Everyone likes their sugar cookies different. Some like them chewy, some like them fluffy, and some prefer the…”Swig”? No matter how you like them, I’m here to guide you to the one you want. See I’ve eaten my fair share of cookies. Thank goodness I haven’t kept count because I honestly don’t think I would want to know. What I do know is the best recipe is out there for each one, and I know because I’ve tried them all. Let’s get started with The Sugar Cookie Showdown.

Sugar Cookie Showdown | The Girl Who Ate Everything

sugar cookies with sprinkles

The Tried and True: It’s hands down the best recipe for cut-outs because they hold their shape. It’s definitely not cakey and has a buttery flavor. Super soft if you make them thick and crispy if you roll them thin. I’ve made these so many times I have it memorized.

Sugar Cookies - soft, fluffy, and perfect. the-girl-who-ate-everything.com
The “Fluffy”: These sugar cookies are cake like and similar to the cookies you buy at the grocery store. They will hold a heart shape and a circle shape but since they spread and puff up when baked and aren’t best suited for cut-outs. They have sour cream in the dough which helps give them their fluffy texture.

Chewy Sugar Cookies - good without frosting but I couldn't help myself. This recipe is perfection! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

The Chewy: Not your traditional cut-out sugar cookie but definitely chewy!

These Sugar Cookies are soft, buttery and great for cut-out shapes! the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

The Buttery: Tender and buttery. Almost flakey? Hard to describe these…

Sugar Cookie Showdown | The Girl Who Ate Everything

The “Swig” : If you missed my post yesterday, I talked all about the Swig sugar cookie…currently my favorite. It has a slightly crisp outside and soft inside with a cracked edge. Incredibly unique and no rolling!

So now that you have all you need to know, get baking! I always make my kids huge sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day with their names on it. If you’re not a sugar cookie person (we can’t be friends), this Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake would be a tasty alternative.