Since I’m often asked the same questions about me and this blog, I thought I would compile a list of the most frequently asked questions here.

1) Why did you start this blog? I first started this blog back in 2008 to share family recipes. My sister had just passed away suddenly and making family recipes is what made me feel closer to my family thousands of miles away. I don’t think anyone besides my family followed my blog for the first couple of years.

2) How are you not 500 pounds?  I like to run and I’ve slowly learned that I don’t have to eat the whole batch of cookies by myself. I’m not saying that I don’t fall of the deep end into bowl of cookie dough sometimes, but I’ve gotten better over time.

3) How do you have time to blog with 5 kids? I love cooking and baking. We all find time for things we love. My kids are always in the kitchen with me helping and are quite the cooks themselves. As this blog has grown it does take more time than I like to admit to make, post recipes, and answer emails and comments. I’ve always had the philosophy that my family comes first. I don’t blog during the day while they’re home. They’re my priority and always will be. I’m a mom first. Cooking is just the frosting on top of it all. I blog after they’ve gone to bed which is why a majority of my posts are in the late hours of the night.

4) What camera and lens do you use? Until February 2013 I used a Canon Rebel XTi with a 50/1.4mm lens. My husband recent bought me the Canon 5D Mark III and it’s a little overwhelming. I’m still trying to learn all of the details of it. It came with a lens but I still like to use my 50/1.4mm lens with it.

5) Can you give me some tips on how to photograph food? I would hardly call myself an expert here. I still have some of my early pictures on this blog and they are cringe worthy. I would say the key is to use natural light. Lighting is everything. Sometimes I won’t even attempt to photograph food if it’s dark and rainy out. Every situation is different. For my house and set up, I can get the best photos during the middle of the day, in the shade on my back porch table or by a window inside my house.

Keep it simple. Don’t go crazy with props. Food looks great on white plates but every once in a while I throw in a colored plate. Accentuate with colored napkins and placemats.

I like to shoot in Aperture Priority (AV). I usually shoot food between a 4.0 and 6.0 aperture.  That’s what gives you that beautiful bokeh…a focused point with a blurry background.

If you have great lighting you don’t need to edit your pictures a ton after taking them. I don’t like to overdo the editing. Sometimes photos are so photoshopped they’re hard to look at. I do use Picasa or Photoshop Elements to lighten up a photo on a dark day or to sharpen it a little.

6) Can I use your photo or recipe? I do not care if you use my recipe photo OR recipe but please link back to this site. Please do not use my photo AND recipe on your site. One or the other is fine.

7) What should I serve at my next get together? There are a lot of great ideas in my Visual Recipe Index. Try the Feeding A Crowd category for great party food.

8) Do you have a cookbook? Actually….YES! Read all about it here or buy it here.

9) Where have you been featured? I have been featured on BettyCrocker, Pillsbury, Hershey’s, Reese’s,  BuzzFeed, Woman’s Day, Huffington Post, Shari’s Berries, LaurenConrad.com, Grilled Magazine, CafeMom, Delish.com, Redbook Magazine, Country Living, GoodHousekeeping.com, and Parenting.com.

10) Who do you advertise with? I advertise with BlogHer and have certain rules I need to abide by since I am under contract with them. I am not selling ad spaces at this time.

11) Can I write a guest post for you? This blog is my baby and I like to keep the writing in my voice. I can’t say yes to one request and not to all without hurting feelings so I decided to not accept guest posts. The best way to get featured on my blog is to email me your BEST recipe. I’ll try it and if I love it, I’ll feature you and the recipe. Sound good?

12) Will you review my product or host a giveaway? Thank you for considering me for your giveaway or review but I do not participate in reviews. I do like discovering new products (doesn’t everyone) but do not write entire posts to review a product. I like to keep this blog about recipes so I usually do my own inspired giveaways and talk about whatever I want to talk about. I started a “My Favorite Things” series where I talk about the things I’ve discovered lately. Thank you! If you want to host a giveaway please contact me. The value of the giveaway must be over $250. If I feel like it’s a good fit and there’s room in my calendar, we can work out the details.

If you are publishing a cookbook, I would love to read it and share a recipe with my readers along with a giveaway.

13) Do you participate in sponsored posts? I have done sponsored posts in the past but I’m very selective and only choose to do them with brands I love and use anyway. Please contact me for a quote.


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  1. Hi, I would like to make your Pistachio Cookies for an exchange, I need to bring 3 dozen. How many approximately do you get from this recipe?

  2. Hi Christy

    Love,love your blog and fab recipes!! I never found out the type of matterss you raved about,you said your husband would lift the mattress to find the brand? Getting a new one and i wanted your recommendation since you raved! Thanks so much, Lisa

  3. Have you read Jeffrey Steingarten’s book The Man Who Ate Everything? I wonder if you have because of your blog name. It’s a good read.

  4. I want to make your Monkey Squares but I will need to freeze some of them. Can I frost them with the Brown Butter Frosting? Thanks.

  5. Hi, Christy – I found your blog while looking for banana bread cookie recipes. I plan to try them this weekend, but with a twist (maybe) – I have a lot of ground granola, and wondered if you ever have used it in a recipe. It’s similar to almond flour; I just put the granola in a food processor and let it go until is is powdery.

    Any thoughts or advice? Have you ever used ground granola? Thanks!

    – David

  6. Tammy SBailey says:

    Would I be able to sign up for emails containing recipes?


  7. Your Pineapple Upside Down Muffins look so good and pretty. I make Christmas baskets up for friends and acquaintances and fill them with muffins, cookies, candy etc. Decorate the basket and I have a decent gift for them. (Some people don’t bake anymore.) I wanted to know if I can bake these muffins and will they freeze well until all my baking is done and ready to be delivered? Thanks for the great recipe.