Mini Burger Cookies

Every year at this time we travel back West to see our family and friends. Living out of a suitcase, or more like four suitcases with our four kids, is a bit crazy but we always have fun. It’s a little hard to be blogging and cooking away while I’m away but here’s some adorable Mini Burger Cookies that I made before I left. I spotted them over on Six Sister’s Stuffand made them with my kids as a rainy day activity.

Dye some coconut green for your lettuce.
I used Betty Crocker frosting because it’s already perfectly colored and easy to use.
It helps to use a cookie sheet to contain the coconut/lettuce.
These were cute, tasty, and super easy to make. They would be great for July Fourth!
                         MINI BURGER COOKIE RECIPE

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  1. These are always so fun to make! I made some “Cookie Burgers” a few weeks ago as part of my kids in the kitchen series. However, I just used red frosting for the tomato and green frosting for the lettuce but I love the effect of the tinted coconut for lettuce. Hope you have fun on your travels!

  2. Absolutamente geniales y divertidas. Enhorabuena por este gran trabajo. Un saludo

  3. Cutest things I have ever ever seen!!

  4. We have done these with new york mint patties too, and they are good as well! I love these.

  5. Awesome cookies. Just found your blog, you’ve got a new fan. Cheers!

  6. @Dharma,

  7. These are so fun to make and my grandkids love them.
    Sometimes what I do and just a suggestion is that I take a pastry brush and brush just the top of the cookie / bun with just alittle honey and then very lightly sprinkle on some sesame seeds for that sesame seed / onion bun effect.
    I so enjoy your recipes that you post.
    Thank you

  8. These are so cute! I have to make them!

  9. Cute and genious! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So very cute. I will have to make these with my granddaughter. Love your blog.

  11. These cookies are ADORABLE! Kids will just love these. My vegetarian sister would get a kick out of these, too!

  12. how cute, these would be so fun for little kids!


  13. These mini burger cookies are so adorable. I can already hear my wee ones screaming out of sheer delight at the sight of these treats. It’s their two favourite slow food in one.

  14. Yay! I’m glad to see others success with this. I saw it on Six Sisters and have been too chicken to try it. I’ve had the ingredients for weeks… I’ll make them tomorrow!

  15. So cute! I recently saw a cake along similar lines, only the bun was made of butter cake, the meat was made of chocolate cake, the mustard was banana lollies, and I can’t remember what the lettuce and tomato were but it sure looked good 🙂

  16. So cute!

  17. you can also add potato sticks on the side for french fries!

  18. amazing! so nice and special!!

  19. How cute are these! I totally thought they were sliders at first!

  20. You are a genius. I would love to come have burgers at your place.

  21. These look absolutely adorable!!!!! I must try these!!!!

  22. OMG, soooo cute!

  23. rose vandergraft says:

    use a little corn syrup on top and then sprinkle sesame seeds on top to make it look like seeds on top of the bun looks really cute

  24. what did you use for the “meat” of the burger? was it like a type of chocolate you used?

  25. Beverly Cross says:

    I’ve made these on several occasions with kids and in the classrooms. We always put a drop of honey on the top spread it around and then sprinkle a few sesame seeds over the honey. They’ll stick on and gives you a sesame seed bun!!