Favorite Things Giveaway 2014

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It’s that time of year again. Who wants to see some of my favorite things in 2014? I’m excited to share this FABULOUS giveaway, for the third year in a row! You want to see what I’m giving away? It may include some amazing gift ideas for yourself or a loved one, too!

Now, onto what all of my creative blogger friends are giving away, too!

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Favorite Things Giveaway Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke guide

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My Gift Up Close

 My Favorite Things 2014 - great inexpensive gift ideas for Christmas. the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Here are some of my favorite things of 2014. I literally have all of these things in my house right now and use them everyday! I’m in no way sponsored for any of these items, I just really love them.

350-100119531-847__11. Kai Pure Komachi Knives: These are the perfect gift for any chef or person who loves to cook. It comes with a set of 6 knives. These knives are lightweight and super sharp. I have Cutco knives and these are way sharper. They are only $19.99 at Costco. They sell them at most Costco stores or you can order them online from Costco.

314cL5uVd6L__AA160_41jAyoCYyrL__AA160_2. OodleTip: The OodleTip is a package of disposable pastry bags with an attached versatile tip. Depending on where you cut the tip you can have a star or round tip with having to hassle with interchanging the tips. Fancy decorating made simple. They even have the Little Oodle Doodle which is smaller just for kids. I would package this with a cute apron and a some goodies.

The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook

3. The Girl Who Ate Everything Cookbook: Okay, okay. A little shameless self-promotion. But…I will say that cookbooks are one of my favorite gifts to give and my book is no exception. Package it up with some tissue paper and a set of cute measuring cups or spatulas tied with a ribbon.

MAC-Look-In-A-Box-Coral4. MAC – Look In A Box: My sister-in-law gave this to me for my birthday and I thought it was the perfect gift. It’s a makeup set from MAC that comes with a lipstick, lipglass, coordinating eyeshadow, and eyeliner all for only $39.50. There are different palettes to choose from but I loved this Coral set that she gave me.

96761-97846-51129-speculoos-cookie-butters 96761-97846-51129-speculoos-cookie-butters

5. Cookie Butter: I almost wish that I hadn’t been introduced to this. I literally ate a jar in a couple of days. This is one of life’s greatest pleasures right here. You can buy it at Trader Joe’s or Amazon. You could package this a cute spoon tied on with a ribbon and a plate of cookies.


6. Leaves from Bath and Body: Any Bath and Body lotion, hand soap, or air freshener is always a welcomed gift. Leaves is by far my favorite fall scent and I cannot get enough of it in my home. I love the room spray for a quick sprucing up and the wallflowers for all day. I’m a bit obsessed.


7. The Pore Professional: I have a sister that is 10 years older than me and one that is 20 years older than me which kind of gives me a glimpse into the future of what I possibly will look like as we get older. We are always exchanging beauty secrets and trying to help each other out. For Christmas and birthdays we often send each other our latest finds. We were not blessed with small pores and this Pore Professional works miracles. It’s silky smooth and makes your pores on your face disappear leaving your complexion flawless. It’s a bit pricey but you can buy smaller sizes too. It’s sold at most beauty stores like Ulta and Sephora – and even Amazon.

71WjHSSpXJL__UX575_8. Acorn Spa Slippers: I was complaining to my husband about my feet hurting. A couple of days later these showed up in the mail. He had secretly ordered them. I spend a lot of time on my feet, as most of you probably do. I have wood floors and by the end of the day my feet are killing. These slippers have memory foam in the footboard and feel like I’m walking on clouds. I find every chance I can to wear these and have found myself accidently out in public several times with them on. If you have someone you love that is on their feet all the time, they will appreciate these.


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  1. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    i love giving candles

  2. Michelle Smith says:

    I love giving something homemade. This year I am making wreaths.

  3. Carol Aguilar says:

    I love my dog and cat, this year I am making treat jars out of terra cotta pots and a fishbowl. I am also making dog biscuit mix in a jar for friends.

  4. I love to give what the person would love to have and cherish. I try to put thought in what I give.

  5. Ruth Griffeth says:

    Well since my kids have gotten older my favorite thing to give them is Gift Cards, they are so hard to buy for! But for other people I do like to make gifts, crocheted, baked, or sewn.

  6. I like to give coffee or wine.

  7. I have rally been focusing on using natural products so I want to share/gift items that are healthy and “green”.

  8. I like to give homemade cookies!

  9. Kristy Zuverino says:

    I love coming up with diy ideas for presents.

  10. I love giving away homemade vanilla extract!

  11. Julie Shannon says:

    So far I love all your goodies the most !!! I love giving a canvas wrapped portrait.

  12. This year my teenagers and I made a bunch of homemade pickles, syrups and apple butter to give away as gifts. I love giving things which are homemade, and, I try to get started in October each year so we don’t overspend and race around buying things during the holidays when we should be enjoying each other’s company!

  13. Since the nieces and nephews are getting older I give money, but when they were little I would sew presents for them. (Big TV viewing pillows made with favorite sport teams material, etc. )

  14. I love to give anything handmade!

  15. LOVE your favorites! I love to give homemade gifts from my kitchen. 🙂

  16. spa related items pillows candles towels

  17. Personalized Home Made Embroidered Kitchen Towels.

  18. Your basket is so cute…that cookie butter really takes the cake! 😉

  19. I love to give books, no one can ever have too many!

  20. I love to give makeup or candles as gifts. Everyone always likes what I pick out.

  21. I bake really fancy cookies for the Holidays and send a box full to everyone in my family. No one else bakes these things and it is a real treat for all.

  22. I love to give people homemade chocolate

  23. anything homemade!

  24. I love baking, so my favorite thing to give away is a “sampler” of my best creations 🙂

  25. For women, I tend to give a lot of pashminas, because they are so versatile. They work even for women who aren’t into fragrance or makeup. Otherwise I try to give something that shows I care about the person in question, like if a person is vegan, I try to seek out vegan food/candy.

  26. I love giving homemade or original ideas (not on a wish list)

  27. Favorite gift I give is a card handmade by me 🙂

  28. Wonderful basket! Love the Look in a box!

  29. Jenise Bentle says:

    i love giving baled goodies

  30. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like giving books.

  31. I love giving out cookies!

  32. I love to give bath and body works soaps and lotions.

  33. Ashlee Buttars says:

    Jewelry and books!

  34. I love giving away candles and bubbles/body wash/lotion and bath salt to pamper in the tub. Women don’t do that nearly enough!

  35. I am horrible at picking out gifts and I constantly second guess myself….so my favorite thing to give is money…can’t go wrong:o)

  36. Love love you basket of favorite things!! I love giving personalized Christmas ornaments. Wedding, new baby, new house, etc….gets a new ornament!!

  37. Candace Hughes says:

    I love to give homemade gifts. That could be anything from cookies, cakes, and all kinds of chocolate barks, yummy bread to pumpkin rolls, or holiday wreaths, sugar or salt scrubs…. really anything that my mind can come up with!!

  38. I love to add to someone’s collection if I know what they like to collect. Or I like to give themed gift baskets.

  39. I love give foodie gifts.

  40. I love giving homemade cookies as gifts.

  41. I love you’re favorite things, I like making cookies especially chrusciki and also gift cards as presents.

  42. Michele Behlen says:

    I love giving cookies at Christmastime.

  43. Shelby Larkin says:

    I love giving gifts that I know my family and friends will love and use!

  44. I love giving books or candles as gifts.

  45. Tanya Phillips says:

    Hand made photo albums, homemade foods 🙂

  46. My brother just married so this would make a great gift 🙂

  47. I like giving books and chocolate, something I think will insure a moment of relaxation especially if I know the person well..

  48. Mary Williams says:

    I love to give anything with pictures!

  49. A beautiful scarf or jewelry

  50. I love to give pictures. They are priceless and bring back such great memories!

  51. kemberly crosswhite says:

    i love giving homemade gifts 😉 every year we make dozens and dozenz of cookies, split them between family members and put them in cute boxes 😉 this year we are attempting candles in baby food jars

  52. I would love your cook book, especially a signed copy.

  53. I love giving handmade gifts.

  54. I love giving homemade gifts when I have the I have the time to make them

  55. Kaelyn Everham says:

    Awesome basket!

  56. Rebecca Brewer says:

    Pretty candles and anything homemade.

  57. Debbie Siddle says:

    Those knives look great and I’m a huge MAC make up fan too. Thanks for the chance to win a prize.

  58. I love giving photo books or any type of photo gift.

  59. I love giving photo gifts.

  60. My favorite gift to give is something from my own kitchen. It might be homemade vanilla, egg liquor, cookies, dinner, or whatever is the gift that goes with the person.

  61. What a wonderful basket! I love to give baskets filled with homemade treats!

  62. I love giving kitchen gadgets or anything for the kitchen.

  63. I love to give great kitchen items that someone might not have. My latest obsession is Charles Viancin silicone covers.

  64. Sarah winchell says:

    I love to support home business’s so I try to give pampered chef, paparazzi,31,scentcy……..

  65. I love giving something handmade 😉

  66. Linda Hofacker says:

    Oh my slippers and Cookie Butter Spread – Amazon is my best friend!

  67. Anything homemade. I usually bake a variety of treats/breads.

  68. Acorn slippers are the BEST!

  69. I love giving baked goods

  70. i love to give home baked goods & hand made cards, thanks so much

  71. hi, i love giving home baked goods & hand made cards, thanks so much

  72. I don’t think I have a favorite! I just love to give to people. It makes you feel good to give

  73. I love to give homemade gifts.

  74. I love giving personalized and monogrammed gifts!

  75. I love to give candles and eos lip balm!

  76. I love to give homemade jams and/or baked goods.

  77. This is the best time of year. Love seeing what everyone else loves!

  78. Heather in VA says:

    This is such a great giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win.

  79. Stephanie Shipley says:

    My favorite gift to give is homemade cookbooks!

  80. Love to give caldera counter top spray or a cookbook

  81. Mary Ellen Torres says:

    thanks for offering the great gift

  82. I love giving anything handmade- from etsy or something- I think it’s an added touch 😉

  83. My fave is hand-picked jewelry

  84. My favorite gifts usually come from Bath & Body Works. I love that place!

  85. What fun things!

  86. I’ve never tried cookie butter

  87. Jasmine Henderson says:

    I like giving homemade gifts!

  88. Brook Weinberg says:

    I can’t wait to go get The Pore Professional! I love seeing your favorite things. These are all great gift ideas too! 🙂

  89. Nancy Lynn Hilderbrand says:

    I love giving baked items

  90. Shelbie Major says:

    This is the BEST giveaway of the bunch! Thank you!

  91. I love giving chocolates

  92. I love giving homemade gifts

  93. Love your blog! Cool idea of bloggers getting together for a giveaway! 🙂 Lisa

  94. I love giving personalized stationary

  95. hand made items from etsy.

  96. I love giving heartfelt cards with make up and jewelry for the girls and for the guys they get either a wallet or a tie with a card as well.

  97. I like giving baked goods.

  98. Stephanie Maberry says:

    My pre-teen daughter has become an excellent baker, she makes cookies for our Church shut-in’s, support services, and family & friends.
    Thank you for this generous opportunity! I’m so glad that TidyMom sent me to your site, I look forward to exploring it in further detail.

  99. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    Gift cards

  100. I love giving something from Tupperware … they have so many more things than before – yes they still have those “burp” bowls but so many other things too…. now I can steam or bake or cook in the microwave and it tastes great! I love to share those things with the people I care about.

  101. I love giving something from Tupperware … they have so many more things than before – yes they still have those “burp” bowls but so many other things too…. now I can steam or bake or cook in the microwave and it tastes great! I love to share those things with the people I care about. Oh and I guess cause I am a consultant that helps too.

  102. As a Tupperware Consultant I obviously love giving something from Tupperware … they have so many more things than before – yes they still have those “burp” bowls but so many other things too…. now I can steam or bake or cook in the microwave and it tastes great! I love to share those things with the people I care about.

  103. I love to give bath and body wash sets or candles.

  104. Books are a great gift for people who enjoy reading – who doesn’t love getting the “too expensive to buy for yourself” brand new book from their favorite author?! But I don’t really have a favorite, I like to find personal and unique gifts.

  105. Nicole Millheim says:

    I love to give gift baskets with lots of goodies in it

  106. I love giving gift baskets! Thanks

  107. I love giving a night off from cooking. I check with my neighbors around the holidays and I bring them a dinner. They’ve always appreciated it and thanks to your recipes I know it’s something good!

  108. My time!

  109. Heather Porter says:

    Told you the cookie butter was life-changing! 🙂 Thanks for the knives tip, I’m going to have to hunt those down next time I’m at Costco. As always, you’re a gem!!

  110. Payton Bowling says:

    Your gift set is amazing but I am gonna now follow your blog strictly because of the name! It made me seriously laugh out loud! I feel ya girl!

  111. I like to give baked goods and home made candies.

  112. Candles or crocheted scarves

  113. I love to give books as presents 🙂 books are gifts that keep on giving!

  114. I love to give gifts that are favorite things of the recipient.

  115. I answered in the wrong area..in the blank above..haha.
    I personalize my gifts to give something they love..home baked goods from scratch..something hand made..old vintage ornaments or something from my personal huge collection of vintage kitchen.

  116. nikki hatfield wilson says:

    Your basket is my fave so far. I love the knives!!!!

  117. i love giving the gift of personal photography

  118. I love giving some type of homemade preserve with a baked good. (cheddar cheese bread and roasted red pepper jelly is a fave combo)

  119. I love to share essential oils!

  120. What a great basket of gifts! I LOVE cookie butter!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  121. I am an illustrator so I love giving artwork as gifts. One of my favorites is to sketch or paint pets portraits for my friends and family.

  122. Teresa Thompson says:

    I like giving gift cards.

  123. I saw those knives in Costco last week and was wondering if they were any good. Thanks for the tip! Live your blog!

  124. I love finding things I love to use and then giving them to those I care about.

  125. karen harberson says:

    I love getting homemade gifts from my family and friends.