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The winner chosen by random.org is:
“My name is Mary…The name I am suggesting is Eleanor and call her Ellie.”
This past weekend some of my favorite football ladies, Kaela and Katie, threw me a beautiful pink baby shower. I’m lucky because we’ve spent a lot of time together over the years and I always know when we get together the food is going to be good because they’re both excellent cooks. They had quite the spread of pink treats. I think I ate my weight in pink Oreo Truffles.
I’m so grateful for you guys and your loyalty. You’ve stuck with me through everything from my food aversions to my two weeks of posting nothing but peanut butter treats.
I feel so loved…or should I say “liked”. To say thank you for over 10,000 “likes” on Facebook I thought why not give away a little cold hard cash. I mean everyone loves a little lettuce. And I figured with Christmas around the corner, you could put it to good use. The nice folks at Tablespoon sent me a couple of copies of the new Big Red Betty Crocker Cookbook so I thought I would throw one of those in as well.

So to enter the giveaway, I need a little help from you. You see usually my husband and I decide on a baby name in the hospital which isn’t always good when you’re on painkillers. From that method, we almost had a baby Maverick and our last baby we almost named Cash (which I still love, but got immediately vetoed by the grandmas even as a middle name).

I would love some ideas for a baby girl name. Here’s what I’m looking for: nothing too weird, nothing too common; a feminine name that will sound good as she grows into an adult; and it has to sound good with our last name…Denney. Help me!
To enter this giveaway for $100 Visa Gift Card and the new Betty Crocker cookbook just leave a comment with:
                                                 1) Your email address
                                                 2) A baby girl name suggestion
The giveaway will run until Wednesday, October 19th at noon EST. The winner will be chosen by random.org.

Speak Your Mind



  1. My name is Jessica and my email is jbfanguy@yahoo.com

    My name recommendation is Brenna or Brenley!

  2. Amelia! And call her Mia. That was one of our choices for a girl. Alas, I have 3 boys.

  3. We just had a baby born recently at church named Charlotte. It doesn’t seem to be too common. Good luck with the name game. I’ve only had boys so far (my daughter was named when we adopted her and we just tweaked it a little) so I haven’t had to finalize a girl name yet! I love your blog – so does my family as I get a lot of great food ideas here!


  4. Love the name Elizabeth Ann!

  5. I’m micah;) micah@micahfolsomphotography.com

    You look awesome woman! As for a girl name… I’ve always love the simplicity of Jane.

  6. stephanieblindley@yahoo.com

    I absolutely LOVE your blog. You had me at candy corn bark:)

    My suggestion is Kate…I think that name is beautiful and timeless.

  7. I love the names Stella, and Avery.


  8. Shawna Johnsen

    Rebekah 🙂

  9. I love the names Sophia and Blaire. Oh, or Isabella and call her Bella (which means beautiful!) I’m trying to name my boy… it’s so hard!

  10. Oh my goodness – baby names, let’s see ~ I have a soft spot for Yvette. Her nickname could be Evie so it will grow with her. Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us!!

    assessions (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. We named our daughter Jocelyn and have only met one other Jocelyn her age, its a pretty name and we have all been happy with it 🙂

    Cristina Thurlow

  12. As I only have a boy, I love the Samantha, and calling her “Sam”, this was our pick if we had a girl, but we have a Lucas 🙂

    Email address is Andrea.Martin958@gmail.com .

    Love your blog! Thank you for your great ideas!

  13. I like Isabelle Denney.
    Lynn @ lynngordon@charter.net

  14. my name is Jessie

    I love the name Riley.

  15. We also name our babies at the last minute, in fact…#4’s name was decided on after I was wheeled back from surgery. My first one was named on the 4th day, they wouldn’t let us leave the hospital until she had a name! I love Avery and Harper for girl names, we chose Addison for our little one, she is 7 weeks old now.

  16. My name is Jenna and my email is rxjenna @ gmail.com

    My name recommendation is Brynn, after my daughter 🙂

  17. Mandy King here…. e-mail is: mandyjanae@hotmail.com

    The name I love, love, love is Myla…Myla Denney…sounds good, don’t ya think! :0)

  18. We just named our daughter Laura. Simple, classic, not too trendy, people can’t screw up the spelling or pronunciation. I’ve never met a Laura that I didn’t like. And it sounds good with Denney!

  19. jmygatt@live.com

    I love the name Bronwynn but I could never convince my husband to name our daughter that.

    Jocelyn was a close second in our naming baby days. And, btw, that is the name of my original Cabbage Patch doll! 🙂

    Sara is what we chose.

  20. My name is Lora and my email is blevins_lora@yahoo.com

    My suggestion is Annalise (possibly Ann or Anna for short?)

  21. Congrats on the baby! I am partial to names that have meaning – I named my daughter Carwyn – it means my blessed love;-)

    I love the name Brielle – it means “God is my strength” Brielle Alivia Denney has a nice ring to it!

    oh wait – just realized her initials would be B.A.D. lol And if its Olivia it would be B.O.D. lol so you just pick another middle name – but Brielle is beautiful! lol


  22. My email is deannasena@cox.net

    My name recommendation is Gianna, Gia for short.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. busygirlblog[at]yahoo[dot]com!

    i love the name ava, absolutely love it.

  25. Love the blog! 🙂 Girl names, I love Riley – but that might not be feminine enough for you? Also love Catherine. Traditional, but not over used….

  26. My e-mail is mrsjlhayes@gmail.com

    And if we had another girl the name would have been Crystal Lynn.

    Best wishes to you, your family and your new baby!

  27. I really like the name Molly lately. Good luck!

  28. My name is Jeanine and my email address is JeanineCollins@gmail.com

    Peyton immediately came to mind when I read this.

    Good Luck and Congrats on your baby girl!

  29. melissa.a.mcmanus@gmail.com

    Roxanna — Roxy 🙂

  30. Hi!
    My name is Charity DellaCamera and my email is charity.knutti@gmail.com

    I love the name Isabella Grace 🙂

    Congratulations you will have a lucky girl with a mom who cooks like you 🙂

  31. Sophie Noelle Denney 🙂


  32. i have always loved the names gigi and Isabella. but a bunch of my friends named their girls variations of Isabella so i can’t ever use it now. also, Skylar grace has a good ring to it.

  33. I always liked Lydia:-)

  34. I Love your Page. I love to Cook and especially Eat also, lol… I just Love the name Angie. The Rolling Stones have a Song called Angie, which is my Fav Band and the Name just sounds Great.

    Bruce Journey


  35. My name is Sarah…my email is sarahc@theelementchurch.com AND My name suggestion is Tennison Or Ava.

    Good luck!

  36. Oh, love this! thanks for the chance to win!
    1. thealldays@msn(dot)com
    2. Amelia, Kaylee, Gretchen, Heather,Laura ~ these are some of my favorites. i have boys so girl names are just a “dream” 🙂

  37. My email is melissalevy1992@gmail.com

    My baby name suggestion is Meredith. Good luck on choosing the perfect name! 🙂

  38. We just had our second baby girl in July and we didn’t have a name picked til she was born 🙂 I think the name Mia sounds cute with denney or maybe more of a Mya. Good luck!! We ended up picking the name she responded most too after she was born which was Maddie. Love girls!!!


  39. Mary Ella Denney, so sweet 🙂


  40. Oops email – socavalier@gmail.com

  41. I just love naming babies. We always have a few of each gender picked out (we like ours to be surprises) and then we have to see which one fits.

    email: brian(dot)lexie@gmail(dot)com

    name suggestions: Phoebe or Nora
    (I have a 6 year old named Nora)

  42. hello, my name is Amber. my email is bahamamama_03@hotmail.com. I loove picking out baby girl names! it took us forever to come up with our daughters, but her name is Claire. We were going to go with either Eden or Riley before that. We also toyed around with a classic, Alice. Hope you find a name you love! 🙂

  43. Name: Lucille. French origin. meaning Light



  44. Ashley Zani

  45. Salvatrice, which was my grandmother’s name. She went by Sally.

  46. How about Aeyla for a name 🙂


  47. What a wonderful looking shower!! My name is Waverly & I’m not trying to be arrogant but I think it’s a great name it’s unique yet still feminine. Some other names that I like that aren’t mine lol are Sydney, Olivia,& Sophie. Can’t wait to see your beautiful little girl 🙂


  48. Juliet!

    Sherry Martin

  49. Mandyhelwege@gmail.com

    I adore the name Avenley(Avie) or Halston(Hal). I’m also big on nicknames:)

  50. Gablyons@gmail.com
    Ariana… Adriana… Gabrielle… Mariella

  51. My daughters name is claire elizabeth…. I think it would go perfect with your name!


  52. I’ve only had little boys so far, some girl names I considered with them: Camile (Cami), Romilly, and Tessa



  53. Hi, I am Brekke, and I get a lot of comments on my name, though it’s hard to pronounce when you read it. It’s pronounced, “Brecca”, I love my name, just saying. But I wanted to recommend some “old fashioned” names: Rosalie, Ruby, Esther, Nora (my husband makes fun of me for that, but I love the name). We have one daughter and a houseful of boys so the chance I ever get to name another baby girl is slim. Congrats and good luck!


  54. ahiltzy@yahoo(dot)com

    Name: Meryn
    (Pronounce: mare-n)

    I have a friend named Meryn and I think it is such a pretty and kind of unusual name. She is from India, so I am not sure if it’s a common name over there or not. Hope you like it!

  55. Sweet! I love the name Olivia. I don’t hear that all too often…but I have a niece that just turned 1 and that is her name. They call her Livi. They paired it up with our grandmother’s name so she is Olivia Katherine. I think Olivia Denney sounds cute for a little girl but also sophisticated for an adult. 🙂
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  56. I think Hannah is pretty, and it sounds good with your last name.
    My email is spartyfan27@gmail.com

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and deciding on a name!

  57. I love the name Kholé Elyse Denny


  58. 1. cassie_easter@yahoo.com

    2.We have 3 boys 🙂 But I always loved Caydence for a girl or you could spell it Cadence without the “y”. I think it sounds so feminine and not way out in left field but also not something that you hear often!

  59. Diane diane.rin@gmail.com

    I like the name Nina, not that overly used but still simple and classic.

  60. Some of my favorite names are Rose, Lucy, and Hannah. Or, you could always go with Tricia (my name!). 🙂

    Good luck with your decision!

    tghoffman at yahoo dot com

  61. My name is Amber and my e-mail is ambsraine@gmail.com

    I love your blog and my son loves some of the treats I’ve made 😉

    As for girls names… I love Ava…its classic but not too ‘old’ and I also love my middle name and if i ever have a girl I’ve thought about using it as a name, it’s Lorraine and you could call her ‘Raine’ for short or the other several options such as ‘Lo’, ‘Lora’, ‘Lori’. I think its a classic name and heard nearly enough.

    Lorraine Denney….yup has a very nice sound to it 😉

  62. Hi! My name is Amy and my email is starprincess8@mac.com

    My baby girl name suggestion is Scarlet. Scarlet Denney! 🙂

    Good luck and congrats on your baby girl!

  63. Hi my name is Heather

    Always wanted a girl but was blessed with 4 wonderful boys. We loved the name KIRSTEN.

  64. My suggestion is Wren. It’s not common, a bit unique, but beautiful.


  65. My email is stacybarfield@sccoast.net.
    I can’t decide on just one suggestion, so here are a few. Isabelle, Grace, Rachel, or Libeth (short for Elizabeth).

  66. What a fun contest! Thank you for letting us have some of your girl fun! I love the name Brooke, it’s cute for little girls, but is also a nice grown up name too!!

  67. I like Hannah and Sadie!

  68. My name is Michelle

    I love the name Mabel, Marybeth, and Florrie!
    Good luck!

  69. That looks like such a yummy shower!

    I’m still a few years from babies but I love the girls names Sadie, Sophie and Josie (after my grandmother Josephine).


  70. carlafee@aol.com

    My name suggestion would be Cara.

    Since you’re “The Girl Who Ate Everything”, it would also be fitting to use any of the following: Anise, Brie, Clementine, Coco, Ginger, Olive or Sage. ;o)

  71. What a fun way to get ideas! My favorite girl name is Madeline, Maddy for short. If that doesn’t fit well with Denney, then my other suggestions would be Emma or Harper Jo.

  72. what about delfina? delfina denney? it’s quite feminine and i just love it!! wish i would have had a girl 🙂 but alas, 2 boys later…
    crazyaboutgus (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. My suggestion would be Gillian or Ainsley. Denney looks to be Scottish as I am(maiden name Macdonald)


  74. I’ve always been partial to Olivia. Olive is an adorable nickname when she’s little, Liv is fun and sophisticated, and Olivia is just beautiful to me. A versatile name! And it sounds great, Olivia Denney 🙂


  75. Love your blog!

    We always loved the name Kendall for a girl.


  76. Oh yes, I love this giveawayyyyyyy

    hanlonrunner(at)yahoo(dot)com thats me!

    And personally I love the names Charlotte and Victoria because I focus on what people will nickname them: Charlie or Tori, but I can’t decide so you go ahead 🙂

  77. My name is Cassandra (not a bad girl name)


    Abigail is my choice.

  78. I plan on naming my daughter Ruby or Riley with the middle name Grey (family name).

    lexiva at gmail.com

  79. Well, I love the name Chandler for a girl, but it might be a bit out there. I’ve also always loved the names Emma and Lauren.


  80. First of all, congrats on your upcoming blessing! My daughter is due in December with her second child, but they are waiting until the birth to find out if it’s a girl or boy. My email address is lillianchild at cox dot net.

    My favorite names are Lara (from Dr. Zhivago, my favorite movie), Natalie, Gabriella, and Sierra.

  81. I think you should name your baby girl Briley 🙂
    I absolutely love your blog and recipes!! My email is reececup79@gmail.com-Clarissa 🙂

  82. I think Victoria would sound beautiful with Denney. Very solid sounding name, yet very feminine too!


  83. mimiallme@gmail.com
    If I had another girl I would name her Willa.
    Best of luck with the decision!

  84. I love the name Amber! 🙂


  85. lkatpetterson@gmail.com

    I like the name Katherine. If you want to shorten it you could go with Katy or Kate.

  86. Hi I’m Sara

    I’m biased because we’re expecting our first child (a girl) in December and her name is Keelin Noelle… both I think are not TOO common, not TOO out there and quite beautiful!
    Congratulations on your new addition!

  87. My e-mail is moerogers@gmail.com
    and my name suggestion is Isabella!

  88. kelsycocozzo@yahoo.com

    I love the names Eva and MacKenzie.

  89. I love the name Clark. It’s a family name from my husband’s side and I love the idea of using boy names for girls. It make drive their teachers a little crazy on the first day of school (I am a teacher, so I get that…) but I think it’s super cute. My email is moriahfarmer(at)gmail(dot)com

  90. Congratulations on all the FB “likes.” but more importantly congrats on baby girl. I’m pretty sure I got the chills and reared up a little when I was told you were finally getting your baby girl. Anyway, I think you’re amazing. My email is traci.thornton@gmail.com and I love the ring of “Lucy Ann Denney” 🙂 good luck and congrats again!

  91. Great way to get some name ideas! I like the name Cassidy.


  92. If I ever had another baby girl I would name her Kialynn (the a is silent and the i is long) or Kynleigh.
    Congrats! Good luck on finding a name.

  93. Jeanne here..jeannelouise75@gmail.com

    Avaline. Total favorite of my husband’s and mine!

  94. Lilah… I think Lilah Denney is a beautiful name. Best Wishes!!!! :-)shannon.nicole1173@yahoo.com

  95. I love so many girl names! Laura and Amy, and Avery are a few!


  96. We get a lot of compliments on my daughter’s name, Autumn.
    My name is Barb and my email is barb_johnson1053@yahoo.com

  97. My granddaughter is Skye…lovely name and a darling child. The teacher in me has to remind you not to spell anything weirdly. 🙂

  98. What a fun giveaway! My vote is for Emma. I think Emma Denney has a nice ring to it 🙂


  99. Email: aurora.schmiedel@gmail.com
    Name suggestion(s): Annabelle Rose – my hubby & I didn’t find out the gender of our baby and had only agreed on Annabelle Rose for a girl; but I still like Elisabeth, Scarlet & Audrey too!

  100. Hi I am Angela at angelabvilla@gmail.com
    I love the name Sutton !

  101. There are so many cute girl names out there. Here are some I like: Hazel, Jane, and Ellie. My email is: tuckeho@hotmail.com. Good luck!

  102. Jessica

    I suggest Lydia! It’s my favorite girl name. I’m already trying to get my boyfriend on board for years down the road 🙂

  103. Good morning! I think perhaps Megan Denney is good 🙂 there are variations on the spelling of Megan too 🙂

    My email is tara1291971@gmail.com

  104. Little girls are so cute! I love Samantha Grace Denney!!

    Best of luck to you and your newest little one!

    Name: Betsy

  105. Hmmm well I love the name Olivia. It’s probably what i will name my daughter if we have one. My friend just had a baby and named her Aribella and they will call her Bella for short.


  106. Hmmm well I love the name Olivia. It’s probably what i will name my daughter if we have one. My friend just had a baby and named her Aribella and they will call her Bella for short.


  107. I like the names Carter or Chandler!


  108. love LoVe LOVE your blog! I must also admit that I am partial to older names like Violet, Lilian, and Vivian.

    Congrats on your baby girl! Good luck choosing!


  109. We named our daughter Alynna Grace. (pronounced uh-LYNN-uh)
    Upside: not common but we get a lot of positive comments on it.
    Downside: we usually have to clarify how to pronounce it, because people want to make it more complicated than it is, and I can’t find anything monogrammed unless I special order it.

    Good luck picking, I remember how hard it was for us!!

    BreeAnna Behrends bbehrend@amfam.com

  110. Love the pink baby shower theme! So cute! My baby name suggestion is Noelle, simple but unique!

    Email address is sarah.hawkins.pinchers@googlemail.com

  111. Sophie…her name should be Sophie

    Congratulations and Best of Luck <3


  112. Not sure if my comment posted…
    my email is jglass524@gmail.com and I love the names, Ella or Bella, both would be beautiful!

  113. my email is shosh428@aol.com and my suggestion for a name is Aiva!

  114. Congrats on this very exciting time in your life! Here is my suggestion for a baby girl name:

    Kerrigan Reece Denney


  115. I see that you already have a suggestion for Molly but, if I ever had a girl, we were going to name her Molly Elizabeth. It’s a great name, at least I think so, even if it’ll never get used. I had all boys! 😀

    Good luck with your name search, I hope you find a great one!

  116. I love the name Kylia… it’s my favorite because it is not common but not some crazy name either.
    Thank you for the great giveaway and the chance to win.

  117. Alana is a beautiful name!

  118. I’ve always loved the names Raegan, Ava, Olivia and Madeline. ♥


    livedelightfully (at) yahoo [dot] com

  119. how about Stella, Ava or Ivy?

  120. I’ve always liked the names Larissa and Lydia!

  121. rachelontheradio@gmail.com

    And my name suggestion is Amelia with Amy for short! Like Amy Pond from Doctor Who.

    As a bonus suggestion, I also love the name Wren.

  122. My name is Madelyn, but I love the name Campbell for a girl!

  123. I like Mia Riley and Rachael Roxanne.

    good Luck!


  124. cnehmer@att.net

    I have 4 children, and 3 are boys, so I have a few girls names that I LOVE that I was never able to use.

    Mahala; Carissa; Macayle

  125. I like the name Genevieve, maybe call her Genna? With the last name of Denney, a first name with 3 syllables would sound good. Addison is cute too. My daughter’s name is Meredith so that’s my very fav! 🙂 My email is Sbams5@gmail.com

  126. meganph(at)gmail(dot)com
    i love the name emmeline!!

  127. robin.choosehappiness@gmail.com. I like the name Makenna

  128. My name suggestion is Spencer. I love that name for a girl.
    Or my daughters name is Kylar. Or you could even go with my name, Mallorey 🙂

    Good luck and congrats!

    Mallorey- mallorey.burns@yahoo.com

  129. How about Ella? My daughter’s name is Ella, and she gets lots of compliments on it.

  130. I have always loved the name Madison.

    email: aui@bellsouth.net

  131. Girl Names!!! I have 2 boys so I never got use my girl names names..


    Good luck ..this is the best part about having kids!! ha xo


  132. Congratulations on your precious bundle of girl. I love the names Hailey and Juliana.


  133. blaircurley@gmail.com

    I love the name Campbell, Bell for short!

  134. My name is Shelley and my email is smitchell330@gmail.com.

    I love the name Annabel or Annabelle. Good luck! I love you blog 🙂

  135. Danae; thomadae@yahoo.com

    I really like Selah or Gabriella and call her Ella…

  136. I love the name Jane. It is classic and will be fun for a child and a grown up. Then something soft for a middle name like Elise.


  137. my email address is: jmm823@gmail.com

    my baby girl name choice is: Clara Grace Denny

  138. Thank you for your blog. I have 4 children and you make it easy to find yummies(my girls word). We named one of our daughters Annabella. She can go by Anna, Ann, Bella, Bell…whatever her personality calls for. Take care of yourself, your growing family and don’t forget to put your feet up.


  139. I have always liked the name Sadie and my husband likes Afton. But we have 3 boys, so have never gotten to use either. Amy
    Email- raallen72@hotmail.com

  140. I have always liked the name Sadie and my husband likes Afton. But we have 3 boys, so have never gotten to use either. Amy
    Email- raallen72@hotmail.com

  141. I always liked Madison or Bridgette


  142. bncnp@yahoo.com
    My name suggestion is: Greer

  143. My daughter’s name is Annabella (we call her Bella)…I think that would be perfect 🙂

  144. First of all, you look fantastic!! Pregnancy definitely looks fabulous on you 🙂
    My suggestion would be Kyra…means Goddess in Greek or you can do the Irish version which is spelled Kira or Keira. It’s my oldest’s name – not too many out there, but there are a few popping up – and she always gets compliments that its such a pretty name.
    Kyra Denney sounds precious!
    Good luck with the pregnancy and thanks for the chance to win these fab prizes!!
    Sara Iadanza

  145. My name is Jess and my e-mail is jessicargreco@gmail.com.

    I’ve always hoped that I could have a girl and name her Kayleigh! I love that name.

  146. I love this idea and I’m adding to my own list of future girl names!

    My baby girl suggestion is Eleanor. There are a lot of sweet nicknames she could go by (Nora, Elle, Ellie) and the name is classic!

    Sarah SSchick12@gmail.com

  147. rysanek5(at)gmail(dot)com

    I love the name Peyton!

  148. My email address is krystalstraw@sbcglobal.net

    My baby girl name suggestion is Adelaide and call her Addy.

    Congrats! I have 2 boys and am hoping #3 will be a girl!! 🙂

  149. 1. ashleyfann@gmail.com
    2. Madeline 🙂

  150. I love the names Sophie and Blair and I noticed as I was scrolling to the bottom that someone else suggested that too!

  151. I have two girls, and I named the Natalie Cecelia and Emma Lucia. I’ll suggest those names because I have yet to find any that I love better. 🙂

  152. kimbradshaw12@gmail.com

    I love the name Aleah!

  153. Hi! My favorite girl name is Vivienne (or Vivian). Vivi or Viv for short. I’m also fond of Kaylee, Katelyn, Piper, Liesl, Cecilia and Annika (pronounced AHNika). Good luck choosing one! And thank you for all of your wonderful posts!
    My email is mjohndreau@live.com.

  154. mindyreid at gmail dot com and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name: Zoe (because that’s MY daughter’s name!) Thanks for doing this!

  155. Hi. We have 4 girls and 2 boys. Our girls are Lucy, Rachel, Ella and Molly. I think those are great names! If I was naming another girl I think I would pick Ruby (because baby girls are small and precious!) Or possibly Vera or Margaret or Ester. Did you want 8 suggestions? lol Thanks for the giveaway! My e-mail is cnhale{at}gmail{dot}com

  156. Matilda!

  157. cricketleg@gmail.com

    One of my best friends is named Gannon. I really like that name.

  158. catiejoy (at) gmail (dot) com

    my favorite names for girls have always been Tatum and Zoe.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  159. I used to babysit for an Arden and a Marin..LOVE both of their names!


  160. meredith.e.mohr[at]gmail[dot]com

    I love the name Olivia. Olivia Denney – eh?

  161. harrison.jamie@yahoo.com
    Suggestion… Ashlynn! 🙂

  162. Love the name Lauren and I think it would go great with your last name.

    I also LOVE your website and all the great recipes!


  163. erinmaeb@gmail.com
    My name suggestion is: Gracelynn

  164. My email: crystaljk@hotmail.com

    My suggestions: Bria or Everleigh

  165. My sister’s name is Johanna. I’ve always thought it was a beautiful name and everyone compliments her on it. We call her Jo for short. It’s uncommon enough to be unique without being over the top!


  166. dtjsanford@yahoo.com

    I’m in love with the name Delaney…but would just use Laney.

  167. dtjsanford@yahoo.com

    I’m in love with the name Delaney…but would just use Laney.

  168. My name is Stephanie and my email is stephzollinger@yahoo.com.

    My daughters names are Maci and Aubree. I think they are pretty wonderful names!

  169. If I had a girl tomorrow, I would name her Reagan Grace.


  170. Congratulations!! I love the name Olivia or even Olive.


  171. I discovered your blog about three months ago and have been addicted ever since! I also got a handfull of others addicted by sharing your recipes within our recipe group! Thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing recipes!

    I like “K” names, so Kenslee, Karsyn, or Kinley would be cute girl names!


  172. kdimeglio@gmail.com

    Kaley Anne

  173. Hi! My name is Allie. Love your blog:) I recently heard the name Rosie for a lil girl and loved it. So sweet. My email address is myelodee@gmail.com

  174. My suggestions; Lucy and Nora (they happen to be my girls’ names.


  175. I’m loving names with a bit of vintage flair these days: Two of my favorites: Lila and Maribel.

    bonnieshee (at) bellsouth (dot) net

  176. $100 gift card would buy a lot of sweet potatoes for sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving!

    email = sylviah@artesia360.com

    some of the names I really like have been introduced already – I like Molly, Emma Leigh and my all-time favorite, Elizabeth Grace 🙂 (I saw someone pick Molly Elizabeth – love it!)

    for a name I didn’t see yet, what do you think of Paige? Lovely first name or middle name. Sweet enough for a baby, sophisticated enough for a grown-up lady 🙂

    My granddaughter is Zoee Paige. Chelsi Paige has a pretty ring to it, and of course, there’s always Elaine Paige!

    Congrats on such a blessing!


  177. First of all, congrats on your pregnancy and your girlfriends did an amazing job for your baby shower! Funny about the names your mentioned…Maverick. My dogs name is Maverick and although I love it for him, I’m not sure I would love it as much for a little boy. My girl name suggestions would be Jayde or Bryn! Best of luck deciding on a name 🙂


  178. Hi I love the name Chloe. Its not common but very pretty.

    Email is j6920@hotmail.com

  179. Alice!! Classic and pretty.
    Good luck!!

  180. froglips101 at yahoo.com

    How about “Keira”? said… (key-ra) Like the actress Keira Knightly

    I also love…Sadie!!

  181. I have always loved the name Grace and Gracie…..Miss Grace Denney

    my email is tkmatthews@yahoo.com

    good luck to you and thank you for your really great blog 🙂


  182. My name is Linda Erickson (dolanlinda@q.com).
    My daughter’s name is Kaia. A little unusual but we love it. I also love Naomi or Sophie. Good luck. Girls names are hard. I just recently found your blog and love it. I can’t wait to try out lots of recipes!

  183. I love Kate, Aubrey & Audrey.

  184. I love the name Olivia, I think it would go great with your last name! Beautiful name as an adult, cute for a little girl too – you can call her “Liv” for short:)

    My email is tina@tinajayphotography.com


  185. marjoblouin at hotmail dot com

    I think Olivia is a gorgeous name but not sure how popular it is now. Second choice would be Brianna.

  186. My votes are for Charlotte or Samantha. I think it would be adorable to be able to call a little girl “Sam”. I also love my friend’s daughter’s name- Harper.

    My email address is:

  187. Love your recipes! I have a daughter named Faith. I love it. It is common enough that people aren’t weirded out by it, and yet we hardly ever meet another. My email address is: fieldnatalie@hotmail.com

  188. Hi! I love your recipes. My name suggestion is Hadley. Email: gronertjamie@hotmail.com

  189. I always wanted to name a girl Emma Kristeen but got stuck with all boys. Emma is common, but I love the spelling of Kristeen. My email is jasonemilyholt@msn.com

  190. Kristy.heath@gmail.com

    I think the name Peyton would sound lovely with your last name!

    Love your blog!

  191. We had a few girl names picked, but since I had 3 boys, I never got to use any of them. They were Kaelyn, Avarie (Ava for short), and Lauren. Love em all! Best wishes to you 🙂

  192. Uncommon names that aren’t too strange are difficult to come by now a days. My suggestion is Larissa.

    My cousins wife’s sister is named that & I can honestly say she’s the first person I’ve ever met with that name.


  193. eyrishcream@gmail.com

    I like the names Ava or Bailey.

  194. Oops…forgot my name! My suggestion was Kaelyn, Avarie or Lauren

  195. I’m Elizabeth and my email is lizloo20@gmail.com

    My baby girl name recommendation would be Hayden.

  196. I’m Elizabeth and my email is lizloo20@gmail.com

    My baby girl name recommendation would be Hayden.

  197. lindsey.l.lang@gmail.com

    We like this over here: Jaquelyn. Can have lots of different nicknames as she grows up, and sounds great with your last name! Good luck!

  198. ae.bohan@gmail.com

    I really like Penelope, then you can call her penny as a little girly :):)

  199. I love the namy Amy (my daughter’s name) but also love Emma. My second baby was going to be Emma but that didn’t seem a good choice for a baby boy!

  200. Hi! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

    My favorite girl names are…



  201. hitajblog@gmail.com

    Isabel, Emma, Eleanor 🙂

  202. My name is Katie and email kkretov@gmail.com com

    I suggest Madison (I love Maddie as a nickname), Brooke or Addison!

  203. Name her Elle and my email is

  204. Name her Elle and my email is

  205. I just love the name Harper for a girl!


  206. Reese is a good one. I also like Bryn or Brynlee. Congrats again!


  207. Hi I love quite a few girl names! My girls are Bailey & Payton. I also love Ava, Grace, Shelby, Ally, Charlotte (charlie for short), Brynn! Good luck and hope you enjoy every second of your new little one! Melissa R

  208. I’ve always liked Molly for a girl’s name

    Heidi Loebig

  209. I love the names Carolina, Olivia, and Penelope. My hubby has vetoed all of them for us but I still love them!

    email: cityfrog6@gmail.com

  210. My youngest was supposed to be Erica…but he probably would not have appreciated it later in life!
    I love the name tho’! Or Abigail.
    I was only blessed with boys…they are pretty cool guys so it’s all good!
    Best wishes and good luck with the baby!!


  211. We’re naming our baby girl Naomi Ann when she comes in a couple of weeks. There’s nothing that says you can’t use it or part of it.

  212. Congratulations on your baby girl!

    Savannah Grace
    Jasmine Ann
    Ruby Jane

    Best of luck to you and your family,

    amt0676 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  213. What about Joanna? I’m not pregnant, and am not planning to be for a long time, but I am always thinking about baby names and that one is my obsession at the moment. 🙂 Jojo as a little girl – Jo, Joanna, or even just Anna as an adult?

    My email is ipuella {at} gmail dot com. Lots of luck and love your blog! 🙂

  214. I love Paige!

  215. I love the names Madeline and Ava, we went with Maddison Leigh, but that’s just because that’s what she looked like…Good luck!!!


  216. shannonglunk@hotmail.com

    we are having a baby in february and, if its a girl, we are deciding between Lena (LEE-na) and Elin (EEE-lynn). good luck!

  217. I think Lila is a beautiful name.


    congrats and good luck!

  218. Of course I love my own daughters names. Is that what everyone does? My oldest is Ainsley and my youngest is Alexa. I’m sure you will find a name that goes perfect with her personality!
    sims.whitney at gmail.com

  219. A girl in my ward went for some really femminine names Daphine and Violet.


  220. kristy.heath@gmail.com

    Thank you for this fun contest! I think Peyton sounds cute with your last name!

  221. Hi! I’m Kris.

    Avery or Laurel are good, solid names. Good luck on your baby adventures!

  222. Reagan…. What do you think?

    You look great btw.


  223. My girls are Kiera and Kayla which are both names I love (obviously)

    nafyboocs at gmail dot com

  224. Congratulations on the expanding family!!

    My favorite baby girl name is Sophia (and I think it sounds great with Denney) – you can call her Sophie or Soph or even Phie (like Fie) depending on what she likes and what works for her.

    Lindsey (TickledPink986@gmail.com)

  225. Hello! congratulations on having a baby girl, how fun and exciting it must be.

    How about Lillian Grace Denney?

    I’m kind of partial to the initials LGD because my name is Leta Gail Doerr.

    Thank you for the blog, recipes, and fantastic site.


  226. joanielow@hotmail.com

    congrats by the way

    my suggestion is Paige!

  227. kihurd1@gmail.com

    My name choice is Delilah.

  228. E-mail is muskiejen18@yahoo.com

    I love the name Alison… feminine, sweet, versatile (go by Ali or Alison).

  229. The name I like is Tayla.

    I’m Angie and my email is daviang@aol.com

  230. We love the name Jacqueline but aren’t huge fans of Jackie so we are stretching it and going with Quinn as a nickname.
    We also like Jocelyn and Reece.


  231. I love the name Annabel, as it is my daughter’s name! But shhh…keep it between us. I don’t want it getting all popular and common now… 🙂

  232. Susan @ susandikeman@gmail.com

    I love the name “Olivia”
    congrats on your little girl!

    ps, if you named her “susan” i wouldnt mind 🙂

  233. I like the name Maggie.

  234. 1) pearcetl1@gmail.com
    2) I’ve always loved the name Harper

  235. I loved Claire or Chloe! jayenbe at yahoo . com

  236. Congrats on the baby! I love the name Charlotte, my daughters name. Also love Violet.
    Good luck!


  237. My name is JoAnna and email is luv2teachkiddos@yahoo.com

    I like the name Jaylee 🙂

  238. Hi new follower here, Stephanie @ dsemdow@comcast.net.

    My favorite girl name that I didn’t get to use is Maeve!

  239. My name is Mandy Bird

  240. My suggestion is Lauren. It’s not too common, not too out there and it has served me well for many years!


  241. The name Ava or Olivia are such sweet names. I love old fashioned names!

  242. scoonan@ca.rr.com

    I like the name Gracelyn: grace for short

  243. Another I’ve liked is Rebekah Nicole but it doesn’t fit in our family.
    Our daughter is Emily Lucille. But I do know one spelled Emma Lee. Good luck! <3 the blog!

  244. tuba_queen5 @ yahoo.com

    My name suggestions:

    –Katherine (I think this sounds ncie with your last name and you could call her Kate or Katie.)
    –Elise (This is a lovely name, I think, and you could use Ellie as a nickname, if you like.)

  245. andreadyanne@hotmail.com
    I have always loved Paisley or Emerson and call her Emmy

  246. when it comes to names, I tend to err on the side of slightly older and girly. something like Cecilia or Cassandra or Charlotte [wow, all of those start with C…] would sound really pretty combined with Denney, in my opinion.

  247. Good luck with your new baby girl. I named my daughter Savannah. I love names that are also places.


  248. emily.k.dunn@gmail.com

    I love the name Sophia…very feminine

  249. I’m expecting and just found out it’s a boy (#2 for me) but our girl name was Peyton. Congratulations to you!

  250. I’m Kristi. Email: lange.kristi@gmail.com.

    My suggestion is Maia. Or Quinn. 🙂

  251. My name is Joanna, I am new to your blog and love it! email: mjoannahendrix@gmail.com
    My suggestion is Amelia, after my 5 month old 🙂 Amelia is lovely and you dont meet too many of them! It also means hardworking and beloved of the Lord which I think is nice!

  252. I am Brooke and email is carroll.brooke@gmail.com

    I think Alba would be a SUPER cute name. Or Shaylynn. Those are such cute names! Congratulations to you!

  253. I vote for Annell. It is my mother-in-law’s name and she is the sweetest person I know…. Also, who doesn’t love Steal Magnolias?


  254. I have always loved the name Lucille, and call her Lucy. 🙂 My email address is beckythalgott@yahoo.com

  255. Anna Ruth Denney

    Stephanie A.

  256. Anna is such a perfect name for a little girl, but also suits a grown woman as well. I might be a bit biased because it is my sister’s name…what can I say, I love my sista.


    PS. Congrats on 10,000 likes on Facebook.

  257. I think Amy would be gorgeous with your last name, and I think it’s been a few years since it’s been incredibly popular. It ages well, too!

    angelamaphone@gmail.com 🙂

  258. Congrats! You look wonderful! I love the names Morgan and Abigail 🙂


  259. Wow, you have some great suggestions. I love old-fashioned, classic names: Amelia, Lila, Jane, Kate, Madeline, Laura, Elizabeth, Elise. Good luck, can’t wait to hear what you choose!


  260. bridget.melton@gmail.com

    Is it wrong to suggest my own name? I’ve always thanked my parents for giving me a name that wasn’t common, but not weird either. You also can’t really make a nickname out of it, so it has grown up with me. Most of the girl names I like end in an “ee” sound, which might sound weird with your last name. But I think Bridget Denney would be a great name. 🙂

  261. Hi! My email address is katarrack@gmail.com. I have always loved the name Salem for girls….but have a 6 month old daughter named Elliot. Maybe next time we’ll use it! Good luck!

  262. roxmysox721@aol.com

    Hello and Congrats! My name suggestions are Peyton Joy or Madeline “Maddie” Grace! Good luck 🙂

  263. kamiessig @ gmail . com

    I love the name Sophie. So cute!

  264. jenimt@gmail.com

    Always wanted to use the name Elena Marie if we had another girl. I also like Sophie, Olivia and Madeline.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  265. Gentry. Or Paisley. Both cute and original but not tooooo weird.

  266. how about Hannah?

    – mean sarah jean

  267. My name is Shannon and I love Irish names (go figure)… how about Fiona?


  268. As someone with an -ey last name, I would recommend not picking a name that has a Y sound at the end (or had a nickname with that sound). You end up with a name that dooms her to perkiness, like Katy Perry 🙂

    We named our daughter Megan. It’s nice to be unique, but annoying when you have to spell it for everyone later.


  269. I love the name Annie. Good luck on your name search!
    My name is Lauren and my e-mail is davisonlauren@gmail.com

  270. gillespie.jill@gmail.com

    I read a book, and one of the character’s names was Elizabeth Tate. I have liked that ever since!

  271. My name suggestion is: Emily. It just seems to fit with Denney!
    My email address is zbabyruth@aol.com

  272. Hey there and Congratulations on your little girl!

    My name is Melanie, melanietrevino@hotmail.com

    I love the name Taylor Elise. Just has a nice sound to it!

  273. littlemisslocal@gmail.com

    Adrienne Denney!

    PS: The food looks great and no one looks preggers! Congrats on your soon-to-be-addition!

  274. My sister recently found out the sex of their baby… Sadly they’ve had to throw all girl names out the window. 😉 I love suggesting names, tho, regardless.

    Bettina (nickname Tina or Betty)
    Felicity (Lisa)
    Susanna (Susy, Anna)
    Sadie (My great aunt’s name, a personal favorite)
    Michaela (Mickey, or Kayla)
    Ophelia (Lia or Ophy)

    Those are some of my favorites anyway. 😉

    Good luck!
    – Wendy, wendy.dianne26@gmail.com

  275. I love the name Sophia, but I might be a little biased!


  276. Love your recipes!!! I love the girl names Claire or Lucy.

  277. snw_716@yahoo.com. I personally love Victoria Nicolette. Not very common at all and not too weird either. 🙂

  278. Hi! My name is Ruthie and my email address is ruthiehart1@gmail.com. I was going to suggest Lucy because that’s what we want to name our first baby girl but I don’t think the Y would go with your last name…I DID however think of Lilah. Lilah Denney. So cute!

  279. My e-mail is scavitto1@gmail.com

    I love the name Adelaide. Ada is a great nickname for Adelaide, instead of the very common Addie.

  280. So fun! Congrats on having a girl! I’ve always loved the name Ainsley for a girl.


  281. I love the name Nora. Nora Denney would be cute! my email is holt.rach@gmail.com!

  282. I love the name Baylah Ann or Hadley Ann.


  283. Thanks for all the recipe ideas!
    I love the name Lucy! Best of luck!

  284. Annaelyse@gmail.com

    I love the name Elle or Ella!

  285. My email is clowry01@gmail.com

    My baby name is Maeve

  286. snwilson1206@gmail.com

    We really like the name Lyla:)

  287. I’m biased but my daughter’s name is Erika and it seems to fit all of your requests.

  288. Can I give more than one?

    My dd is Sheridan Elizabeth – means “wild gift from God”, which she certainly is. Sheridan is a name I heard years ago, and it can be shortened to Sherri or Dani – but Sheridan just seems to fit her. Elizabeth is classic, and comes from the Paper Bag Princess – great, strong female character!

    For another book name, I like Willow, from the picture books by Denise Brennan Nelson – free-spirited, creative and kind. (Would you guess I’m a children’s librarian?)

    My e-mail is ajones@ci.alamogordo.nm.us

  289. jaimeejoyce [at] yahoo [dot] com

    I really like Anna. Classic and lovely.

  290. my name is breanne…and my name suggestion is blakely!

  291. Holland. saw that name the other day and thought it was really pretty.


  292. kmm_13@yahoo.com
    How about Madeleine?

  293. melayna? melayna denney has a ring to it 🙂


  294. Whenever that day comes along, I plan on naming my little girl Lindley, after my great grandma’s maiden name. I’ve also always liked the name Grace. 🙂

  295. I love my two daughters’ names:

    Britta and



    Best wishes!

  296. My email address is nataliegermaine@hotmail.com

    I love the name Gracie!
    So happy for you that you are finally having a little girl. We are expecting our third boy right around the same time!!

  297. I’d choose Meredith Ann. It just rolls off the tongue – Meredith Ann Denney.

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’m at sblaxland@eastlink.ca

  298. i have 4 names (i have 3 girls) they have beautiful feminine names, lauren, anna, madeline. i always wanted an olivia. good luck! (i have a nephew named maverick:-)

  299. I love the name Ainsley. I had a baby boy in February, so we had to put that name on the backburner!


  300. Congrats! My e-mail address is allsion.mennella@gmail.com and my name suggestion is Julianne.


  301. Jennifer

    Elizabeth, Ella, Margaret (Maggie), and I adore the name Maeve.

    Good luck 🙂

  302. I’m Daphne and my email is mrsdjohnston@gmail.com.

    My name suggestion is Erin, which means peace.

  303. My recommendation is Annie, it’s my name – and I love it. I rarely encounter people with the same name and if I could duplicate it on my little girl (someday) I would!

    Annie Franz

  304. I’m having a little girl too! Her name is going to be Nova. I’m so excited. Congrats!


  305. Addalee; you can call her Addy

    jill dot mcmullin at gmail dot com

  306. Hi, my name is Tara email is ritzyroo1@yahoo.com

    I love the name Neil for a little girl…Congratulations!

  307. My email is ari@arismenu.com

    I love the name Shayla!

  308. Just had a baby last week and named her Jane. Classic but fairly uncommon. It was between that and emerson, which I still adore.

    Email is traelis @ gmail . com

  309. I’ve seen this many times already – but Madeline and Sophia are wonderful names!


  310. lkgoldsmith@gmail.com

    I like the name Sierra.

  311. crystalblau@hotmail.com

    We had a girl and debated between Afton and Atlee. I’ll leave the suspense on which we choose. Love them both. They both work great with so many middle names too. (If you do middle names)

  312. Aubryn

    kelliclayton07 at gmail dot com

  313. It looks you had great tiem at the “pink” baby shower!
    I love giveaways!
    My name suggestion is “Melissa”
    email is lamamutfakta@gmail.com


  314. What about Caroline?
    I’m at jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  315. Lindsey – esbabe@aol.com
    Madison Nicole

  316. Ada or Gaura (after the flower).

    All the best!


  317. Congratulations!

    I’m loving the name Madelyn right now. Or really any name that ends in -lyn!


  318. I think Caroline is a very pretty girl’s name that can work for a little girl or an adult. 🙂

    My email address is chipchiphooray@gmail.com

  319. Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog.

    When I was pregnant, my girl name was a toss up between Jorie (short for my late grandmother, Marjorie)and Tabitha. I was blessed with 3 boys instead 🙂

  320. christine.lutz@gmail.com

    I think Grace is a timeless name 🙂

  321. I love the name Layla!:)

  322. My name is Kelsi and my e-mail address is avant.garde.film@gmail.com.

    If I ever had a baby girl, I would name her Alexis. I am not able to have children, so I hope others can love this name as much as I do!

  323. megrizzle@gmail.com

    I like the name Katherine or
    Nora Rose!

  324. bnjones@wildblue.net

    My favorite name (which is my daughter’s name) is Cally. The old spelling of this name is Callie…I have also seen Cali and Kali

  325. I thought of 3 names that I really like with Denney – Abigail, Olivia and Samantha. Love them all!!


  326. Lindsay @ lindsay.advincula@gmail.com

    I’ve always loved Maya, Emma, Ella, Madison, or Ava.

  327. I have three boys so I have a plethora of girl names I love:
    Paige Christine Denny
    Morgan Elizabeth Denny
    Quinn Marie Denny
    Sophie Christine Denny
    Sydney Elizabeth Denny
    Hannah Elise Denny
    Elise Quinn Denny

    Sorry you asked for just one but they all spewed out! 5yands@comcast.net

  328. My name is Ashley. My email is amw5nb@gmail.com

    I like the name Addison, and you can call her Addi for short.

  329. I like ‘Eden’


  330. blondeundercoverblonde@gmail.com

    I’m loving older names that aren’t on the top 100…my pick would be Clara!

  331. Congrats on your baby girl!!

    I love the names Payton, Audrey, Chloe, Alexis or Julia. 🙂

    My name is Cheryl

  332. jeheitman58@gmail.com

    I love the name Ella!

  333. I love the simplicity of Jane.

    Jane Denney

    To me it’s simply stunning!


  334. tays25@aol.com
    I like Bailey and Emma. Congratualtions!

  335. Top 3 Girl name suggestions:

    My email is pthurman67@gmail.com

    LOVE your blog. Use it every week for my menu planning, yet to try a recipe we didn’t LOVE!! You have replaced Rachel Ray on my menu plan!

  336. learnbyburning@gmail.com

    I’m gonna go ahead and suggest Julia or Jeanne.

  337. tays25@aol.com
    I like Bailey and Emma. Congratulations!!

  338. My name is Angie Earl. My daughters and I LOVE LOVE your blog. In fact my 11 year old is always promoting it whenever we talk food with people 🙂 (just thought I would share ;)). Anyway, wangie77@yahoo.com is my email here are a few suggestions
    Abbie and Allie are my girls names so of course I love them…some others Ava, Emery, Devri, Quinn, Aspen, Audra, Audrey

    Good luck!

  339. Harper! or Regan…I love Harper tho!


  340. spiffycookie(at)gmail(dot)com
    I really like the name Fiona and Leah for a girl.

  341. Cameron or could spell it Camryn.

  342. Hi! I just love your blog and so do all my friends that I have passed it on to.
    My name is Toni and my email is brock4atla@comcast.net I love the name Ava its a name that would grow with a little girl. Congratulations!!

  343. linsey004(at)yahoo(dot)com

    How about Emma, Elaine, Reagan, Riley, Maddison, Lauren???

  344. shanonscott@yahoo.com

    A friend just named her daughter Monet. Or Annika, Paisley or Reese

    Good luck picking a name! That is always hard to agree on one!

  345. My name is Heather email is heatherkmiller@gmail.com
    Last year we named our baby girl Piper and I still love it with all my heart! Our other ideas though were Berkley, Sailor, London and Presley. Good luck!

  346. kaykay216@juno.com

    There are so many great girls names! Sophia, Evelyn, Katerina, Celeste, Cecilia, Amelie, Lily (or Lillian, Lilly, Lilli, etc.), Isabella or Isabel, etc!

  347. I love the name Savannah with the nicknames Sav, Savvy, Vanna, Anna…

    Thanks! colleen.eve@gmail.com

  348. ajuech@charter.net

    I think the name Liliana is cute. Lily for short. Congrats!

  349. Kendall here! I love your blog! Here is my email address: mkendalljones@gmail.com.

    Ok, I know it sounds silly to list my own name here, but I’ve only encountered a few other Kendalls in my life and people always say they think it’s a pretty name!

  350. Wow! You look amazing! (:

    Name: Arianna Denney

    email: tamara@tamaralove.com

  351. Something pretty and feminine. Like Elle or Ellie or Christine. 🙂 I like some of the Italian girl names also. They roll off your tongue and some are very pretty names, too.

    What a blessing you are having a beautiful baby girl!

  352. How about Craig!

  353. I like some of the classics…Ella, Ellie, Grace, Olivia, Ava and Mya…:) Good luck…so glad your pregnancy is going so good for you!


  354. Hannah for the baby girl! jenou05 @ gmail . com

  355. I don’t think my first comment went through.

    I would love to have a girl and name her Ruby. Another option that my friends named their baby: Lucy. Not weird, but not too common anymore.


  356. I love the the name Leah!


    Good luck!!:)

  357. I like the name Evelyn. Good luck!


  358. My favorite is Alaina, I had a girl crush inn a senior in high school when I was a freshman who was named Alaina! My email is marileeddavis@gmail.com……good luck!

  359. Unfortunately I have three boys and will never get to name a girl. But I thought my twins–first two boys was going to be a girl and I was set on the name Isabella–this was 11 eleven years ago before the name became really popular. I had my third boy 2 1/2 years ago and had he been a girl it most likely would have been Mallory. How exciting for you to finally have a girl!!

  360. Hello…I love all of your recipes. Thank you for sharing. I love the name Willow Pearl. 🙂
    My email is brit_meade@hotmail.com

  361. I like Mia!


  362. How about Beatrix? i love that name!

  363. I like the name Avery! Avery Denney 🙂

  364. My two favorite girl’s names are Eleanor and Lucia. A little bit old fashioned but both have good nicknames and can be very classy for an adult.

  365. My email is chelbel648@yahoo.com

    My baby name idea is Madison Grace 🙂

  366. I will probably never be able to have children 🙁 so I give you permission to use one of my two favorite names that I have had in my dream book since I was young.
    Elizabeth – Liz
    Sofia – Sofi
    May your pregnancy be the most blessed event in your life.
    Good luck! I love your blog!


  367. Congrats on your baby girl!


    I like Elizabeth, Annabella and Alexis.

    Good luck choosing!

  368. hmmmm i have always loved the girl name ellyn, then her nickname can be elle or lyn. too cute. allyshawoods@gmail.com

  369. I love the name Avery! my name is Megan, email mnstengel@gmail.com

  370. When I was having a baby ten years ago…I was going to name my baby Jessica if it was a girl. I love that name because you can call her Jess or Jessie. Anyway, I had a boy…a Christopher. 😉 Thanks for the fun post and chance to win a gift certificate!!! 🙂

  371. A friend of mine just named her new little girl Tova! I LOVE that name!
    Jayme – jkr549@yahoo.com

  372. My name is Meghan.
    Email is ballerinawantabe@gmail.com.

    Congrats!!! Baby girls are so much fun!!! I just had our girl a month ago. Here are some of the names we didn’t use Lilanna or Lily, Heidi, Arabella, and Anna.

    Best of luck on choosing a name (we didn’t fully decide until we were on our way to the hospital, lol)!!!

  373. Claire Elizabeth Denney has a nice ring to it!

    sarahelizabethedwards (at) gmail (dot) com

  374. jaimd1@aol.com

    My pics are Grace, Ella, Eloise, Madelynn (call her Maddy for short?)

  375. This is a really fun contest…the two names I always loved were
    Grace or Gracie and
    Madelynn…I think both of these would be really nice with your last name.
    Amanda Walker

  376. My name suggestion is Paige (Leanne) Denney.


  377. My name is Donna … donnernum7@yahoo.com

    I know someone said it, but I love Charlotte. And Charlie is a super cute nickname for her! Charlotte Denney … Sounds amazingggg!

  378. carly_davis@yahoo.com
    name suggestion: Calista

  379. I always liked weird girl names…probably because my mom named me Sarah and I despise my name. I do like really old-timey names too….like Olive and Alice. My daughter’s name is Cambria. I like variations where you can use Cami or Cam as nicknames: Camlin, Cameron, Camilla, Cameesha….okay I’m kidding with that last one 😛


  380. My name is Ashley, email astricklandphs@aol.com.

    I like the names Sophia, Samiah, and Audrey!

  381. I love your site! I have two little girls, Lucy Jane and Scarlett Noelle. If I could choose, I would have two more girls and name them Penelope and Violet. Although Penny Denney might be a little much. Good luck!


  382. Mary Margaret would be a feminine name!


  383. 1) kaseyr_81@hotmail.com
    2) Chloe, Carly, Abigail (Abby)

  384. My name is Golden Pierce (most people call me Goldie) & my email address is goldiefranklin@yahoo.com

    I am actually a new fan (as of today!!!) & I have been looking around at your blog & I am in total love!!!!! You are amazing & I can’t wait to read more & to follow you.

    My suggestions for baby girl names: We just had a daughter & named her Journee (we LOVE that name!!!!)….But I also love these other names: Brinlee….Evelyn….Paislee…. Hawley (Sounds like “holly”, but just a different spelling).

    I hope you find a name you love! Good luck to you!!! 🙂

  385. Hi. I don’t have any girls I just have boys. My middle name is “Rose” and I just think it’s a beautiful middle name, so here are a few of my suggestions:

    Kasiah (pronounced Ka-sigh-a) Rose Denney

    Emmerson Rose Denney (Then you can call her Emmy)

    Rose Marie Denney

    My email address is:

    BTW, I LOVE your blog. I have many new recipes to choose from now. :o)

  386. Hello!! Congrats on the new baby girl.


    I love the name Emma Rose….it was a family name, but I think it is very pretty. And would go well with Denney. Has a little trendy and a little traditional.

  387. My favorite girl name right now is Ivy.

    So excited for you to have a girl! We have one girl and three boys and it’s nice to have at least one daughter to shop with!


  388. My email address is emily.swartzentruber@gmail.com

    I am due with my second daughter on nov. 9 so I have enjoyed reading your pregnancy posts and I am excited for you to have a girl in that house full of men. My name suggestion for you is Camille. We name our babies in the hospital as well, baby #1 did not get this name because she was clearly a spunky little lady so we opted for Lola Pearl. Baby #2 will not get this name because I am wary of her getting hand me downs her whole life. So, I am giving it to you…if you want it. 🙂

  389. i really like thea (pronounce tay-a or tHay-ya) or kate.

  390. I love the name Avra for a girl! Best of luck!

  391. My name is Kristen and the email address is klhacker23@gmail.com

    My suggestion is Grace. Very feminine, won’t make her sound like an old lady and very classic.

  392. Love the name Clover for a girl! s.cramer45@gmail.com my little sister and I are your biggest blog stalkers and loved the week of peanut butter!

  393. Lyndi

    I just had our 4th girl on Sept 1st, wanted to name her Lyndi it’s my maiden name although it’s spelled Linde (say the e) but had a little family drauma over it so her name is now Holly, although I still need to change her birth cert and social security card 😉 Anyway I love it think it is feminine, sweet and not to common!


  394. My email address is cwang87@hotmail.com

    I love the name Madeline and calling her Madi for short

  395. ktennis07@msn.com
    Adalyne 🙂

  396. my email address is knelson@manson-nw.k12.ia.us
    I LOVE the names Stella, Scarlett, Noelle, and Nora.

  397. I am finally having my first little girl to add to our house full of boys. It’s so exciting to buy all those adorable pink things.

    We are naming our baby Clara Emily, but we also like Ava Grace, Savannah Caitlyn, and Lauren Nicole.


  398. I am Merideth (merdunning@gmail.com) and I love the name Paige. I think I sounds good with your last name too! 🙂

  399. I like the name Elise. Elise Denney has a nice flow to it too. It is not too common and very pretty.


  400. i just had a baby and if it had been a girl we were going to name her Nora Lee but we got an Oliver instead 🙂

  401. Congratulations:)

    One of my favorite names is Mallory Elizabeth


  402. Hi my name is Kimberly, I really like the name Chloe Deeney, I think it has a lovely ring to it.

    my email address is kymjynx5@aol.com

  403. My email is swiggartfamily@gmail.com and I love the name Emma Jane because I am a huge Jane Austen fan! 🙂

  404. My suggestion is Evelyn–classic, feminine and not too common.


  405. This comment has been removed by the author.

  406. 1) semichaud at gmail dot come
    2) Elizabeth Marie!

  407. My name is Terra. I like the name Alexandria (Alex) or Abigale (Abbie) for a girl.


  408. I love the name Madison 🙂


  409. Ok, these are a little unusual but, I looked up the origin of Denny and found it to be of Scottish and irish Decent. So I have lately come across 2 Irish girl names I really love:

    Siobhan—pronounced “shiv + awn”
    Shevaun, Shavon, Chevonne
    Siobhan is an Irish form of Joan meaning “God is gracious.”

    Teagan: [ Pronounced like president Reagan] The Irish form of the Welsh name Tegwin which means “beautiful.”

    and Kaelin: of Gaelic origin meaning Victorious Rejoicer [This is my daughter’s middle name], unlike Caitlyn which is overly common and simply means slender.

    These suggestion come from the mother of: Torin, Olivia and Brogan

  410. oh, and my email is asteentierney@gmail.com

  411. Congratulations!! Girls are fun, we have 3.

    If you are looking for a different name, go back to the classics.

    Caroline, Bridgette, Rosemary (Rosie or Rose), Abigail, Isabella, Elizabeth, Gretchen, Hannah, etc.

    I really like the classic names on girls more than the modern names.

    Christine E.

  412. lmoses@lspclaw.com

    My daughter’s name is Adelyn (Ad-duh-lynn) and we call her Addie for short. 🙂

  413. How about Caroline or Juliet or Julia?
    melodyreck at hotmail dot com

  414. We love the names Violet and Isla (pronounced eye-luh). Good luck!


  415. Melissa Snead


    My two girls names are Ellis and Goldie. I love their names. I recommend them 🙂

    ps love your blog!

  416. I love the name Georgia for a little girl!

    Melissa Cushman

  417. tankbabe15@gmail.com, sara. Suggestion: Michalya

  418. Ellie Rose Denney


  419. lv (the number two) kraft (at) gmail (dot) com

    Melissa Ann Denney

    I chose the name Melissa Ann for my daughter because I was so happy to finaly get a little princess after having 3 boys. So I named her after the princess of Monoco and we call her Miss Ann.

    She has only ever had one other Melissa in school with her. So not wierd but not too common either.

    Love the blog and I just found it today!!!!


  420. Allisonjbrown20@gmail.com

    Fallon or Everly… J

  421. Hi! I love the name Jane! Good luck! Edledpink@yahoo.com

  422. hahnadee@comcast.net (Hahna)

    Noellia Denney <3

  423. hahnadee@comcast.net (Hahna)

    Noellia Denney <3

  424. Madeline Piper
    Elliot Jane


    PS. I LOVE the names Maverick AND Cash…they’re both on my boys list 🙂

  425. Canarywoody@yahoo.com. Carrie Petershagen
    We are naming our little girl Piper Morgan.
    Congrats on your little girl.

  426. I think Gretta is a classic, but not too common name–but any name will be beautiful!


  427. Our daughter’s name is Georgia!

  428. Wow, now you’ve got a few ideas for names!! It’s Lisa and I love the name Julia. It’s been on our list for a long time!

  429. I like Haley

  430. You look beautiful!

    I had to see my babies before deciding on a name. Our youngest wasn’t named until we were practically on our way home.

    I’ve always liked the name Alexandra (perhaps call her Alex or Lexi). I still love our girls’ names – Sydney and Victoria (Tori) too!

    I always thought naming a baby was the hardest. Blessings…

    Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway also.

  431. I love the name Olivia or Issabelle.


  432. My name is Lisa and my email is

    With your last name I like,
    Claire Elise

  433. I like the names:
    Laylah Denney
    Kamri Denney
    Kamryn Denney

    Congrats on your soon to be new addition 😀


  434. I love the name Julia!

    My e-mail is mistymath (at) gmail (dot) com.

  435. Penelope, sounds good with your last name too!

  436. My favorite name is Charlotte. And my email is lamurphy15@gmail.com!

  437. Olivia Rae 🙂

  438. Olivia Rae 🙂
    And my email is jenniferg22@gmail.com

  439. I love Aubrey Grace…a little contemporary with a classic middle name!

  440. I have always loved my name, so I’ll suggest it to you: Lena! Unusual, but easy to pronounce and spell. My email is lenawolf(at)rocketmail.com

  441. Audrey, Audrey Denney. 🙂


  442. I love the name Lexi.


  443. I’m Kayla at beaukay917@gmail.com

    I love Haley Marie or Grace Marie. They would go well with your last name. Good luck!

  444. Hey! My email is oliviablarsen11@gmail.com

    I love the names Ivy and Violet. 🙂 Good luck!

  445. Jada
    It’s my youngest’s name and I think it’s so pretty. Or Alysa (pronounced Ah-lisa). That’s my middle child’s middle name. It means princess.

    mrsnicole_jackson @ yahoo.com

  446. I love Grace Isabella, or Grace Sophie (or Isabella Grace or Sophia Grace). My email is ssandiford83@gmail.com. Congrats!

  447. I named my sweet daughter Alyssa, and I think you should too!


  448. My name is Kristen.

    Email Kdawg70@peoplepc.com

    I think Sophia would be perfect!!

  449. fabberhsam@hotmail.com

    I think Grace as a FIRST name is feminine, and not so common to use as a FIRST name. And Grace Denney sounds great!

  450. Baby girl name suggestions
    Mikaela or Avery


  451. We had a little girl in October. She was going to be Lilly, Claire or Brynn. Lilly Brynn was the outcome. Those are my 3 suggestions.

  452. My name is Suni Smoot my email is sweetnums44@hotmail.com. I think you should name her Elliot I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NAME!

  453. When I think of baby names I try to think of something strong and not so typical but most importantly for a girl, still very much feminine and soft.


    I think it is beautiful, just like you sweet baby will be. Best of luck.

    Emily Voelker

  454. Hi!
    First things first, for the giveaway: my email address is vmiller141@hotmail.com and the girl name I would suggest is Penny. I know it may be silly but I love rhyming names, Penny Denny, it is sing-song. That might be hard for her in school, I don’t know how kids react to that type of name but it was what came to me. Best of luck to you, enjoy your little girl.

  455. Hazel or Arden!

  456. I have a plentiful amount of girl names, as I continue to have boys!!

    Penelope Jane Denney (maybe PJ?)
    Genevieve Anee Denney (maybe Ginny!)

    Early congrats!

  457. handcdeal@gmail.com

    I love Claire and Sophie! So many fun names to choose from with a little girl:).

  458. My daughter’s name is Kaia and I also love the name Lilah.

    Thanks for the chance!

  459. hollyschrauth@hotmail(dot)com

    i really like Gretta,, and i love the name Ginger (thats my daughters name)

  460. Allison/Alice =)


  461. I love the name Jasmine and Alyssa.. Jasmine Denney.. Alyssa Denney.. OR Jasmine Alyssa Denney.!

    best of luck with everything, you look amazing!


  462. I love the name Jadyn with no middle name. Jadyn Denney. Perfect 😉


  463. I vote for Annabelle!


  464. I like the name Emery or even Emerson!


  465. My 4 year old’s name is McKyla, I highly recommend it!=) She can go by Kyla for short if she wants, which means beautiful in the baby books. I’ve never met anyone around with her name, but the ‘mc’ names are common enough that it’s not weird.
    Now I’m crossing my fingers that this suggestion was worth a 100 bucks! 😉

  466. MY Name is Jessica and my email is himlej@gmail.com

    We just had a little girl and we named her Payton.
    Our Top choices were
    and Harlee (like the motorcycle)

  467. We have boys (and my childbirthin’ days are over, woohoo!), but the girl name I like is Kiley Ann. Have really enjoyed collecting all the fun Halloween/fall recipes from your blog! Best wishes to y’all 🙂


  468. Madeline Jane Denney is my suggestion. It just sounded good to me.


  469. mommyhaleyluke@yahoo.com

    I love the name Harper

  470. rindymae.northrop(at)gmail(dot)com

    I vote Violet, Ava or Sophie.

  471. I love Seaira!

  472. Christy so happy for you to have a girl…names I love but never could use…

    Reese, Macie, Hattie and Paige.
    my email: sainsrob@hotmail.com
    it was so fun to talk to you the other day. you are just adorable!!! Amanda Sainsbury

  473. My name is dori, it is not short for anything, but I get a lot of comments on how unique it is. However the name I would like to submit is Finola,I love that name! Love your site and your food!

  474. Your blog is amazing! You have inspired me so much! As an aspiring food blogger (www.4thgenerationbaker.blogspot.com) you have given me so many ideas to blog about!!

    My name is Simone Faucher (chixie123@gmail.com)
    My suggestions for baby girl names are:
    Jocelyn (my favourite!)

  475. My name is Tasha and my email address is tasha.seiler@gmail.com I have always liked the name Willa. Super cute for baby and older woman!

  476. My email is sqpeterson at gmail dot com. I think the name Madeline is lovely. Also, Emily…so dainty.

  477. I love the names Madison and Krista.
    My email is kandlparsons@bmts.com

  478. Kerry Oppenheim: kerrymoppenheim@gmail.com

    I suggest Charlotte or Violet. Not too common nowadays, but classic and sound good on a little girl and an adult.

  479. Adeline! Addy for short…

  480. Name her Eden 🙂 That’s my name <3 There arn't a lot of Edens out there. Lilly is a nice name too <3

    euyehara08@gmail.com Please enter me <3

  481. One of the choices for our daughter’s name was Emma. Emma was quite common at the time so we thought maybe Emmaline, but it sounded weird with our last name. I’m also partial to Elizabeth and it’s many many variations.

    Mrsblocko (at) hotmail (dot) com

  482. Also Beatrice, and you could call her Bea. 🙂

  483. My name is Shai and my email is

    I really like the name Avery or Hayden

  484. Sophia is pretty. Or Elizabeth/Elisabeth. Or Eva.


  485. Oh! Baby girl names are so much fun! Trying to think of ones that would work well with your last name, too.
    How about: Eva, Claire, Marcella, Elaina, Lara, Meredith, Savannah, Morgan, Grace..oh, I fear I could go on forever!

    Best of luck!

  486. mbecker756@gmail.com

    I love the name Haydn for a girl, or even my own name! I like how Makensie can be spelt with so many variations. Good luck!

  487. If I had a little girl I would name her after my grandma, who had the most beautiful name – Annalise.

  488. Rachel or Reagan?


  489. I have always liked the name “Harvest” for a girl and my email address is redfire1965@yahoo.com

  490. several spelling options: Orlaith, Orlagh, Orla,(all pronounced Orla) (Irish) Means “golden queen” or “golden princess”


  491. Email address is annakh19@yahoo.com

    what about Kathryn

  492. My email address is on my profile.

    Jane Denney could be good. I like classic names.

  493. My daughter’s name is Paige Abigail….we chose Abigail because it means, “My Father’s Joy”….a few of her friends are…”Presley”….”Stella”… “Cameron”….and “Tilly”…….just a few for extra measure!

    Congratulations and much love!

    From Stephanie at:


  494. Ericka Andersen

    The name I pick for you is “Adaline” and you can call her “Addie” or “Ada” for short. I just fell in love with this name recently 🙂

  495. Hi my name is Kim.
    Email is kimbar@gmail.com.

    My little girls name is Mackenzie. But my suggestion to you for your little girl is Natalie. It is a beautiful name.

    I love your blog. I am so excited to try the candy corn cupcakes.

  496. adahlman1@gmail.com


    Isabella (bella for short:)


    Oooh couldn’t name only one!

  497. My two favorite names would have to be: Arabella Denney or Makya (Mah-Ky-Ah) Denney.


  498. Name Suggestion: Audrey


  499. How about Brooklyn…I think that is such a cute name. Imlswg@comcast.net

  500. I bet you can’t wait to snuggle your sweet baby girl!

    My suggestion is Ella Gracy Denney.

    Best of luck!

  501. nadscrow@yahoo.com
    and my pick is Victoria.
    I have an uncommon (unique) name and like it now , but it was a little rough with substitute teachers and spelling it for everyone all the time. My kids are Elizabeth, Olivia, Vincent, and Abigail for that very reason. (I threw in a Zora for a middle name after my grandma to spice things up.)

  502. I think either Desirae or Brielle are both beautiful names that sound good with your last name. By the way, I love your web site! Use it all the time.


  503. My email: hennifer78@yahoo.com
    I like Elizabeth (beth) or Emma. Congrats by the way!

  504. Emerson, Alyse, Jamesyn & Audrina.

    I commented earlier but it didn’t say it was accepted. So this may be a duplicate. My apologies. 🙁



  505. congrats! i think casey (or other spelling) would sound great with denney… not to mention it’s a “c” name like yours!

    my email: sweetpeonyblog@gmail.com


  507. meltardy@yahoo.com

    Delaney Denney….sounds precious

  508. mjoannahendrix@gmail.com
    Our 5 month old is named Amelia, which I love! It is lovely and you don’t meet many. It also means hardworking and beloved by the Lord, which I think is nice 🙂 congrats! New to your blog, and love it!

  509. manette@insightbb.com

    My favorite girl name is Margaret (my mom’s name) and calling her Maggie.

  510. heatherschultz86@gmail.com

    Phoebe Denney. Best suggestion on this list. Yup. You’re welcome. 🙂

  511. My email is tglover@shelbyed.k12.al.us. I always dreamed of having a little girl and thought I would name her Samantha, however 3 boys later…..I now like the names Kendall and Ryleigh.

  512. loribunk@gmail.com

    how about….
    agatha (means “virtuous”)
    nadia (means “hopeful”)
    virginia (means “pure”)
    esther (means “star”)

  513. 1) Kayla
    2) anna.lam9@gmail.com

  514. I love the name Rylee! While it’s not technically a unique name, I love the unique spelling of it.

    My email is kkskodinski@gmail.com

  515. My name is Mary and my email is marylaird.mangum@gmail.com. The name I am suggesting is Eleanor and call her Ellie.

  516. I like the name Chloe (I am expecting now and we are letting the gender be a surprise). If it is a girl we will name her Chloe.


  517. I suggest: Caroline or Carolina

    Email: Jceast22@gmail.com (Jacquline Carol)

  518. Lydia it is my favorite name and you dont hear it a lot.


  519. My name is Amy
    my email is afaulconer06@yahoo.com

    My name suggestions would be

  520. I’m Keri at brianandgirls@gmail.com

    I have 3 girls of my own..Megan, Abby and Chloe.

    My pick for you?…Hazel. I love that name.

  521. My name is Evan and my youngest little girl’s name is Ruby Sage and I am adopting another baby girl from Ethiopia I am planning to name Ester. I just love older names! My email is kurtandevan@gmail.com

  522. My name is Ashley my e-mail is ashleymartin1988@aol.com
    And I love Paysleigh for a girl 🙂

  523. Hello,

    Love your blog! =)

    For a girl I would suggest Lillian (Lilly for short) or Nola


  524. Love the name Rory for a girl 🙂


  525. My email address is mrsbrittanyfish@gmail.com

    My suggestion for a girl name is Ava. I think it’s different, but not weird and it would be a pretty name as she grows up!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog!

  526. My email is macaroniandcheeescake@gmail.com

    What about Cate? That is a sophisticated yet cute name.

  527. I really like the name Eden. Also, I just heard of a baby girl named Ivy which I think is cute for a little girl and nice for an adult, but it is really only about what YOU like. 🙂


  528. bekita21@hotmail.com

    I have 4 girls….youngest is just 9 days old. We were very particular in choosing names, both in how they sound and meaning. Also, I didn’t want anything super common or weird either. Their names are:

    Marissa Janae
    Annika Elyse
    Ellia Renee
    Miranda Kathryn

    Obviously, I love all of them! I also like Adelina a lot.

  529. lindsaymortensen at yahoo dot com

    Name suggestion ~ Amelia. So feminine and timeless.

  530. My email is kimberpoll@yahoo.com and I love the name Delaney!

  531. Ava Hazel 🙂


  532. megvbar(at)gmail.com

    I’ve always liked Leah (pronouncing the “ah” sound) and I think it sounds great with Denney!

  533. catherinebarron@verizon.net

    Julia, it’s a classic!

  534. I absolutely adore Eloise!


  535. my email is andreakjardine@gmail.com.

    I think the name Blythe is a hit. just sayin’.

  536. My name is Lainey (daisyt915@yahoo.com)
    I had the same critera as you and my girls are named Cecilia and Genevieve (Evie). Best of luck to you and thanks for all the yummy recipes!

  537. My e-mail address is emileenewmanbowles(at)gmail(dot)com

    I’m having a baby girl in December. Two names I liked that we aren’t going with are Sylvia and Claire.

    Good luck! Coming up with names for kids can be stressful.

  538. braunrussmel@yahoo.com

    Larkin and Valerie

  539. I LOVE kids names that have a special meaning or memory. Some names I love right now are Brooklyn, Calli, and Autumn.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

    rowecarrie at gmail dot com

  540. I like Anabelle (with one or two n’s) 🙂


  541. My name is Ginny


    I love the name Clairanne.

    This was my pick for my daughter, but husband said no and liked “Madison”…now every body has a daughter named Madison it seems. I liked Clairanne b/c at the time Claire was popular, and I absolutely loved it but didn’t want her to have the same as everyone else! I mixed up the name some. 🙂 While my “baby days” are over with due to endometriosis…I am positively thrilled for people that are carrying. Good luck!

  542. infernobox@yahoo.com

    Mirabella, Anatalia, Natalina, Paige

  543. I like Brynn or Julie!

  544. Yen Doan

    *Camilla Grace
    *Francesca Grace

  545. I love the names Stella and Brielle.
    I am Lindsay, Lhunt212@yahoo.com

  546. I LOVE the name Berkley for a girl! Or Chase is cute as well!


  547. Jessica.miller@cox.net


    We have four girls at our house. Love it!

  548. My name is Mellisa Ann.
    My e-mail is melllisa.willis@sbcglobal.net
    My suggestion is Madison Sophia.

  549. Ooh, I love names! My little man just turned one, but if he’d been a girl I would have pushed for Hazel June. (I already have a Hadley Elizabeth) I also love Violet, Juniper and Amelia (love the nn Millie) BTW, Isabella is #1 in the country right now, so be warned!

    Love the blog, do we get an extra prize if you name your little girlie our suggestion? 🙂

    freezinger AT gmail DOT com

  550. 1. Jamison7@gmail.com
    2. Jade

  551. gimmysomemoe@yahoo.com

    I usually don’t share this name because I do not want anyone stealing it, lol… but here you go 🙂 :
    1. Layla -My cousin named her little girl this and I absolutely love it!

  552. I love the names Caitlin, Danielle and Leslie.

    email address: dmkrajewski@hotmail.com

  553. My parents named me Randi in the late 80’s when everyone was using the names Nicole or Ashley. Its uncommon. But if I was going to name a little girl right now I’d choose, Aubree Jayne 🙂

    Randi @randalyn87@yahoo.com

  554. my name is Katherine..
    I like the name Sophie!


  555. Eden, Susan, and Charis are on my ‘short’ list right now.

    We are trying to pick out another girl name too, and looking for the same kind of name. So, I’ll be watching this list of suggestions for some inspiration!


  556. my suggestion is Elizabeth.

    You look great! Good luck!

    Becky (abeckmom at yahoo dot com)

  557. aitonainen@yahoo.com

    Hi! My name is Amy. My girl name suggestion is: Eleanor Rae Denney. Ella or EllaRae or Elli/e for short.

    I have a Lillian (Lily) and Cooper at home 🙂

  558. I really like the names Hadley, Rowan, and Claire.

  559. I seriously get ALL my recipes from your blog! It is the best!

    I really like the name Ashlynn – it is femine, classy, and a little different!


  560. Autumn or Hope.


  561. hi! I’m p.V.e and my email is veithp1@gmail.com

    My favorite names for girls are Bailey, Sydney, and Sophia!

  562. I just had my 4th baby 3 weeks ago and we named him Kash and we love the name! my vote for a girls name is Layla.

  563. How about Victoria Denney? You could call her Tori for short.


  564. I love the names Isabella (Bella for short), Summer, and Crystal!


  565. shawkaroo@gmail.com

    I recommend Rosaline or Rosalind. I think it’s a beautiful name, one that’s ageless. You can call her Ros or Rosie when she’s little, if you need suggestions for a nickname too 😉

  566. ballroombabe16@hotmail.com
    I love the name peyton!!!!

  567. racheldallaire@gmail.com

    My suggestion is Lia. 🙂

  568. I think Harper Denney or Addison Denney sounds fantastic!

    Joi Delaney

  569. catherinehales@gmail.com

    I’m having a girl in 4 weeks and my husband and I cannot agree on a name, so we will probably have to decide in the hospital as well, but I like the name Claire a lot. It doesn’t seem too common or too weird.

  570. My name suggestion is Blythe (my favorite, but I have 2 boys!)

    email is spellman lori @ hotmail.com

  571. brittanyelise@gmail.com

    and i think the name Brielle is really cute! not too common but not too weird!

  572. Congrats on your baby!

    With your last name, I think Cecily would be pretty! Or any lovely flower names: Rose, Lily, Violet.

    (also, my email is collikl218@gmail.com)

  573. laurengsmith18@gmail.com

    Harper or Quinn. I like names that could be used for a boy or girl. (I know someone said Harper already.)

    I thought Autumn was a good suggestion too.

  574. I loved the pink shower picture – I like the name Katrina and also Dallas


  575. cookinmama03@live.com

    I love the name Kate!

  576. love the name jayda


  577. tiffanyt@shafenberg.com
    I like lucy, but I already suggested it to Jen. So watch out.

  578. lisa1coupon@gmail.com

    I love the name Rory for a girl.

  579. dburns2006@yahoo.com

    Love love love the name Kerrington for a little girl 🙂

  580. I always wanted to name my baby girl Janae Alyzabeth but unfortunately i married a hawaiian and will always be using hawaiian names! My name is michelle and my email is michelle.akina@gmail.com

  581. My name is Mandy and my address is mrsmbm@gmail.com.

    My suggestion is Jacklyn, which gives lots of cute nick name potential. 🙂

  582. Andrea.allshouse@yahoo.com

    Love the name, Layne 🙂 good luck with the name search!

    Andrea – LOVE your blog!

  583. Ainsley, Bentlee, or Harlow. 🙂

  584. I love the names Naomi and Georgina.
    my email is: oceanlimbs@gmail.com

  585. scarlettbanks@yahoo.com

    I absolutly love my name (thanks to my mom!) so i vote Scarlett!

    But I also love oliva and lydia

  586. My email is gonecrazywith4@yahoo.com.

    My name choice is Kyleigh or Ashlynn

  587. Claire Denney, you can’ get any better than that!!! It’s beautiful, timeless and classic.


  588. kishi10 at excite dot com.

    Name suggestion is Piper.

  589. kishi10 at excite dot com.

    Name suggestion is Piper.

  590. erin.townsen@gmail.com I’m due in January but we aren’t finding out what we are having.

    I like Katherine.

  591. I love the name’s Maelan and Kamryn for girl’s. Too bad I’m all done! Good luck!


  592. I would suggest two names: Carolena (nn Lena) and Eva. Congrats on your baby girl, whatever you decide to name her!


  593. ericaroyer@gmail.com

    I like Marlee, Pyper and Brynlee.

  594. emilygibbons@gmail.com

    Hadley Rayne

  595. What about Heidi? I think it’s a great name, of course because it’s mine!

  596. My name is Katie adams. My email is Talk2kathryn@hotmail.com

    I love the name Audrey. I think it is so feminine and lovely.
    Audrey Elle Denny is adorable! Congrats on your baby girl 🙂

  597. gray_t@dixie.edu

    I really like Jandi 🙂

  598. My e-mail is amanda_9_98@yahoo.com

    My daughter is Kathryn, but I really wanted to name her Carter. Also my son was almost a Kayla, but I will recommend Grace.

  599. I have 2 girls, Abbigail and Sara but I’ve always loved the names Penelope, Piper, or Reese. 🙂 Congrats!!


  600. My email is amie_carriere@yahoo.com

    I have 2 name suggestions for you: Aurelia and Athena…they were on our lists for our girls and I always loved them; my husband wasn’t game for them though.

  601. I love the name Haven! Plus it would go great with your last name!


  602. mllwyllw@gmail.com

    I love the name Clarissa. Clare for short.

  603. I’ve always like Alexis, if she’s a tomboy (hey it happens) she can call herself “Alex” until she grows out of the phase and becomes girly again =)


  604. Hi!
    I just had my third baby girl. I like names that end in the “n” sound and can’t be shortened. Our first is Madison, everyone called her Maddie, HATE that and correct everyone, so we learned and our second is Lauren and finally, our latest addition is Reagan. Obviously, I LOVE those names, all they can grow into and we tried to think ahead of people seeing their names on college or job applications and felt they were strong female names but still cute while they are young! I also love the name Brooke or Robin too. Congrats on the girl and good luck!


  605. Scarlet-I just love it


  606. I love the name Lydia for a little girl…I’m a sucker for Bible names, plus it sounds so feminine to me. 🙂 You look beautiful by the way! So glad your friends threw you a party and you had a good time!

  607. Amelia Michelle. 🙂

    I’m Ashley Hales and my email is ashleyhales@hotmail.com

  608. Congratulations on your baby girl! I vote for Lila 🙂


  609. I love the name Norah. It means sun ray, shining light; woman of honor; compassion; light.

  610. Hi Im Sally

    Krista for the baby’s name

  611. I love the name Elynn.
    I’m Lisa, at lmf0813@gmail.com

  612. How about Rebecca – elegent and sweet!

  613. joellenzafacon at gmail dot com

  614. Brie

  615. I absolutely love the name Aurelia. Its very unique and it was Sylvia Plaths mother’s name. And you could call her Auri for short. Love! I would use it for my future baby girl but my husband doesn’t love it.


  616. My name is Leanor. Everyone calls me Lea for short and that is my girl suggestion. Lea and Denney sound really nice together don’t you think?

    saurilea at gmail dot com

  617. I like Emma Leigh and Taryn.

  618. I love your blog!! Melanie.Seat@gmail.com
    I like the name Peyton!

  619. Scarlet Denney.

    On our first date, my husband and I agreed on the name Scarlet (never mentioning a boys name). Three years later I had a little blonde haired blue eyed baby boy named Jackson Champ and no more use for a lovely girls name since we have no chance of becoming pregnant again…I would like to throw that name out into the universe and see if it sticks.

    I also had a pretty little middle name “Nightingale”…it made the name sound like either a superhero or a cool lead singer of a rock band!
    Best of Luck!

  620. elizabethb400@hotmail.com

    Elysia. I don’t know why, but I like that name.

  621. My email is caslee53@hotmail.com

    my suggestion is the name I was going to use but we had a boy…


  622. I really like Gwen or Blythe.

    Rachel rachbos44@yahoo.com

  623. Scarlet Denney

    My husband and I had agreed on that name on our first date…ended up having a little blonde haired blue eyed baby boy named Jackson Champ. Since we won’t be having anymore children, I’d like to put the name Scarlet out into the universe and see where it ends up!

    I also loved the middle name Nightingale….made it sound like a bird or a super hero!


  624. I love the name Faythe (not spelled the usual way “Faith); I think it’s simple and elegant and perfect for a baby girl.

    My e-mail is volleyballkate16@yahoo.com

  625. sharonwhitener@gmail.com

    I love the name’s Olivia and Adele.

  626. Michele here@ mikeyb27@hotmail.com

    My suggestion is Haven….different but not weird :).

  627. How about Claire?

    calcetines.locos (at) gmail (dot) com

  628. cbramlee@msn.com


  629. My Email: kayla.blaskowski@gmail.com

    I love the name Aubrey for a girl!

  630. freckles@custertel.net
    baby name – Rose (My grandma’s name)

    LOVE your blog! Just discovered it last night!

  631. I have two girls and their names are: Juliana Elizabeth and Natalie Katherine. 🙂 Hope that helps and best of luck!


  632. Hi!
    I like the name “Stella” or “Estella”

    Rebecca ricearoni82@gmail.com

  633. emilylmcfarland@gmail.com

    Brooklyn ( or Brooklynn)

  634. Jessica @ jsschmidt83@hotmail.com

    I would go with Kylie. You can chose different spellings.

  635. I like the name Sarita. I think it’s unique and very pretty. 🙂

    My email address is ragingtuna at gmail dot com

  636. jeav1995@hotmail.com

    I LOVE the name Ava Grace

  637. First, I just wanted to say I love your blog.

    As for baby names, I’ve planned for years to name my first girl (if I’m lucky enough to have one) Dinah (pronouncing the i like an i and not like an ee). So that’s my suggestion. Congrats on the baby!!


  638. I love your recipes! My e-mail is tiffyton1204@hotmail.com

    My name suggestion is Claire…love it as it is my daughter’s name and I haven’t found that it is too common yet

  639. jlkeehn3@hotmail.com
    My girl’s names are Sienna and Annika….not too common and I get a ton of complements…our other favorite was Gemma. Apparently we like names ending in a..

  640. My name is Amy, mountaindreams@cox.net and my name choice is Harper Grace or you could name her Amy…but spell it Amiee!

  641. Well – my favorite little girl’s name is my daughter’s, which is Brianna Claire. I also love Sophia and Savannah as girl’s names. They are romantic, classy names and go perfectly with “Denney”.
    My email address is: craftymule@yahoo.com or just click on my name to contact me through my blog….

  642. Well – my favorite little girl’s name is my daughter’s, which is Brianna Claire. I also love Sophia and Savannah as girl’s names. They are romantic, classy names and go perfectly with “Denney”.
    My email address is: craftymule@yahoo.com or just click on my name to contact me through my blog….

  643. amiefaust@gmail.com

    I love the name Riley! Good luck deciding!

  644. My name is Amber and email is amberjane@comcast.net

    My suggestions are the girls names I had for my twins that turned out to be boys 🙂 Victoria or Charlotte

  645. My favorite girl’s name right now is Olivia. It has recently gained popularity, but it’s a classic name that works well for girls and women of any age.

    randomcreative at gmail dot com

  646. erin.kloepfer@gmail.com

    I’d say Anika. Rhymes with Monica and it’s Scandinavian.

  647. Natalie Grace (or spelled Natalee). I am 42 and it is unlikely that I’ll have any more children, but if I had a girl…I love Natalie and it would be by the grace of God that she would come to us! Best wishes with everything ahead of you!


  648. Roxanne is my all time favorite name for a girl.

  649. Hi, my name is Shay and my email is paperplatesandchina@gmail.com

    A few of my favorite girls names are Celeste, Anna, and Gracie.

  650. My name is Sheri (unique, but always spelled wrong). We loved the name Karissa.

  651. I named my daughter Taylor and I still love that name. She likes her name too. Just be careful if you choose that name, by the time she is about 6 she might not want to be called “tay” and get really mad when someone calls her “tyler”!! LOL
    my email is mykidsrcool@gmail.com

  652. I love the name Lauren!


  653. The name Sutton or Avery


  654. spycej@gmail.com

    My baby girl recommendation is Amelia.

  655. My favorite! MaKayla goes great with your last name.

  656. My name is Yaz and my email address is y.reyes1208@gmail.com

    The first name that came to mind is
    Addison — you can call her Addie. Good Luck with baby names.

  657. We have used timeless classic names for our four children,, Julia, Sarah and Lydia. I love them all!! (The names and the girls) IF I had to name another baby girl I would start arguing with my husband now for “Eden”.

    Nicole Bullock bnbullock@shaw.ca

  658. We have used timeless classic names for our four children,, Julia, Sarah and Lydia. I love them all!! (The names and the girls) IF I had to name another baby girl I would start arguing with my husband now for “Eden”.

    Nicole Bullock bnbullock@shaw.ca

  659. Hello,

    My email address is 704937@gmail.com and my pick for a girl name is Addelyn.

  660. I’ve always loved the name Layla… i have 2 girls and neither got the name 🙁


  661. rainbobrite6@yahoo.com

    If I ever have some girls I want to name them Georgia and Charlotte. I love the southern charm!

  662. I’m due on Dec 3rd and we are naming our little girl Adelaide. Feel free to steal if you like 🙂


  663. My email address is lorinicole1981@yahoo.com

    Love the name Annabeth

  664. I love the name Robyn!! Seems to be uncommon and so pretty.
    This was always such a challenge for my husband and I as well! We almost had an Oliver, which I still love, but got a veto as well.
    Good luck with your search for the perfect name for a perfect new baby!

    betsydixon1@gmail.com is my email!

  665. I have a Chloe Elise. If I were to do it again I might just name her Elise. Elise Denny would be pretty and unique but not freaky unique, lol.


  666. Selene. I believe she was a goddess of the moon, but am not positive.

  667. My name is Kara, and my e-mail is karamurri at gmail dot com. I love the name Nora(h) although it’s getting a lot more popular it seems (at least where I live). My daughters are Hannah and Kate. Good luck! It’s always tricky to find a great name that you love.

  668. My daughter’s name is Lily and I am pregnant with our second baby (girl) and we are also having a hard time deciding on a name. I like Claire, Charlotte, Ellie/ Elle, Violet, and my list goes on and on. Good thing I have 5 more months to decide! Good luck!


  669. Lauren!


    Making one of your recipes tonight!

  670. Okay I love a few names!!!! Abigail is awesome (not just cuz it’s my name….it’s not crazy super common, and its soooo pretty!) I also love Mackenzie & Madalyn! What a great giveaway! Pick me pick me!
    I love your blog!

  671. For one of my sons we had the name Lindsey Lynee’ picked (Pronounced like Renee). For a really different name (we go to church with a woman named) Everly.
    My name is Karey.
    email addy mkm9278@yahoo.com
    Good luck with her name.

  672. I love your blog, such great tasty savoury dishes and gorgeous baking ideas 🙂

    I have always loved Molly or Bella or Rose for a little girl

  673. mmmcupcake@aol.com

    I love the names Annabelle and Talia for a girl 🙂

  674. I think Meredith would be cute for a baby and classy as a lady. Works with Denney too! My e-mail is mrsdavis728@gmail.com. Thanks!

  675. My name is Katrina and my e-mail is: katrinadingle@hotmail.com

    I like the names Blair and Brynn for a girl 🙂

  676. Oh I forgot to say my email is the_gothic_playground@hotmail.com

    I was the one voting for Rose, Molly or Bella!!

  677. I named my daughter Irelynd. Or you could go with Irelyn.


  678. smitchell818@gmail.com

    My suggestion: Maya. It was our runner-up name for my daughter. It didn’t fit her (know how that happens?), but it might fit our next one, and it might fit yours too!

  679. How about Tara?

    needles (at) fidnet (dot) com

  680. sabutterfield3@gmail.com

    How about Charlotte? It seems sweet and elegant!

  681. I’m a big fan of beautiful, old fashioned names… Victoria and Virginia (which I could not use with a last name of Wolfe)are two of my favorites.
    Erin Wolfe

  682. I like Rayne. Some people spell it Rain…but my daughter’s middle name is Rayne (and her first name is semi-formal). So pretty.


  683. lindsayzockoll@gmail.com

    We have two boys…but if we ever have a girl her name will be Ruby – LOVE that name!!!

  684. Goodness! Not sure if my post went through. So…here it is again. Hey! My name is Monica and my suggested girl name is Claire. Claire Denney sounds just beautiful. And it’s a great name regardless of whom she becomes as an adult – a teacher, an actress, a politician or an engineer. Congrats!

  685. sassykaejae@yahoo.com

    I like Lola


  686. I love the name Emily Grace for a girl. It can be shortened when she’s little (Em, Emmie, Emma), & lengthened again when she’s all grown up :-). Another girl name that is a little more unique that I like is Skylar.

    Love your blog! Thanks so much for the contest!


  687. I love the names Avery and Claire.

  688. rookb@hotmail.com

    My suggestion is Brooklyn or Ava. 🙂

  689. Well, I have always liked my name – it seems to be gaining popularity but not the way I spell it, KRISTAN! good luck naming little “pink”!! (enjoy your site)

  690. jfandjamie@hotmail.com

    I love the name Isabella. You can call her Izzy or Bella.

  691. I really like the name Satori. It’s not a common name at all and I’ve always wanted to use that name.


  692. Hadley, a great little girl and adult name.


  693. My name is Lindsey…email lindsfitch at hotmail dot com

    I love the name Finley! Good luck choosing a name for your little one, having a baby girl is so much fun!

  694. I love your site! My e-mail address is bjesquibel81@hotmail.com and I love the name EDISON! I think it is original, yet simple all at the same time. Also, Mason or Millie!

  695. Hi there…pammyl35@hotmail.com and my choice for a baby girl name is Miranda! Thank you! 🙂

  696. I love the names Lucy Jane and Estella (or Stella) Marie

    I also like Cameron for a girl.


  697. lorikay.coup@gmail.com

    Ooooh I LOVE thinking of girl names 🙂

    My favorites are:
    1. Caroline Louise
    2. Bella Rose
    3. Rose Miriam (Miri?)
    4. Charlie
    5. Avery

  698. Audrey! My daughter’s name…


  699. My email is babieo4@msn.com

    Actually have 2 suggestions, Addelynn or Avalon. You could always shorten them to Addy and Ava when they’re younger if you wanted.

    Love the blog!

  700. My email address is karp81@hotmail.com
    Baby girl name I would suggest is Amelie.
    Thank you!

  701. First off, your site is AMAAAAZING!!!! I just happened upon it a couple of weeks ago! I’ve made a couple things and I can’t wait to make more!

    As for a name, I would consider Scarlett right now. It’s not a super common name and it’s not off the wall! 🙂

    Ashley 🙂

  702. My granddaughter’s name is Leila…thought it was strange at first, but saw a much older woman the other day and she had the same name.
    I also love Avery or Sutton.


  703. jaimeasu@hotmail.com

    My cousin named her baby Olivia and they call her Livy. She’s a cutie!

  704. Congratulations and all the best with your new baby.

    My aunt did not name her daughter until almost 2 months after she was born. (then she picked the worst name on the list, IMO – so don’t over analyze it) yeah, I was surprised they allowed her out of the hospital, I always thought you had to have a name before you could leave. :/

    One name I couldn’t convince my husband to consider was Lauren. I also like names that end in A but because our last name began with A we didn’t consider many names that ended that way (and of course our daughter got a name that ended with A)

    I had the same criteria as you when it came to naming our daughter. a name that was different but not too weird and easy to pronounce and would grow with her.

    I work at a school and can say that the name Madison (in any spelling), Maddie, Sophie/Sophia, Abigail are way too popular names for girls.

    my email is under my profile pic!

  705. karolann.moore@gmail.com

    Lily Katherine, you could call her Lily, Lily Kate, Katie, Katherine, it has endless possibilities!

    Another name I’ve always loved is Alivia.

  706. Anna or Carly!


  707. averyjminor@aol.com
    And I think a cute name would be Taylor! 🙂

  708. Not sure if this posted twice…
    Genevieve (pronounced the american way) options – Eve or Gigi!


    Just found your blog and absolutely LOVE IT! Congrats on your baby girl!

  709. tb_carlile@yahoo.com

    I love the name Olivia

  710. My name is Amilia and my email is amilia418@gmail.com

    Well I think Amilia is a lovely name 😉 But I also like Irelyn.

  711. Hi, congrats on your baby girl! They are so much fun. I had 2 boys first and then my daughter and shopping for her is so much fun! I love the names Lilah and Eden!

    email: lesliern5875@yahoo.com

  712. I love the name Callie!


  713. Ugh. forgot the email…darcyacraft@gmail.com and i still vote clementine jane. 🙂

  714. how about Mackenzie?? Its a great name!
    my name is Mackenzie Boehme, and i LOVE your site!


  715. Presley Denny would be SUCH a cute name
    OR Emery Denny 🙂 i hope you like them!

  716. My name is Amy and my email is

    I love the name Chloe and think it would sound great with your last name.

  717. allykat_allykat@yahoo.com

    I think that Samantha is a darling name.

  718. I love the name Charlotte

    my email is:
    therese (dot) roth (at) gmail (dot) com

  719. mlksrogers@gmail.com

    I like the names Kayzlee and Evelyn.

  720. How about Sylvia . You don’t hear that name that much

  721. bre.paskett@gmail.com

    Indira and call her Indie for short 🙂

  722. laura armington says:


    My baby girl name is…. Harper!

  723. The name Mackenzie is a wonderful name – if you like nick names Mackenzie offers many opportunities !!
    Kenz, Mac, Kenzie, Mackenz, Mac Attack, Mackers, Mackie, Mac the knife……endless possibilities !! Then if you are me and happen to have a Mackenzie – I do also call her BoBay, Biscuit, Sally, Disco, Renz , Bis, MacNor, Renzo…endless possibilities but Mackenzie is nice too !! 🙂


  724. Hi my name is Jennifer. My email address is: jraten@surewest.net

    I have several suggestions for girls names: Brooklyn, Sariah (sounds like Mariah), Nevaeh (Nee-va), and Annabella.

    Good luck on your newest addition!

  725. anderson0807@gmail.com

    My daughter’s name is Aleah. It is different but not too crazy!

    Good luck making your decision with all of these suggestions!!

    p.s. I love your blog…it has got to be my fave food blog EVER!!

  726. Hello! My name is Karen and my email is karenzgifford@gmail.com

    We named our girl Charlotte and love it. People comment on it a lot, but it is still definitely a classic. I also like Claire, Clairice (my sister in law’s name; we call her Reesy), or Rosalind (it’s from As You Like It, you could call her Roz for short. I have a friend who is naming her daughter that)
    Good luck!

  727. I love the name Jane for a little girl! I wanted to use it for my second, but got vetoed by the hubby 🙁


  728. I really think the name Harper Grace is beautiful. If I’m blessed with a daughter someday, it’ll definitely be on my list.


  729. I’m going to suggest April because, well…I sorta have an attachment to it.

  730. sallynichole@gmail.com

    My suggestion would be Hannah. It’s classic without being overused or plain. It also sounds good with everything.
    I really wanted to name our daughter Penelope or Opal but I was vetoed by the hubby.

  731. jonandsuzanna@yahoo.com

    My vote is for Eliana. That is my little girls name, and I love the name even more today then the day I first discovered it. It is very feminine and pretty, and she won’t have to worry about all the other little girls in kindergarten having the same name as her. My Eliana is in Kindergarten this year and she is the only one!:)

  732. My daughter is 19 and I still love her name – Elena 🙂 Pretty, not weird, a litle exotic and different. Just like her I guess! Also like Stella and Greta.

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    dmarie824 at aol dot com

  733. laura.m.woodson@gmail.com

    Love the name Lillian, Lilly for short. Or Layla

  734. nthing Ava. Classic, pretty, not too common, and not a “little girl” or “woman” name.



  735. My favorite girl name is what I call my “baby”. Kamryn!


  736. Hi, I’m not really good w/ girl names …. I’ve got 3 boys! I love Jocelyn. I read that name in a book one time & just loved it. I also like Molly. I think that’s the cutest name ever. My email is threeboymom@yahoo.com

  737. mtolivier@hotmail.com

    I love Jane, but my husband vetoed it. Actually, what I really love is Charlotte Jane (my grandmother’s name).

  738. Congratulations on the “likes” and the baby girl about to arrive!
    My name is Lorie (I love that it has the e) and it’s not very common. My email is laportlock(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Growing up I always imagined I had 2 girls and 2 boys and the girls names were Madeleine and Michelle. I think both sound good with Denney!

  739. kristinsellers@live.com

    We just named our daughter Siena and her middle name is Mckay. We both really like this name(It’s a city in Italy) and our next daughter’s name will be Adelaide(A city in Australia). Love them both, hope you do too!

  740. Palmer or Eleanor (call her Ellie)


  741. i really love the girl name finley!!

    my e-mail is micall@schoonover-plumbing.com

    congrats by the way!
    looove your blog!

    – micall

  742. mmhessen@gmail.com

    I love the name Elsa!

  743. kme1981@gmail.com
    I love the name Lindsay! If our next baby was a girl that would have been her name…but this one is another boy! We have one daughter named Kallie and I love love love that name too! Congrats on a baby girl!

  744. lydiabischoff@yahoo.com

    One my favorites is Katelyn!

  745. My daughter’s names are Sonora and Josie. I also love the names Raya and Jayla.


  746. My email is hillarydhatch@hotmail.com and I vote for the name Violet! You could call her Vi 🙂
    Love the blog!!

  747. I love the name Kamberlee…you can call her Kamber 🙂

    Love your blog!!

  748. jessicabingham_06@yahoo.com

    Names I was thinking of before we found out we’re having a boy: Claire, Brielle, Olivia. Our daughters name is Kambry and I’ve also seen Cambryn. Good Luck!

  749. How fun!!!

    Congrats on baby girl.

    I couldn’t go with just one name suggestion..so here are a few.


  750. I just want to say that I love the name Maverick 🙂 For a girl I love the name Peyton. Love your blog, thanks for sharing!


  751. Michael J. McCoy says:

    Name suggestion Ali Brook.

  752. One of my favorire girl names is Lydia!

    We have three boys and then we had Lydia!

    My name is Debbie cole shawnanddebbie@sbcglobal.net

  753. I like both Phoebe and Isabella a lot. Good luck!


  754. benamieivy@yahoo.com

    I have always loved the name, Myla.
    Simple, classic and pretty 🙂

  755. shannewster@gmail.com

    A few girl names…Saylor,Paige,and Addison

    Good luck picking one!

  756. Gewndolyn or Liliana


  757. Hi, my name is Elyshia.
    Just came across your fab blog and am so excited to try most of your recipes! might add a few extra pounds but its worth it 😉

    Girl names:
    *Nevaeh (which is my daughters name, as well as heaven spelt backwards)

    I am sure whatever name you choose will be just perfect and be as beautiful as you!


  758. Natalie

    Congrats on a baby girl! I suggest the name Stella.

  759. I am Lindsy and I suggest Zoe Dior. LOVE that name! 😉


  760. torrimahoney at gmail dot com

    How about the name Olivia? I think it’s so pretty!

  761. turtlebaby12@hotmail.com
    My name is Angela and I hope you like the name – Emma. 🙂

  762. bonjoni77@msn.com

    I’ve always like Addison or Ella.

  763. 🙁 Someone already said Crystal. That’s my suggestion. It’s a beautiful name, classy and pretty. And it goes well with the last name. Or Marie. I’m not sure if anyone else suggested that. 🙂

    My email’s on my blogger. Is it horrible that I am more excited about the recipe book than the card?!

  764. Caroline is my suggestion for you. Good luck in the name game. :o)


  765. Hmmm. How about Juliana, Sophie, Bianca, Gia? Those were some of my favorites but I ended up having a boy.

    dragonjk1 at yahoo dot com

  766. Love your blog and what a great bunch of names. My suggestion would be Eliza (or Elizabeth and call here Eliza or Liza).


  767. I love this idea and your blog of course. I have two boys so I am always “dreaming” of girl names. I’ve always loved Caroline. Classic and feminine 🙂 allisonagc(at)yahoo(dot)com

  768. I like the name Gigi from the Broadway musical.


  769. rlscholten@gmail.com

    Love the name Monroe (or Monreau) for a girl! It’s on my list for our baby due next month 🙂

  770. jessicaleemiller1@gmail.com

    I like the names Eliana and Elliot for a little girl.

    PS I love your blog! Thanks for all the awesome recipes! 🙂

  771. I love the name Marae!
    It is my niece’s middle name so I don’t know if it would be okay for us to ever use it???
    My email is-howieshanny@hotmail.com
    Shantel is my name.

  772. I love the name Marae!
    It is my niece’s middle name so I don’t know if it would be okay for us to ever use it???
    My email is-howieshanny@hotmail.com
    Shantel is my name.

  773. beth.thisamericanwife@gmail.com

    The recommendation I have is for the name Natalie. If I had another girl and my good friend’s daughter didn’t already have that name, it would be it!

  774. Hi! My email is tanyalynnsmyth@gmail.com

    My name for you is Ella. I love that name, El for short. Not many people have it & it will sound cute when shes a baby & nice when she’s older!

  775. I love the name Peyton Sawyer. If I was able to have another baby and if it happened to be a girl, it would be Peyton!

    I know it is always hard to choose a name, my hubby always let me choose since I was the one that carried them.


  776. I love the name Marae!
    It is my niece’s middle name so I don’t know if it would be okay for us to ever use it???
    My email is-howieshanny@hotmail.com
    Shantel is my name.

  777. Baby Name: Soleil :]
    May she be your sunshine!


  778. My friend’s name is Keela and I love it. It’s just the right amount of weird adn I’ve only met two people with the name. I also really like Evelyn.


  779. yobert7 at gmail dot com

    girl names I love right now: Quinn, Raegan, Chloe, Presley, Lucy

    Good Luck! Can’t wait to hear what you name her!

  780. I have always loved the name Duvet. Totally different and it has a great ring with your last name.

    Duvet Denney


  781. My top 5 list is:
    1. Laney
    2. Harper
    3. Afton
    4. Millie
    5. Cassidy
    The last 2 are the name of my daughter and my name. I hated having an uncommon name growing up, but now I’m glad:)
    Congratulations on the baby. I also have 3 boys an 1 girl.

  782. Hi I’m Jacqueline and my e-mail is jacs529@yahoo.com

    I personally love the name Audrey…it’s my 2 1/2 year old daughters name!!! 🙂 Hope you have a great rest of your pregnancy!!

  783. I like:
    Lindley, Ella Claire, Anna Grace (double names get me every time!), April.


  784. I like the name Sarah Kathleen and call her Sarah Kate – I have always LOVED this!!!

    My name is Ashley and email address is divnrn@gmail.com.

  785. I love Emerson, its one of the names I’m holding on to if I have a girl.

    Torey desemple

  786. My name is Erin and my email is knightce@aol.com. My little girl’s name is McCallum (which is a family name) but we call her Callie. I also like the name Olivia for a little girl.

  787. I have two boys, but two of my favorites for girls are Avery & Hannah, and when you put them together with your last name, it sounds pretty cute! 🙂
    Avery Hannah Denney

    Good luck to you!


  788. I like Cora and Elise


  789. I like Hadley. You can spell it Hadley, Hadleigh or Hadlee.

    bevsclark at gmail dot com

  790. My name is Connie

    Don’t name her after her fathers third grade girlfriend like mine did 🙂 I like Holly Megan

  791. I have all boys but I love the names Lauren and Claire.

    My email is kristenkavon@gmail.com


  792. Angesteves@att.net

    Congratulations on your little future princess. Suggestion would be Paige or Braelyn. Either would go with Denney. However it’s also important to see what the initials would be. -SMILE-

  793. Surely I am biased, but I think Lauren Denny sounds great! And it fits all your other criteria, not too weird, not too common and I have enjoyed it since birth!!

  794. spazzhb4 at yahoo dot com

    And here is a whole BUNCH of names…. a lot of them might be too weird for you or might not sound right with denney but here are some that i like:


  795. oops, my email


  796. I love the names Maya, Ava, and Grace. Good luck choosing from all the great suggestions!

    camigwilliam @ gmail . com

  797. I love the names Maya, Ava, and Grace. Good luck choosing from all the great suggestions!

    camigwilliam @ gmail . com

  798. veryunique@msn.com I always liked Emma Nicole as a girls name!

  799. RebeccaYoung93@gmail.com

    I love the names Quinn and Lela!

  800. What a fun idea!

    I love the names Ava, Avery, and Brynlee.

    Good luck!


  801. I’m Megan and my email is mwbsweeters@gmail.com

    I babysit a little girl name Gracen. Her parents wanted her name to look feminine so that’s why it’s spelled GRACEn instead of Grayson. Anyways, I absolutely love her name 🙂

  802. I love the name Emelia!


  803. kgdouth@gmail.com

    I love the name Avary…Ava as a nickname! 🙂

  804. Baby: Brynlie (Bryn for short)

  805. My email address is charysma88[at]hotmail[dot]com. Name suggestions are: Alyss (pronounced like Alice), Lisette (Lee-set), Malia (Muh-lee-uh), and Isla (Eye-luh). They’re different, that’s for sure! But I kinda like them… 🙂

  806. My name is Melissa, email address: wishuponastar0920@gmail.com
    I love boy names for girls like Riley or Ryan but I know not everyone is into that.
    I think Charisse Denney sounds beautiful! It is feminine, not too common but not too out there either.
    Hope I was some help, and good luck!

  807. My name is Moriah and my email is moriahshelton@gmail.com

    my name suggestion is Grace.

  808. I am a big fan of the names Paige, Josie and Caitlin.

    email is piercee4@gmail.com

  809. essrobinson@yahoo.com my favorite names are Elizabeth, Asa, Ivy, Violet, Noelle, Jaqueline, and Ellenore.

  810. i like Alaina,its my daughters name. i loved it when she was a newborn and i love it now that shes a beautiful 14 year old girl. she loves it too. although, her friends sometimes call her lainie for short. my email is jeanschafer101@comcast.net

  811. I’m Lynda and my email is
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

    Name recommendation: Seraphina or Serena.

  812. I suggest Lucy (which we named our daughter so you know I love it!) or Madeleine. Good luck deciding!

  813. Clicked publish before I finished! lisaweedman at earthlink.net. My name suggestions were Lucy or Madeleine. 🙂

  814. I love the name Norah. kelly.ratliff@gmail.com

  815. My name is Karen (d8t8k@aol.com) and I suggest either Julia or Jillian. So excited for your family!

  816. My name is Genny

    As for girls names…I really like Hannah or Rebecca.

  817. I like the name Scarlett. Thanks for the giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  818. My youngest daughter is Amberly and I absolutely love that name! We get compliments on her name all the time!


  819. lisa.brainich@yahoo.com says:

    I like the names Olivia and Addisen.

  820. Claudia…it’s the name we chose for our daughter and she is beautiful, smart, hilarious, an amazing athlete, and a wonderful friend to all!


  821. My name is Tiffany
    My baby name suggestion is Kelsey!

  822. hi! my email is ajsonnek@hotmail.com and currently i am LOVING the girl name Emerson! 🙂

  823. My favorite girl name that I can’t use because it sounds terrible with my last name: Marin.
    Love your blog!

  824. I love the name Ellie or Brielle

    My name is Mary

  825. ashleyfgrace@yahoo.com

    How about Gwendolyn?! 🙂

  826. I think Claire or Natalie would sound great with your last name and they are classic yet not extremely common.

    Good luck!


  827. My name is Ronna. rdavis@bankofwesternoklahoma.com

    I think you should go with the name Piper. It’s super cute for a little girl, yet sophisticated as an adult.

  828. emryglenn@yahoo.com

    I love girly names. My favorites are Scarlett, Gwyneviere (Gwen for short, so cute) and Liesel (from The Sound of Music). I am so excited for your family. I also love my daughter’s name, Lila.

  829. I’ve always loved the name Madeline — and then you have a whole series of books to read her with her name.
    My e-mail address is thompson.katiej@gmail.com

  830. Absolutely love, love, love your blog! Your recipes are delish and so easy even I can’t destroy them! My husband thanks you too…it is the only way he gets a decent meal. 🙂

    I love the name Chloe Scarlett. My best friend is naming her daughter that and I just love how well it goes together!


  831. Absolutely love, love, love your blog! Your recipes are delish and so easy even I can’t destroy them! My husband thanks you too…it is the only way he gets a decent meal. 🙂

    I love the name Chloe Scarlett. My best friend is naming her daughter that and I just love how well it goes together!


  832. We have three “A” name babies so I am going to suggest Alexandra…timeless, strong, and lots of cute nicknames.


  833. I’ve always like the name Elizabeth. If you don’t want too girly, shorten it to Beth. Elizabeth Denney…. 🙂 Oh, I love how at least 3 people suggested the name Charlotte (that’s my name). 🙂 Some of my nicknames are: Charly, Char, Char-char, and other ones that are a little embarrasing.. 🙂

    Just saying though, some people hate their name, but personally, I love the name Charlotte…i’m a little biased though. :O)

  834. Love your blog. I have boys, but some girl suggestions would be Ellie, Maggie, or Lucy! Good Luck and Best Wishes!


  835. xjustjinnyx@hotmail.com

    Juliet..classic, but not common. Pretty and fit for a little lady.

  836. I love the name Alexa!


  837. My email is ria.puopolo@hotmail.com and I think you should go for Elisabeth!

  838. I like the name Julia and I think it sounds great with

  839. I like Cecilia. You can call her CeCi, or Cilia, or all of the above and as she grows maybe she grows out of CeCi…but Cecilia and Cilia still sound pretty but grown up.



  840. love the name Layla

    email: laurenloftus@gmail.com

  841. Gail at julieann009@cox.net My choice of a name is LILY

  842. I love the name Claire. It is classic, beautiful, but not overly common, and has lots of nicknames.

    my email is – gillianphinn@yahoo.com

  843. I love the name Alexandria…I would call her Alex 🙂


  844. How about Kendall…?


  845. I love the names Emma and Caroline!

  846. I love the names Emma and Caroline!

  847. My eldest daughter’s name is Talia – it’s Hebrew for Heaven’s dew. I love the name and have only heard that name a few times!

  848. How about Eden?


  849. mzpookie10@gmail.com

    Jenevieve Denney

    She can be a Jenni or an Eve or even a Neve

  850. rbpattison@hotmail

    I say Jillian …. it sounds GREAT with Denney!

  851. tiffanysorenson@gmail.com

    I like Evalyn, Natalia, and Arianna.

  852. My name is Christina and my e-mail is avalon1285@yahoo.com.

    For a baby girl name recommendation I am inspired by a song from singer Vienna Teng. She has a song that I adore and plan to sing to my children. Granted I’ll have to modify it to their names but when I saw the contest this was the first name that came to mind: Anastasia Rosalie.

    The name of the song is “Anna Rose” but I wanted that name to be special because parents tend to call out their childrens first and last names when they are in trouble or if we want their undivided attention. Plus Anastasia was the name of a Russian princess!

  853. carol.daunais@gmail.com

    Name suggestion: Zoe

  854. I’m Christina at christinamheyboer@gmail.com.

    I love the name “Violet”. Very feminine and very unique!

  855. Paige, Campbell, Brooke, Harper, Lauren


  856. sbreidenbach@hotmail.com

    Olivia or Graciella are beautiful, my new favorite is Brynlee. Good luck! :o)

  857. I love the name Lindsay and also Megan. They both aren’t too used and have a nice, classic ring to them.



  858. Tara Marie Denney


  859. A teacher friend of mine just had a baby girl……love the name Calista!


  860. My email is fink_girls@yahoo.com. Our favorite girls’ names are Kelsey, Kaitlyn, Chloe and Cassidy.

  861. Family name…Evelyn (Eve)



  862. rachaelemily (at) gmail.com

    I love the name Fiona. Or Madeline.


  863. Hi, my name is Emmy and my email is Emmy.Nesbit@gmail.com.

    I have always loved my name, Emmy. It was always unique.

    I also love the name Ellis. My daughters name is Ellis Clare.

    Hope you pick one of our names! I would be honored!

  864. amaclsrs@aol.com


  865. Mamiecox@yahoo.com

    I would love it if you named her Mamie. She could help bring the name back into popularity!

  866. Claire Elizabeth (my beautiful daughter’s name)


  867. stephani_h@yahoo.com

    My four daughters are Savanna, Emery, Elise, and Tyler Grace (Tyler after my husband-that’s what happens when you have four girls:)) Those are my favorites!

  868. When we named our daughter my husband and I had a few personal rules…
    me: not too common (I’m Jennifer, definitely overdone) and from the family
    husband: not too difficult to spell or pronounce (he’s Liam which was very unique during his childhood and always mispelled).

    We chose Helen. Its such a classic name that was common 100 years ago but totally “new” for a young girl today. We get so many compliments. She’s now 6; bright, confident, and very precocious.

  869. melissaborn@gmail.com

    Love the names Emma, Haley, and Briella (can use nicknames Bri or Ella). Good luck!

  870. congrats to you – i love the names – sylvia & tessa.


  871. Hi, (my email is susyszoo@hotmail.com)
    I like Zoe ^__^

  872. I like the names Rachel and Diane. They sound good with your last name, you could even use them together with Diane as a middle name.

    I guess they’re kind of old-fashioned names, but the trendy names people use now don’t do a lot for me. I mean, I named my girls Pearl and Helen, so that shows you how much I like the old names!

  873. briannamabilez@gmail.com
    I like Reagan. Or Keali. Or Reilly. Oh my, I can’t wait to see what you guys pick (:

  874. 1) michelle.gruen@gmail.com
    2) Aarin (it’s my daughter’s middle name) — it means mountain of strength

  875. Hi there!

    First of all, I love reading your blog!
    Now as for my baby girl name recommendation:


    It’s my sister’s name and it fits a beautiful and feminine personality.

    My email address is: marian.elbert@gmail.com


  876. Joshcrystal@frontier.com and I would go with Charlotte or Juliet 🙂

  877. My girls are Siena and Sydney so I’m going to suggest my two favorite names:)

    Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy and you make a cute pregnant momma!


  878. Jamie Reeves– jminrev@yahoo.com

    I love the name Mia – Mya pronounced with a long i. I think Mya Jade Denney has a cute ring to it 🙂

  879. My name is Casey and my email address is powellc5@email.sc.edu

    I love the names Jane and Elaine!

  880. Ashley Zani


  881. suggestion for the baby is Luci Denney:-) My email is jlicastri@bellsouth.net thanks!

  882. My email is stephaniejahnsen1983@gmail.com

    I love baker or rhiannon.

  883. I couldnt comment on your blog. My email is bavnnetten@gmail.com and i like the name Gwynn

  884. My email is dgsmith@wildblue.net and my name is Harper Anne

  885. I’m new to your blog, but I’m in love with it already. My email is coager2434@evangel.edu, and I’ll give my top 3 picks (1) Ophelia, (2) Opal, (3) Lillian. Best of luck choosing a name

  886. I love the name Emma for girls!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  887. I love your blog!! My email is kerilynn.r.spencer@gmail.com and I love the name Brooktynn for a girl 🙂

  888. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway!
    My name’s Katie (super common, I wouldn’t suggest using it!) and my email is cooperek87(at)gmail(dot)com.
    I like the names Eleanor or Ellen. Feminine and classic but not common at all.

  889. I love the name Ella. My email address is michelle.b.white@gmail.com

  890. Well, a girls name that isn’t to “out there” yet isn’t common is Ruthanne. Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!
    rufus 704 at yahoo dot com

  891. maybe Alice or Taylor? Both adorable!
    Thank you!


  892. Avery! That’s my number one girl name choice, but since we live on opposite sides of the country, I won’t mind if you use it. 😉


  893. I have no idea how people decide on names! Here are my suggestions:
    Bryson, Tacoma, McKell, and Kristy

    Good Luck!!!

  894. kristiopal@shaw.ca

    Name suggestions: I love my daughters names, they are Hailey & Macey.

    Good luck deciding!

  895. I like Olivia (Livvie for short), Julia, Charlotte, Rachel, and Mary Kate. My email is cburke920@gmail.com, and I really enjoy your blog. Good luck!!

  896. maria.trader@gmail.com

    I almost named my daughter CoraLynn and still really like it.

  897. Parker Denney is super cute.


  898. I love your website-the recipes are AWESOME!!

    My email is laurenpowie91@comcast.net

    I think Savannah is a adorable name 🙂

  899. email: lenaj08@gmail.com

    baby name: Naomi


  900. Two suggestions. 1. Clare. Every Clare I’ve known (only 3) has been drop dead gorgeous. Claire would be an alternate spelling.
    2. Opal. Very unusual and if you look up the vibration of the gemstone Opal, it’s really quite lovely.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the gift card and cook book!

  901. forgot the email ruth at pencraftco dot com

  902. I would go with Katherine, it is classic and there are several nicknames you could also go with if you want.

    kccuties (at) gmail (dot) com

  903. My suggestion is Cora. It’s simple, easy to spell, not too common, and I think Cora Denney sounds pretty!

    My email: mwallbrecht at hotmail dot com

  904. summermccain@gmail

    I like Sage, Aspen or my name, Summer!

  905. courtney(dot)dairman(at)gmail(dot)com
    Jillian, Mikayla, Lorelei

  906. Been reading for a bit now, but I don’t think I’ve commented yet, so first I want to say – that I love your blog! Also – you can post days worth of peanut butter recipes anytime you want. I love the stuff. I didn’t read through all the comments because, well, you currently have over 900 and that’s kind of insane. 🙂

    If we’d had a girl we would have named her Jenna Leigh, but that was 17 years ago.

    I also love Emily, Sophy, Alyssa and Ainsley.

    Good luck!

    Laura @ writingwhat (at) gmail (dot) com

  907. Victoria 🙂

  908. I still like Alexandra. Pretty but not trendy.

  909. chelseanne.smith@gmail.com

    Love the name Lyla

  910. Hello,
    congrats! I’m Erica Timperley etimperley2@gmail.com

    My name suggestion is Claire b/c I have a little Claire Bear and it’s the best name!

  911. Umm hello. You look so pretty all the time. Not fair.

    Also I’d like to formally suggest the name Bridian. It’s a wonderful name. And it’ll rhyme with Floridian. And she will be the third Bridian in the world. It doesn’t get much better than that. So you’re welcome.

  912. therootcellarsgarden@yahoo.com

    I quite like Madeline, with the best nickname, Mattie!


  913. Love the name Lauren Elena Denney!! Classy!
    Marissapinon @ hotmail dot com

  914. How about Olive??

    thedetros at hotmail.com

  915. Christy you look AWESOME! I am so excited for your little girl! I’m a mommy of 3 boys and am aching for there to be a little more pink around this house! 🙂

    My name is Tiffany Rich
    my email is tiffanyrich@gmail.com

    I LOVE the name Stella. (I used to love Ella…but then EVERYONE has name their little girl ELLA) So, I like Stella because it’s Ella with SASS!! 🙂

    And Stella Denney…YOU know it’s cute! 🙂

    Good luck!!

  916. My email addy is camibear2000@hotmail.com

    I have a few names…Camille, Veronica, and Shelby (I think our first girl is going to be named Shelby 🙂 )

    LOVE the blog!!!

  917. I love the names Avery, Olivia, Harper…..

  918. I love the name Grace.


  919. How about Amanda? She can be called Mandy.

  920. courtneyhowden@gmail.com

    I love the name Cozette… 🙂

  921. I’m Sarah – junglewife@gmail.com

    My suggestion would be Katherine, but if you don’t like nicknames, that is probably not the name for you as there are SO many ways to make nicknames out of it 🙂

  922. I LOVE my name and it’s worked well for me for … um …. a LOT of years! My given name is Maria but everyone calls me Mia. It is NOT common but has been heard of a little more than when I had to spell it all the time back in the 70’s. No matter what you call her you will have so much fun with your new little girl. God Bless!
    miabryant at gmail dot com

  923. My girl names I like are:



    I have 3 boys, I wish I could get a girl 🙂 So go Pink!

  924. Evelyn/Evalyn. you could call her Eva. it was what we were going to name our child if it was a girl, but we ended up with twin boys!

    My email is tuckersarahm@gmail.com

  925. I’m Heather.

    I think Mollie is such a sweet name.

  926. Congratulations! I love little girl names…Olivia is at the top of my list.


  927. Lora Gonzalez says:

    Elizabethany 🙂


  928. A family name of mine is Catherine. It’s classic and easily shortened into several nice names. I’ve also always like Hannah, Isla, and Caroline.

    Love your blog! Best wishes with the pregnancy!

    Your Canadian fan,

  929. My roommate’s name is Charlene, which I think is really lovely!


  930. This comment has been removed by the author.

  931. I love the names Nora and Gabbi! I hope I can name a girl one of those someday.


  932. My name is Jamie-Lynne and my email is jamielynnejl@gmail.com

    I love the name Kylan/Kailen/Kilen (pronounced: K-i-len.) There may be better/different spelling but it’s up for interpretation 🙂

  933. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I have to tell you, I just had a baby girl a little over 2 years ago. We decided on the name Ava Claire (I liked Ava Danielle but we went with Daddy’s preference this time) Anyway, the reason I chose Ava was because I, like you, wanted something “unique” but not weird-unique! I’ve only ever known one Ava my whole life… Turns out, Ava ended up being one of the top names in 2009! **sigh** So much for that!

    Sorry just had to share that… a name I would like to suggest is Vanessa. I’ve always liked the name and I don’t hear it often but it sounds very feminine to me.

    Good luck in choosing a name! 🙂


  934. Krystyn


  935. I don’t know if it is too common, but I love the name Nora. I also love Noelle. Hmmm….apparently I have a thing for “n”s. lol

  936. caseyxann@hotmail.com

    i LOVE Sailor Ruby or Clementine x

  937. How about Sage? This is the name of one of my daughter’s best friends. I loved the name when I heard it the first time.

    kathi_bonham (at) hotmail (dot) com

  938. Cellmouse7798@yahoo.com
    My name suggestions are old school names but names that you don’t hear anymore. I like Angela and Sarah. Both are very feminine as well.

  939. Kennah is the name id like to name my next girl…i love that name


  940. meganrhiana@gmail.com

    How about Megan? 😉

    In all seriousness though I love the name Charlotte–so many fun nicknames but it still sounds sophisticated and feminine enough for a grown woman. Best of luck whatever you choose–naming babies is tough work for parents. (all 3 of mine were named in the hospital upon discharge so I feel ya!)

  941. Monroe is also one of my faves.. Follow your blog religiously..

  942. tarah.ingram@cox.net

    Name suggestions: Reese (my daughter’s name..LOVE it!), Presley, or Harper!

  943. Reagan love love as well

  944. I have six granddaughters, the sixth born last Thursday is Charlotte Rae and she is a little beauty! The other five are Shelby, Annahlise, Lillian, Elizabeth and Elsie. I’m crazy for all of them and their names are all perfect for them. I’m so happy for you. Congrats on your almost here baby girl.

  945. I love the name marlow….i love your blog just as much! Thanks for all your easy family recipes they are like my bible go to recipes!

  946. I love the name marlow….i love your blog just as much! Thanks for all your easy family recipes they are like my bible go to recipes!

  947. I love the name marlow….i love your blog just as much! Thanks for all your easy family recipes they are like my bible go to recipes!

  948. My email addy: apmarsh71@gmail.com

    My name is Angie (Angela), I don’t suggest that! LOL I like the following:
    Audrey Nikole
    Savana (Savannah) Kaylee
    My two daughters names! And if I would have had a 3rd girl, she would have been ‘Josie’. I know a ‘Leah Denney’, it has a nice ring to it!

    Good luck. It was much easier to name my boys! (Jacob & Adam)

  949. My e-mail is srhansen05@gmail.com

    I don’t have any kids yet but my husband and I love to think of all the possibilities for our future children!

    My suggestion is Shalaya!

  950. I love your blog! I found it through my friend Barb Beck. This is my first time commenting here, but I thought I’d give you my two cents because I was looking for exactly what you described in a name for my daughter just over a year ago. We named her Lyla. It’s feminine, isn’t a strange made up word, but you don’t hear of it too often (unless you’re a fan of Friday Night Lights, which is where we got it from).

    Congrats on your upcoming baby girl and thanks for the fabulous recipes!

  951. Reed Elizabeth Denney! It has a beautiful lyrical quality.


  952. I would suggest the name Courtney. (what can I say, I’m partial to it.) charmedinpdx[at]gmail[dot]com

  953. What fun! Thanks for letting us help name her! I think you should name her Penny. Penny Denney? Awesome. Or Jenny… Ok, just kidding. 🙂 I love the name Autumn or Abigail. I also love Olivia. I named my girls Emily and Allison, which I love, but I’m not sure if they’re too common for what you’d like! 🙂 Good luck deciding! -Juli

  954. kitsunekari@gmail.com

    I don’t know about you, but I love picking things that both flow well with a last name as well as have a cute meaning. And since you have a baking/cooking blog and the audience of said blog is why you suggested it, I thought it’d be cute that she have a food-oriented meaning name.
    Although it’s kind of a famous name, Rihanna means “sweet basil”, so I kind of thought that was cute. Also Rosemary, a particular favorite name of mine. Or maybe Juniper? After the berry 🙂 I like being….nerdy like that lol.

  955. Hello! I think Zoey is a really cute name! 🙂


  956. pauloandleslie@gmail.com

    My friend named one of her daughters Rylin. I love it.

  957. Bethany here, and my email is tnbh1@hotmail.com

    How about the name Paige? I like it with your last name!

  958. My suggestion would be Avery. I would totally use it if it wasn’t my husband’s first girlfriend’s name! Haha!


  959. I’m thinking Charlotte or Carigan– we have all C names in my family so these are my girl choices ha ha

  960. O