One of my favorite things about the onset of cool weather is an excuse to enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa. If I’m able to do that while sitting in my cozy living room admiring our Christmas tree then it’s even nicer. I’m sharing this delicious recipe for Homemade Hot Cocoa….with some free printable tags, of course.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix | Free Printable Tags | Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Last year for my daughters’ teachers I put together jars of homemade hot cocoa mix for their Christmas gifts. I made adorable tags to go with them but I never actually got around to blogging about it. They went over really well so I thought it would be fun to finally share that hot cocoa recipe (and printables). I made a big batch of it and it was enough to fill {4} wide mouth 16 oz mason jars with some room for mini marshmallows on top!


3 cups of Powdered Sugar

2 cups of Instant Dry Milk

1 cup of unsweetened cocoa


Combine all 3 ingredients together in a bowl and then store in a jar of your choosing.

1/3 cup of mix will make a tasty 8 oz cup of hot cocoa. If you want to mix things up a bit (pun totally intended) you can stir your drink with fun chocolate peppermint spoons.


I picked up the Wilton silicone spoon mold a few months ago and couldn’t wait to use it. I used the Candy Cane Candy Melts and the Bright White Candy Melts melted together.


I piped it into the mold using  a pastry bag and allowed them to set in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes before carefully removing the spoons from the mold.


These candy cane spoons are super fun to use if you set up a hot cocoa bar for a party or just for fun. I put them right in a jar. I recommend wrapping each spoon in a clear cellophane bag if you intend to include them in your hot cocoa jar gift.


As promised here are the printable gift tags. Print onto white card stock and cut out as many as you need.


Click HERE to download.

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Homemade Hot Cocoa mix with candy cane spoons!