Halloween Costume Giveaway…

The giveaway is now closed and the winners have been contacted.

Halloween is coming up and I’ve already got my costumes for my kids but not for myself. I miss the days when I could coordinate family themed costumes but now my kids have strong opinions on what they want to be.

HalloweenCostumes has offered to give TWO of you $40 credit to their site so you can pick out a costume for you, your honey, your kid, or your pet! Here are a couple of their fun FOOD inspired costumes but they also have everything you could ever want.

Leave your email and a comment telling me your favorite Halloween food or recipe.
Contest will end Sunday, October 14th at noon (EST) so that the winners can get their costumes as soon as possible.

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  1. My favorite Halloween food is good ole’ fashioned chili! My grandma would always make it for all the grandkids before we went out trick or treating :)

  2. My Fave Halloween Food is Chili with Mummy wrapped Hot Dogs and eyeball deviled eggs

  3. My favorite Halloween “food” is Candy corn

  4. My favorite Halloween food is Pumpkin Oatmeal Bread!


  6. I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. YUM! There are just so many things to enjoy this time of year!
    Great costumes.

  7. My favorite are mini-mummy pizzas. You take a can of biscuits and flatten each one out. Add some sauce on top then take think strips of cheese and make the pizza look like a mummy! You can add sliced black olives or mini pepperoni for the eyes. So yummy, and all the kids love them!
    :) Natalie

  8. My favorite Halloween food is candy corn mixed with dry roasted peanuts. YUM!

  9. I love making the dirt cake that has milano cookies in it that look like tombstones! And of course any and all trick or treat candy!

  10. I agree, chili hands down!

  11. nicole tiderman says:

    darn it, as i tried to say before. Pumpkin cheesecake is my fave!

  12. i love halloween cupcakes. idk but something about the way they look makes them the most appetizing, plus all the candy sprinkled ontop :)

  13. FAVORITE is definitely Scarecrow Treats…candy corn is awesome


    that’s the recipe, super easy and delicious!

    DeAnna G…
    Kingsville, Texas

  14. Pumpkin cheesecake!

  15. I made a graveyard cake years ago, and would like to again. A fun and tasty Halloween food!!

  16. my favorite food for Halloween is pumpkin seeds baked lol or pumpkin pie and apple cider.

  17. My favorite is trail mix made with the Halloween M&Ms. Yum!

  18. peanut butter cups! Though, I am anxious to try the witches brew spinach and cheese soup over at Annie-eats http://www.annies-eats.com/2012/10/04/witches-brew-cheesy-spinach-soup/

  19. My favorite Halloween recipe is a simple one, but a nostalgic one. Every year, when I was a kid, we would take the pumpkin seeds we scraped out of our Jack O’lantern pumpkins and we would dry them out and roast them. YUM!

  20. CARAMEL APPLES. My Halloween is never the same without them.

  21. I always think about home made Tea Cakes (somewhat like sugar cookies) at Halloween. Back in the day (yes, a LONG time ago) my parents felt comfortable with us kids accepting hand made goodies when we went out trick-or-treating. One of the older ladies in the neighborhood always made Tea Cakes & Popcorn Balls. I loved (I mean REALLY loved) Mrs. Leona’s Tea Cakes.

  22. Candy Corn…. my favorite halloween food is Candy Corn. Especially with a cup of coffee.

  23. Caramel apples! And hot apple cider!

  24. OMG those candy corn pumpkins. I LOVE.

  25. Every Halloween me and my 2 boys make sugar cookies and decorate them. They are definitely my favorite Halloween food!

  26. pumpkin roll

  27. Candy corn!

  28. Our Halloween tradition is gumbo!! Yummy!
    uknowjuno at yahoo dot com

  29. Roasted pumpkin seeds and wassail!!!!

  30. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!!

  31. Homemade rootbeer with dry ice to make it a little spooky is my favorite Halloween treat.

  32. I really love caramel apples…just the smell of the caramel melting…Yum!!!

  33. It is a tradition for us to make chili and cornbread on Halloween.

  34. Candy Corn!!! i can’t get enough of it. Even though it makes my teeth hurt :/

  35. My favorite Halloween food are candy apples or those “spider clusters” with butterscotch!

  36. Candy Pumpkins!

  37. Nothing like good ol’ apple cider, hot chocolate, and of course lots and lots of candy!…but the gummy worms that pop out of the oreo dessert with cool whip, YUM!

  38. Pumpkin roll!!! My father n law got my hocked when my husband and I were dating.

  39. My favorite Halloween food is pumpkin fluff, which is basically just canned pumpkin and marshmallow creme. Serve with ginger snaps, divine!

  40. Trina Brillhart says:

    Fall food rocks! Chili, carmel corn, spaghetti squash!

  41. pumpkin muffins! :)

  42. Candy Corn!!!!!

  43. My favorite fall foods are caramel apples, chili, cider, & candy!

  44. While I love candy corn and caramel apples, I have to say warm apple cider takes the cake. Definitely a great treat after sitting outside and passing out candy!

  45. My favorite Halloween “food” is what I call “pumpkin brownies”, which sounds misleading, because there isn’t any pumpkin in them. I just bake brownies in a round foil pan, cover with orange icing, and make a jak-o-lantern face with m&ms and candy corn. I make them every year. Yum!

  46. My favorite Halloween food is Carmel Apples. One house in our neighborhood always gave them away on Halloween night. We had to wait to go there last so it wouldnt get all over the rest of our candy.

  47. My favorite Halloween food is definitely a pumpkin cinnamon sheet cake. I found the recipe a few years ago and both my husband & brother (who do not like sweets) are obsessed with it as well!

  48. I love making Nutter Butter ghosts. Dip Nutter Butters in White Chocolate then Make spooky faces on them with black frosting. Sooo good with a glass of milk.


  49. Pumpkin Cookies!! And they aren’t just for Halloween. You can make them all through fall!!

  50. Because Halloween needs more sweets … :) — we love a version of brownies with a mint layer on top and then more chocolate frosting. Delicious, and the green makes them a bit eerie as well. Thanks for a great giveaway – my two who still trick-or-treat are woefully costume-less so far.
    thanks too for your yummy recipes. You are the *only* food blogger I follow on FB.

  51. My favorite is my mother in law’s homemade doughnuts. We get together on Halloween and the kids get to decorate them however they want.

  52. Apple cider donuts! My all-time favorite!

  53. My fave Halloween food is pumpkin anything! I love pumpkin stuff!!! And with Pinterest I am finding all sorts of new pumpkin recipes!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  54. My favorite Halloween food is probably caramel apples, but I won’t be eating any this year due to having braces on my teeth :( Next year though!

  55. A black chocolate cake with sea salt and apples

  56. I love caramel! Caramel apples are my favorite.

  57. Funfetti cupcakes in halloween colors!

  58. Caramel apples and apple cider! After Halloween I give up my apple cravings and incorporate PUMPKIN into everything!

  59. Whitney Osborne says:

    My favorite Halloween food is the only one worth mentioning, Candy Corn. lol I wait all year for fresh candy corn, and its amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. Fresh, hot, Apple Cider Donuts, from the Apple Orchard!

  61. apple pumpkin muffins!!!

  62. Candy Corn!

  63. Candy corn!!! Well any candy in small packages! :)

  64. Homemade caramel apples! I look forward to them all year long:)

  65. caramel apple and apple cider….. yummy!!!

  66. mine would be the roasted pumpkin seeds after you carve your jackolantern

  67. I tried not to be anonymous…. Amy Jo loves the roasted pumpkin seeds after you carve your jackolantern

  68. ginger snaps with pumpkin dip :)

  69. I could live off of fun-sized candy like 3 muskateers!

  70. Fresh Vermont apple cider and apple cider donuts!!

  71. Halloween always makes me think of spaghetti. That is what my mother made almost every year before we went trick or treating.

  72. Pumpkin dip is my favorite!

  73. Love me some halloween candy! We don’t really have a special food so candy it is!

  74. My favorite, probably just because it was a family tradition growing up is dinner in a pumpkin:

    1 (6 -7 inch) sugar baby pumpkin
    salt and pepper
    3 tablespoons honey mustard ( or prepared yellow mustard and 2 tablespoons brown sugar)
    1 eggs
    2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
    1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt
    1 1/2 lbs ground beef
    1/2 cup dry Italian breadcrumbs
    Cut top from pumpkin in a zig zag design.
    Remove seeds and stringy insides.
    Place pumpkin in a baking pan; add about 1 inch of hot water.
    Cover pumpkin and pan with foil.
    Bake at 400 degrees F. for 45 minutes. (Or microwave for about 14 minutes.).
    Season inside of pumpkin with salt and pepper; brush with honey mustard (or yellow mustard and sprinkle with brown sugar).
    Combine egg, Worcestershire sauce, 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt, ground beef and bread crumbs; mix well.

  75. My favorite Halloween food is snicker doodle fingers. Roll the cookie dough to finger shapes, press a tooth pick a few times around the knuckle area to look like a knuckle, and place an almond sliver where the finger nail would go. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. The light dough color combined with the cinnamon and light color of the almond looks death-ish, and I gag just about every time I see these. Which is why they are a spectacular Halloween food!

  76. Candy!!

  77. Donuts and apple cider!
    holliister at gmail dot com

  78. Cupcakes with fun colorings are always a Halloween fave around here. Especially with spider rings in the frosting…. yay!

  79. We love apple cider and pumpkin dip!
    mommastaci33 at yahoo dot com

  80. My favorite Halloween food is caramel apples. Sadly, every apple in the 6 pack I got 2 years ago was spoiled. I’ve been scared to get them ever since.

  81. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies… or soft chewy ginger cookies…do I have to choose only one?

  82. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies….I only eat them in October, but love them every year!

  83. I make chili every year for Halloween (just like my mom)…my favorite treat (other than candy from my daughter’s bag) is apples with peanut butter spread on and candy corn on top of that. yum!

  84. My favorite Halloween food is anything pumpkin flavored, or any cute creation with food, like chocolate covered pretzels that look like fingers. My favorite costume I have been is a bundle of grapes. :-)

  85. My favorite Halloween food(s) are: Apple dumplings, chili and apple cider.

  86. Every year since I was small (there was a gap until we got kids) we make pumpkin-shaped cookies and decorate them to look like Jack-o-lanterns. It has more to do with the memory of doing it with my family than anything, and we’ve continued it with my nieces. Last year, my then three-year-old niece, Grace, was old enough and had the attention span to help more, and decided to lick the icing bowl, with predictable results!

  87. My family’s favorite Halloween food is Mummy Dogs! Every year, it’s the same thing, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without them!

  88. Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies and Carmel Apples with cinnamon and sugar and white choc! All a must in October!

  89. For some odd reason my mom always used to make fudge on Halloween (because apparently my brother and I weren’t already bringing enough sugar into the house!) – but it became such a tradition that now I do it too. :)

  90. roasted pumpkin seeds and as I’m the one passing out the candy and we only ever get a handful of trick or treaters…mini 100 grands, kit kats and snickers!

  91. My favorite Halloween food is candy corn!!

  92. My favorite Halloween food is white chocolate candy corn M&M’s. I could eat them by the bagful. :)

  93. My favorite Halloween food are candy apples. The ones with the red candy red hot coating. Love! Also, my grandmother’s popcorn balls. She only makes them on Halloween.

  94. My favorite Halloween food is popcorn balls, or popcorn served in a foodservice glove that has candy corn put in the fingers as fingernails.

  95. My favorite is pumpkin cobbler, yum, I want it right now!

  96. My favorite Halloween food is popcorn balls made with green or orange food coloring. Yum! Homemade are so much better than the store bought ones, if you have never tried them, you should.

  97. I love chocolate pumpkin muffins. Yum!

  98. My favorite has to be pigs in a blanket and when the hot dogs come out dress them like mummys served with ketchup ( to be kinda like blood)

  99. Anything pumpkin! I especially love your pumpkin cinnamon rolls. :)

  100. I love to do a cheeseball shaped like a pumpkin.

  101. I love making Monster Munch!!

  102. Oh my gosh, how fun, what a great giveaway!
    My favorite Halloween food is pumpkin pie. It’s the 11th of October and we have already eaten 2 this month. I love it and I’ve been begging for this for my birthday dessert for years but with a birthday in July I never get it. Here’s to hoping for next year! And thanks for the giveaway, I could really use the help with a Halloween costume I am stumped and they have lots of fun ones!

  103. my favorite halloween food was halloweenies (hots dogs with croissant wrapped around and baked) we had them every year as kids and I am starting the tradition with my kids this year!

  104. Halloween Pizza! wandmtm (at) yahoo (dot) com

  105. I don’t think there’s a Halloween food that I don’t like! Last year I made monster nachos with the green guacamole tortilla chips – my kids went nuts over them!

  106. I love taco soup! We have it every halloween!

    michellehaskell at gmail dot com

  107. Candy Corn!

  108. Well since everything is about the pumpkins, my favorite halloween food is Pumpkin Beer Cheese Dip :)


  109. I have a soft spot for candy corn

  110. Caramel apples are something I always associate with Halloween. That or a big pot of taco soup!!!

  111. My favorite Halloween dinner is “Spooky Shepard’s Pie”. The mashed potatoes are made to look like ghosts on top with peas for eyes.

  112. My favorite Halloween food is probably candy corn :-) oo and the pumpkin reesees.

  113. Pumpkin anything. Apple cider. Chili. All the foods that really mean “fall” to me :)

  114. Pumpkin dip with ginger snaps! crystalbroderick @ gmail.com

  115. We love to eat chili before we go trick or treating!

  116. Candy corn, caramel apples, caramel apple suckers, vampire cookies and candy corn sugar cookies! I can’t get enough sweets this time of year :)

  117. My favorite Halloween food would be pumpkin cheesecake! So yummy!

  118. PUMPKIN! Pumpkin anything.

  119. Gotta be caramel apples! Okay with nuts and chocolate chips.


  120. I always loved popcorn balls growing up. There was one neighbor who gave them out to us and we would always stop at her house first and she would give us the popcorn balls and a cup of hot chocolate before we went trick or treating.

  121. Candy corn! I eat so much in October that I don’t want it the rest of the year.

  122. Candy corn for sure!

  123. Let’s see, does candy count as a food, if so, that’s my favorite. If not, we always have pizza before/after some trick or treating. I think I’ll be making my own this year.

  124. Roasted pumpkin seeds are the best!

  125. my favorite Halloween food is Caramel Apples!

  126. OMG!
    Definetley caramel apples:)

  127. Candy corn, all the way!

  128. My favorite halloween food is pumpkin pie! Soooo delicious!

    siilentii27 at gmail dot com

  129. Pumpkin Pancakes! (anything pumpkin really…)

  130. Is candy corn a food? Because that is definitely my favorite Halloween food!

  131. Pumpkin bars are by far my favorite!

  132. My favorite food is a spicy/sweet pumpkin dip with ginger snaps.

  133. I LOVE everything about Halloween My favorite Halloween food would have to be homemade doughnuts with apple cider.

  134. I’m a sucker for the “mummy dogs”.

  135. I love everything PUMPKIN!!! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, bread, pasta, anything pumpkin – FALL!

  136. I love everything PUMPKIN!!! Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, bread, pasta, anything pumpkin – FALL!

  137. pumpkin cheeesecake :) yum

  138. I like to put green food coloring in a cheese ball and shape it into a frankenstien head and then use veggies to add eyes, bolts, hair ect.

  139. My mom always would make a roast (cooked all day long) and mashed potatoes. It was so yummy. Not the traditional halloween, but so good!

  140. Caramel Apples!

  141. My favorite halloween food is Caramel Apples & Popcorn Balls! But the best part of making them with my grandma! The good ole days!

  142. Caramel apples!!

  143. thank you for chance to win! My favorite Halloween food is good ole fashion caramel pop apple sticks

  144. I love pumpkin cheesecake!

  145. I always make Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread and a Pumpkin Dip to dip Ginger Snaps in. So delicious!

  146. I always make Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread and also a Pumpkin Dip I serve alongside Gingersnaps. So delish!

  147. My favorite Halloween treat is Halloween themed Rice Krispy Treats made with candy corn :)

  148. Got to admit, I love me some candy corn. My favorite “fall” recipe is cornbread, hands down! My sis-in-law gave her her killer cornbread recipe and we never eat anything else. Mmm, now I’m hungry…

  149. My favorite Halloween food is pumpkin bread

  150. My favorite Halloween treat would be pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with an orange glaze and decorated with frosting and a red HOT cinnamon candy for the nose. My chilhood babysitter would make these every Halloween and it was always my favorite house to trick-or-treat! Yum!

  151. I really like cooked pumpkin seeds.

  152. My favorite it pumpkin cheesecake muffins!

    clovecg @ gmail.com

  153. I love apple cider doughnuts and hot chocolate!

  154. Stew in a bread bowl followed by anything pumpkin!

  155. I love roasted pumkin seed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  156. I love pumpkin seeds!

  157. Jessica Finley says:
  158. I love making pumpkin muffins, and a great minestrone soup! Every Halloween I make a big pot of soup and some muffins! our friends stop by while trick or treating and get a hearty but quick meal! It is also pretty healthy before all of those yummy candy treats!

  159. Caramel apples with white chocolate and cinnamon. :)

  160. This may sound really lame, but I LOVE buttermilk pancakes.. like I eat them every morning. So my favorite halloween food is orange buttermilk pancakes, shaped like pumpkins (: So simple, but SOOO dang delicious!

  161. I love chili and all sorts of pumpkin treats!

    yobert7 at gmail dot com

  162. Hi! :)

    My favorite halloween food are cupcakes that I make each year for the Halloween party at the State park near my house. I make chocolate cupcakes and put chocolate pudding and oreo crumbs inside and top it off with frosting, oreo crumbs, and a gummy worm. :) It’s so fun and festive :)

  163. My favorite is candy corn- it always seems to taste better in October.

  164. I love Caramel apples!!

  165. My favorite Halloween food – easy, caramel apples. So yummy and always makes it feel like fall, even in Florida :)

  166. My favorite Halloween food is witches fingers!!! and everything on your blog of course! and my favorite person is YOU! I love to live vicariously through you. :) makes my life more interesting that way. The witches fingers are just bread sticks with almonds dipped in a color for fingernails. Love your guts! maybe I can win :)

  167. I love the pumpkin cookies with brown sugar, to me that’s Halloween!! also my favorite holiday and season…

  168. Pumpkin pie – and the “good candy” from my kids Halloween baskets.

  169. My favorite halloween food is to make my 2 boys mummy dogs and orange cupcakes and orange sherbet punch.

  170. Roasted pumpkin seeds!

  171. my favorite Halloween recipe/food is pigs in blankets, wrapped to look like mummies!

  172. Roasted pumpkin seeds

  173. Sugar cookies with frosting (in the shape of pumpkins of course!)

  174. I love candy corn!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  175. Halloween Chili! njones702 (at) gmail (dot) com

  176. Pumpkin bars and spiced cider!


  177. My favorite Halloween/fall food is anything pumpkin – pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin fruit dip, etc ๐Ÿ˜‰

  178. Well, that would have to be Halloween candy. I believe it’s my job as a parent to eat some of my children’s candy–so they won’t get too sick eating it all themselves, of course. :-)

  179. I just love caramel apples. They are divine.

  180. We love eating taco soup Halloween night.

  181. I love to look online for creepy recipes. My daughter has a zombie movie night and they love the food I come up with. I do love all the pumpkin recipes this time of year too.

  182. I love popcorn balls! When I was a kid my mom would make them for my classmates around Halloween, and it’s still a great memory I have as an adult. :)

  183. I like to make pizza, cut it into a pumpkin shape and decorate it to look like a jack-o-lantern

  184. I know it’s not technically a food, but I can’t get through Halloween without eating at least a bag (OK…3…) of candy corn!

  185. I’ve been posting Halloween themed food/recipes all week on my blog! Some of my favorites are any that look like eyeballs. Totally gross, right?

  186. It’s a tie between caramel apples and homemade root beer! We always double potted the root beer and put dry ice in the outer pot to look like a witches’ cauldron!!

  187. My favorite Halloween food is the classic hotdog wrapped in biscuit dough like a mummy with mustard dots for eyes.

  188. We love to have caramel apples and also the jello made with a brain mold…ciao4now64 at yahoo dot com.

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  190. Caramel apples! But I also made a Cajun pumpkin seed mix that was awesome.

    snbadgett AT gmail DOT com

  191. I love all the CANDY!!!

  192. Anything pumpkin, but I would have to say pumpkin spice lattes take the cake! A warm latte and cold weather go together so well!

  193. Love roasting the pumpkin seeds with a little salt!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  194. Candy Corn!

  195. My sister swears that if I was a superhero my super power would be “Pumpkin power” because pumpkin and cinnamon are by far my favorite two baking ingredients. Already this month I have made 3 batches of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and mini pumpkin shapes loaves of pumpkin bread with butterscotch chips. Baking anything pumpkin is definitely my favorite part of Halloween. :)
    [email protected]

  196. We always had homemade popcorn balls and caramel apples or candy apples in our bag after trick o’ treating and the School Fall Carnival. I love tootsie rolls, smarties, baby ruth bars and m&m’s.
    Cyndee Thomas

  197. Candy Corn mixed with peanuts and M&Ms! Mmmm

  198. We always have chili on Halloween….warms us up after taking the kids trick or treating.

  199. My favorite Halloween food is mini mummy hot dogs, pumpkin pie, and cup cakes :)

  200. I love anything pumpkin!

  201. Pumpkin everything! Pie, cheesecake, roasted seeds…yum!

  202. My mom has made me homemade chicken noodle soup for Halloween, since I was born.

  203. My great aunt mildreds popcorn balls!

  204. I LOVE caramel corn for Halloween!

  205. I know doesn’t seem special or spooky, but my favorite Halloween food is chili! My Mom used to make it every Halloween so that when we got back from a chilly night of trick-or-treating (that night was always cold and often drizzling in IL) we had warm bowls of chili.

  206. i love making your chicken taco soup!!

  207. Much to my son’s disgust my favorite is candy corn!

  208. My favorite would have to be pumpkin bread or muffins with vanilla infused butter with sea salt YUM!


  209. I love everything pumpkin! My favorite Halloween candy is Baby Ruth, and I love making Halloween versions of favorite foods, like adding orange to just about everything… sweet potato fries instead of regular, orange food dye in milk/pudding, etc.

  210. My favorite fall/halloween recipe is apple pie and hot apple cider. I wish I had a recipe to post or share but I dont.

  211. ghosty graveyard oreos and nutterbutters debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  212. Kit kat bars! I feel like I am ‘allowed’ to indulge in candy this time of the year and thanks to my kids who make it possible :)

  213. My favorite is caramel apples. Love them!

  214. My favorite Halloween food is anything pumpkin and candy corn! Mmm

  215. Real food…..taco soup or chili

    candy…. i have a few new favorites, werther’s originals green apple candies and candy corn m&ms. YUM!

  216. I love Halloween! I love chilis and soups this time of year, but I especially look forward to pumpkin spice bars with cream cheese frosting… yum!

  217. [email protected] says:

    We always ate chili and hot dogs on Halloween when U was growing up so that meal still makes me think of Halloween!