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I’m already thinking about Father’s Day since we are going to be at Lake Powell until the day before and I want to have a meal planned out before then for my dad and my husband. So far it will probably be breakfast burritos for breakfast, this sandwich for lunch, and most likely Cafe Rio for dinner since that’s what John always requests.

cobb salad sandwich bacon blue cheese
Whenever I go to a restaurant I always scan the menu first for some version of a Cobb salad. The combination of bacon, avocado, and blue cheese just call to me. And since you all know I have a bad habit of picking out all of the good stuff in salads leaving only the lettuce, I thought why not make a Cobb salad into a sandwich.
I know I can handle eating one leaf of lettuce.
This Cobb Salad Sandwich has all the things you love about a Cobb salad piled onto a butter croissant.
What are you guys going to make for Father’s Day?