Printable St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bags are super festive and takes just minutes to assemble.
Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags

I had been working on the template for these bags for awhile but just could not get it right. No matter how hard I tried or how much I measured, when I printed the template out, something was always just a little bit off. It was driving me nuts. I knew I could easily find a template online to use but the I wanted to figure it out myself. And I finally did! It’s a little bit different than the treat bag templates you see while searching Google or browsing Pinterest but this one gets the job done and is simple to put together. For this post I created four different St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bag designs this way you have some options.

Treat Bags for St. Patrick's Day

Supply List

Treat Bag Download (see bottom of post for download link)


White Copy Paper

Double-sided Adhesive


Hole Punch


Candy or Cookies to put inside

Printable St. Patrick’s Day Treat Bags

Treat Bags

This is what your treat bag will look like after you cut it out. Simple right? With the design side facing down fold the edge that says “fold here” inward along the straight line. Add some double-sided adhesive along that edge and fold the opposite side of the bag to meet it and press firmly to secure.

Next, add some double-sided adhesive along the bottom edge of the bag and fold upwards, pressing firmly to secure. That’s it! So easy.

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags3

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags4

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags5

My kids are somewhat obsessed with those chocolate gold coins  so that’s what I decided to put in my treat bags but you can put whatever you want in it. Some cookies are a great option. Hershey’s Kisses would be fun too. If you don’t want to give candy you can always fill the bag with items from the dollar store like stickers and erasers.

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags | The Girl Who Ate Everything

Once you have your treat bags assembled and filled fold the top of the bag over towards the front of the bag, punch 2 holes in the center about an inch apart from each other and secure with ribbon.

Treat Bags for St. Patrick's Day

This may be one of my favorite printables to date. I love how cute the bags look all tied up with ribbon. I know St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a huge holiday for many but what child would not love getting a little bag of treats? I know my kids will be all over it.

You can download all 4 designs in one easy download. If you only want to use one design, just set your printer options to “pages” and just enter in the page number you want.

Note: Download files are in PDF format so you will need a program like Foxit Reader to open and view files. I recommend Foxit Reader. It’s free.

Download Free Printable Here

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