$1000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Is anyone else an Amazon addict like me? It’s just oh too convenient to order something from Amazon and get it 2 days later at you’re doorstep with free shipping. No, they aren’t sponsoring this post. My friend Carrian from Sweet Basil is celebrating her 30th birthday by hosting an entire week of giveaways. I’m pitching in for today’s giveaway for $1000 gift card to Amazon. Imagine what you could get with $1000!
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  1. Toys and clothes for my kids!

  2. OMG, all of the books. ALL OF THEM.

  3. I would finally get an iPad!

  4. Kate Spade purse!

  5. A blender! A spiralizer! A food processor!

  6. I’d love to buy something fun for me, but realistically I would buy two convertible car seats for my little babe!

  7. I love Amazon! I’d definitely buy lots of cookbooks and some toys for my children.

  8. Oh the possibilities! I don’t know what I would buy, but I would have a blast figuring it out!

  9. All the things!! I buy so many different things on amazon that the possibilities are endless!

  10. Wow,endless possibilities! Most likely splurge on some new workout or kitchen gear

  11. Camera gear! 🙂

  12. I’d buy Le Creuset to finish outfitting my kitchen!

  13. Jeanne ODonnell says:

    I would buy some stuff for my outdoor patio, if we ever get to use it!!

  14. I would by cook books and clothes ! 🙂

  15. beth chernick says:

    everything and anything!!!

  16. Mary Ann Kinsinger says:

    I would love to get a good camera, and since we are a family of bookworms I spend the rest on books.

  17. Cooking and baking supplies!

  18. I can’t imagine what I would choose – I’m always surprised by what Amazon carries. My fantasy is to spend every last cent on books – heaven!

  19. Books!!

  20. I would start with that Gorgeous pair of Tieks in the picture above!

  21. Toys, books, makeup, oh my!

  22. Mostly toys for my son but possible an iPad – have been wanting one for so long just can’t pull the trigger on getting it. Love this blog by the way, totally making those carrot cookies for Easter!

  23. I would buy a juicer, spring clothes for my kids and little things we need for our household.

  24. I would start my Christmas shopping for my grandchildren!

  25. Sandie Gilmer says:

    My husband and I are expecting baby number three… We have two girls and this one is a boy so I would buy lots of blue stuff!

  26. First, I would be an awesome food processor. Then I would buy a bunch of stuff to spoil my nephew with!

  27. Books, blenders,socks,coconut oil,…ooooh wait that’s stuff I have already gotten….hmmmm.anything!

  28. I would purchase new furniture for my daughters bedroom!

  29. Would love to be able to finally get something for myself that would stick benefit my family….. like a new camera

  30. I would definitely put it towards a good camera! If there is enough money left over I have a pair of Frye boots in my wish list that have been there for months. I keep waiting for them to go down in price, but it doesn’t look that is going to happen!

  31. New patio furniture

  32. I’d love to buy a new TV for my daughter and grand-kids! 🙂

  33. Lots & lots of shoes, books, kitchen gadgets, cute clothes!

  34. Gosh – Quest bars, birthday gifts for my grandchildren, an iPad, ……..the possiblilities are endless! 🙂

  35. Books books and more books!

  36. I would buy a kindle and toys for my son

  37. I would buy clothes, books, hair care products, etc., etc!

  38. Love to update my kitchen, New appliances…..

  39. Jennifer Blacker says:

    I’d get new cookware.

  40. I would stock my pantry, bathrooms & laundry room to take the burden off of my husband providing for us and our 2 kids since our income was cut in half do to a debilitating disease a yr & half ago. My teaching & college degree is now an accomplishment & allowed me to have 12 yrs of teaching, but is now just a loan payment! But God has a plan!!
    So Id love to win this awesome raffle! 🙂

  41. College books for the kids.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  42. I would buy toys for my grandchildren and something special for my husband.

  43. Courtney Mary says:

    I could really use this! I have birthdays coming up for TWO little boys, and this would really help! Great giveaway!

  44. I would buy a stove and cookware.

  45. Karen Pederson says:

    All new cooking and baking supplies – and fun toys for our boat!

  46. I would use it towards our vacation.

  47. Lots of books and clothes!

  48. Would definitely buy a cookware set!!

  49. Patti Panuccio says:

    1,000 dollars worth of stuff from Amazon

  50. I would buy a new camera for my blog photos!

  51. A kitchen aid mixer!

  52. Oh, books! All kinds of books! And maybe a new iPod!

  53. Probably books and maybe some shoes!

  54. Household items, including a new mixer 🙂

  55. Sarah Krieger says:

    A KitchenAid mixer and some sweet antique furniture for my house!

  56. What a wonderful givaway! I would use it to buy my son a laptop for college.

  57. I would get books for my Kindle and gifts for friends and family.

  58. A new Kindle Fire HD and a laptop for my husband. New shoes

  59. Amanda anderson says:

    A ninja blender..diapers..shoes!

  60. This would be so awesome to win! Happy Birthday to Sweet Basil!!! I don’t even know where to start on what I would buy! I need a new vacuum cleaner!!

  61. Wow – what a giveaway. I don’t know what I’d buy, but I’d sure have fun figuring it out!

  62. I would buy a kitchenaid!

  63. Furnishings for my daughter’s dorm room-to-be! Thank you for offering the giveaway! 🙂

  64. Cooking supplies and toys for my kids.

  65. I love Amazon! I don’t know what I would get, but I know I’d have a great time figuring it out! Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway 🙂

  66. I would buy clothes and shoes for my family, a cookware set and a good blender

  67. A fun new lens for my camera 🙂

  68. Get an I-pad!!!

  69. Vicky Canpbell says:

    Furniture for the deck!…and diapers…

  70. I would love to finally get an ipad!!!! And some books and movies :):)

  71. Love that two-day shipping. I’m sure my UPS guy thinks I have a shopping problem….

  72. I would love to get a pasta attachment to my kitchen aid!

  73. My husband and I are still in graduate school, so $1000 on Amazon would purchase quite a few necessary textbooks, but it might also find us something for one of our very special few-and-far-between date nights.

  74. OMG the possibilities 🙂 Just TONS of stuff lol

  75. expecting our first child, so lots of baby stuff! and some books for my kindle 🙂

  76. OMG! I would probably buy so many books I’d have to get a new Kindle just to hold them all lol!!! I’m sure there are tons of things I could find!!

  77. Toys and an iPad

  78. We are doing so many things to our house that I can only imagine what we could do with an extra $1,000.00. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  79. Realistically, I’d buy tons of groceries/household items with it. LOVE Amazon 🙂

  80. I would buy a new swingset for my boys, lots of needed home stuff and lenses for my Nikon!

  81. I would buy an iPhone and toys for my sister!

  82. I would buy toys and diapers for my child!

  83. Lots of toys and treats for my spoiled golden retriever 🙂

  84. Gourmet food items and appliances

  85. I would buy everything I need for the next year. All the toys and house stuff and birthday presents…maybe a vacuum, books…AHHH, how cool would this be to win????

  86. I love Amazon so I would be able to find so many great things. I would buy some things for myself and some things for gifts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. I would buy a dinning room set so I can finally have my family over for dinner!

  88. I would order an elliptical machine!!! I have been holding off on purchasing one.

  89. I love Amazon and buy a ton of stuff from there. It would be really hard to decide how to spend $1,000 but I would probably go with a new Kindle Fire!

  90. Since moving to NYC, Amazon is my Walmart! I buy every necessity and toy there!

  91. Good Morning – Thank you for the opportunity for this awesome giveaway. What I would do with this $1000 is put it towards camera gear, new cookware set, legos for my son and of course would have to find something for my husband as well ;o)

  92. I’d finally pare down my wish list and fill up the Kindle I got for Christmas 🙂

  93. I would get a kindle paperwhite to read books out on the beach or by the pool!

  94. I would get a new sewing machine, and probably a gift for each of my children.

  95. I’d buy books, Cricut supplies, a Silhouette, and some stuff for my mother, and husband.

  96. rachel jantzi says:

    furniture for the backyard!!

  97. Omg, I don’t know what I would buy…books, movies…it would be awesome to win $1000 to spend on Amazon!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. My husband and I love to camp–I would buy tons of camping gear!

  99. Laser Printer!!!!

  100. An electric pressure cooker and everything on my Amazon wish list

  101. I’d update my classroom with more books and supplies for my students to use!

  102. Books, books, books, books, and books. Then some movies. And then MORE BOOKS!! 🙂

  103. Amazon Prime, FINALLY!

  104. a new camera lens

  105. I would use $1,000 to buy furniture for the condo we just bought!

  106. Amazon is my Target! I would buy makeup, toys, movies, shoes, groceries. The list could go on and on!

  107. Grandchildren gifts!

  108. Books, books, books! 🙂

  109. Dorm decor and necessities for my son going off to college!

  110. Vitamix!

  111. Everything!

  112. I don’t know…probably something for each of my family members. Such a great give-away!

  113. Books for my PhD!

  114. A swing for my porch, something for my girls, and whatever else I may think I need!

  115. I’d buy a new laptop now that it sounds like Windows 8 is getting sorted out. Could also use a new cellphone.

  116. Since we were financially unable to celebrate Christmas this past year with gifts, I would be able to host a spring Christmas celebration for my wonderful family!

  117. I am a soon to be mom (1 more month to go!) and with the new baby on the way, I can think of a million things which this could come in handy for, the least of which is diapers and fun toys!

  118. New luggage!!

  119. Wow! thanks for the opportunity. Sounds like a great deal of fun!

  120. I would get a new Kindle Fire 🙂

  121. Home goods for my new home!

  122. New bedding, towels, decorations for our new house!

  123. I would surprise my honey with the Nest system he’s been pestering me for.

  124. The possibilities are endless!! So much I’d love to get!

  125. My first response would be – all the books on my infinite I-want list. I also have a few small kitchen appliances to replace. What fun it would be to figure it out!!!

  126. anything and everything!!!!!!!

  127. I love Amazon… I would get a new camera!!!

  128. A second car seat, definitely. A tablet for my daughter. A new battery for my husbands remote controlled car. Blankets for our next little one – I love hand-me-down’s, but I strongly believe that each kid should have their own blankets 🙂 Books for my Aunt (she lets me use her kindle account so that I don’t have to buy books – I would love to repay her kindness). Some movies for family night. And maybe a pair of earrings for myself. What an awesome giveaway!

  129. I dont even know.. That would take some thinking. There are a lot of food products I want to try actually haha

  130. Robert Russell says:

    It would go towards renovating my apartment.

  131. I would buy something for the home, perhaps new window treatments which are needed badly!

  132. I would buy books and cookbooks!

  133. I would start chipping away at my massive wishlist which includes craft items, kitchen updates, movies, books, you get the picture!

  134. I’d buy shoes.

  135. I’d get all my Christmas shopping done, and buy household items. If I have enough left over I’d buy my dad an outdoor grill and a tablet for my daughter…maybe a stove, could I buy a stove fomr amazon? There’s so much I could do with those $1,000!!

  136. Can you buy a washer/dryer on Amazon? I have to use my mom’s right now. Failing that … birthday presents for my kids.

  137. I would buy All The Things!!

  138. A new mirror for over my mantle and lots of random kitchen supplies

  139. Ohhhhh man! I have a whole Amazon shopping cart full of stuff I’m ready to hit place order on!!

  140. A kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment for my mixer. Among other things.

  141. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

    Maybe a new iPad, Kate Spade wallet, I could think of a million more things!

  142. Yep, I too, am an Amazon addict. I love that site! And I buy a little bit of everything; my last purchase being a celtic ring in 10k gold. Awesome!!! 🙂

  143. Redecorate my entire house!

  144. A bunch of new kitchen gadgets for my new apartment!

  145. I would organize the house.

  146. I’d buy everything on my Amazon wish list!

  147. I’d spend the certificate on appliances for my kitchen remodel. It would not cover everything but it would help.

  148. Shopping Spree, here I come.

  149. I don’t know what I would buy but it would be so much fun shopping!

  150. I’d buy a lot of what was in my wishlist for the past 7 years, an awesome anniversary gift for my parents! 🙂

  151. Books! And some new kitchen gadgets 🙂

  152. SOOOO many Kindle Books!!

  153. I love Amazon! I would finish decorating my house!

  154. I would go on a book buying spree as I am obsessed with my Kindle!!

  155. I would help buy a computer for my son!

  156. But the add doesnt say… do I enter everyday or enter once to chance to win $1000. ???

  157. books and cake decorating supplies!!

  158. I would take my family on vacation.

  159. College text books!

  160. I really want some Tieks!

  161. Love Amazon! And I’d open my kitchen cabinets and start replacing things. Then I’d get baby clothes, books and toys for my new granddaughter!

  162. I would let my daughters spend $100 each on anything they wanted. The rest I would put towards Christmas for all my nieces (8) and nephews (8)! I think they would get some great surprises!

  163. Boy do I need this! Whoo-hoo. Can’t begin to imagine all the things it would make possible! Thank-you.

  164. BOOKS!! And a Panini … and cast iron cookware … and more books … 🙂

  165. What WOULDN’T I do? Dutch oven, stick blender, and so many books…

  166. Jennifer Kinnebrew says:

    I would buy some new home decor to freshen up my family’s home!

  167. Laurie Riddle says:

    I would use the giftcard to buy for those in need.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  168. I would buy a new couch! Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. I would use it towards a new camera or new lens.

  170. I would buy a Kindle.

  171. I would start with an iPad and then get some of those projects done at the house that we have been putting off.

  172. Love amazon shopping… First thing I’d get is probably a nutrimill wheat grinder

  173. I would buy a camera and a mixer. And books for the kids and myself.

  174. Fancy camera stuff for my husband

  175. I would buy a car seat for my daughter, clothes, and fun toys for the family!

  176. A couch and a new TV.

  177. What won’t I buy. Books, perhaps a new camera, something cool for my son, a new tool or two for the hubby and maybe a few new charms for my Pandora bracelet (like one that says “lucky”). Ahhh, to dream!!!

  178. Maternity clothes and I would let my husband buy something too!

  179. I would buy clothes racks as I’m in desperate need, a new television, a bread maker, and all the books I’ve had on my list forever!

  180. I would buy a new camera!

  181. I would buy a ton of good-brand baby stuff! I’m expecting our first in October and would love having a little extra money to splurge with!

  182. I would buy some luggage for my sons mission!

  183. An iPad for my husband!

  184. I would have each member (me, hubby, 3 kids) choose something special then the balance would be used for Christmas since I do 90% of our christmas shopping on Amazon already!

  185. I would use it to furnish our soon to be new apartment or house!

  186. I would buy travel guide books and maps for our honeymoon in a few weeks to Europe!

  187. A new TV!!

  188. Wow! I just joined Amazon Prime a few weeks ago, and I’ve already seen how convenient it is. I would buy books for myself, books for my kids, birthday gifts for my kids’ friends, and gluten free food! Amazon has lots of GF food options that are hard to find in stores.

  189. If I won, I think I would stock up on a ridiculous amount of spices, groceries, and other reasonables, then I would buy a weight bench for my boyfriend to use. If that didn’t cover it, I might buy a sound system for our newish TV, then sit on the rest for a little while. I always find things to buy on Amazon, be it books, clothes, or other things.

  190. I’d pay for some things for my wedding! And presents for friends and parents 🙂

  191. A KitchenAide Mixer!

  192. I would use a big chunk of it to spend towards Kindle books and the remainder would be used for this year’s Christmas shopping! Can never go wrong with online shopping for Christmas!

  193. I’m going to be stingy on this one. I would buy clothes for myself. I am constantly buying clothes for my daughter who is a growing toddler and I haven’t had a chance to buy myself something in a looooong time. They say you should pamper yourself, so that is what I would do if I won, pamper myself with clothes just for me! 😉

  194. Wow…lots of books!!!!!! and probably some new kitchen dishes/gadgets….I can sure think of lots=)

  195. I would redecorate my bedroom with the $1000!!!

  196. I would use the $1000 to finish our basement. We need drywall, carpet and I would love to have the Amish make me some lovely cabinets for some built-ins!

  197. Sooo many cookbooks! I have an entire wishlist of cookbooks, just waiting to be purchased at Amazon.

  198. First, things for my dogs!, Then, a dehydrator, need to stop borrowing my friend’s. Then, something else for us! Maybe a new vac, ‘no’ says Joe, let’s get a new flat screen!

  199. books, kitchen gadgets, pet supplies and who knows what else!!

  200. A new shed for the backyard!!!

  201. Anything self help related, workout clothes, exercise videos, diet programs, etc.

  202. I would finally get a Kindle! And maybe treat myself to something else pretty!

  203. Ipad and probably some new outdoor furniture.

  204. That would be awesome! I would buy some lamps that I have been eyeing… I would also buy some Legos for my son and daughter!

  205. I am loving finding your site. But I think I happily gained 10 pounds just looking! 🙂

  206. I would buy new decor for my home’s living room! Right now, it only has a sofa and a piano in it. We could use some coffee tables, etc.! Great giveaway — I love Amazon!

  207. Shoes…cookbooks and donut pans.

  208. It would definitely go towards a new sofa!!

  209. Gifts!

  210. An iPad and all sorts of random items!

  211. I would buy books and give it to my college age son so he could get what he wants.

  212. Books!!

  213. new summer outfits!

  214. Shoes, a new lap top, a train table for my son…gosh so many possibilities!

  215. I would buy a little something for my husband, my kids, and a little something for the house and something for myself maybe a new food processor or a kitchen aid mixer. 🙂

  216. I would buy every piece of workout equipment I could find!

  217. I would buy my very first DSLR camera, muck boots, and a new computer for my sister because her’s broke and she can’t afford another one!

  218. Michele Mullen says:

    Everything garden!!

  219. First, I would definitely treat my self to a new purse or shoes. Then, I would put the rest towards my credit card! 🙂

  220. Terilyn Lurker says:

    A kindle fire – and then I’d have fun spending the rest!

  221. amanda corcoran says:

    books, books, and more books!!

  222. Roberta Breuer says:

    What WOULDN’T I buy with the gift card??!!! I’d buy books, kitchen gadgets and food items for sure!!

  223. I would buy an I pad for my husband

  224. I would buy baking pans and cookbooks for cakes, tortes and whatever else I wanted!!! I am finally to the age where I would like something other than a 9 x 13″ pan!

  225. All the birthday and Christmas presents I will need to buy this year!!

  226. New laptop computers for my kids for school.

  227. I don’t know what I’d buy for sure, but I doubt it would take long to decide! Thank you!

  228. Help with wedding items for my upcoming day this spring!

  229. TVs for the kids’ rooms.

  230. A new blender!!!

  231. A camera, TV, cookware set and so much more!

  232. I am an addict as well. Love online shopping and 2 day shipping!

  233. I would have to indulge in some new books for my Kindle, then I’d probably start Christmas shopping! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  234. Fill up my kindle with books.

  235. Since we are expecting a baby boy in June and I have bought nothing yet, I would stock up on baby boy items!

  236. I need Bedding desperately!

  237. Books, pens and art supplies!

  238. I have a ton of cookbooks in my Amazon cart currently, so I would purchase them!

  239. Shoes, lots of shoes.

  240. I would buy myself a stand mixer! I’ve been wanting one for years!

  241. Oh man, I would buy so many books!

  242. A new labelmaker!!

  243. I would buy things to improve the backyard and garage (organization materials, toys, picnic table, etc.). This would be awesome to win!

  244. Books!

  245. probably a new purse!

  246. Lynette Randall says:

    love it!

  247. Kathleen Miller says:

    I love Amazon – I have lots of things on my wish list, mostly books!

  248. What wouldn’t i buy??? Shoes, clothes for my family and oodles of books and cookbooks (and then a bookshelf to house them all.)

  249. We’re moving in a couple of weeks, so I’d buy all kinds of new storage gadgets and stuff for our new loft!

  250. I need a new tablet!!

  251. A new playset for our backyard!

  252. Clothes, shoes, toys!

  253. I would definitely buy cooking/baking stuff and cookbooks and probably some clothes for good measure 🙂

  254. Judy Anderson says:

    What wouldn’t I get? Amazon is my go to! I even have toilet paper shipped to my house by the case. I have a wish list that is 20 pages long!

  255. $1000 is a lot! My daughter’s Kindle recently broke so I would get a new one and my mom has said she would like a Kindle as well. Since I am buying for my mom and daughter, I would have to find something “manly” for my dad and brother as well. Then, maybe the Le Cresuet dutch oven, red, I have had my eye on along with a few books that have been on my list!!

  256. I would buy a KitchenAid mixer — finally!

  257. Books and kitchen stuff and so much fun!

  258. book . . . also more book . . . also kitchen gear

  259. I think I would buy everything, because $1,000 on amazon seems limitless!

  260. I’d buy a new computer. We’ve been without one for 2 years now!

  261. Ohh my goodness – camera accessories, camping gear – decisions decisions!!

  262. I would stock up on gifts for the family. Lost my job in November and it’s looking gloomy for the future. My boys are 6 and 3 so pretty easy to stock up in Christmas and birthday presents.

  263. What wouldn’t I buy?!?! I would probably buy some toys for my baby girl and maybe something fun for mommy too!

  264. I would buy new kitchen appliances!!

  265. Maybe some camping equipment?? Wouldn’t it be nice!

  266. I think I would buy lots and LOTS of books!!

  267. Stefanie Cunnington says:

    Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway!

  268. Something big and fancy to help me organize my closet, and wreath making supplies.

  269. Hmm…Running clothes, a bread maker, maybe a kitchen aid mixer. A little of everything!

  270. O0o00o Lovely!!!

  271. Peggy Johnson says:

    I would do my Christmas shopping!

  272. Jessica Wilkinson says:

    I would stock up on all the baby supplies i need for my baby coming in June!

  273. Tory burch shoes and a matching purse! And maybe a kindle too 🙂

  274. Sahara Hinkey says:

    I’d buy new pots and pans, books, and use the rest for all the everyday shopping and gifts I need to buy. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  275. A blendtec

  276. Mother’s day gift!

  277. Cookbooks, books and toys for my children and something for my husband!

  278. A boatload of k-cups for me, toys and clothes for the kids, and probably a new bedding set. Other than that, I don’t know!

  279. There are so many things I would love to get, but I would for sure get lots of books!

  280. I would buy a new macbook!

  281. Amanda hillyard says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Would do love to win! I’d be buying this girl some new things! Would love some clothes a new bag and new stuff for my hair and face.

  282. Ms Eva M Patton says:

    I would buy a new tablet, some shoes, and some summer clothes.

  283. i would buy a new mattress set, we really need one, thanks for the chance to win. great giveaway!

  284. My entire baby registry — I have nothing right now for our new little one coming soon! 🙂

  285. Would love an ipad…..and maybe a closet organizer!!

  286. I would buy stuff for our new house. It’s 70s fantastic & needs a lot of work. We just got married last week so I’d provably buy the things on my wedding registry that I didn’t get.

  287. A new kitchenaid!

  288. Books from the german site… we are a bilingual household!

  289. So many decisions!! Something fun for me perhaps…but most likely something for the house or the baby!

  290. Awesome!!! I think that I could get all of my Christmas gifts set up – oh the possibilities!

  291. Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I would buy some clothes for myself and my husband since are budget always goes to the kids and then, squirrel some away for Christmas. I’m so excited and hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  292. What a great give away! I can stock up on the kitchen things I need for oooking great meals and desserts!

  293. So many options. I might start with a pair of spring sandals.

  294. Kitchen items and supplies for my kids’ school! Thank you so much for having this giveaway!

  295. Since I always buy as many Christmas presents online as possible, that’s what I’d spend the $1000 on 🙂

  296. Books! Books! Books! And a wheat grinder.

  297. If I win the $1000 I’m buying a new camera from Amazon!

  298. Awesome giveaway!

  299. Oh man, soooo many books. And then clothes. I’m in desperate need of new clothes for work, but my hubby literally destroys his clothes so fast on his job (plumber), that he gets first priority of the clothing budget.

  300. New running equipment, and kids clothing!!

  301. A new computer, most likely!!

  302. I would finally be able to afford a KitchenAid stand mixer and the rest would be on a “ooh, I want that” basis. Thank you for the opportunity to win the gift card.

  303. Clothes, shoes and electronics

  304. A lap top!!!

  305. I would buy diapers and wipes and groceries and all of those little things that I seem to always need to run to the store for…..and then I would enjoy every second of the time that I would have been spending at the store with my family. Ahhh…..a girl can dream right?

  306. New fixtures and sink for my kitchen!!

  307. Love Amazon!

  308. I would buy a Cuisinart Hand Mixer to add to my lovely kitchen collection and the remainder for recipe books so that I could use it to the best capacity and expand my recipe portfolio on the blog.

    Great giveaway!

    xo Elizabeth

  309. I have my eye on a camera lens! LOVE Amazon!!

  310. Make up brushes!!

  311. Whitney Mills says:

    I’d buy the books for my final semesters in college!

  312. I heart Amazon.

  313. Dog treats, toys & food for my dogs and rescue dogs.

  314. Amazon is my favorite place ever! I’d use the gift card to buy my school books, odds and ends for my house annndddd a kindle!

  315. Riding boots for my therapeutic riding.

  316. Buying a new home. The possibilities are endless!

  317. A sewing machine, for sure! And books!

  318. Kitchen things! Gadgets I don’t have that I covet when watching Food Network…new knives, microplanes, flat whisks, french rolling pin…the sky’s the limit!

  319. Outdoor furniture for the new deck we’re building.

  320. A Vera Bradley Duffel bag and tote my daughter has been wanting & a much needed car jack for my spare tire. 🙂
    Thank you!!

  321. I would buy new clothes for the family and a Kindle for myself!

  322. We are DEFINITE Amazon junkies over here! We get packages from them almost weekly! We could do so much with $1,000!

  323. A brand spanking new camera for me, something Dr.Who for the boyfriend, new shoes for my niece and nephew and use the rest to start on Christmas shoppin!

  324. Oh! The possibilities! I would probably spend half on needs (clothes & shoes for the kids) and the other half on wants.

  325. My husband has been saving up his Amazon gift cards for a big ticket item so I would give it to him.

  326. I would update my wardrobe and some things in my apartment that need to be replaced! Maybe even a new TV!

  327. Oh, my goodness. . . I would probably end up buying a lot of books!!!!

  328. A good camera to take pics of all life’s greatest moments!!

  329. A GOOD violin for my daughter! =)

  330. Computer parts to build a pc for my sister who’s going off to university next year.

  331. Kitchen items and books!

  332. Lauren Cipriano says:

    I would buy myself a few pairs of shoes, and use the rest towards all the textbooks that I need for college 🙂

  333. So. Many. Cookbooks! :0)

  334. Kristen Patton says:

    I could get my kids school clothes, and birthday presents.

  335. Wow! This giveaway would be great to win! I think I would buy a replacement laptop, then maybe a Kindle, then some kitchen gadgets that have been on my wish list for ages!

  336. I’m not sure what I would get yet but it sure could buy a lot of diapers for my baby.

  337. I’m getting married in the next couple months. I would buy things for my new apartment!

  338. I’d buy the kids some clothes and I would love a silhouette for scrapbooking!

  339. All of the books!

  340. I’d get a new GOOD blender and a designer handbag.

  341. Rug shopping for the house would be my first idea!

  342. Great giveaway not sure but I will find something to buy

  343. Probably more kitchen equipment than I have space for and shoes, lots of shoes!

  344. Good quality cookware, every book on my wishlist, and maybe an electronics doodad that Hubby has been wanting…

  345. I have so much stuff (mostly BOOKS) on my Amazon wish list! I’d have bedtime reading material for months!! 🙂

  346. A fancy blender and diapers for my sweet baby!!

  347. Diapers, diapers, diapers!

  348. A new computer!

  349. Wow! What a great giveaway opportunity. If I had a $1000 Amazon card, I would finally buy a new bed for our bedroom or just a new mattress would do.. No more lumps and bumps.

  350. Oh man… that’s a tough one. I buy most everything from Amazon! My mail carrier laughs every time she sees a package marked AMAZON PRIME!!!! We’re getting ready to move for hopefully the final time (hubby is retiring from Navy after 30 yrs), so I’ll use it for things we will need for the new house. 🙂

  351. Some kitchen items and electronics.

  352. Oh my goodness, so much shopping to do! I’d get “a few” books that have been on my wishlist forEVER, a DSL camera, and a new pair of workout shoes. This is why I love Amazon–one stop shopping. 🙂

  353. I would buy a Kitchen Aid mixer and some homeschooling materials.

  354. We just bought a new house, and it is mostly empty!

  355. Kevin Johnson says:

    Christmas gifts galore!

  356. I think the money would go toward either a new couch, or a new camera!

  357. We’re in the process of building a new house so I would buy new kitchen goodies!!

  358. Clothes for kids & home improvement stuff for me!

  359. A new wardrobe! I’ve just lost 44 pounds and nothing I currently own fits!!!

  360. UPS guy knows me by name. 🙂 I love Amazon! I would buy art supplies and stuff for my kids. Woo hoo!

  361. Books!!!

  362. New cookware, utensils and bakeware and probably a Vitamix!

  363. I have had a wish list for a while now at Amazon. I would apply the money towards the items on that list.

  364. I would get a nice blender (like a blendtec or vitamix) and the rest would go towards the deck I want to put in this summer!

  365. I would start with a video baby monitor for the baby in my belly. I would also buy a Kindle paperwhite and go crazy buying books!

  366. Something off the long wish list!

  367. i would buy school supplies for my daughter, kitchen gadgets for me, a tablet for my husband. i would save the left over money for occasions like parties supplies and/or clothes for my little one when needed.

  368. ALL THE THINGS!!!! Especially tiny baby things. And every kitchen gadget known to man. 🙂

  369. I would get kitchen gadgets!!!!!

  370. Probably all the books I’ve ever wanted from the Internet. Oh, and maybe some plants and seeds 🙂

  371. I would pay bills with $1000!

  372. fun stuff for me and the kiddos!!! and probably some diapers too 😉

  373. Oh the things I could buy!!!

  374. I would buy gifts for my family!

  375. I would get myself a kitchenaid mixer! and stock up on running gear 🙂

  376. I’m an Amazon addict. I don’t like to shop, and it’s so much easier to order everything in one place and get what I want.

  377. Tanya Baranoski says:

    An iPod and toys for my babies.

  378. I would buy a new mattress! Or a kindle! Or a pile of shoes!

  379. Clothes, backpack and equipment for my trip to Iceland coming up

  380. I would get lots and lots of books to read at the beach this summer!

  381. I would buy a kindle!

  382. I love Amazon for books, they always have the best selection and the best prices!

  383. I’m having a baby girl in August–I need baby supplies!! 🙂 Thank you!

  384. I have so much on my ‘wish list’ there already. First, a ton of new books for my kindle, and then maybe a high end rocker/glider I have been coveting for my son’s room.

  385. I would buy a new camera – Samsung NX 300 to be exact. 🙂

  386. a new computer!! 🙂

  387. 1000, wow! Um, I would buy Christmas gifts, a lodge cast iron pot, and whatever books I wanted to read that the library doesn’t have!

  388. I’ve a wish list a mile long for Amazon. This would go a long way to helping with that! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  389. Oh what fun! $1000 for Amazon, I LOVE amazon!!

  390. I would buy a new laptop. Mine is on its last legs. If I had any leftover, I would buy something nice for my mom.

  391. I would buy outdoor furniture for our new house.

  392. Books…

  393. I’d get some new cookware for my mom and I!

  394. Woah, I could do lotsa damage for $1000k. Let’s see, lighting fixtures, rugs, occasional tables, etc…

  395. I would buy an ipad for my kids so I could keep mine for me. I would also buy some books and some outdoor toys for when the weather finally warms up:)

  396. If I had a $1000 Amazon gift card, I would finally get all of those items that are my highest priorities on all of my wishlists (books, work-related things, certain kitchen items/equipment, workout gear, etc)

  397. Christmas presents!

  398. Probably give it to a military family I know.

  399. A KitchenAid standmixer and Kindle books!

  400. I’d get some presents and hide them away for my kids for Christmas and birthdays and then spring for a new purse for myself.

  401. A kitchenAid, a slow cooker and books!

  402. so many things to buy to get ready for baby #1

  403. Cheryl Sanders says:

    I would buy gift cards for my pregnant daughter and with what’s left, I would buy book shelves to line my dining room walls with. So many books, so little space 🙂

    Thank you!

  404. I would buy a few board games for family nights and kettle balls 🙂 thank you!!

  405. I would definitely buy a new camera!

  406. a smoker so i can smoke meat all summer long!

  407. There’s a sewing machinei’ve had in my wish list for some time now.

  408. The responsible thing to do would be to buy the rest of my law books, but I would love a KitchenAid mixer!

  409. I just saw an adorable modest swimsuit that would be perfect for my vacation! Maxi Dresses, Sandals, Clothes for the fam, snapware, chai.. what wouldn’t I buy really 🙂

  410. Probably lots of odds and ends and fun things I’ve been eyeing forever, but not buying 🙂

  411. Lots of odds and ends I have loaded in my shopping cart for “someday” 🙂 Mostly for my kiddos probably!

  412. I’d buy a Bose 6 cd changer!!

  413. I really want to redo my powder room, so I’d love a good monetary excuse to jump on some floating shelves, towels, and decorations 🙂

  414. It would buy some textbooks for grad school! For maybe a semester… 🙂

  415. I would buy everything on my wish list for my family and myself. I might also try ordering some grocery items!

  416. I really want to win so I can get some new shoes. Mine are tired!

  417. Ice Cream maker!

  418. Probably a combination of tri-gear and something I need for my kitchen….and immersion blender, I think.

  419. I would totally buy some exercise equipment or some artwork for my bare walls!

  420. Children’s books, gardening & canning supplies

  421. First thing I’d buy with my $1000 Amazon gift card is buy the first cookbook that The Girl Who Ate Everything would publish. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  422. I would get a sous-vide machine!!! And a good book on just how to use it!

  423. Probably birthday and Christmas gifts for my kids, family, etc. 🙂

  424. Diapers for my twins!

  425. I would buy some cake supplies!! Maybe I’ll share with my kids and hubby…maybe!

  426. Books!!

  427. baby gear for my soon-to-be-born nephews!

  428. A new camera!

  429. definitely tieks!!!

  430. I would buy garden supplies to grow our food and then suits for my husband for work and clothes for my daughter!

  431. I would get lots of baking supplies from Equal Exchange and such, restock our candy from YumEarth, school clothes, dog chews, and possibly a new computer (this one the screen is barely hanging on).

  432. I would buy ALL THE THINGS!!! 😉

  433. Books and kitchen appliances.

  434. Probably a new camera!

  435. I would buy books! I love to read! Amazon is definitely addictive.

  436. I would love the gift card!!!

  437. Books galore, clothes too!

  438. Oh my! I would definitely ship some goods to my brother and his troop oversees!! Wow!

  439. lots of kitchen gadgets

  440. A Kitchenaid and an Xbox

  441. Books! Kitchen things on my wishlist! Everything!

  442. I think I would buy some patio furniture to go with our fire pit. Thanks for the chance!

  443. There are so many things that I love from Amazon…books, clothes, shoes, etc… With $1000, I could get some of each:)

  444. stuff for my new apt!

  445. I have a wish list on Amazon, it includes books, a few key items from Williams Sonoma and some workout gear. How fun would it be to be able to order an entire wish list?
    Karen B.

  446. I would purchase some electronics for my kids and myself. Thank you for the opportunity!

  447. A camera! What’s a girl with a broken SLR:(

  448. Toys for the kiddo and for hubby!

  449. I have a list of books on my list and some goodies from the grocery department.

  450. A new TV!

  451. books, lots of books! And maybe a new camera.

  452. I would probably start Christmas shopping early! That would be a first!!

  453. So many choices! Probably a new handbag and some clothes.

  454. Alison Rogers says:

    Hello my name is Alison and I am an Amazonaholic.

  455. Stuff for our house and kids!!

  456. Put it towards outfitting our new nursery!

  457. My son’s first year of school clothes and my husbands expensive nursing school books.

  458. Oh my gosh! I have been going Amazon crazy lately trying to re do my apartment. This would be a dream come true!

  459. A new laptop/tablet

  460. OMG! I would buy all my kitchen items!!!! I got married last July. My husband and I went straight to Brazil to spend a whole year (we both work from home). We are going back this July and just bought a townhome in December while we were back for the holidays. I already added gazillions things in my Amazon wish list for our new home, 90% of them being kitchen stuff. That would be just perfect.

  461. A tablet and Christmas presents!

  462. Oh the things I could do with that gift card!

  463. Books, movies, woven wrap, EVERYTHING!

  464. Charles Hanson says:

    Cake decorating and baking supplies. Wouldn’t that be fun!)))

  465. lauren bannan says:

    house supplies!

  466. Some knives and clothes and shoes!!

  467. Oh gosh, I love Amazon! I think I’d buy some toys for the grandkids!!!

  468. Oh the things I could do with this card 🙂 I just moved into a new flat, so it would be lots and lots of things for that!! A nespresso machine, a colourful blender and so much more 🙂

  469. I am always ordering from Amazon everything from books to appliances. Love it!

  470. So many different possibilities!

  471. I would buy shoes and clothes! I lost weight recently, and would love a few new items of clothing 🙂

  472. We just bought a granola business, and we’re about to move into a new place! I would definitely buy some new cooking equipment with this! Ahh—how awesome!! 🙂

  473. what could i not buy with $1k? i’d go for a camera lens.

  474. I’d get ready for baby #2!!

  475. Books! 🙂

  476. Hmmm where to begin? Ipad, new things for the kitchen perhaps?

  477. I would get some things for my new house.

  478. An iPad and a DSLR camera!

  479. I would get my kids some bikes. They have outgrown theirs and bikes are expensive.

  480. Bikes for the kids and the hubby.

  481. Supplies for my first classroom next year, or cooking supplies for my first apartment!

  482. Melody Twichel says:

    This would be more than awesome!! We are getting our house ready to sell in the next year and this would help with SO many things!!

  483. I would buy my mom a lot of books for her Kindle for Mother’s day. She loves nothing more than to read a good book.

  484. I could use a new TV!

  485. Probably an ipad!!

  486. I would buy everything currently on my amazon wish list starting with a keurig!

  487. My KitchenAid just broke so I’d start with replacing it. Then… I don’t know but I’d certainly have fun shopping.

  488. Cooking supplies, quilting supplies, and books, books, books!!

  489. With an extra $1,000 I would probably buy books…. and lots of baby stuff! Our first baby is coming in August!

  490. I would buy a nice laptop for my husband and some toys for by two boys who seem to like everything right now.

  491. Nice Mother’s Day gifts for my mother and mother-in-law!

  492. so many things come to mind! lots of books, and kitchen gadgets and bike accessories!

  493. I would probably buy something for our new (to us) house. We moved in November, and are still making a few changes!

  494. Ashley Millender says:

    I would love to buy new bedroom furniture for my daughter! She’s starting to outgrow her crib!!

  495. Talai Macfarlane says:

    Some sort of tablet and some new bedding!!

  496. A new ipad of the hubby and some cookware for me!

  497. Shoes! 🙂

  498. I would buy my mom a really nice birthday present.

  499. I have no idea, but I’d have fun figuring it out!

  500. Gosh, what wouldn’t I buy on Amazon!?! Some tech gear, a pair or two of shoes, maybe a handbag…

  501. A new bread maker, food processor, and lots of books!

  502. Manette Gutterman says:

    I would first get a dress form for this sewing mama and anything else would be extra blessings!

  503. A new couch!

  504. I would get an ipod touch, books, and music. My parents would get things too because we don’t have much but they always give me the best the can so I want to give some back to them for all that they do. It would be a HUGE blessing if I won.

  505. I would buy kitchen supplies of course!

  506. Shellie Martin says:

    Cookbooks, kitchenware, ahhh a new Kitchen Aide Pro Mixer! The possibilities are endless!

  507. I would buy a digital SLR camera and some art supplies

  508. A dehydrator for food preservation, a berkey water filter, and the rest would go towards things my kids need!

  509. I would use it to “update” my ‘technology’. I still have a cell phone without a camera (Let alone being ‘smart’)

  510. I would buy fun stuff for my kiddos, probably loads of books, a Kindle Fire, and anything else my heart desires! It would be a dream come true! 🙂

  511. I would buy a new couch for my front room! Maybe a new bed spread and curtains!

  512. A vacuum because we really need one.

  513. April was in CT now CA says:

    Definitely a couch!!!

  514. Probably something I would never buy myself or family because it’s Free!!!

  515. I would stock up cook books, kitchen supplies, and some nice headphones so I can study in peace!

  516. I desperately need new luggage! That would be my first purchase, for sure!


  518. I don’t know what I would get… It would definitely be something awesome though! I would just be excited to win something.

  519. What wouldn’t I buy with $1000?! Mostly awesome toys for my kids!

  520. Corisa Jubinsky says:

    My first purchase would be a Michael Kors purse 😉

  521. New router and a book my hubby is wanting.

  522. Awesome giveaway!!!

  523. A new computer!

  524. More appliances and cookbooks. So much to choose from.

  525. I have no idea! At least some new running shoes.

  526. I’d buy an HD TV, and a SmartPhone.

  527. IPad or food processor

  528. A fancy new camera and lots of Kindle books!

  529. Buy toys for my kids!

  530. all the books on my to-read list!

  531. I want to replace and add to my kitchen. I have celiac so most of my kitchen stuff has to go bye-bye.

  532. I’d use it to outfit my new house!!

  533. A new refrigerator.

  534. what a fabulous giveaway! i am expecting my first at the end of the month and this would help so so so much! crossing my fingers!

  535. What wouldn’t I buy?! 🙂 Tieks, a purse, some stuff for my college daughters, and an iPad since I’m the only one who doesn’t have one. 🙂

  536. A Kindle Fire TV, Kindle Fire HD, books, movies and yarn

  537. I don’t know where I would start! Probably a Kindle or a camera.

  538. I’d buy a go pro camera and a trampoline

  539. I’d buy a camera to take pictures of my kids and an ipad mini

  540. would love to gift something special to my princes..

  541. Susanah baker says:

    I would buy a nursery set for our little girl on the way 🙂

  542. Love amazon and your site

  543. I would buy a new mattress!

  544. Oh the possibilities!!! I would love to have my kids look and pick one thing each….then I would go to town!!!

  545. I would buy things for my new house!

  546. If I won $1000 I would purchase a new couch. The one I have is done!

  547. Wow! A new printer photo printer would be awesome. Ooh and some kitchen things and LEGOs.

  548. If I won, I would definitely buy something for my Mom for Mothers Day and I would start my Christmas shopping nice and early!

  549. books. lots and lots of books!

  550. I’d could spend a lot of it on books!

  551. A Blendtec.

  552. The possibilites are endless.

  553. I would buy things that I need for my new house!

  554. Ahhh…..endless possibilities! Books, camera lens, clothes….

  555. I would buy all of the Kitchen gadgets that I seriously need! Examples: Juicer, Dehydrator, Food Processor, Blendtec, etc! I would also through in a few things for the kids and hubby of course! 🙂

  556. I would use the gift card on purchases for my first, soon-to-be, grandson! Can’t wait to meet him! 🙂

  557. I would buy pots and pans!

  558. I am obsessed with Amazon! Also, my bank account hates me because of Amazon… I’m always buying kitchen gadgets and photography equipment. And books for my Spanish classroom. And equipment for my PE program.

  559. Marlin Martin says:

    supplies to make cook more of your recipes!!!

  560. There are so many things I would want to buy. Would be fun spending the money!

  561. PB2 !!! fitness gear, the list is endless….

  562. I would get an iPad and books!

  563. A trampoline and other outside toys!

  564. I would love summer decorating items for my house, especially my bedroom:)

  565. Wedding Stuff!

  566. I would love an iPad!!

  567. Probably baby stuff…they need all of the things!

  568. Addict is an understatement. I purchase everything from furniture to food and clothes for my boys.

    Great giveaway!

  569. New goodies for my camera (and my boy!)

  570. Definitely stuff needed for my 4 mo daughter!

  571. So many choices, maybe a new TV or a ipad and books sooo many books

  572. Some awesome new clothes for me, and outdoor play toys.

  573. I want! 1000!!!! I would buy dvds, clothes, shoes, a watch *daydreaming*….

  574. everything under my wish list :)!

  575. Amanda Effinger says:

    a kitchen aid mixer for myself & then Christmas for the kids!

  576. I want to buy workout stuff if I win! thanks for this awesome give away! 😀

  577. I would get some books,Brita filters and some stuff for my parents.

  578. A new lens for my camera!!

  579. I would buy cloth diapers and a couch and some really cute throw pillows that are soft!

  580. Cloth diapers and a couch with some really fun throw pillows that are soft

  581. Gifts for so many of my family and friends.

  582. I want one

  583. I would definitely buy an iPad!! And books! And decor for my house!

  584. Oh my goodness I would buy so many things! I love books so there would be some of that, then maybe some gifts for my hubby and kids and then a few little treats for myself. Thank you!

  585. Ipad and books!

  586. I’d get everything that’s on my Amazon wish list. And that’s everything from an electric lawn mower to specialized canning jars!!

  587. Kristi Goldsberry says:

    Vitamix…and other fun toys!

  588. Need a new camera and mixer !

  589. Whatever I wanted!! Your suggestions look good for a start………xo

  590. I might just explode! I don’t even know what I would but! LOL

  591. I could make that go so far; things that we need. It would be so helpful!

  592. Everyone in my family has their own wish list. I would choose one thing off their lists to send them a surprise!!

  593. I love Amazon! What a super fun giveaway. Thank you! 🙂 I would get a ipad or a kindle fire and new shoes for the kiddos.

  594. I would buy a Kitchen Aid mixer and a new pair of running shoes. I would spend the rest on my family!

  595. I would spend the gift card on stuff for my kids! Books, bubbles, AND some books for mommy!

  596. I always think, maybe I’ll buy something for myself but it will probably end up being some amazing toys for my kids, Step 2, Little Tikes something of that nature.


  598. Id’ give it to my mom for Mother’s Day! We both LOVE Amazon!

  599. I’d buy a new flatscreen TV

  600. Endless gifts for my fur-kids and nephews and niece on the way!

  601. Probably a whole lot of fun stuff for my baby girls!! And maybe a splurge for Mommy too 🙂

  602. Split it with my daughters and have some fun!

  603. toys and books!

  604. Awesome giveaway!! I would get a Vitamix for sure otherwise a new spring/summer wardrobe or something’s for my house!

  605. OH MY! There are so many needs around my house right now. We are in desperate need of a new computer. That would be the first thing on the list. Then we would have work on down the list.

  606. I could use a little bit of everything from Amazon. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a really shopping splurge.

  607. Summer accessories!

  608. Would love to get kitchen aid stand mixer!

  609. So many options. Little bit of this a little bit of that. Maybe some baby stuff.

  610. A new mixer and food processor! And lots of things for the house too!

  611. I would buy myself some Tori Burch Reva Ballet Flats and then divide the rest among my 3 kids so they each could pick something out as well…

  612. Things that I would otherwise just dream of having! Then books that I need for grad school..

  613. Oh a new macro lense for my camera!

  614. I’m sure books would use up a major portion!

  615. christmas shopping finished 7 months in advance…

  616. I would start my Christmas shopping early!

  617. So many things. But first an oboe for my son. He has to use the schools, and we could never afford an oboe. Pick me pick me

  618. With a thousand dollars on Amazon, I’d buy books and movies galore! I could share them with friends and family and encourage learning, literacy, cultural awareness, and I’d have so much fun doing it. I’d also get a new laptop for college, and I’d spend part of it on toys for the kids in my life.

  619. Well, I need a new washer and a new vacuum, ugh! What not-fun ways to spend money 🙂 Hope your friend has a wonderful 30th, and thanks for the chance to win!

  620. I would buy a penny board so I could get to my volunteer sessions more quickly! I mentor kids and just help around my school district. I’d also get some stuff for the kids and spread the love ^__^

  621. Lawn furniture for the summer!

  622. BlueBudsX headphones, a personal amplifier (I’m a teacher), and who knows what else! 🙂

  623. OMG i would go cray getting books! <3 !

  624. Outdoor furniture for my poor empty deck!

  625. My husband’s birthday is coming up. I would give it to him and let him spend it!

    pinkscissorsdesign@ gmail .com
    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy

  626. William Algie says:

    First would be a red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, then we’ll peruse Amazon for other kitchen goodies.

  627. I would buy clothes and a kitchenaid mixer.

  628. I would buy nail art supplies and camping equipment, and a tablet!

  629. Books…booooooks!!!!! And some books for my boys! 🙂

  630. Books….books……boooooooooks!!

  631. MAybe a new comforter for my bed or baking supplies.

  632. with $1,000 I would buy my mom a new purse

  633. Probably exactly what I spend my Amazon Prime dollars on. Lots and lots of books. #bookworm

  634. Birthday gift for mom, and birthday gift for myself! SHOES! and kitchen gadgets 🙂

  635. Dorm stuff for my daughter who’s going to college in the fall.

  636. New kitchen items and toys and cloths

  637. I would start with textbooks for grad school, but I’m sure I would find my way to the clothing pages 😉

  638. Sarah carlson says:

    I love amazon! I would buy lots of books.

  639. More baking supplies probably..

  640. books and baby stuff

  641. Some kitchen appliances and decorations for the house!

  642. I would love to get a new Ipad Air.

  643. I would probably like to get a laptop because we only have one computer in the house. Something for my daughter’s to do their school work on. yeah so they can stop accidentally deleting my work. ._. the rest would be for clothes for them too.

  644. Good luck everyone!!!

  645. I would probably buy bikes for our family.

  646. Plenty of books and clothes and gift giving!

  647. Everything that’s been sitting in my wish list forever! Fun stamps and toys for my kids and a book for my husband and some fun spring clothes for me!

  648. OXO containers! I need them badly. lol

  649. Rachel Andres says:

    I would get my husband a much needed new phone! And probably have enough left over to get myself one too.

  650. I would buy lots of books

  651. I would buy stamps and metal and everything needed to make stamped jewelry.

  652. A new Kindle Paperwhite! Books, movies, music, and fitness items!

  653. Books Books Books

  654. Lauren Mavroulis says:

    Oh to dream! I’d start with BOOKS. Probably move on to household things we’ve been needing and things for my little guy!!

  655. I would love to buy more kitchen gadgets and cookbooks. You can never have too many!

  656. A new camera!

  657. Cindy Teichert says:

    The possibilities are endless! I’d probably save it for Christmas shopping this year!!

  658. So. Many. Things!

  659. For sure some new work out gear

  660. I would buy a few things to change my house from dark and drab to bright and cheerful!!

  661. I would buy my kids Christmas presents! Then I would be all done!

  662. I would buy a new camera!

  663. Loyts of toys and books

  664. I would buy some toys for my dogs, beauty products for myself, and some household items

  665. Heather Spooner says:

    Id love to buy an ipad first. Then share the rest with my family. Thanks!

  666. A new camera & lens!

  667. Natalie Hedman says:

    Stuff for my kitchen! I always need that.

  668. I would buy and iPad, some new bakeware, books, and a new cat tree for my cats.

  669. Everything that I want and don’t buy normally!

  670. I’d buy things for college and buy some things for my parents too!

  671. I would buy a Kindle Fire for my husband so I don’t have to share mine! 🙂

  672. So many things – kitchen equipment that I’ve been wanting for a long time; books….

  673. Probably some clothes or a funky knick knack 🙂

  674. I’d buy a nice camera and lots of baby things!

  675. I have a daughter that is going off to college. This would be so incredibly appreciated as it would help pay for dorm room necessities and a new computer.

  676. I would buy a wide-format printer and lots of books. Thanks for the chance to win!

  677. A new refrigerator! Mine is 29 years old and just hanging on!

  678. Probably an ipad. We’re about the only family at school without one!

  679. I would buy everything on my wish list. Mainly books…..

  680. books, iPad and kitchenware!

  681. I’d use this gift card on baby stuff!! I’m 24 weeks with my first baby 🙂

  682. Something new to play with in the kitchen…or an iPad…maybe a TV…or something nice for my parents…can’t forget the nephews…so many possibilities!!

  683. Jennifer Ammerman says:

    Rock out my kitchen and buy a TON of books!

  684. Books, music, and velvety thick flannel sheets for everyone in my family. 🙂

  685. I would get a Vitamix

  686. An ipad

  687. I have a list of items I’ve been wanting to get from Amazon.com- from running shoes and electronics, to makeup, supplements, food and clothing! I’d love to get a new bag/purse as well!

  688. Janice in Alaska says:

    Books !! Lots and lots of books. Both ebooks and print 🙂

  689. I would probably use it for stationery and textbook purchases throughout the rest of my university degree – the cost of those mounts up, and I always order through Amazon! Though I might be tempted to treat myself to a new camera too… x


  690. I could buy SO many things with $1000 on Amazon! I already buy almost all my household goods from them. $1000 would go a long long way! (and I would probably blog prop shop quite a bit too. Let’s not kid here.)

  691. probably a new tv!

  692. With $1000 to Amazon, I’d get a bunch of books and upgrade all of my kitchen supplies! I love to cook, and some of my pots are definitely hand-me-downs from when I went to college… It would be really nice to replace them with really high quality pots and pans!

  693. I would buy all the books I have been wanting to read, fun accessories, home decor, and gifts for my hubby to be!

  694. I need some new shoes and handbag lots of other goodies

  695. A new laptop for my daughter for college. And some new cookware. Cooking for 4 teenagers, and their friends, has taken a toll on most of my bakeware and my skillets. Maybe a new slow cooker as well.

  696. Textbooks for my son!

  697. I would buy some things for my son’s kitchen, he is buying his first place soon.

  698. I have a lot of birthdays and weddings coming up!

  699. I would buy a new camera lens, or the new speedlight that I’ve been dying for….. and maybe in iPad or a new cellphone, since the new Samsung S5s just came out.

  700. I’d put it towards vacation!

  701. Endless possibilities but i would like to buy kitchen acc. , beauty products, handbags and fasjion goggles!!!

  702. Endless possibilities, really. But i would like to buy kitchen, beauty and summer stuffs for my family.

  703. Fun summer books and toys for the family.

  704. Adriana Acevedo says:

    I would buy one of those entryway storage hanging things with hooks!

  705. Oh, Amazon is rife with possibilities! I’d definitely buy something fun for the family but would also use it for some practical things we need.

  706. Lots of DVDs!

  707. Oh my gosh! I would replace the macbook my husband is using. It’s literally falling apart.

  708. New camera lens and BOOKS!

  709. Baseball gear for my son and new computer for me!!

  710. Hmmm I’m honestly not sure. But i could find something.

  711. I want to buy books, a bookcase, and a ipad! haha

  712. I would buy my mom an awesome mother’s day gift, treat myself to some clothes and buy my boyfriend something nice like a watch 🙂

  713. Stuff for my house

  714. Books, lots and lots of books.

  715. I would stock up on baby supplies and get a few things for our summer vacation.

  716. Ah. My sister gets married in two weeks, perfect timing for a generous wedding present 😀

  717. I would buy an iPad Air and textbooks!

  718. Happy Birthday Sweet Basil!

  719. Emily Voelker says:

    I would get baby stuff for my struggling sister!

  720. I’ll get new baking supplies for me and clothes for the baby.

  721. I would buy a really nice blender and put the rest towards building an outdoor gazebo!

  722. i would buy a vitamix and probably a new coffee or espresso machine!

  723. I don’t even know where I’d begin! I’d have a really hard time not just buying $1000 worth of books…

  724. books and kindle and ipad

  725. i have never bought anything from amazon so i think it would be a great experience for me to purchase things from other countries.
    i would buy phone for my mum and toys for my brother and a lullaby machine for my nephew and for me i would love to buy kindle and perfume.

  726. Our furniture and decor looks like it belongs to a drunk frat boy so I might start there. As in, everything came from a dumpster or thrift store! A few pillows and knick knacks around the place wouldn’t hurt anything!

  727. I would love, love, love $1000 to help with my new house

  728. I would get a camera tripod finally!

  729. I’d love this gift card! I want to get some things for my little man and then some decorations to make my house pretty 🙂 Lame, I know, but that would be awesome for me!

  730. Oh, wow, well I’d start with a Ninja Ultima Blender anyway.

  731. I’d get new lighting for our home!

  732. I would buy some makeup and then save for education!

  733. some things for my bathroom and sheets

  734. I’ve been eying a juicer, pasta maker, and always several books. I could easily come up with more, but I’m such a saver, I’d probably accumulate my list of wants slowly, LOL.

  735. katrina chavarria says:

    hmm…I’d buy my organic, raw, unprocessed honey, clothes for my kids for our upcoming vacation, dog toys and snacks, beauty and the beast and Aladdin dvds, flip flops for summer, new sheets, new pillows, and a new helmet for our 3 year old who is just learning how to ride a bike! Thanks for the opportunity!

  736. A leather arm chair! Need that piece in my living room.

  737. I could buy SO MANY THINGS with $1000! I really need to think about this…

  738. I’d buy my pups some toys, a boat load of quest bars and as much baking utensils as possible. Also I might treat myself to a nice pair of running shoes as well!

  739. Pots and pans

  740. My son and I love to read so I would spend about 1/4 of it on books, then give my husband and other 3 children some to spend. The rest would go to household goods like laundry detergent.

  741. Well, I’d get a couple hudson bay blankets, and some cat food, and probably a vacuum robot like a roomba

  742. Ya for Amazon!

  743. Running shoes!

  744. A nice lens for my SLR – and some fancy chocolate. And maybe something for my husband and girls . . . maybe.

  745. Baby stuff! Clothes! So many things!

  746. Sweet! A pair of those Tieks look like a pretty good start to me!

  747. I would buy $1000 worth of diapers, sad, huh?!?

  748. I could really use some new running shoes and some warm weather workout wear. Plus it would seriously pay for a lot of my books for school. Sometimes even used book prices are insane!

  749. Birthday presents!

  750. The possibilities are endless! Spending that money would be a blast- toys for my little ones, clothes for the teenagers, something wonderful for my husband and I would make sure to get something for me too (that never happens :))

  751. I LOVE Amazon!! I would probably buy a couple more kindles to have on hand so my kids will leave mine alone! Wait, maybe I will get a nice new one and give my kids the old one. lol

  752. I’d buy an ice cream maker and blow the rest on a new tablet!

  753. I’d buy lots and lots and lots of books!

  754. An iPad for my mother!

  755. Katie Sullivan says:

    I would buy items for my upcoming wedding. Anything to save money!

  756. I would buy some stuff to update/organize my house!

  757. I would buy tons of books and an iPad!

  758. Kristin Munger says:

    I couldn’t live without Amazon!!! 🙂

  759. Kristin Munger says:

    I’d finally be able to finish some of my book collections and probably find some fun useful things for my upcoming wedding!

  760. Tons of books for my son! Okay, and a few for me.

  761. LAURA DE CASTRO says:

    OMG!! I can buy a couple of purses and an ipad!!

  762. I would use this to buy items for the baby room- I’m due with my first child in October! 🙂

  763. Oh so much! Tons of books, cook ware, and a bunch of stuff for my 6 month twins (diapers, formula, wipes, toys etc the list can go on FOREVER!)

  764. I would buy lots of different things.

  765. Bridget Patterson says:

    I would buy food, household items like toilet paper, birthday presents and Christmas presents. Thanks for the opportunity.

  766. Love amazon! I think I’d probably splurge on myself for once!

  767. I’d love to buy a few shoes for me, clothes for my baby, and home improvment supplies for some beautification!

  768. I would buy new running shoes and workout clothes 🙂 Thank you!

  769. Oh the possibilities!! Cooking/baking accessory that the whole family gets to enjoy!!

  770. Books, nail polish, oh my goodness the possibilities are endless!

  771. Anything my little heart would desire!

  772. Fandoms. Lots of fandoms. Every book, every shirt, every guide. All of the books. All of the fandoms.

  773. LOVE AMAZON!! I can buy stuff for my hubby & kids!

  774. I love Amazon… would buy things for our new condo! We need it all!

  775. Everything for my kitchen and to make it healthier. Food processor, juicer new cookware.

  776. an Ipad for my mom and dad

  777. Books, books… PILES OF BOOKS. LOTS OF BOOKS.

  778. I need summer stuff!! Lawn chairs, yard toys, etc.

  779. Since I am a new mom again we are in need of diapers and wipes. I would use the gift card to stock up on them since she is growing like a weed and we seem to be stuck trying to pay bills with me working only part time because of the baby needing to go to the doctors for frequent check ups and running my 5 yr old around.

  780. I would buy Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium Tablet , shoes and clothes for my whole family!

  781. I would start working for youtube/twitch make money then do my own giveaways!

  782. I REALLY HOPE I WIN! I would finally be able to decorate my room! I always put things I wish I can get in my amazon cart, and never end up getting them, because I can’t afford them.

  783. New computer for my kid and my sisters wedding present and clothing and house hold items.