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Cranberry chocolate pie

Cranberry Chocolate Pie

Cranberry Chocolate Pie is a gooey chocolate and cranberry pie with walnuts. Festive and delicious! The perfect dessert for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Corn Soufflé - one of my favorite recipes at Thanksgiving and always one of the first dishes to go.

Corn Casserole

Corn Casserole is one of my favorite recipes at Thanksgiving and this is always one of the first side dishes to go. Some people call...

cranberry fluff

Cranberry Fluff

Cranberry Fluff is a creamy salad with cranberries, pecans, crushed pineapple, mini marshmallows and cream. The perfect side or dessert at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey doesn’t have to be hard. Here are the tips, tricks, and techniques for making sure your bird is moist and flavorful.

Scalloped Potatoes - a classic dish with potatoes, cheesy sauce, and baked until perfection!

Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes are a classic dish with layers of potatoes and rich creamy cheese sauce on repeat! The ingredients are simple in these Scalloped...

Pecan Pie Muffins

Pecan Pie Muffins

Pecan Pie Muffins are a mix between a pie and a muffin. They have a muffin texture with a soft gooey inside like a...

Lion House Rolls - my favorite rolls hands down! Soft, fluffy and unbelievable!

Lion House Rolls

Lion House Rolls are known around the world for their incredible texture and flavor.  I’ve made this Lion House dinner roll recipe so many...

This homemade Green Bean Casserole recipe made without cream of mushroom soup. Easy and delicious side for Thanksgiving or any other holiday.

Green Bean Casserole

This homemade Green Bean Casserole recipe made without cream of mushroom soup. Easy and the perfect side dish for Thanksgiving dinner or any other...

Thanksgiving Classic Stuffing Recipe

Stuffing Recipe

The best Stuffing recipe made with bread, onion, celery, butter, and fresh herbs for Thanksgiving. Some people call this dressing and some people call...

Edible Blood - drizzle it on cupcakes, cakes, donuts, name it!

Fake Blood Recipe

Fake Blood Recipe is easier than you think. I’ll show you how to make Edible Fake Blood for Halloween and you can drizzle it on...

chicken and broth in a bowl

Chicken and Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Dumplings is a great recipe you make when you’re craving a homecooked meal. Made from simple ingredients, the tender dumpling dough and...