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  1. I made a cheese ball that had 1 8oz cream cheese, 2oz chopped beef ( i use armour 2 oz jar), 1 bunch green onions chopped, 1 tab prepared horseradish, it called for a dash of worcestershire sauce but i didnt have any, and i rolled it in chopped pecans. It was good but salty is there something i could lessen or change to make it less salty?

  2. Hi,

    I used to always use your Patriotic Berry Trifle recipe and now the link doesn’t work. I can’t seem to find it on your blog. Would you be able to repost this recipe? It was my go to dessert and my co workers are asking for more :) Thanks!!


  3. I just joined Pinterest and found your recipe on French toast roll-ups. What a wonderful recipe. Am definitely going to make that. And just checked your other recipes. Got to try them too!!

  4. Your blog is stuck on Nov. 20th, Pizza Chili.

  5. Hi there! I don’t know if this is an issue for you or not, but there is a page on Facebook called Foodgasms that posted your Melted Snowmen Oreo Balls without giving you credit for the recipe. To me, this is claiming it as their own and I just don’t think that’s right! This is the link to their page: Anyway, just thought I’d mention it.

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} says:

      Thanks for the heads up Kat! It happens so often that I’ve realized I can’t spend the energy on it. Thanks though!

  6. I’m definitely trying this bloomin bread recipe. Looks amazing. Just wondering, is all the green in the pic from the onions, or did you add basil?

  7. I used to receive your newsletters but haven’t received in ages. Are you still doing that? Love all the recipes I have tried.

  8. Shirley M. Ferreira says:

    I am looking for individual pumpkin dessert dish. Maybe a individual cakes with cream cheese or pudding topping. Like a Molten Cake but in pumpkin style. Thanks

  9. If you get a complaint about me, there is nothing wrong with your post, it is stuck on my Facebook and I can’t get it off.

  10. Christy, I would like to know if the Blueberry Croissant Puff can be prepared the night before and put in the frig, and baked in the morning? I need it for a breakfast buffet at another location. Please respond ASAP if you receive this message.

  11. Why do you add 1/4 cup sugar to the On-the-Go Muffins?

  12. Hi I can’t access your desserts page? It says 404 error when I click on it. Is it just me?

    • Christy {The Girl Who Ate Everything} says:

      Yes, sorry! You can search for specific recipes but the site is having issues. I have my tech guy on it.

  13. I’m not sure what kind of yellow mustard you use when making the Ham and Cheese Sliders. Do you use dry mustard or the liquid mustard from the squeeze bottle? Thanks!

  14. trinidad lemus says:

    holaa estoy aqui con elder perkins hijo de shelly podrias enviarme una receta para preparar con el aqui en colombia gracias

  15. Your “Healthy” recipe page is down… says error 404.

  16. Louella Chrisman says:

    When trying to get subscribed to your site I was unable – received the message “Web Site Not Found”.
    Will you please add me to your site.
    Louella Chrisman

  17. Hello, Love your website. But I have a question. I could have sworn that you had a recipe on your site last year for oatmeal cream pies that my family loved. I have tried to find it, or anything like it on other sites but I can’t. Do you still have it?

  18. Hi Christy,
    I am a fellow blogger putting together an article about Cinco de Mayo to submit to Buzzfeed for consideration. Would you allow me to use a picture of your 7 layer dip cups in my post? The picture would be credited to you with a link to your recipe. Let me know when you get a chance, thanks so much!

  19. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know that Pinterest is blocking your site as possible spam. Recipes that I had pinned are now blocked. Thought you might want to know.


  20. Just discovered your site when I looked up a recipe on Pinterest. I am definitely coming back to find/try more of your recipes! So enjoyed reading the info about you and your family. (what a beautiful family it is!!)
    I LOVE sports including football, but sorry, I’m a BEARS fan. (smile)
    I enjoy food blogs and appreciate all the time and dedication each of you put into them.
    I am so glad I have found THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING. (what a cute name)
    Thank you for your time.
    I am Char Riippi in Northern (DEKALB)) IL.

  21. Chris Pocelinko says:

    Thanks for so many great recipes and ideas that don’t require large chunks of time or hard to find ingredients. The Blueberry Lemon Crescent Ring is magnificent! With all the fresh blueberries and no time, I’ve made it for my wife several times. Is the bottom doomed to always be so moist? It’s not underdone, just the liquids from the cream cheese. I flipped it half way into the time and it came out better. You make me look good with all your hard work.

  22. Ma version de Baked spaghetti: Une recette de ma belle-mère: le début de viande hachée, oignons et ails est semblable, on ajoute 1 bte de soupe aux légumes Aylmer ou autre,non diluée, un rg de spaghetti cuit et on ajoute un deuxième rg de spaghetti cuit, et on recouvre le tout avec 1 bte de soupe tomates Aylmer,non diluée, en parsemant de fines herbes et de fromage râpé. Cuire au four environ 30 minutes 350*
    C’est vraiment bon, mais je vais essayer votre recette cette semaine.

  23. Cris Buscetto says:

    Hi Christy I am in love with your recipes!!! My daughter found a lot of your recipes on pintrest about 2 years ago. I was looking for some new things to make for our holiday parties and I started with the apple cheesecake bars. My family went nuts over them!!! My daughter kept sharing recipes only to realize most of them were from you so I decided to google you and found your website. We’re at our beach house in Roatan Hondorus and I was in the mood for cinnamon rolls. I have never made anything with yeast and was afraid. I don’t have a big mixer here and the dough was clogging up my mixer and the mix seemed dry and I didn’t check to see if the yeast was still good so I thought my batch was a dud. I waited it out and it finally rose after several hours. Much to my surprise they were the best things ever. My husband of 20 years said it was better than cinnabon and he wasn’t sharing. I’ve proceeded to spend the whole weekend writing down recipes because the printer here won’t work and I intend to bake and cook the rest of the summer. Thankfully we found a trainer here this year that is killing us so we can cheat a little. Can’t wait till Amazon delivers your cookbook so I can try out even more of your yummy food. I also want to thank you for including pictures – I need to know how things are suppose to look. Thanks!!!!

  24. Hi Christy,

    How are you?
    I’d love your permission to link your ‘Individual 7 Layer Dips’ Recipe in my free e-book. Full credit will be given to your website showing people where to find more recipes. It is an e-book called ‘Top 10 children’s parties you can host from home’ which I’ve spent quite some time writing. I’d like to feature your blog and recipe
    How do you feel about this?

    Please let me know as i’d be ever so grateful..
    Many thanks,
    Carla Monson

  25. Hi Cristi! I just discovered you, and I am so very happy I did! I can’t wait to make the no bake peanut butter bars, as you said, usually have all ingredients on hand, sure do! I too, love to bake, so again, thank you for all the recipes, can’t wait to try many more. 😊 Thank you, Irishpat🍀

  26. You need to check your facebook, it has been hacked and is sending out spam posts!

  27. Hi!

    I just want to say how much I love your blog! I don’t make as many of the recipes as I used to now that I’ve developed a hypersensitive food allergy, but I’m working on reintegrating foods.

    Also, I’m sure many people have already let you know, but appears that your facebook page has been hacked. I’m not certain what would need to be done, but on the rather unlikely chance that you didn’t know, I figured I should mention it.

    Thanks for all the food inspiration!
    Hannah K

    • Yes, thank you Hannah. I’ve been completely locked out and cannot prevent what is happening. Facebook will not respond to me. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

    • Help her out! Cut and paste this message everywhere you see a spam comment. The hackers have blocked my commenting so I can’t do it, but let everyone know it’s not her doing! “From Christy: The Girl Who Ate Everything page has been hacked and I have been locked out of accessing the page. I’m aware and am awaiting response from FB to fix the problem. For your protection, do not click any links that seem irrelevant to TGWAE.”

  28. Cindy Johnson says:

    I’m sure you know this already, but your Facebook page has been spammed.

  29. STEFFI KLOTZER says:

    bräuchte das Rezept mit den Blaubeerkuchen auf Deutsch übersetzt.
    Danke Steffi