Maybe you’ve been wondering why I’ve been posting a little less these days…
It’s because I’m pregnant! Yep. Denney baby #4 is on the way.
Which means the thought of food sometimes is hard.
And now you guys will be subject to all of my cravings…and food aversions.
And since I have superpower smelling senses I can smell someone cooking fish about two blocks away and going to the grocery store is almost unbearable because I can smell every single thing in the store.
But when something sounds good, I’m in a panic to make it, and as soon as I eat it…I never want to see it again.
Like the Bloomin’ Onion Bread. Loved it. Ate way too much of it. But then I couldn’t post about it for about a week.
But I’m 13 weeks now and feeling better. I still have moments but I think I’m back in the game.
Here’s the baby. The baby was doing somersaults in the ultrasound and trying to suck its thumb. Everything looked good and I felt a huge sigh of relief.

My sister passed away a couple of years ago unexpectedly from a blood clot and since then I was tested and I have two blood clotting factors so I have to give myself a shot of Lovenox everyday in my stomach. A small price to pay for a baby.

I thought talking about being nauseous and needles doesn’t really go along with food and recipes, so why not have a giveaway. I’m still amazed that people continue to follow me and am so grateful for all of you! But you gotta stop liking me on Facebook. I can’t handle the pressure!!!! 🙂