Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Have you ever met someone that is gorgeous but as you got to know them you found out that backstage behind the pretty curtains is an ugly show of human nature. I have. The opposite is true too. I’ve met people that aren’t that attractive by the world’s standards but as you get to know them now all you can see is this amazing, beautiful person and you are surprised when other people don’t see it too.

These Chimichurri Nachos are the latter. If they were a school dance they would be girl in the corner shuffling her feet waiting for someone to ask her to dance. I made them last week and they were so good. They are lime flavored chips topped with grilled skirt steak, mozzarella, Cojita, and chimichurri sauce. But as I went to post them today I took a double take and thought I don’t know if the rest of the world is going to understand how good these are by this picture.

They say Chimichurri is the ketchup of Argentina. They put it on EVERYTHING. My friend from Argentina had us over for dinner and made steaks with chimichurri sauce that were out of this world and ever since then I’ve been finding ways to put chimichurri sauce on everything. Even nachos!

What exactly is chimichurri sauce? It’s made out of chopped cilantro, parsley, garlic, vinegar, hot sauce, and olive oil. You can chop it all up by hand, but I find it easier to use a small food processor to do the work. A couple pulses later it’s done.

Do NOT over puree it or it will look like a green pea sauce.

Add a half of the chimichurri sauce to marinate the steak.