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luvin’ life said…”I’ve been wanting to try this. Thanks for the chance!”

So here’s the deal…I’ve been trying a lot of recipes and most of them have been…okay. So rather than post a sub-par recipe I would rather kick off the weekend with an awesome giveaway. I don’t want to make my blog all about giveaways but a lot of people want to give you guys stuff!

I was really excited when Blog2Print offered to give either me or you a free blog book. I’ve used Blog2Print before to make blog books for my family blog and I love them. I usually do one book for every year and my kids love looking through all of the books. I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff and someday (in my next life) I will get caught up on all my scrapbooks. Until then, here’s how I journal the fun and not so fun (*cough* pottytraining) happenings in my family.

Since I already have some blog books, I figured you guys should get the chance to make one since you are all so nice! All you have to do to make a blog book is enter in your blog address and it sucks it out into a pretty formatted book. No fuss. Great gift for your family or even grandparents.

Blog2Print has offered to give you a $40 code for Blog2Print, which will make a 60 page hardcover/90 page softcover book.

Just leave a comment to enter before next Wednesday, September 29th at noon EST.