Edible Crayons for Teacher Appreciation Week…

After a couple of days the flowers are dead, they’ve got pens galore gathering dust in a drawer somewhere, and then there’s the apple themed gadgets and boat load of apples. Seriously how many apples can one person eat?

What teachers want to make them feel appreciated is cash…cold hard cash. Show them the money.

These aren’t my words, but the words of my babysitter, who also has been a school teacher for the last 23 years. She said it may sound unappreciative, but it’s the truth. Times are tough. Apples aren’t going to pay her bills and unless she can pawn the nice pen you gave her so that she can get her brakes fixed, she doesn’t want that either.

I want to show my kid’s teachers that I do appreciate all that they do. It’s a job that is underestimated and so important. But NOW I’m scared to death to give my kid’s teachers anything for Teacher Appreciation Week but cash or a gift card. But with teachers, teacher aid, and music teachers it all adds up. So I’m torn…

These Edible Crayons come from my friend Mandy from Gourmet-Mom-On-The-Go. We spent a couple of days together in the Betty Crocker kitchens and had so much fun. Mandy also won $25,000 in the Real Women of Philadelphia contest for one of her recipes. Talk about bringing home the bacon!
Who doesn’t like pretzels and chocolate? I thought these would be cute as a snack for your child’s lunch or stacked in a pencil box as a treat for your teachers (in addition to some cold hard cash of course :)).
So easy my sons helped me.
Edible Crayons for Teacher Appreciation Week…
Prep Time
21 hrs 59 mins
Cook Time
21 hrs 59 mins
  • Pretzel rods
  • Colored candy melts or white almond bark with added food coloring
  • Crayon Labels make your own or head to Mandy's site for a big selection
  1. Break the pretzel rods in half. Don't worry if it's not exact, just do the best you can. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or tin foil.
  2. Warm candy melts for 1 minute in the microwave. Stir them and melt for additional time if they are not fully melted. You do not want to overcook the chocolate or it will get clumpy! Colored candy melts are easiest but if you can only find white add a little oil based food coloring to the melted white candy melts making sure that the chocolate is not hot or it will clump.
  3. Now dip each end of the pretzel rods into the melted chocolate and place on the cookie sheet to dry. Once the pretzels are dry, print your crayon labels out on colored paper and cut them out. Wrap each pretzel with a crayon wrapper and secure with a piece of scotch tape.
  4. A cute way to package these is in inexpensive pencil boxes.
Recipe Notes
Source: Gourmet Mom on the Go

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  1. I’ve been tossing ideas around for the past two weeks of what I wanted to give for teacher appreciation week…this post has it covered. Cash it is and a little treat on the side. Thanks for jolt…doesn’t everybody wish for more cash?


    I love these 🙂

  3. These are so darn cute (and look so real too)!

  4. ahaha these are super cute! Great idea…and tasty looking too 🙂

  5. What a cute idea! I’m a teacher and I would LOVE getting something like this from a student!

  6. I did a craft each day of the week for our teachers and this would have been perfect! What a super clever idea!!! Stop bye and check out what I posted this week!

  7. This is so darn cute…What a fun idea and I love it for a party favor too!
    504 Main

  8. These are so cute! What a smart idea!

  9. These are precious! So happy I’ve stumbled across your blog 🙂

  10. bit more expensive but would be great – using kopy kake’s edible ink on rice paper for the labels!

  11. So smart! I thought they were fruit leathers inside, not pretzels.. I wonder if leathers would work too??

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  13. This is insanely cute. Insane. I love it beyond what I can express!!

  14. beautiful creative idea

  15. Such a fun, clever idea!

  16. So cool!

  17. How darling! Can’t wait to make these with my
    pre-school kids, who can’t wait to go to school.

  18. I made these last year and they are so easy and soo cute!

  19. These are so stinkin’ cute. I never would have guessed these were made with pretzels. I don’t know what teacher wouldn’t love these.

  20. so easy and looks so yum ! so sad they dont have candy melts here !!

  21. @shafeena,
    You could use almond bark or white chocolate chips. Just make sure the chips don’t get too hot when you add food coloring or it will clump.

  22. I would love to make these, but I predict my kids then biting into every crayon, coloured pencil and felt tip pen from here on, just to see if they’re made outta chocolate!!!! They look adorable though! I love your blog, always makes me smile!!! 🙂

  23. Great adorable for teacher appreciation week I’m totally make these for Teacher snack day

  24. Thought this was a good idea especially for autistic kids who put everything in their mouths.

  25. then you’ll have all the kids eating “real” crayons–not a good idea.

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  27. What paper did you use for the wrappers? I know cardstock is too thick.

  28. Hi Mandy, How did you get colored crayon labels?