Easter Bunny Cake

An easy Easter Bunny Cake with purple, pink, and yellow swirls topped with coconut and jelly beans. This recipe is so fun!

You can make this Easter Bunny Cake with the Easter colors inside or just plain. It’s really simple, easy, and good. But the best part is the look on your kid’s faces when they see it.

Easter Bunny Cake Slice on a plate with jellybeans
“Do Easter Bunnies bleed purple?”

How to Make An Easter Bunny Cake:

I had so much fun reading through all of your favorite Easter foods. I literally read every single comment drooling over all of the foods listed.

Most of you said you love a good savory ham but there were a couple of Easter foods that were new to me like Butter Lamb and ZOPF (a German bread).

For me, my favorite’s definitely gotta be Cadbury eggs. I’ve been eating them since January 🙂

Easter Bunny Cake made with jelly beans

I was really surprised that the majority of you said you loved:

#1) The Reeses’ Peanut Butter Eggs – and YES, they are so much better than the regular peanut butter cups! Maybe more peanut butter to chocolate ratio?
#2) Deviled Eggs – These came in a close second. I thought I was the only person that popped these like popcorn but apparently a lot of you are fighting over the deviled egg platter at Easter.

It’s almost a sure sign that I’m pregnant when I start craving these. I’m craving these now but NO I’m not pregnant. You all just reminded me how good they are.

Many of you said your mom or grandma makes an Easter Bunny cake with coconut. Sounds just like the one I make too. But say your grandma doesn’t make this cake…don’t you think you should start the tradition? It sounds intimidating to make but it really is easy and I am not a cake expert by any means.

An easy Easter Bunny Cake - www.the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Betty Crocker asked me for a Bunny Cake recipe and I told them I had one but I was sure they already had it on their site because it’s a common one that everyone makes. Surprisingly they didn’t.

You can make this Easter Bunny Cake with the Easter colors inside or just plain. It’s really simple, easy, and good. But the best part is the look on your kid’s faces when they see it. Trust me, you should have seen my kid’s faces when I cut into the cake. They said, “Mom…do Easter Bunnies bleed purple?” I’m sure they thought momma was a little off her rocker making a Bunny Cake in mid-February!
Here’s an easy diagram (also linked in the instructions) to help you make this cake successfully.

Other Easter Recipes:

Easter Bunny Cake
Prep Time
22 hrs 14 mins
Cook Time
22 hrs 14 mins
  • 1 box Betty Crocker™ SuperMoist™ vanilla cake mix
  • Water , vegetable oil and eggs called for on cake mix box
  • Pink , purple and yellow food colors
Frosting and Decorations:
  • 2 containers Betty Crocker™ Whipped fluffy white frosting
  • 3 cups flaked coconut
  • Red licorice rope
  • Jelly beans
  • Betty Crocker™ pink colored sugar
  1. Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pans). Spray or grease bottoms only of two 9-inch round cake pans. Make cake batter as directed on box.
  2. Divide cake batter evenly among 3 separate bowls (about 1 cup for each bowl). Dye each bowl a different color with pink, purple or yellow food color. Pour half of the purple batter into each of the 9-inch round pans. Pour half of the yellow batter over top of the purple layer in each pan. Pour half of pink batter over yellow batter in each pan. Do not mix.
  3. Bake and cool cake as directed on box for two 9-inch rounds. Cool 10 minutes. Remove from pans to cooling racks. Cool completely, about 1 hour.
  4. Place one of the cooled cake rounds on serving tray. Cut other round cake as shown in Diagram A below and place ears and bow tie of the bunny in appropriate places on the tray.
  5. Carefully frost cake with frosting. Sprinkle coconut over cake. Use licorice to outline bow tie and make whiskers and mouth on bunny. Use jelly beans for eyes, nose, and to fill in bow tie. Use pink sprinkles to fill in pink of the ears. Store covered at room temperature.
Easter Bunny Cake - so easy and always a hit with everyone for Easter. the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

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  1. Deviled eggs are the best at Easter since you make them to use up your dyed eggs and they are nice purple, green and blue colors!

    This cake is too cute! My family never had a tradition of having an Easter Bunny cake on Easter but it is a wonderful idea and a tradition I might have to start!

  2. Love the Easter bunny cake! So colorful. My grandma used to make them. So cute!

  3. i’m a new follower of your blog!
    i love it!
    that cake is stinkin’ cute. i love that it’s colored on the inside. i should put this on my Easter menu!! 🙂

  4. i LOVE that bunny cake it is adorable!! i’ve never even heard of the tradition to make a cake like this for Easter but i am definitely going to start the tradition with my own family – how fun!

  5. Love the Easter Bunny Cake! My mom was allergic to coconut, so I’ve never had something like this before. I’m adding it to my list of things to make this year. My kids would be so thrilled about the inside. New to your blog, but looking forward to finding great food on here!

  6. How cute! I love all the colors in the cake, gorgeous!

  7. Awww my Nanny used to make me a bunny cake every year in public school! I miss it!

  8. Oh my gosh! Howw coooool!

  9. This cake is adorable!! Rainbow cakes make me really happy, I’ved blogged two already! — I’m a huge fan of deviled eggs, too! However, generally my cousin eats almost all of them before I can ever get to my second egg.

  10. I’ve seen this cake many times and always thought it cool looking, but yours looks even better!. I’m afraid I’ll never taste this lovely things as I’m very allgeric to coconut. I’m so allgeric that I know the chemical names for it! you would be suprise where you can find coconut oil 🙂


  11. This is so cute and what a fun tradition. Love the colors and the coconut flakes. No sure my bunny will be as cute but, I am going to give it a whirl.

  12. This cake is adorable!

  13. Sorry, but I didn’t see a diagram on how to cut the cake or the bunny. Could you send it to me, Please?

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} says:

      When you try to print it, the diagram shows up but you’re right it looks like it’s not there on the Betty Crocker site. I will email it to you.

  14. We usually just make chocolate cornflake nest cakes at easter in our household, but I think it would be nice to start a new tradition. This bunny cake is a bit more work I suppose but it’s also much more impressive! Thanks for the inspiration.