These Rolo Pretzel Bites are fun to make with your kids and great for Christmas plates.

All you need for these Rolo Pretzel Bites are pretzels, rolos, and pecans or M&Ms.

pretzels, rolos, and pecan halves on a plate


My friend Lindsay gave these to me and although I have seen them before I underestimated their yumminess.

Even though everyone has these Rolo Pretzel Bites on their Christmas plates, I never get tired of eating them because they’re that good.

The buttery, salty pretzel with the chewy sweet caramel is divine. I loved them so much that I made them with my boys today.

I let them put M&Ms on top but for adults a salty pecan makes these taste just like a turtle. This is a fun activity to do with your kids and takes less than 5 minutes.

I had to give them to my neighbors immediately so I didn’t eat them all.

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Rolo Pretzel Bites


  • Bag of mini pretzels if you are lucky you can find the mini star pretzels
  • Bag of Rolos unwrapped
  • Halved Pecans
  • M&Ms Hersheys kissables, (optional for kids)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place pretzels on an ungreased cookie sheet. Place unwrapped Rolos on top of pretzels and bake for 3 minutes. You don't want them too melted. Remove from oven and push pecan half (or candy) halfway down into the melted Rolo.

Recipe Notes

Source: my friend Lindsay Stevens