My Favorite Things – Mother’s Day Edition

Here’s the deal.  My calling in life is to not be a salesperson and I don’t like feeling obligated to talk about stuff. Because of this blog, I am asked a lot by people to talk about their products and promote them and I just don’t feel comfortable with that.  I like to keep this blog about food and recipes and I don’t want you to feel like I’m selling you something.

But I’ve also been introduced to a lot of REALLY cool products that I never would have come across otherwise and wanted you to know about them too!

So I decided to do a series called, “My Favorite Things” as an outlet to share with you all of the things that I currently think are the bomb. Some of them are just normal things that I use everyday and  happen to love right now and some are products that I have been lucky enough to discover recently.

bubblegum pink chevronHere are some of my favorite things right now that maybe the mom in your life might like too. Remember no one is paying me or told me to talk about these things. I’m sincerely excited about all of these things and wanted to share them with you!

myfavoritethingsScribble Linens – How cool are these? They’re linens that you can write on. Since I’m a Food Nazi, it’s a great way for me to tell people exactly how to eat the food I make (especially Café Rio – you have to assemble it in the right order people!). Or you can leave your kids or husband sweet messages next to their meal. Let your kids draw on them during dinner. The possibilities are endless. They come in all kinds of trendy fabrics. I love mine.

 Birchbox – This is such a unique gift idea. A Birchbox is a collection of samples of high-end skincare, makeup, and lifestyle products that are sent to you (or you can gift it to someone) every month. That way you get to try out all kinds of new products without breaking the bank. You can gift a 3-month subscription for $30, a 6-month subscription for $60, or a whole year if you’re that generous. I just sent this to my sister for her birthday.


FlyBelly– The hard thing about having four kids is never being able to find time to shop and maternity clothes are the hardest to shop for. I was trying to get away with not buying any since this is my last kid but I finally gave in to the comfort factor. FlyBelly is a site that finds all of the cute and affordable maternity clothes and puts them all in one place so you and your swollen feet don’t have to track them all down by foot. I have the items on the right but I think I need the coral chevron shirt too!


Bose Portable Sound Dock – My husband bought this for me a while ago and I seriously use it everyday. I love music. My happy place is in the kitchen with Pandora playing. It’s a little pricey but I’ve definitely got my money’s worth.


Payless Shoes – I’m loving all of these shoes right now from Payless. I’m a sucker for a peep-toe sling back wedge. I bought both white shoes today for summer!

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  1. Love this new feature, can’t wait to read more!

  2. What a great list of favorite things! And I hear ya on “pushing products”. I especially like those writable linens-Great idea!

  3. Love the shoes! I like this new feature! It’s always fun to get new ideas!

  4. Fun post.

  5. I like this new little series! I’ve been dying to try birchbox!