10 No-Bake Desserts You Need

Here are a couple of my favorite No-Bake Desserts to keep you and your house cool during this hot August. What do you do to keep cool? What are your favorite no-bake desserts?

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  1. These look super yummy. I need more recipes
    Ike this especially now that we are in Arizona and it’s blazing hot!
    I’ve been enjoying my raw red raspberry cheesecake- it has been hitting the spot. Xo

  2. Oh yes… the link to the raw cheesecake- its made with cashews. I know, but it works,

    P.s. I want to meet Gracie!

  3. A round up of some fine looking desserts Christy! That cheese ball always, always catches my eye! And your latest ice cream sandwich cake takes “easy recipe” to a whole other level! I’m staying cool with rice kris pie treats. NOTHING beats a classic!

  4. Oh my gosh I want to make everything here! I don’t even know where to begin, it all looks amazing!!

  5. I’m in a little sugar coma. I’m so happy right now, planning my future desserts 🙂

  6. Too many choices 🙂 Wow, they all look amazing, I’m having a sugar overload! mmmmmmmm!

  7. I’ve tried many of these, either directly from your blog or similar recipes seen elsewhere and I love all that I’ve had! Somehow I have yet to make the pb ball. But it is being bumped up on my priority list!

  8. What a gorgeous roundup, Christy! All of those look positively delicious and I’m all over this no-bake thing!

  9. I have no words…….
    lots of love!
    Lior 🙂

  10. Every dessert is wonderful! I need them all and I need them right now 🙂

  11. This has to be the best recipe website I have ever seen. You go girl!!!! Keep on eating and let us know all those recipes you like!!!