This Horseradish-Pineapple Ham Glaze is a little spicy and a little sweet. It dresses up your ham for any occasion.

Horseradish-Pineapple Ham Glaze - the-girl-who-ate-everything.comEaster is right around the corner and I have already starting thinking about my menu which of course includes a ham. What I love about hams is that they’re so easy to prepare and way less intimidating than a turkey. All you have to do is warm it up in the oven but if you really want to give it a little pizzazz, add a tasty glaze. My family loves horseradish so I thought why create a Horseradish-Pineapple Ham Glaze? That way you get a little sweetness from the pineapple with a little kick from the horseradish. The ham is basted in the glaze while cooking and creates this beautiful color and flavor.

Now, not all hams are created equal. I used a Jones Dairy Farm bone-in ham because they are all natural, gluten free hams. Additionally, they have no added preservatives. Jones Dairy Farm has been a family-owned and operated company for more than 125 years and they have maintained their integrity by not adding anything artificial to any of their meats.

Horseradish-Pineapple Ham Glaze

Horseradish-Pineapple Ham Glaze - the-girl-who-ate-everything.comEnter this giveaway to win your own free ham or order from Jones Dairy Farm and use the code HAM20 to get 20% off your ham purchase before March 27th.

I was compensated by Jones Dairy Farm but all opinions are my own.