You can email me, Christy Denney, at [email protected] for any questions you have. If you have a question on a recipe please leave a comment on the recipe post and I will answer you there. Then if other readers have the same question they can see the answers there.

 I answer all emails within 1-2 days but every once in a while an email will get in my SPAM folder somehow and I miss it so please try again.

Recipes: I love trying new recipes. Feel free to send me any that you love too! It would make my day.

Advertisements: I advertise with BlogHer and Platefull and have certain rules I need to abide by since I am under contract with them. I am not selling ad spaces at this time.

Guest Posting: This blog is my baby and I like to keep the writing in my voice. I can’t say yes to one request and not to all without hurting feelings so I decided to not accept guest posts. The best way to get featured on my blog is to email me your BEST recipe. I’ll try it and if I love it, I’ll feature you and the recipe. Sound good?

Reviews and Giveaways: Thank you for considering me for your giveaway or review but I do not participate in reviews. I do like discovering new products (doesn’t everyone) but do not write entire posts to review a product. I like to keep this blog about recipes so I usually do my own inspired giveaways and talk about whatever I want to talk about. I started a “My Favorite Things” series where I talk about the things I’ve discovered lately. Thank you!

For more info check out my FAQ page.


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