What are YOU doing with your left over hard boiled eggs?

A) Your kids are using them as ammunition in their latest pirate battle.
B) Chopping them up and putting them in your chocolate chip cookies.
C) What hard boiled eggs? You still haven’t found the ones you hid back in 2005.

Over here it’s always a little of A)…
…but today it’s B)
A while ago my friend Brittany told me I needed to try this out. Instead of placing raw eggs in cookie you can actually chop up hard boiled eggs really fine and use them in your dough. For some reason the idea of it initially revolted me. But seriously what’s the big deal? So you cook the eggs before you put them in the cookies. The result? A super moist and soft cookie. Europeans have been using this method for years.
They may even be in contention for my number one favorite cookie.
If you peek close you can see little pieces of egg whites.
Don’t worry – they all disappear when you bake them.

Note – you do need a food processor for this recipe.

Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe