Get Your Grill On…and my Favorite Grilled Recipes

For most people grilling season starts after Memorial Day. To get your grilling rear in gear I’m kicking off a whole week of grilled recipes to help you get started.
Grilling has always been intimidating to me. We didn’t own a grill for a long time so every time I came across a recipe that required a grill, I would sigh in disappointment and move on to the next recipe.
Then we finally bought a grill but the whole set up scared me. I was afraid I would turn the lever the wrong way and blow up the whole block. I gave up and from then on anything involving the grill I automatically delegated to my husband.
But I got tired of always having to rely on him and didn’t want to have to wait to get dinner started until he was home from work. So I finally had him sit me down to teach me how to grill like a big girl. Turns out it wasn’t really that tricky at all. Now, I do most of the grilling at my house and can be found grilling at least 2-3 times a week even if it’s in the rain. It’s a healthy and easy way of preparing food.
Here are a couple of tips to Getting Your Grill On:
1. Learn your way around the grill: If you aren’t comfortable using your grill, have someone teach you how your grill works and how to adjust the heat.
2. Make sure your grill is clean. You don’t want your grilled chicken to taste like yesterday’s grilled salmon. Yuck. I always turn my grill up to high for a couple of minutes when I first start it to burn any junk that may be on the grate. Then I scrape it all off with a grill brush and turn the heat down to medium high for almost everything I grill.
3. Oil your grate. One of the only ways you can screw up grilling is if the food you are cooking sticks to the grill. Make sure it’s oiled properly. They sell cooking spray specifically for the grill or you can use regular cooking spray or even wipe on some olive oil.

4. Don’t have a grill? Almost every recipe can be adapted to be cooked using an alternative method if you don’t own a grill. Grill pans are very affordable and can be used inside year round on the stove top. You can use a pan or the oven for your favorite grilled recipes.

Here are some of my favorite grilled recipes to help you Get Your Grill On!

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  1. Great tips! Can’t wait to see what recipes for the grill you will be sharing this week!

  2. We grill several times a week as well! My hubby is the “grill master” in our house. He does a great job…and I dont have to turn on the oven and heat up the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m the same way at our house. I got tired of waiting around for my hubby to get the grill going, so I’ve learned it all on my own! And I haven’t burned anything down or caused any explosions! {knock on wood} ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Can’t wait for more grilling recipes!

  4. Those all look so delicious! I am scared of the grill, my husband always does it! I am going to get over it this summer, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. We seriously need a real grill!

  6. That coconut grilled corn! Goodness…

    Speaking of BBQs, come check out some tasty BBQ Baked Beans.


  7. Coconut Glazed Corn, you are a total genius. Love them all but that won my heart.

  8. you made me…. hungry!
    Lior ๐Ÿ™‚