Creamy Potato Soup

This Creamy Potato Soup couldn’t be any easier. It’s cooked all day in the slow cooker and is great for a cold day. Top with bacon, cheese, and green onions for the ultimate potato soup.

This Creamy Potato Soup iss versatile – add broccoli or ham to give it a twist.

Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow cooker.


I’m not handling this cold weather gracefully.

I know my husband (and in-laws) dreams that someday we will move to Colorado but I really don’t know if I can do cold weather.

Like really. Today it was 39 degrees here in Florida and I wanted to huddle in a ball and do nothing all day. Is that normal?

Or are some people invigorated by the cold weather? I braved the cold during my college years and I don’t think I took off my pea coat the entire four years.

Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow cooker.

This Creamy Potato Soup has a really high taste to effort ratio. Sure I have this Creamy Ham and Potato soup but this one is so easy!



You literally throw all of the ingredients in and walk away.

If you’re someone who gets scared from the one cream of chicken soup in this than you can make this Creamy Ham and Potato Soup. It’s great too.

Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow cooker.

Then if you’re a mean mom like me you’ll make your kids stir in some steamed broccoli. They actually didn’t mind at all.

Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow cooker.

Supposedly this is a Paula Deen recipe but I could not find the original recipe for this Creamy Potato Soup anywhere but I saw this at Worthy of the Prize. Enjoy!

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Creamy Potato Soup - A super easy soup that is thrown in the slow cooker.
Creamy Potato Soup
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
4 hrs
Total Time
4 hrs 10 mins
Course: Soup
Cuisine: American
Keyword: crockpot, slow cooker
Servings: 8 servings
Author: Christy Denney
  • 1 (30 oz.) bag frozen hash-brown potatoes (I used cubed)
  • 2 (14 oz.) cans chicken broth (see Note)
  • 1 (10.75 oz.) can cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper (more to taste)
  • 1 (8oz) package cream cheese (softened)
  • Optional Toppings: cheese , bacon, sliced green onions
  1. In a slow cooker, combine potatoes, chicken broth, soup, onion, and pepper.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours. If your potatoes are still in big chunks you need to cook it longer. They will start falling apart when it's ready.
  3. Add the cream cheese and cook 30 minutes or until cream cheese is melted, stirring occasionally, until combined.
  4. Top with cheese, bacon, or sliced green onions if desired.
Recipe Notes

The soup is thick and creamy. Feel free to add more broth or some milk to thin it to your desired consistency.
Source: Paula Deen via Worthy of the Prize


Creamy Potato Soup - a slow cooker soup that is so easy!

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  1. Love me some potato soup! Potatoes in any form are pretty much my thing.

  2. Thank you for the nice recipe. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yummy!! That looks really good!! Makes me hungry

  4. I spoke with a vendor of mine in Miami today, and he told me the same..40dgs down there! I couldn’t believe it. Yuk! I’m a Florida girl (Jville native) currently (and temporarily) living in West Texas. I cannot wait to move back home. Today is nice..close to 80, but yea, it’s suppose to snow on Sunday, and like three other days next week!! Aaagh! Thanks for the recipe. I love potato soup! 🙂

  5. Taste to effort ratio. Haha! love those recipes.

  6. Where did you get these bowls from? They are just perfect 🙂

  7. I have been thinking about making a big pot of potato soup for this week’s lunches at work…this one looks super creamy, thick, and delicious!

  8. Love a classic potato soup! Especially when it’s as delicious and creamy as this. Looks SO good.

  9. I’m a week out from my due date and we are supposed to get snow this week (in NC). This is the perfect warm and easy meal to go on my menu this week! If adding ham when do you put that in?

  10. Wow! This does look so easy! Totally adding it to the menu for this week! By the way, I live in Colorado, and we rejoice when it gets to 39 degrees! Today the high is going to be 43 degrees, and we’re all like, “Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so warm today!”

  11. WOW! is all I can say. This is so easy and was absolutely delicious. Topped it with shredded cheddar and bacon this time. Next time going to add some cubed ham. This is one of those recipes you can use as a base and add pretty much whatever you want to it. Fantastic.

  12. I was trolling cooking sites for freezer meal recipes…this is added to my list! Woo hoo!! Thanks lady!

  13. Do you think this could be done on the stove top? I just didn’t have time to put it in my crockpot today. 🙁

  14. could you use just potatos’s that have been pealed and cut into cubes?

  15. Melissa D. in TX says:

    I have been wanting to make this recipe since you posted it. Finally, did today … and it was a big hit in our house! My teenage daughters thought it was as better than any restaurant potato soup. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks!

  16. My children got braces today and yes, I know it’s 100 degrees outside but potato soup is just good for the body and soul so I made this tonight for them and it was a HUGE hit! The kids are full and everyone just went on about how delicious it was.

  17. Is it okay if you accidentally threw in the cream cheese at the start with the other ingredients? Or will it mess it all up?

  18. Can you use fresh potatoes instead of frozen ones?

  19. This is delicious! I cooked a pound of bacon the night before and crumbled it and added it at the end with the cream
    Cheese!! It was delicious and leftovers were even better!!

  20. What if I cook it in the crock pot on high for three hours instead of on low for six hours? Would it still come out ok?

  21. Hello! About how many servings does this make? I need to feed 4 people plus have left overs. Should I double it?

  22. I am making it now and I hope it turns out! I misread the directions and put in 2 cans of cream of chicken and one can of chicken broth. I added milk but not sure what else to do. I like the idea of adding broccoli. Did you do that at the beginning or the end? I hope the kids like it!

  23. My husband says ” this is his favorite soup”. Lucky me! So easy!

  24. I made this yesterday for a girlfriends get together Our theme was comfort food
    This was a huge hit. I also doubled the recipe so my husband and kids would be able to also partake and they raved!!!! I put the cream cheese in at the beginning because I was afraid I would forget it at the end and it didn’t hurt it in anyway . Next time I may add some Velveeta to it as well
    All in all I cannot wait to make it again. Now excuse me I am heating up leftovers 😀

  25. Very easy to make, but doesn’t have a lot of flavor unfortunately.

  26. how many does this recipe feed?

  27. This was SO EASY and SO DELICIOUS!! I hate peeling all those potatoes for soup, but this took all of three seconds to make!! I LOVE YOU FOR SHARING!

  28. Yum! I used O’Brien frozen hashbrown potatoes. (The ones with the peppers and onions) And added some milk towards the end to thin it out a little, cause that’s how we like it! So good and easy .. Thanks! 🙂

  29. How many servings is this?

  30. Looking forward to making this tomorrow. It’s been cold up here in New England lately too. And I’m talking a lot colder than 39 degrees. 😉

  31. Made this tonight. Delicious! Perfect for a cold Rainey day like this one. Thanks for the recipe.

  32. Trying this today. I shredded some fresh potatoes because I had them on hand and needed to use them. I added a package of Ranch dressing mix. Per one of the other comments I tried some velveeta – I started with 4 oz because I didn’t want to overwhelm it. It’s a nice creamy texture but you can’t take the cheese. You’d have to add a lot more and risk making it cheese soup I think to have it make an impact. We’re serving it with sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon and crusty bread. It’s a hit.

  33. I have never been a fan of soup, but the rest of my family loves it so I gave this a try. This is a definite keeper! It was very easy and the toppings make it over-the-top good! I put the cream cheese in at least an hour before done and had to whisk it at the end a bit (didn’t want to because it breaks up the potatoes a bit), because the cream cheese didn’t want to melt into the soup. Next time I am doubling the recipe, or maybe even tripling because it vanished in no time.. no left overs! Ty sooooo much for this GREAT recipe!

  34. Made this today. Heaven in a bowl!

  35. How many servings dose the creamy potato soup serve.

  36. going to try this today post blizzard.How many potatoes did anyone use you made this with fresh, not frozen?

  37. I’m pretty sure she didn’t tell us about her cold weather so we could all “one-up “her with our colder temperatures! Geez that’s aggravating.
    This recipe looks easy and delicious…thanks for sharing! ☺️

  38. How can i make this vegetarian? thanks!

  39. Could you put everything in at the same time, including the cream cheese?? Or is there a reason the cream cheese should be added 30 minutes before its done??

  40. What substitutes can i make to make it vegetarian? thanks! What would i sub the chicken soup for?

  41. Hi! I accidently put the cream cheese in at the same time as everything else. Will it turn out okay, do you think??

  42. woudl cream of mushroom work?

  43. Donna Knetter says:

    Can I make this using vegetable broth instead of chicken?

  44. Hey, I was wondering if you could put this recipe on high for 3-4 hours instead of low for 5-6 and would it turn out the same?

  45. Delicious! Not sure why this is rated so low when I am reading such great reviews. Easy to make. I will double the recipe next time for sure so we have leftovers.

  46. Looked great and when i started to put it together i thought, i needed to turn it up a notch and added 1(16 oz.) bag of frozen John Souls Chicken Fajitas and 1 (2.8 oz.) bag of real bacon bits and it turned out fabulous. Thanks for sharing

  47. How many people will this feed, and when exactly do I add the cream cheese?

  48. waiting for your reply. want to make this today. raining.

  49. I just want to say this is my favorite potatoe soup recipe. I can easily double this and I use fresh potatoes. It’s so creamy and I can easily prep it and get it in the crockpot before work. Kid friendly too.

  50. Um, this is THE BEST! I have nothing else to add.

  51. I made this today for dinner and it smells great only one problem. I put the cream cheese in at the beginning because I wasn’t going to be home in time to do it. I also had to put it on the low setting at 8 hours because the 5 hour setting was high. I only let it cook for 6.5 hours on low. Anyway when I looked at it I noticed the cream cheese was all chunky. Does that mean I cooked it to long and it’s bad? Thanks for the advice!

  52. This was SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I couldn’t find cubed frozen potatoes so I used ore ida shredded ones and they worked just fine! I fried up some bacon during the 30 mins I waited for cream cheese to melt and added it to the top and sprinkled with cheese and scallions! Filling and delish and so easy.. nice to come home to after a long day and just have something warm and delish!!

  53. Made this soup today as directed. Topped w/bacon, green onions, cheese and a small dallop of sour cream. It was wonderful, thank you!

  54. Omg! Let’s make this one

  55. This soup is amazing! Tastes like creamy mashed potatoes and I love that you can add just about anything to it. Great recipe.

  56. Bridget Theodore says:

    This soup is amazing! My husband, who is notoriously picky and not a huge soup fan, went crazy for this! I did tweak it a bit and added a couple of tablespoons of homemade dry ranch seasoning (no buttermilk, just the spices). It really added some depth to the flavor. Also, don’t skimp on the cheddar and bacon…it takes it to another level!

  57. The hash browns disintegrated so it was just sauce with curdled cream cheese. ?

  58. I have made this several times and it’s amazing!

  59. Karen Kawulia says:

    Thank you so much for this yummy recipe. I have been sick and cooking has been difficult. This was so easy and yummy. Thank you again!

  60. Can it be real potatoes and not has browns?

  61. I made this for dinner last night and it was so good! I just dumped the whole bag of cheese in the crockpot and melted it into the soup which I’m sure doesn’t help much with the calorie intake but man was it good! Thanks for sharing all of your great recipes! This has been my go to site for new recipes for the last 5 years now! I first started with your Monster Cookie Dough dip and I have been hooked since!

  62. Was on a time crunch and cooked this on high instead of low- took longer than I had expected. About 3.5-4 hours, but was delicious once it was done! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  63. I have some left over mashed potatoes. Do you think this recipe will work if I use the leftovers and add all the other ingredients to it?

  64. I’ve made this so many times since finding the recipe. Love it!! And so does my family – who are pretty picky. I use cream of mushroom soup instead. Yum!

  65. I’m a college student who is prepping for having to cook my own meals come fall and I tried this recipe out last night and it was a huge hit!! My dad who is a self-proclaimed foodie loved it and raved about the texture and creaminess. The only thing I did differently was I used freshly cut potatoes and I added a few other seasonings. I will be using this recipe a lot come the fall, thank you!!

  66. Thank you for the great recipe,I had never tried making potato soup before,and this turned out to be the perfect starter for me,everyone in the family loved it,no leftovers for which their a little disappointed about so I’ll be doubling the recipe next time, was a perfect dinner for a rainy Monday night in Florida,thanks again

  67. I’m making this today for the third time. My husband and I like it so much that I have doubled the recipe so that we will have leftovers. I omit the cream cheese and add some milk instead and I’ve also added diced celery. One time I used frozen cubed potatoes with onions and peppers and it was good as well. Wonderful recipe.

  68. My husband and I have loved this recipe and, since finding it, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve made it! Just delicious, simple and very versatile. Thank you!

  69. I have made this before and it is yummy. I have found it is almost goof proof too. lol Next time i made it I left out the cream cheese and no one really like that “twangy” flavor . No biggie still was great. Next time i made it my son had his gall bladder out and could not have onion , even cooked, so I left it out and put just a touch of onion powder instead. still yummy. Made some today and did not have a onion or onion powder, OK had some seasoned seasoning. And i added a few handfuls of shredded cheese toward the end for a cheesier soup. Bam ! still yummy ! 😉 I do like the diced hashbrown vs the shredded hashbrown. Next time I am thinking to use this same recipe but use cream of broc. soup instead of chicken and throw or some diced ham. This recipe can be used as the base to so many great tweaks. Thanks ! It is almost soup season ! Yea !

  70. I have made this a few times and my husband and I love it! I found it to be a little plain at first, (for myself, my husband was just fine with it) but then I added a cup of shredded pepper jack cheese about 30-20 minutes before serving and it gave it a good kick. I have another potato soup recipe that is more complicated and can’t be made in a crockpot. This is such an easy dump and forget about recipe, which is a perfect style of cooking for me.

  71. This is a fabulous recipe. I used hash brown potato o’brien with red peppers and onions already in it. Makes all the difference and adds a lot of extra flavor.

  72. If I double the recipe should I double the time also? And would diced peeled potatoes work instead of using frozen ones?

  73. Amy suggestions on converting to a pressure cooker recipe?? This is my fav in the crockpot, but want to convert it:)

    • I’m a pressure cooker virgin! I’m so sorry. Wish I knew.

    • I’m trying this now and will try to update you. I used dried onions instead, cream cheese and chopped up bacon from the get-go, Better than Bullion with water in place of broth, along with the other ingredients into the Instant Pot and set it to manual high pressure for 5 mins. It’s taking a bit to come to pressure due to the high liquid content, but here’s hoping!

      • It worked great! I don’t think another minute or two would hurt, but also not necessary. Took off the lid, mixed everything around, scooped it into bowls, and added cheese for flavor and to thicken and cool somewhat. Yum!!

      • Thanks! I will be trying it in my instant pot tonight. I’m still trying to figure it out so your comment helps.

  74. I look at this recipe and wish it could be low salt, low fat for those with heart problems. I think I could maybe find some boring replacement items, but it won’t taste the same. Bummer.

  75. This was so good! I added bacon to it instead of using it as a topping and added cheddar jack cheese with the cream cheese at the end. Was delicious!

  76. This might be a silly question but When making this do I have to add a can of water for the cream of chicken soup?

  77. If you want to add broccoli, at what point should you do that? Thanks!

  78. Should the hash browns be thawed before putting them in the slow cooker or does it matter??

  79. Amanda Cahill says:

    Great, easy recipe! I have made this one several times now, love it!


    how big does the crock pot need to be?/

  81. Love, love, love this recipe! Easy and delicious! Added some sharp cheddar and old bay seasoning with the cream cheese. Definitely a keeper!

  82. Love this recipe! I’ve been looking for one with cream cheese that doesnt have insane amounts of ingredients and this is perfect! I actually used small diced normal potatoes and the husband insisted we add sautéed bacon and corn and the results were fantastic! Will definitely be making again!

  83. Tried this recipe before serving guess next week. The potato base does not have a lot of flavor.Salt definitely needs to be added and other spices- unsure what at this point.. Have not added the toppings yet since I don’t have bacon cooked up. Not a fan of bacon in food. Need to tweak it more. Hope the other soups on this sight
    turn out better.Will try the broccoli cheese Tuesday.

  84. Sherry Grussing says:

    Just ate a bowl of this with a French roll on the side. Good stuff! We added a bunch of ham at the start and it turned out fine. May add a few more seasonings of some sort next time, but the whole family really enjoyed it. Thank you!

  85. I use cream of celery soup!! My 4 yr. old granddaughter absolutely loves this recipe as does the whole family!! I never make it any other way now!! THANK YOU!!

  86. Can you use low fat or fat free cream cheese

  87. Mary Ann Bond says:

    What is the nutritional information? Calories, fat…

  88. Great soup! So easy! My husband didn’t even like potato soup until he tried this! It does stay just a little chunky but we both liked it that way. Next time I might leave a little more. Also thinking about a few pats of butter. And there WILL be a next time soon! Topped it with cheese and bacon bits. I just wonder about cream of mushroom soup instead of chicken?? Has anyone tried this?

  89. Do you drain the water out of the potatoes before putting them in the crockpot?

  90. It is good, very rich and somewhat expensive. Would never make for my family as definitely not a recipe if you are budget minded and looking for a truly healthy meal.

  91. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Mine turned out much thicker tha traditional soup but I still loved it. Next time I will cook it only 3 1/2 hrs only though. Funny story. I made it for my Red Hat annual soup supper…its NEXT Sunday, not today. Can you say senior moment lol. My neighbors were the winners here. I absolutely will make it next week.

  92. This is awesome! The ultimate comfort food recipe! Makes about 4 good sized bowls. I left mine chunky. It was great. Very easy! Can keep all ingredients on hand. I used my small crock pot 2-3 quart. My husband loved it, too!

  93. Really want to try this! Can you recommend a side dish?

  94. Why did I never think to use cubed hash browns instead of peeling and dicing all those potatoes?! Great idea!

  95. Best ever!!! I make this in advance and take it camping…FAVORITE!! Thanks for this recipe!!!!