favorite-things-2016Every year on this blog I share My Favorite Things  which are are things that I actually bought this year and loved enough that I had to share with you all. Hopefully I’ve included some great ideas for holiday gifts or stocking stuffers. These are all things I personally love – no one is paying me to share any of these!81s3f46yail-_sl1500_
Running Belt for IPhone – We all know that I love running. Not that I’m necessarily fast but I love it. It clears my mind, makes, me happy, and it my personal therapy. I hate arm bands for my phone. They are super irritating to me so I recently bought this belt that holds my phone and protects it from water but is still easy enough to pull out if you need to. The belt doesn’t bounce up and down like others I’ve tried. Love it. It’s a great gift for any runner.


Knitted Mermaid Blanket Tail for Kids and Adults – I bought this for my daughter’s birthday and she loves it. It’s just a really fun blanket to snuggle up on the couch with or to play pretend with. They are big enough for adults too, FYI. They even come with a mermaid necklace.61fyfk4gful

Mexican Molcajete – I love Mexican food and every time I host Bunko I try to make it Mexican themed because it’s what I’m always craving. I love this Molcajete because it holds a large amount of guacamole whereas most are on the smaller side. It’s heavy duty – seriously weighs like 30 lbs. Great gift for entertaining.


GrandeLASH-MD – If you read my blog last week you know that I’m obsessed with getting longer lashes. I’ve tried all the serums and even Latisse. Latisse works – don’t get me wrong, but this is 1/3 of the price of Latisse and doesn’t irritate my eyes like Latisse did. You have to be patient. Just like Latisse you have to use it two months before you’ll notice results. It’s actually fun to put on mascara every morning now and my lashes have gotten so long they touch my sunglasses. It’s a good problem to have.61kjf5cn0gl-_sl1000_

Amazon Echo – If you follow me on Snapchat you know that we’ve had all kinds of fun with Alexa – the brain behind Amazon Echo. She sits on our counter and plays whatever music I tell her to play – Adele, Coldplay, Lumineers. You can ask her the weather, the score to the Dolphin’s game, or even to turn down your AC.


CocoCrazy Smack Attack Lip Balms – These are an all natural blend of organic coconut, grape seed, sweet almond, olive oils, and natural flavors. Great stocking stuffers with flavors liek Mangolicious, Wild Cherry Pie, Limeacious, and Orange Sherbet.


Fascinations AntWorks – I’ll be totally honest, when my sister gave this to my son for his birthday I was like thaaanks. An ant farm with 5 kids is basically like a ticking time bomb. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when one of my children would set them free. I was totally wrong. After two days, the ants start making tunnels all throughout the ant farm. The gel in the farm is their food. It’s incredible. You do have to buy the harvester ants separately – from Amazon. They come live in a tube. The whole thing fascinated the entire family. Then I started gifting them to other people.


Nume Magic Wand – I don’t want to be dramatic but this changed my life this year. I mean it gave me my high school hair back (that’s actually a good thing believe it or not). Volumptious curls that actually stay. I bought mine from the NUME site with a promo code and got it for $29. Their site is currently overloaded but if it gets up you can find promo codes all over for their products.51fjbzqwmyl-_sx323_bo1204203200_

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living – If there’s any time of year that we need to simplify and live happier with our hearts leading the way, this is it. A great gift for a friend.


Hamboards – Have you seen these on Shark Tank? It looks like a longboard but they’re basically surfboards on wheels. You can get everything from the small one (the Biscuit) which are not that expensive or the largest one (the classic). We have the Pinger which is a little smaller than the classic but still has the movement that feels like you’re surfing. Sold on Amazon as well. So much fun!!