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Meet “The Girl”

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The Girl Who Ate Everything is a place filled with family friendly recipes that can be made in a short amount of time. Although my love will always be for Mexican food, I have a wide variety of recipes that are tried and true.

People often ask why I started this blog. I’ve always kind of hem and hawed around the subject because the real reason wasn’t probably what they were expecting to hear. I know food blogs aren’t the place to talk about serious and sad things like death…but the truth is what it is.

In 2008, my sister had just died and I was in Florida thousands of miles away from all my family. While my family had each other to cope, I found myself all alone grasping to find my own source of comfort. I was in the kitchen one day making this cherry cheese pie, (which my sisters and I usually gathered in the kitchen to eat with just forks; giggling, and convincing ourselves that the men didn’t appreciate it like we did so we didn’t have to share) when I realized something. Being in the kitchen making family recipes made me feel like my family was in my kitchen with me.

I had found my comfort.

That’s how it started.


I brainstormed several names for this blog but nothing stuck out in my mind. Then I was browsing books on Amazon and I ran across a book called The Man Who Ate Everything by Jeffrey Steingarten. I stopped in my tracks and said, “Oh my gosh, that’s me!”

Well, except for the whole man part of course.

It got me thinking. Maybe I could be The Woman Who Ate Everything or The Lady Who Ate Everything.

Scratch that. I couldn’t be the “Woman” or the “Lady”. Sounds like I’m 80 years old.

Hmm. The Girl Who Ate Everything. I liked it. Summed it all up in five words.


I am the mother to three wild and crazy boys and two sweet little girls. I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and am the youngest of ten kids. I love to dance. I took ballet and contemporary dance for 14 years. I also played the viola for 10 years so music is a big part of my life. Which is why on any given day, you can find me in the kitchen with the tunes cranking!

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I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Computer Science and worked at a Forensic Science software company until I had my first son in 2005 but I still get in the trenches every once in a while. We lived in sunny Florida for 15 years now where my husband played for the Miami Dolphins. We recently moved to Utah to be by family.
I have always loved food but didn’t really start cooking and baking until I got married and realized I needed to feed this huge man! We’ve been married 20 years and The Man Who Ate Everything gets the benefits of the dishes that turn out and stomaches the ones that don’t.
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I started working for Tablespoon and General Mills in October of 2010 doing freelance writing and recipe development. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for. I just recently ended my work there to make more room for my crazy life with five kids.
Betty Crocker Kitchens – November 2010


Betty Crocker Food Styling Kitchen – November 2010
Betty Crocker Kitchens – November 2010


In 2014, I published my first cookbook with over 100 original recipes.

Betty Crocker Kitchens – 2017

Me and Betty Crocker – 2017


I have been featured on BettyCrocker, Pillsbury, Hershey’s, Reese’s,  BuzzFeed, Woman’s Day, Huffington Post, Shari’s Berries,, Grilled Magazine, CafeMom,, Redbook Magazine, Country Living, Mashable, The Atlantic, Delish, Reader’s Digest,, ABC News,,, E News, EHow,, and

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