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For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing a cookbook and it will be out September 9th! Ahhh. I can’t tell you how surreal this is. First of all, remember little ol’ me who gets nervous when someone tells me they made one of my recipes. Now I have a whole cookbook full of recipes to get shy over. This book was a serious labor of love. Lots of blood, sweat, and calories went into this book. I like to call it my 6th child. I started it in July of 2013 and spent six months literally every day in the kitchen cooking and photographing each recipe.

My cookbook has over 100 recipes: 90 brand new recipes and 10 favorites from the blog. Each recipe has a photo of the finished dish because that’s what I personally look for in a cookbook. It’s full of family recipes and other recipes brainstormed while I was running. From Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms to S’mores Cookie Cups, I promise you will find something you love. The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook is sold at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Costco stores! Hardcover copies are being sold at Deseret Book. It is also available on ITunes, Nook, and Kindle.

I have you guys to thank for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for supporting me along the way. I feel like I’ve found friends that love food as much as I do. Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered my book! It means the world to me. Even though my shyness makes me want to hide in a corner, please know that I never take for granted the opportunity I have been given. Thank you.

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Buy a copy of my book here:


Barnes and Noble

Deseret Book


ITunes, Nook, and selected Costcos


Here’s a little sneak peek of some recipes in the book:

S'mores Cookie Cups | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

S’mores Cookie Cups

Pasta Milano | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

Pasta Milano

Cinnamon Roll Sheet Cake | The Girl Who Ate Everything CookbookCinnamon Roll Sheet Cake

Cheeseburger Pizza Balls | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

Cheeseburger Pizza Balls

Anitpasto Cups | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook Antipasto Cups

Snickerdoodle Muffins | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

Snickerdoodle Muffins

Juicy Beef Tenderloin | The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

Juicy Beef Tenderloin

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  1. Hi there, wondering if you are willing to give some advice. For your cookbook (HUGE CONGRATS) are you self publishing? If so who did you use? or who is your publisher? Wondering the best avenue to make one myself. you can email me any assistance would be great! Thanks

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} says:

      I was approached by a couple of publishers over the years and Cedar Fort was the best fit for me! I’ll email you. Christy

  2. love everything about them!!!!!! Super Great!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Christy,
    Congratulations on your cookbook!!! I have been using your delicious recipes for some time now! When I heard you were releasing a cookbook I got super excited!! Two out of my four children are very picky eaters and when I started using some of your recipes and discovered how much they loved them, especially the Chicken Pillows. I just knew I had to get a copy of your cookbook! I am a stay at home mom and I’m currently homeschooling my children and cooking/baking plays a big role in that as well. We are in the Springville Utah area and we were wanting to know if you had any book signings coming up around this area?

    Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful thoughts & ideas with all of us.
    Lauryn Cash

  4. I just came across your site and i am so HAPPY i did!!! I love all the recipes i’ve seen so far!!! I will be picking up your book, so excited to see the pics after each meal. Smart, that’s what I look for in a cookbook.

  5. Hello,

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your cookbook! I love your recipes and will definitely buy a cookbook!

    Best of luck to you:)


  6. Love your site! Are you selling your book in Canada? If so which retailers?

  7. Wow! Congratulations. I will be looking for your book. Hope its not hard to find. Thank you.

  8. Hi!
    I just found your site as I was searching for the blueberry croissant breakfast dish. I love your site and will definitely order your cookbook. I was excited when I saw your name because my maiden name is Denney.
    Thank you , julie

  9. Dear Christy, Love your site! Is there a way I can contact you about permission to reprint a recipe in my food mystery?

    Thanks so much.

    Judith Newton

  10. I don’t normally order cookbooks but I cannot wait for yours to give to my daughter-in-law for a gift.
    Thank you so much, please let me know when it is out.

  11. I love your cookbook everything look super easy to make, it’s one of my favorite cookboks can’t wait for the next one

  12. I have your Candy Kane bats cookies twice in the last few days & I am so disappointed ! I double checked the recipe to make sure I was doing everything correctly. The directions I got were correct BUT the cookies tastes like flour! I threw both cookies out that I made bc I didn’t feel I could give them to anyone!
    Anyone that knows me knows how my cookies are & these were not editable !!!!
    Please check your recipe!

  13. Every copy of your book that I’m finding on Amazon are $65 + … is this how much this cookbook is going for..??

  14. I have been searching high and low for a copy— mine got damaged and I want to replace it, but am having trouble in finding a copy. Any update from the publishers, or if they’re in production? Thank you tons!

  15. Cheryl Leising says:

    I entered email incorrectly the first time. 🙂

  16. Sandy A. Cooper says:

    Excellent cookbook. Easy instructions and good pictures. Interesting bits of information and thoughts within her book so you know a little bit about her and her life and family. Well written recipes, easy to follow, and I hope she continues to add more cookbooks with new recipes. This cookbook is a delight to read, and it would make an excellent gift to anyone who loves to cook or bake.
    This has become one of my favorites.

  17. Elizabeth A Colatos says:

    Hi Christy,

    Just found your blog and also seen you have a cookbook out which I plan on buying after reading all the glowing reviews of your recipes. I’m still going through the recipes but already have my sights on a couple of them that I will be trying within the next couple of days.
    Can you please add me to your mailing list.
    Thanks Christy

  18. I absolutely love your cookbook! I bought it a few years back at Target and I think I’ve made close to every recipe in the book. My husband loves them all! They’re some of his favorites things that I make.