My husband and my baby girl Gracie share the same birthday. I try to make a big deal about birthdays in our family but when there’s two of them on one day it’s an all out excuse to have a huge party.

My daughter has been the sweetest, easiest baby so my “Sweet as Candy” theme was oh so appropriate. And to gear the party for my husband I fixed his favorite appetizers and told all the men to bring their fishing poles so they could fish in the backyard.

The nice people at Smucker’s® asked if they could swing by and capture our birthday celebration. I was so glad they were there to capture all of the moments that as a hostess are hard to get when you’re running around the party.

IMG_8711Of course I fashioned the cake to match her party dress. Ruffles! It was was easier than I thought it would be and now I have a favorite way of decorating cakes.

IMG_9000My good friend Katie kept Gracie happy while I finished some last minute food prep with Kaela. Don’t you love friends that just step in and help where needed without being asked. I couldn’t thank them enough.

IMG_8790Kaela helping me finish up the wings and Strawberry IceBox Cake.

Smuckers-001Here I am putting the last second touches on the Strawberry Puffcake and a huge Strawberry Wonton salad (recipe coming soon).

Smuckers-003For the party we had a whole lot of appetizers to make my husband happy. We served Cowboy Caviar, Creamy Chicken Taquitos, Ham and Cheese Sliders, Wings with Sweet Red Chili and Peach Glaze, and Buffalo Chicken Dip.


I think these Wings with Sweet Red Chili and Peach Glaze were my favorite.


Making sure the birthday boy got to eat some wings.

IMG_8865I was a little worried that with 25 adults and 30 kids (my friends are good at multiplying) as our guests that the kids would get stir crazy so I tried to have lots of entertainment available. A bounce house…

IMG_8855 …face painter,

IMG_9064bubble gum blowing contest – because Gracie loves bubbles,

IMG_9045…and a candy bar.

SmuckersI love that two people I love so much share a birthday.

IMG_9135We had three birthday cakes: Gracie’s cake smash cake, chocolate coconut cheesecake for John, and good old sheet cake for anyone and everyone. And yes, I’m using a blow torch to light her candle because it was soooo windy that day.


She was a little gun shy at first…

IMG_9163  …but then she dove in and made her mama proud. IMG_9283IMG_9413This isn’t quite the whole gang. Some people were still out fishing here and some kids were enjoying the candy bar while their parents posed for the photo.IMG_9417