“She’s Ready to Pop” Baby Shower…

This past weekend I threw a “She’s Ready to Pop” shower for my friend Alison. Thanks to my friend Crystal for the idea! First I made sure Alison was okay with the theme since I was a little sensitive about my “ready to pop”ness when I was pregnant.

…But Alison’s probably the smallest pregnant woman I know, so she was okay with it. Did I mention this is her fourth child? She looks great! Alison is one of those genuine, salt of the earth type people that I’m lucky to have as a friend.
(Kim, Alison, me)
My friend Kim had just thrown a baby shower with a similar theme so I picked her brain for ideas. Of course if you’re going to have a “She’s Ready to Pop” theme, you have to make food that goes along with it.
We had a sweets table made up of all “Things That Pop”. I know cake pops are the obvious here but I didn’t make them because I’m not a huge fan.
     And to balance all that sugar out, some savory “Things That Pop”.  I had to get a little creative with the savory food. “Pop”ular was my go to for anything I couldn’t figure out a name for. My friend Lynda brought this “Pop”ular Cheese Ball.
These were the cutest. Cookies with a “POP” of milk.
Of course these Oreo Truffle Pops were one of the first things to go.
Kim made these Mini Blow “POP Martinis. She found little martini glasses and filled them with Sprite. Unwrap your blow pop and stick it in. The blow pop colors and flavors the drink. Genius!!
We had a great time. We even had a table with a bow making station to make a bow for her baby. I didn’t get any pics because I was too busy mingling and eating.
The Sweets
A candy stand with Blow Pops, Ring Pops, and Pop Rocks
Fruit Pops
Cake Batter Rice Crispie Pops
Cookies with a “POP” of milk (I made small versions of these cookies)
The Food
“Pop”ular Cheese Ball
Spinach Salad with Poppyseed dressing
The Drinks:
Mini Blow Pop Martinis (non-alcoholic)

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  1. Hello…They look great..İt will be a great party..Your friend is very luky..Nice too meet you..lOVE FROM TURKEY..

  2. Thank you for sharing your baby shower ideas my best friend is also ready to pop and I was getting very frustrated on what to do for her baby shower I loved your ideas

  3. You are so, so creative!!

  4. LOVE this theme! (and I thought I was the only person on the planet who didn’t love cake pops!)

  5. Omgosh, this has got to be one of the best themes I’ve seen for a baby shower! I might have to steal this idea for when one of my friends gets preggo 🙂

  6. So cute. I’m pinning this so I can save it for future baby shower ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I did a “Ready to pop” shower earlier this year as well. We also didn’t do cake pops because my friend (co-host) and I also hate them.

    We did jalapeno poppers though, which are a little heavy for typical baby shower fare, but the pregnant friend LOVES them. I also thought (afterward) that Pop Rocks would be fun to incorporate in the future, maybe as a favor with a ribbon tied around them.

  8. Such a cute shower! I love your hair dark, when did you do it?

  9. This is AMAZING! So cool! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  10. Seriously?…..She’s pregnant!?! She (well, actually ALL of you) look like freakin’ models! Sheesh! The party fare looks amazing, too! You did an awesome job!

  11. Adorable! I love the poppin’ martinis the best.

  12. What a fun shower! Love the cookies and pop of milk. I also love your hot pink blouse! 🙂

  13. Sounds like so much fun. By the way, I like your dark hair – all your other pictures you are blonde.

  14. Lovin the new hairdo!!!

  15. Ahhh! Thanks you guys. I don’t know if I’m loving the brown but it is my natural color. I might keep it for a while just to give my a hair a break from bleaching.

  16. Love. Love. Love. THIS! I have seen the ‘she is ready to pop’ baby shower party several places on the web and could easily think of dessert ‘pops’ but could not think of savory foods. I think your ideas are so creative. Why didn’t if think of poppy seeds, doy! And the cookies with a ‘pop’ of milk, simply brilliant!

  17. Your hair is dark now!! Looks good! 🙂 I agree, Lynda’s cheese ball is “pop”ular, at least in my family!

  18. @Rachel,
    Hi! I love your mom!!!!

  19. SO SO CUTE!

  20. Too bad Jessica Simpson doesn’t have you as a friend.

  21. You did such a great job!! Everything looks wonderful!!


  22. Such fun, clever party ideas. Makes me want to step up my next party. Congrats to the mom to be!

  23. Omg what an awesome baby shower! I wish you could throw me one haha. I love the blow pop martinis! I’m going to have to enjoy a few of those this pregnancy hahaha

  24. This is so original. I have never seen a party like this. So chic, so fun. I know tons of people who are pregnant and almost ready for a baby shower. Thanks for the great ideas.

  25. What a great job! I love the ideas. And all the food looks great.

  26. That is really adorable! I recently found your blog and found some great recipes!! My sisters are hooked too!

  27. This is beyond clever! And so much fun. You should become a professional party planner. You have mad skills. 😉

  28. This is the cutest shower ever!! Such a clever idea and I especially love the blow pop martinis!!

  29. Always fun to read a strangers blog and then see a picture of your old friend from high school. High Allison! 😀

    Love this baby shower idea. Just might need to steal it!

  30. @Food gal,
    You’re sweet but if I was a professional party planner my kids and husband would go nuts. It’s so hard to keep your house clean for parties with 4 kids doing blowfishes on my windows!!!

  31. I adore your “pop” theme. So clever and everything looks so tasty!


  32. You almost seem as amazing as my wife.

  33. Oh. My. Goodness. This is SO awesome and so creative!! If I ever throw a baby shower, I want it to be like this one! Great stuff!!

  34. What a fantastic shower!

  35. This is just the cutest party food I’ve ever seen.

  36. the theme of the shower is just awesome things that pop, very cute and creative!!

  37. this is so sweet…..

  38. So cute! Do you have the little labels for the food you can email me? Let me know..thanks! tasharachelle@gmail.com

  39. @Natasha Buckner,
    I don’t! I just typed them out and then printed them without saving. Stupid on my part I guess.

  40. Love it! where did you get the shot glasses for the shot of milk?

  41. Love this idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  42. I am just wondering what the recipe is for the non alcoholic blow pop martinis? I am going to throw my sister a ready to pop shower and would love to serve those super cute drinks. Thanks

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} says:

      You just add Sprite or Fresca to your glass and unwrap a blow pop and put one in each glass. The blow pop flavors the drink…

  43. Jessica Vogel says:

    Beautiful shower!!! I love all of the decor.

  44. Georgina Middleton says:

    Hi have been looking around your website, Liked what I saw. I come from a City called Croydon. Which is in Victoria Australia. Nice to meet you.

  45. Could you please share your recipe for the blow pop martinis? All I’m finding online are alcoholic. This is such a cute theme, I am doing it in two weeks for a shower! Thanks ~

  46. I have a coworker who has the same theme and we were trying to come up with ideas that would fit and this helped us out a lot. Thinks for the creativity because it really gave us a good starting point thanks ladies.