If you’re not a chocolate lover than A) I don’t know if we can be friends and B) this dessert is for you.

If you’ve had the Maple Walnut Blondie at Apple bee’s, this tastes just like it but better. Of course I had to be sure so we headed to Apple bee’s with some friends for appetizers and dessert.

The verdict? Yep, this one is definitely better.

But it could just be that in South Florida the chain restaurants and service are sub par compared to the rest of the country. Sad, but true.

The trouble I’ve had with other copycat recipes is that the Maple Butter Sauce that is poured over the blondie never seemed to be the same as Applebee’s. This Maple Butter Sauce however is spot on.

My husband was in charge of scooping the ice cream and he went a little heavy on the ice cream. There is a warm, buttery blondie under there…somewhere.
The batter is super thick. Don’t worry. That’s normal. And don’t be snitching too much batter because you’ll need every bit to make these.
This only makes an 8×8 pan so it’s perfect for someone who lacks self control. I may or may not have eaten the whole pan before church one Sunday. And I wonder why the last 10 pounds of baby weight is lingering…
I’m over at Tablespoon with this Maple Walnut Blondie recipe.