Corn Soufflé

This Corn Soufflé is from my cookbook! It’s one of my favorite recipes at Thanksgiving and always one of the first dishes to go.

Some people call this Corn Souffle creamed corn casserole or corn pudding. Any way you name it, it’s delicious!

Corn Soufflé - one of my favorite recipes at Thanksgiving and always one of the first dishes to go.


Can everyone stop trying to health-ify Thanksgiving?! I’ve seen so many recipes for “skinny” versions of sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and pie.

I like to eat healthy too but can’t we have at least one day where we have a free hall pass to eat whatever we want without all the guilt? To eat pie until our pants split open? To load butter upon butter on our veggies until they’re unrecognizable?

The other 364 days of the year we can worry about calories. Seriously. Let’s give ourselves a break, puh-lease.

Now that I have you all buttered up to calorie laden dishes let me introduce you to this Corn Soufflé.

My friend Lauren brought this to Thanksgiving dinner and I found myself going back for not only seconds, but thirds.

I had no idea that is was surprisingly easy and I can’t say enough about how good it is. This one is also from my cookbook!  Enjoy!  


Yes! You can easily double this by baking it in a 9×13 baking dish. Add 10-15 minutes to the cooking time or until the center isn’t jiggly.

Corn Soufflé
Servings: 8 servings
Author: Christy Denney
  • 1 (15-oz.) can corn, with liquid
  • 1 (15-oz.) creamed corn, with liquid
  • 1 (8.5 ounce) box Jiffy corn muffin mix, unprepared
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • ½ cup melted butter
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease a 9" square baking dish.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix all ingredients together and bake for 50-60 minutes or until soufflé is nice and golden brown and the center is set.
Recipe Notes

This can be doubled and baked in a 9x13 baking dish. Just make sure to cook it 10-15 minutes longer or until center is not jiggly.


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  1. I’m with you, Christy! Pass the butter, please! Putting my stretchy pants on and making Lauren’s corn soufflé! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. I was going to make scalloped corn for Thanksgiving but now this awesome dish will be on my table instead!! Yum!! Can’t wait to try this and the spinach and rice! Thanks so much and have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I totally agree with holidays being a “no calorie counting zone”! I would love to try this soufflé. I had something like it once on a trip to Texas. However, I live in the frozen north of Canada, and we don’t have Jiffy mixes. In fact, I’ve been looking for a cornbread mix of any kind at every grocery store here in Canada and have never seen one. Even doesn’t carry one. Any idea how to do this without the mix? Maybe just use the dry ingredients in a cornbread recipe? It looks so good, and my family loves corn in any form,. I’d love to give it a try.

  4. Now I have something I can make with the boxes of jiffy corn bread mix I bought a couple of months ago, this looks delicious!!

  5. This is the same recipe I use except mine calls for 1/4 cup sugar..wherever I take it I come home with a clean pan and rave reviews!

  6. This has been one of my all time favorite recipes! I came across it about 10 years ago at a thanksgiving dinner & I make it all the time. I make sure to put sweet whole corn & sweet cream corn as well & it has that sweet cornbread taste.

  7. This a the best way to eat corn at Thanksgiving! We’re from Texas so we add some diced jalapeños.

  8. Do you think you could stir this up the night before and refrigerate?

  9. Thank you for recipe. It looks delicious

  10. The Corn Souffle looks so yummy. I was looking for a corn recipe for Christmas, and this will be perfect.

  11. Is the corn suppose to be drained? Mine is really runny still after an hour and a half of cooking.

  12. I love this recipe and was so glad I found it cuz the last time I had the corn souffle it was made by a dear friend of mine who just passed away and I thought maybe the recipe went with her, but maybe this was her way of saying she’s still with me? Thank you.

  13. carmen gonzalez says:

    I made this thinking how easy it looks to make but it came out to soft the water from the corn shoul be drained reduce the butter or eliminated it and sour cream should be reduce to have a better consistency. Taste was ok.

  14. The image looks so delicious that I immediately wanted to try it but alas i have no clue what Jiffy corn muffin mix is. Not much info on google either how to do my own.

    You do realize that Foodgawker attracts people from ALL over the world so you might want to think that for the next blog post who your future readers are.

    Agnetha in Sweden

  15. This is so freakin good, so stuffed from eating too much of it!!

  16. Just pulled it from the oven and it looks great. I did have to cook a tad longer so it wasn’t too jiggly.

    Should the leftovers be refrigerated or left out?

  17. I’ve seen recipes with eggs. Do you follow the instructions with Jiffy and add eggs?

  18. Can this be made ahead of time and reheated? I’m short on kitchen space but love this recipe.

  19. Kathy Bergquist says:

    I have had this at a friend’s house and you are so right…its wonderful.

    I have a question…can I make it today and bring over to Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon?

    Can it be served at room temp?

  20. Susan Moreland says:

    If you made this in advance how would you reheat it? In the oven or the microwave? I don’t want it to dry it out or be soggy. Thanks!

  21. This is so good and easy to make. I baked it about 20 mins longer than recipe called for. I was skeptical it wouldn’t taste well but everyone loved it.

  22. I will definitely drain the corn next time. I cooked it for over an hour and a half, and still not done. The top has a nice sort of crunch but the rest is like pudding. I realize different types of canned corn may have more/less liquid than others and may be why some had problems and others didn’t. It is delicious nonetheless.

  23. How many does this serve?

  24. Is the consistency of the middle section suppose to be more like corn bread or a bit soft like the stouffers corn soufflé

    Definitely cooked much longer.

  25. I am making this for the second time in a week. My family loves it! Mahalo for sharing👍

  26. Corn pudding? Really? I was/am very disappointed with this. Glad I had time before company arrived to replace this. I thought it looked to runny before cooking and even cooked longer

  27. Can we use a muffin tin with this recipe instead?

  28. Family loved it, 1st time but not the last….

  29. Can you make corn soufflé in a crockpot if so how long do you need to cook it?

  30. Brian Campbell says:

    I add cheese and diced jalapeños and a couple teaspoons of sugar. Bake 20-30 minutes longer if you like it firmer or add a beaten egg.

  31. Does this have to be served hot or can it be cool? I️ want to make it for a work potluck but it’ll get cool by lunch time?!

  32. I love this recipe but add ricotta
    Cheese for a taste variation. Add about 1/2 cup to basic recipe makes it very creamy does not change the baking time.

  33. Just for clarification, this is not a soufflé. Soufflé is a egg-based dish and I see no egg in the recipe.