tried the Jewel Scent, and Diamond Candles brands but Amazon also has their own version.

Jessica Simpson Double Drop Earrings: I have these Jessica Simpson earrings (a lot of her other earrings) and I love them because they’re lightweight and go with anything. A great stocking stuffer.

This Beauty Counter Balancing Charcoal Mask reduces pore size and gets those oily T-zone areas. My sister-in-law Kristy from Boys Ahoy introduced me to this mask over the summer. I use it about once a week and love it.

The Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay: I have all of the Naked palettes (my favorite is Naked 3) and they last forever. Their newest palette I’m obsessed with. They’re really warm tones which are great for blue or green eyes (me) and super pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot. Amazon sells it but their price is jacked up so your best bet is from Ulta.

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