4th of July Firecrackers Favors

When you’re planning a July 4th BBQ these 4th of July Firecrackers Favors are must haves to hand out to all the kids in attendance. They are safe, fun and delicious!

4th of July Firecrackers Favors - Free 4th of July Printables

I love any excuse to design printables and put together favors when we are hosting parties or get-togethers. This was an idea that I had seen a long while ago and knew that I wanted to eventually do myself.  So with the 4th of July coming up, this was the perfect time to pull it off. These Firecrackers Favors are super easy to make and you can even enlist the help of your kids to put them together with you.

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

For this project you’ll need to do a little scavenging beforehand to save up some empty toilet paper rolls. Now, I know that idea creeps some people out so you can totally use empty paper towel rolls instead. You’ll just have to cut those down or in half. For these favors in particular I created labels to be used on Smarties and Tootsie Rolls. If you want to fill the tubes with other candy you can certainly do that. If you want to take your creativity up a notch then you’ll enjoy using the patriotic labels I created for the candies.

Supply List

-4th of July Printables (download link at bottom of post)

-Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls

-Tissue Paper


-Scotch Tape

-Full Sheet Labels

-Paper Cutter or Scissors

-Smarties & Tootsie Rolls (or other candy of your choice)

*You will also need your home printer with copy paper

4th of July Firecrackers Favors - Free 4th of July Printables

It almost seems silly to explain how to do this project because it’s so easy but here’s a brief rundown.

The download includes 3 sheets, each of which are labeled to make things as easy as possible.

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

The smallest labels, which look like little American flags, are for the Tootsie Rolls. You’ll print those out onto full sheet labels, cut them down to size and adhere them right over the wrapper itself.

4th of July Firecrackers Favors - Free 4th of July Printables

4th of July Firecrackers Favors - Free 4th of July Printables

The labels that say “America” and “Firecracker, Firecracker” on them are for the Smarties. Those can be printed out onto white copy paper and cut down to size. You’ll wrap each package of Smarties with one label and secure with a piece of scotch tape.

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

The largest labels which say “4th of July” are to be used on the outside of the tissue paper wrapped toilet paper roll. You’ll print those out onto full sheet labels and cut down to size. Don’t forget to fill the “firecrackers” up with candy before you wrap them up with tissue paper and secure each end with ribbon. Add the final label and you are all set.

4th of July Firecrackers Favors

4th of July Firecrackers Favors - Free 4th of July Printables

Now you are all ready to celebrate the 4th of July with your friends and family!

If you happen to be attending a 4th of July parade, you may be interested in making these fun Parade Pom Poms.

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