6 Tips to Eating Healthy and Shedding those Pounds and Fiber-One Parmesan Crusted Chicken

I have friends visiting and have been super busy but I posted a couple of tips over at Tablespoon today that I use when I’m trying to slim down and a recipe for Fiber-One Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Tastes a lot better than it initially sounds. My husband thought I had fried chicken and my kids smelled it and thought I was cooking chicken nuggets. Everybody is a winner!

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  1. Okay, that is just plain brilliant!

  2. i was beginning to wonder where the girl who ate everything was, but I’m glad you are having fun with friends! It’s prob nice to have john around too. Love your tips to shedding the lbs.

  3. I remember you mentioned earlier that you have a protein shake for breakfast. Do you feel like that helps keep the weight off? Which brand do you recommended.?

  4. Thanks for the tips! Awesome ideas.

  5. Love this – and after the holidays – we so need this! Thank you!

    Susan http://www.ugogrrl.com

  6. I have seen a ton of Hungry Girl recipes that do this and have yet to try it. If your husband liked it, that is a good sign!

  7. @Marilee,
    I actually drink Shakeology every morning. It is a chocolate shake that has a ton of veggies in it and is naturally supposed to give you energy. I started drinking that and didn’t change anything else and started losing weight. Same story with my friends who started drinking it.

    I signed up as a Coach so that I could get the discounted price every month which is $30 cheaper. I’ve never tried to recruit people but my friend does and she makes a good chunk a month. I think it costs $30 to initally sign up as a coach but sometimes they have deals where you can sign up for free.

    Like I said, I’m not telling you this so you will buy from me because I am not doing it for the money but I do like it and think it helps you lose weight if you eat healthy too.

    Here’s the link:

  8. Love your tips, they are spot-on. Works for me too! Great idea with the Fiber One crust…we do fish a lot like this, especially over lent. I hadn’t thought of using fiber cereals instead of crackers/breadcrumbs. Thanks!

  9. I’ve seen Fiber One used to make onion rings as well, and I wondered if it would taste like the “real thing.” This certainly looks delicious!

    You’ve encouraged me to give it a try.

  10. That is not so weird, ok maybe I am just weird, but thanks I will add this to my other “good” recipes! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Yum! I made baked chicken nuggets tonight coated in Lipton onion soup mix and bread crumbs, healthy and tasty!

  12. What Fiber One cereal did you use? There are quite a few…

    Was it the original little “sticks”?