What’s a New Year’s Eve party without some sort of festive treat? These New Year’s Eve Cake Pops are delicious and are sure to be a big hit!

New Year's Eve Cake Pops are the perfect treat to help you ring in the new year. Complete with printable "celebrate" flags that go well on cake pops or drink straws.

I can hardly believe that another year has come and gone. It feels like we blink once and the year has gone by in a flash. I feel like one year varies from the next when it comes to my mood for celebrating. Some years I’m all about ringing in the new year with friends and then others I just want to stay home and chill. This year is going to be one of those chill out years and I’m okay with that! But quiet doesn’t mean boring. Oh, I’ll be whipping up food and treats for my husband and kids and these cake pops will be making an appearance!

Cake pops can be made a few different ways but my favorite way to make them is to use our Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. I admit it took me a few tries to get them just right but I love how they came out.

New Year's Eve Cake Pops

New Year’s Eve Cake Pops

Here’s a few tips to get your New Year’s Eve Cake Pops just right:

  1. When using the cake pop maker, be sure to allow the cake pops to cook for the entire 5 minutes. They will be technically cooked all the way through sooner than that but you really want the outside to be nice and cooked all the way around so they hold their shape better.
  2. Allow the cake pops to cool in the fridge for about 15 minutes or so before you add the paper straws.
  3. To prevent the cake ball from falling off the straw, dip the straw into melted chocolate and then stick it into the cake ball. Allow the chocolate around the straw to set for about 15 minutes in the fridge.
  4. I find that when I use regular chocolate melts that sometimes the chocolate is a bit thick and dipping the cake pops can be a bit cumbersome. After I melted the chocolate, I mixed in 1/4-1/2 tsp or vegetable oil. This thinned the chocolate out just a bit and made for easier dipping. I sprinkled some edible gold sugar on each cake pop and allowed them to fully harden in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so.
  5. No holiday treat is complete without a printable so these adorable “celebrate” flags make the perfect, final addition to the New Year’s Eve Cake Pops. I always print them out onto full sheet labels and then cut them out with my paper cutter and scissors. If you don’t have full sheet labels you can use copy paper and double sided tape instead.

** If you don’t have a cake pop maker but love this idea an alternate method is to use already made donut holes and pick up with step 3.

Printable Drink Flags for Weddings, Birthdays or Any Occasion

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If cake pops aren’t your thing but you love these little “celebrate” flags, use them on drinks this New Year’s Eve.

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