My Easter Menu

Sorry, that you’re subject to my late night cravings right now. My friend is having us over for Easter dinner this year so I’m actually only making these Loaded Mashed Potatoes and Lion House Rolls to bring to her house.
I’m so glad I’m not cooking the entire Easter dinner because my dishwasher is still broken. And no, I’m not referring to myself as the dishwasher.

But if I was planning on cooking brunch and Easter dinner from start to finish, here are some dishes from my blog that definitely would be in the running:

And in case you want a cute roll recipe, check out these Easter Bunny Buns I posted over at Tablespoon.

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  1. All of this looks so good! I’m craving Carrot Cake!

  2. Wowza! I gave up sweet for lent, and CAN.NOT.WAIT until Easter so I can conjure up the Carrott Cake, chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake… I’m drooling while writing this! Amazing!

  3. Wow, this looks great!
    BTW for more baking recipes go to this website

  4. Those Lion House Rools look amazing! I love your blog Christy and what better way to show this as with a well deserved award? 🙂

  5. 49SVti I really like and appreciate your blog. Want more.