What dad wouldn’t love his own “stache” of goodies to keep all to himself? I know mine would….especially since he knows that treats and sweets never last very long at our house. This Daddy’s Stache Father’s Day Gift is sure to put a smile on daddy’s face!

Daddy's Stache Gift for Father's Day with printable tags and Hershey Kiss labels.

My husband is a cookie monster. He loves Oreos and chocolate chip cookies the most. Even though everyone in my house knows this, it does not keep us from eating all of the cookies while he is hard at work (shame on us, I know). Here is where this fun and practical Daddy’s Stache Father’s Day gift comes in handy. A stash of cookies to call his very own.

Daddy's Stache Father's Day Gift with Printables

This gift is so easy to make. All you need to do is grab the free printable “Daddy’s Stache” tags, a bag or jar and daddy’s favorite treat and you will have a Father’s Day gift that he will love! If you want to get creative you can make daddy’s favorite treat. For us, we went with store bought cookies and Hershey’s Kisses. To make it a little extra special, we added adorable Hershey’s Kisses labels to the bottom of the kisses.

Daddy's Stache Father's Day Gift with Printable


For tags, you will need white card stock. For the Hershey’s Kisses labels you’ll need a 3/4″ circle punch and full sheet labels.


Daddy's Stache Gift Tags

Father's Day - Hershey Kiss Labels - Full Sheet

Add this Fun Facts About Dad questionnaire finish this gift off!

Fun Facts About Dad