Ham and Swiss Stromboli

This five ingredient Ham and Swiss Stromboli is filled with ham, Swiss cheese, bacon and green onions. The combo of flavors is delicious. This is a dinner I make when we have a busy schedule because it’s so easy.

Ham and Swiss Stromboli - I love this easy weeknight dinner! the-girl-who-ate-everything.comI’m in Hawaii right now.  I know…why am I on my computer while in Hawaii?

I couldn’t sleep so I woke up, worked out, and now I’m waiting for the kids to wake up. We only brought our older boys. The rule was if you can swim, dress yourself, and wipe your own bum…you can come to Hawaii.

I want to move here. It’s magical. Which is why I am not spending any more time on this post. There are beaches to lay at and fish to snorkel.

This Ham and Swiss Stromboli graces our table on busy weeknights. The flavors are simple – only 5 ingredients, but together they are really spectacular. Just like in these Ham and Cheese Sliders, they were meant to go together.

Ham and Swiss Stromboli - I love this easy weeknight dinner! the-girl-who-ate-everything.comAs you can see I used sliced Swiss cheese here instead of shredded. Shredded is definitely easier to roll but use what you have! It all tastes the same.Ham and Swiss Stromboli - I love this easy weeknight dinner! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Ham and Swiss Stromboli
Servings: 8
Author: Christy Denney
  • 1 tube (11 ounces) refrigerated crusty French loaf
  • 6 ounces thinly sliced deli ham
  • 3 green onions , sliced
  • 8 bacon strips , cooked and crumbled
  • 1-1/2 cups (6 ounces) shredded Swiss cheese (see note)
  1. Preheat oven to 350°. Unroll dough into a rectangle on a greased baking sheet. Place ham over dough to within 1/2 inches of edges of the dough; sprinkle evenly with onions, bacon and cheese. Roll up jelly-roll style, starting with a long side. Pinch seam to seal and tuck ends under. Place seam side down on baking sheet.
  2. With a sharp knife, cut several 1/4-in.-deep slits on top of loaf. Bake 20-30 minutes or until golden brown. Cool slightly before slicing. Serve warm.
Recipe Notes

You can also use sliced swiss cheese. It makes it a littler harder to roll but works just as well!
Source: slightly adapted from Taste of Home. I used less green onions.

Ham and Swiss Stromboli - I love this easy weeknight dinner! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

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  1. This both looks and sounds delicious. I am always looking for recipes my teenage son would like. I think this one is a must try. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

  2. This is such a gorgeous recipe! Pinned. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh yummy!

  4. Avec une bonne salade ce sera parfait !!
    merci pour le partage !

  5. Lovely idea!

  6. Yum! All of that melted cheese looks amazing!

  7. Mmm this looks delicious. Can’t wait to try this.

  8. Barbara Jackson says:

    French loaf in a tube? What the……?
    I’d like to make this, but I don’t know what that is.

  9. Pillsbury makes it. I hope my local grocer carries it! http://www.pillsbury.com/products/breads/crusty-french-loaf

  10. I dont understand the “crusty french bread” ….The refrigerated tube of Crusty French bread that I bought, was just a big blob of dough..it wasn’t un-rollable.
    So, do you mean to roll it out with a rolling pin,,,or, do you mean to purchase pizza dough or pie crusts (that are un-rollable)……….Help, I’m confused.

    • Hmm, did you buy the Pillsbury brand? That one is definitely unroll-able. There’s a seam (sometimes it’s hard to find), but you have to find that seam and gently unroll it. If for some reason you can’t unroll it well (sometimes the dough just sticks…) then I just use a rolling pin to roll it out. We use the Pillsbury brand for another Taste of Home recipe as well (French Cheeseburger Loaf) so I’ve used it multiple times. Hope that helps!

    • It should have a seam that you can unroll it with. If it’s blended together you can just use a rolling pin and roll it into a rectangle.

    • I hate to say it but it sounds like what you got was out of date. I bought canned biscuits one time and forgot about them. When I went to use them after opening them they came out just like you described and I couldn’t pull them apart. Threw them away after I saw the date

  11. I may have drooled a little bit! Do you think it would taste as good with turkey slices and turkey bacon though?

  12. Hey there, I live in Australia, and I was wondering if I could use any type of pastry at all instead of the bread , we don’t sell any of that Bread here in Australia….. ?

  13. Oh good that’s such so delicious looking with that full load of cheese and ham. Love it !

  14. This looks amazing! I bought the tube of French Bread, but I was wondering how tight or how many rolls do you roll the dough up?

  15. I am a beginner cook so this may be a dumb question- could you put a sauce like mayonnaise or aioli before the turkey? I am not sure if you can cook that without it going bad??

  16. Just made this and it was delicious, thanks for sharing. I did make one change, I used pizza dough instead of crusty French loaf dough. It is what I had to hand and it was still delicious. I had it with a “Russian Salad”…… something common here in Spain! Lots of diced cooked vegetables brought together with mayonnaise and a touch of ketchup……….

  17. My wife and I love this. I substitute broccoli for the green onions. It’s a hit!

  18. Yum! I used pizza dough and cooked it for 15 min at 410 degrees. I will try some broccoli in it next time.

  19. We enjoyed this Stromboli.the next couple ones will be tweaked, pepperoni. We tried the receipe with the sliced cheese. I believe the shredded may have tasted better. Always a next time. Please enjoy this receipe and experiment with it. It is worth the time and effort.

  20. Can you use Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet. I cannot find the French Bread. I lnpw crusty bread would probably be better.

  21. This looks great! I am thinking of making this this weekend as a group of us are renting a cabin. I’ve been assigned to making lunch on one of the days. Can I make it ahead of time at home (prep and cook) and will it still be good a couple days from then? Thank! 🙂

  22. I made this last night. WOW is all i can say!! I made 2 of them since i wasn’t sure what friends my sons would have over (usually a handful.) There were a total of 5 of us and we demolished them!! I used Havarti cheese and man was that great!! Thank you soooo much!! AWESOME

  23. This was a hit, last night! I did not like it reheated in the microwave, though, as the dough that was crust became soggy and more like dough, again 🙁

  24. I made this last night & we all LOVED it! So easy, too! Now I can’t wait to try it w/ pepperoni & mozzarella or corned beef, sauerkraut & Thousand Island for a reuben twist. So many possibilities! The ham & swiss was fantastic, though!

  25. Made this for dinner last night and it was a big hit with everyone!! Couldn’t find the crusty loaf, so I used pizza crust and it turned out great. Made one with swiss and one with Havarti. Thanks for the new recipe – perfect for a simple week night meal!

  26. This was a big hit! Do yourself a favor and make 2!

  27. Anne W. Dickson says:

    Can this be prepared a few hours ahead of time and wrapped in saran wrap and kept in the fridge until ready to bake?

  28. I didn’t know what to expect – the description (and photos) made it look SO good, but I hadn’t made a Stromboli before, so I was a little unsure. The results: perfecto! It was fantastic, and I’ve already got plans to make it again! I’m going to try some variations next time, like pressing some herbs and hard cheeses (Romano and Parmesan) into the outside of the bread to add additional flavor, and certainly, will try playing with the fillings. But this was simple, delicious, and super easy to make!

  29. This looks SO good! Do you think it’ll work with puff pastry instead of french loaf? Thanks!

  30. Quick, easy, and tasty! Definitely a keeper! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Has anyone used puff pastry for this? That’s all I have on hand…

  32. can you ad a photo of the packaged; 1 tube refrigerated crusty French loaf
    I’m not sure what it is or where in the store to find it. Linda

  33. Made it. LOVED IT. MY HUSBAND LOVE IT. I should have made two!! Used salsa or ranch dressing for dip. I liked the ranch dressing the best. Will definitely make again and again. Quick and easy. THANK YOU FOR SHARING !!

  34. What is (crusty French loaf) from the refrigerator section, is it uncooked, what is it’s equivalent in Australia