As a food blogger, I’ve basically already eaten Thanksgiving dinner a couple times over trying out recipes to post for turkey day. Thanksgiving is arguably one of the biggest food days of the year…like the SuperBowl of the food world. So just thank me for the ten pounds I’ve gained for you weeding out the bad Thanksgiving recipes.

I am actually not hosting Thanksgiving this year. I’m going to a friend’s house and I am in charge of dessert. I think I have it covered although I’m still on the look for a good homemade apple pie recipe. Has anyone tried Grandma Ople’s from Allrecipes? I’ll let you know how it goes.

Anywho…if I were making the whole dinner here’s a recap a couple of my favorite recipes that I would definitely choose from. Just click on the picture or the link for the recipe.
Stuffed Mushrooms: Seriously these are grub.
You can prepare them ahead of time and pop them in the oven right before serving.
Pumpkin Pie Dip: Easy and festive.
 It tastes just like pumpkin pie when served with cinnamon graham crackers.
 I know I just posted this but it really is one of my favorites.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits: Don’t want to deal with yeast?
These biscuits taste just like Red Lobster’s.

Lion House Rolls: Love ’em.

Green Beans with Bacon and Almonds:
A great alternative to the basic green bean casserole.

Sweet Potatoes: Just in case you missed yesterday’s post.
Twice Baked Potatoes:
Give your guests another option besides mashed potatoes.
Pumpkin Cheesecake: Easy and impressive.
Apple Crisp: Don’t fuss with a crust.
The crumble on top of this is out of this world.

Turtle Cheesecake:
This always impresses your guests.
Pecan Pie Bars: Yum. No messing with a pie crust.
This crust melts in your mouth.
Good luck and happy cooking!