10 Kid Friendly Foods

My kids went back to school yesterday morning. I am STILL not a morning person. I keep trying to change it but my mouth does not feel like smiling in the morning. I make all their lunches the night before because if I did it in the morning the chance that they would end up with toothpaste in their lunch boxes instead of sandwiches woudl be really high.


I started thinking of some other Kid Friendly food ideas for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. Here are a couple of my kid’s favorites:


5. Peanut Butter and Jelly Braid

6. Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

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  1. I ALMOST picked up some of those Grahamful thingys but hadn’t heard anyone say whether or not they liked them. If they’re kid approved, I’ll have to grab some next grocery trip!

  2. Great list! We make pizza quesadillas ALL THE TIME!! Delish!

  3. I made the cheesecake strawberries for my kids Sunday night and they were a huge success. Had some leftovers for after school snacks and the neighborhood kids were very impressed!

  4. I have the palate of a four year old (sadly I’m not exaggerating) and so I LOVE this post! So many wonderful recipes all in one place. None of that fancy stuff! 😀

  5. Too much sugar and processed food. No thank you.

  6. thanks for a great list!! yummmm
    Lior 🙂

  7. Everything looks amazing especially the PB&J Braid!!!

  8. Going to make the meatball sliders tonight!

  9. I see no fruits or veggies, or any incorporated into these dishes. Seems to be way skewed to the processed food side. I enjoy your recipes as occasional treats, but doubt they should be in exclusive rotation for school lunches.