Quinoa and Black Bean Salad (Vegan)

Food Trends.  Even in the food world there are trends. It seems like everyone now is either vegetarian or vegan and it has me wondering if it’s just a trend or is it here to stay? Although I know a lot of people who are vegan for the health benefits and that I absolutely applaud! I’m just not a fan of people who say they are vegan and have no idea what it even means. I get asked all the time for vegan recipes so I thought I would give it a whirl.

My friends have all been cooking with quinoa (definitely a food trend right now) and I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. I have avoided it because A) I can’t pronounce quinoa without butchering it (“KEEN-wa”) and B) I didn’t know where it was in the grocery store and let’s face it…customer service in South Florida is as bad as it gets. From experience I knew I was bound to get an irritated “I don’t know” or “never heard of it” answer with a side of attitude from the worker at the grocery store.

But I put my brave face on and went to the grocery store. After looking in the rice aisle and not finding it I asked an associate in the rice aisle if they had it and he said “No”. Then I decide to look harder and there it was right in the rice aisle two feet from the associate. Awesome.

I’m a new lover of Quinoa. It’s quick, healthy and a great vegan option. This Vegan Quinoa and Black Beans has black beans, corn, lime, and cilantro in it — all of the Mexican flavors that I crave so often. It’s a great side or even main course, served hot or cold!

 Here is the Quinoa and Black Bean Salad recipe or just click on one of the photos below.

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  1. I’m no Vegan, but I love quinoa and it’s nutty flavor. It’s very filling too!

  2. I made a similar recipe I found on allrecipes.com and it is delicious! I’m not vegan so I added some shredded cheese and took it to a dinner party and everyone fell in love with it. My husband raved about it.

  3. Can’t wait to try this. I have a similar recipe with couscous instead of Quina, but I recently got some and was wanting to make it. Perfect timing.

  4. I tried it once – was kind of on the fence about it. But this recipe looks delish so I may give it another try. Thanks!

  5. This looks great! I made some stuffed peppers last month that I filled with a quinoa/black bean mixture instead of meet. It’s definitely a tasty and filling combo.

  6. I am always looking for new side dishes. I can’t wait to try this one!

  7. ummm YES. i SHALL be having this next week. so there.

  8. This looks like a great recipe! I love the health benefits of quinoa.

  9. I made this tonight for dinner and it was so good AND easy! I have four very picky eaters and they all gobbled it down, which never happens. Thanks for a great recipe!

  10. This sounds awesome! I’m so trying this ASAP!

  11. This looks so good. I was just looking for a side dish for dinner tonight. Bingo! We like quinoa around here because my hubs has to eat gluten-free foods. Quinoa fits that bill. Thanks so much for the recipe.


  12. I used to have a recipe very similar to this and cannot find it. Thanks so much for sharing! I love quinoa and black beans together.

  13. “Then I decide to look harder and there it was right in the rice aisle two feet from the associate. Awesome.” Hahaha! I’m across the USA from you and had the same experience. Thanks for the laugh and the great recipe =)