Halloween Candy Corn Cookie Bark

Candy Corn Halloween Cookie Bark – delicious and festive. I love this bark!Candy Corn Halloween Bark - delicious and festive. I love this bark! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

I have my degree in Computer Science and before I had kids I worked for a forensic software company.  Basically our software could take any computer and find deleted emails, Internet searches, stuff deleted from your recycle bin, and anything you’ve ever done or looked at on your computer; it’s all still recoverable on the hard drive in the free space or MFT. We also developed software that could crack passwords for almost any program.We worked hand in hand with the FBI and Secret Service on cases. Every day at work was fascinating for me especially since I’m so nosy interested in people’s lives.

My work helped me in my real life when I would lose a document or forget a password. It got a little sketchy when I had friends wanting me to analyze their husband’s computers to see if they were up to mischief – something I quickly vowed not to dabble in. Talk about opening up Pandora’s Box. With the passing of Steve Jobs, a pioneer in the software world, it got me thinking how lucky I am. This food blog has been a happy marriage of my two loves – programming and food. I get to blog about food and use my programming skills as well. I can get behind the code of the blog, adding and tweaking things when I want.Candy Corn Halloween Bark - delicious and festive. I love this bark! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Every year I fill this glass pumpkin up with candy corn. It takes 2 1/2 bags of candy corn to initially fill it. Can you guess how many times I have to refill it before Halloween is here? Believe it or not, I actually leave it alone for the most part. But anyone who comes over to our house takes a handful here and there and it slowly whittles its way down. I did steal a cup of it for this candy corn bark.Candy Corn Halloween Bark - delicious and festive. I love this bark! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

This candy corn bark is super sweet and decadent just like any Halloween treat should be. White chocolate and pretzels were meant to be together. Then we all know how much I love Oreos. This is a quick and easy treat that packages up well as gifts or snacks. It’s really rich so you’ll only need a bite or two.
Candy Corn Halloween Bark - delicious and festive. I love this bark! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Halloween Candy Corn Cookie Bark


  • 14 whole Oreos (, broken up (use Halloween Oreos if you can find them))
  • 1 1/2 cups pretzels – any shape (, broken into pieces)
  • 16 ounces almond bark or white chocolate melts
  • 1 cup candy corn
  • brown and orange colored sprinkles


  1. Cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment paper. Spread broken cookies, pretzels and about 3/4 cup of the candy corn onto the prepared cookie sheet in a 9×13 shape. Place almond bark in a container and microwave for 1 1/2 minutes. Stir and then microwave for another 30 seconds until melted and smooth.
  2. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the cookie mixture, spreading with spatula if needed to coat evenly. It may seem like it’s not enough but just try to evenly spread it. The ratio of chocolate to toppings will be off if you add more almond bark/white chocolate. Sprinkle remaining candy corn and colored sprinkles over the almond bark/white chocolate while it is still wet. Do not let it harden. Place cookie tray into refrigerator until set and firm. Remove and gently break bark into small pieces – it’s really rich. Makes around 20-24 pieces. Store in air tight container.


Source: Your Homebased Mom

Candy Corn Halloween Bark - delicious and festive. I love this bark! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

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  1. Coding is so out of my world and foreign to me! Your job sounds like it was so official and important, very cool you still get to use those skills.

    This bark looks amazing!

  2. That looks awesome!!! I love the colors, and the addition of pretzels for saltiness. Yum!

  3. That looks great, I love the addition of the pretzels!

  4. Oooh, I love the addition of Oreos!!

  5. Love this! So fun.

  6. awesome recipe, sweet and salty and festive!

  7. I’m not a candy corn fan but I love this for friends! The bark just looks fantastic.

  8. Wow! This is genius! So fun and pretty to look at. Thanks for this one!

  9. I love candy corns and ores. Not sure I would stop at just a little. Yum.

  10. Ooh, the hubby has a potluck coming up Tuesday! I know what I’m making! Thanks!

  11. What a fabulous treat! Thanks for sharing!

  12. YUMMY! I can seriously taste this right now.

    My mom always filled a glass vase with candy corn and I’d sneak some whenever she wasn’t looking. I can’t bring myself to buy any because I’d gain 10 pounds in just one month!

  13. Yum, I’ve done something similar but without oreos, I love those as an addition, yum!


  14. Yum! looks delish and super rich 🙂 What an exciting job, especiallu since I know little to none about computers. I need to hire you to tweak up my blog 😉 Always love the recipes you have on here.

  15. that is pretty creeepy that you can find files regardless of deleting them…howd you getinto that job?

  16. Awesome!!! That’s so colorful and fall-like, do want ^-^

  17. @Kelly Kronic,
    Just interviewed with them in Orem and got the job. Trust me…I saw way too much at that job. A little scary what kind of people are out there.

  18. I am a elementary school teacher and am always looking for some fun (peanut-free) treats for holiday celebrations! This will be an essential from now on! Thanks 🙂

  19. Looks delicious! I have a weakness for candy corn too. (:

  20. This looks so delicious and so simple! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Your bark looks great! Glad you enjoyed it.

  22. So cute! I’ll have to find an Aussie shop that sells candy corn. I feel the need to bring Halloween to these shores 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  23. Hi! Hope you and your readers can check out my new blog/project/initiative!! http://www.projectbtc.wordpress.com Thank you!!! ps- this candy corn bark looks ahhhh-mazing!

  24. Oh oh. You talking about the software you programmed and used just tells me to never mess with you in any kind of way. 😉

    These cookies barks look and sound like amazing. So sweet they’ll take you an a sugar rush. 😛

    Too bad I don’t get candy corn and have never tasted it in my life. I’m kinda curious about these traditional American sweets.


  25. I’m impressed with your computer skills, but even more impressed that you can leave the candy corn alone!!!

  26. Oh my, this looks so naughty! And fun 😉

  27. I love hearing about your job and major!!! So fascinating!!

  28. We made this today and it was delicious!!! I think next time we may add more oreos and pretzels, and maybe a few peanuts. But it was outstanding as is. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Ever tried throwing peanuts into the candy corn bowl too? The two flavors together taste like Payday candy bars!!!

  30. This looks YUMMY! I know what I’m making for my mother in law when she gets back from her trip! I just hope I can still find halloween oreos! Maybe I should buy a couple of packs!

    thanks for sharing this!

  31. I made the bark this weekend and my family LOVED it! It is soo pretty and fun! Next time I may add peanuts for added saltiness.

    Thank you for sharing!

  32. I found this recipe on Friday and I’ve already made three batches (family party, Bible study, work). I already have 2 more batches planned in the next week. Mine doesn’t look nearly as pretty as yours, but it is fun and colorful. My dad calls it “clown explosion candy”, and my roommate calls it “crack candy”. I’ve already thought of swapping out the candy corn with crushed candy canes and making Christmas bark. Yum! Thank you so much for a GREAT recipe!!!

  33. I made this bark today with white & orange melts. This bark is delicious! Thank you. I pinned it on Pinterest with a picture of my bark & linked to this page 🙂 Link located below!


  34. hey there! was wondering how far in advance i could make this/how long it will “keep” in tupperware or another air tight container. looks fabulous.

    thanks! 🙂

  35. @D,
    I had it in a tupperware for about 5 days. I would say you could make it up to 2 days in advance. You don’t want the Oreos to start getting soft.

  36. thank you!

  37. Fantastic story… I was so interested reading it… and the Halloween Candy Corn Cookie Bark looks like TOO much fun!
    That will definitely be a project with the kids I work with.

  38. i tried this today shortly after i found it on this site…it is truly AMAZING! a must try for everyone(:

  39. Give treats to your loving once with Halloween chocolates. Halloween chocolates

  40. just made this and it looks nothing like yours!! bark was thick and wouldn’t pour out nicely and when I used back of spoon to spread – it spread everything so it made a goopy mess, especially the oreos, the cookie part separated from the frosting. Your’s looked more like a bark layer on top. Is there a trick to share as to how this is done? I wouldn’t want to display mine!! I used a large cookie sheet and think I could have used a smaller pan for more denisity so the bark would have gone farther. Tastes great!!

  41. I added Reces Pieces (the colors are just right) and the taste was awesome!!

  42. I made your Halloween Candy Corn Cookie Bark that I saw on Pinterest for our Halloween Bash! It was so easy! I can’t wait to have it tonight. I also gave you a mention on my blog this morning for this great recipe! (http://the-things-im-learning.blogspot.com)

  43. I always spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s posts every day
    along with a mug of coffee.

  44. How many pieces of candy corn is in that jar, I would like to run a contest!

  45. I’ve made lots of desserts using almond bark. I followed the directions for this bark and it didn’t turn out as I planned. When I broke it apart, all of the loose ingredients that wasn’t covered with chocolate was left on the bottom. Trying to spread the chocolate over loose crumbs is difficult. I always find it much easier to melt the chocolate first, then sprinkle on your toppings, then refrigerate. This way you have a solid base for your bark.

  46. Sheila oltman says:

    We both share the same loves! I have a master’s in CIS and have 17 years in software development. I am a full stack developer and always glad to find other women in this challenging, mostly male dominated field! I also love baking! Thanks for sharing this fun and tasty treat!