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Let’s just say I’ve been a little terrified to venture out to eat now that we have four kids. Our two year old is a ticking time bomb anywhere we go, and my six week old baby wants to eat all the time. Sure we’ve hit up the fast food joints, but I was craving some really good food and wanted to eat in a place that didn’t smell like feet. My husband’s parents were in town visiting so with man-on- man coverage we figured we could handle it. A little apprehensive about our first outing to a “real” restaurant, we headed to Olive Garden, a family friendly place that pleases both kids and adults.

I knew exactly what I wanted to order. I went for the 3 Course Italian Dinner for $12.95 because we all know I like to eat. We all started off with salad and breadsticks. I think I could eat my weight in breadsticks especially when I can dip them in Olive Garden’s Alfredo dipping sauce. I ordered the Smoked Mozzarella Chicken which was to die for and so big I had plenty to take home. We’re the type of family who pass around our dinner entrees so we all can try a variety of dishes, and I loved my mother-in-law’s Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo. Yum!

The best thing about Olive Garden is that their Kid’s Menu offers healthy choices such as grapes and broccoli along with pasta. My oldest son is a bottomless pit these days and was stoked when we told him we were going to Olive Garden because he knew he would actually get full.

We ended the meal with mini desserts which are really all you need after such a big meal. There are five Dolcini desserts to choose from, and I went for something other than chocolate for once. I ordered the Limoncello Mousse, and it turned out to be a good choice…creamy, light, and delicious.

Our first outing with a newborn baby girl and three crazy boys was a success. We may even try it again soon…without grandparent reinforcements.

The 3 Course Italian Dinner special is going on till March 18th and I’m craving breadsticks as we speak. The nice people at Olive Garden and BlogHer want you to enjoy their yummy food as well so they are giving away a $100 Olive Garden gift card to one of you! 

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment telling me your favorite part of dinner at Olive Garden-breadsticks, the main course, or dessert!

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  1. My favorite part of the Olive Garden meal is the breadsticks, definitely. But the mint at the end is a perfect touch as well!

  2. oh my goodness, the breadsticks! i’ve tried to replicate these so many times 🙂

  3. I love the salad, buy you have to order extra black olives!!!!

  4. My favorite part is the main meal! Or the breadsticks! Oh, it’s all just SO delicious!

  5. Although I pretty much always shout “dessert!” when asked this question, I’m always to full from the main course to even try any! So, obv. main course is the bestest part 😛

  6. My favorite part is the breadsticks and endless salad!! YUM!

  7. I love the breadsticks and salad!

  8. Definitely the breadsticks!!

  9. Tara Surbaugh says:

    I love their salad!! I don’t know where they get their black olives from but wish I did…

  10. Salad and breadsticks is my favorite! I could eat that all day long.

  11. I haven’t been to an Olive Garden in years!! Dessert is always a fave, but i think the main course would be my favorite! That chicken and mozzarella had my mouth watering!!

  12. Who doesn’t love the breadsticks?? I brought my 2 year old there for the first time recently and I was also impressed that they offered grapes or broccoli with their meal, which was a very generous portion! I always have leftovers from the Olive Garden, so it really helps to stretch my dollar when going out to eat!

  13. maria.mckenna@yahoo.com says:

    I love their salad dressing! (sorry for the double post!)

  14. I love the breadsticks and salad! When you add soup it makes the best lunch!

  15. The wine…and the wine.

  16. i love the never ending soup and salad!

  17. i love love love the Zuppa Toscana! Also the bread sticks with a side of the Alfredo dippping sauce is equally as yummy!!

  18. i love love love the Zuppa Toscana! Also the bread sticks with a side of the Alfredo dippping sauce is equally as yummy!!

  19. I love the soup and salad! I order it for lunch all the time!

  20. The soup, salad and breadsticks lunch is my favorite!

  21. I absolutely love the fettucini alfredo. Why order anything else when you have such a good thing?



  22. I love the breadsticks and you have to dip them in the parmesan dip used for the calamari! It’s so yummy!

  23. I Love the Breadsticks & Salad! And we LOVE their Raspberry Cheesecake!!

  24. I love the breadsticks. Plain, dunked in the salad dressing (after the salad is gone), and then with the meal (again, dunked in sauce). YUM!

  25. I love Olive Garden! And I am so excited because they are building a new one closer to where I live. My favorite is their Chicken Marsala.

  26. laura armington says:

    I think that I could fill up on the salad with the fat free salad dressing. You cant taste a difference between that and the normal dressing! Its so yummy! lkarmington@aol.com

  27. Hmm..that is a tough one…i have to say that I love their breadsticks and the chicken alfredo!

  28. I love the breadsticks but I have two other favorites: the Chicken Alfredo, there’s just something about that sauce and their Sangria’s, they’re delicious!!!!!

  29. Definitely the breadsticks and salad bar!

  30. My favorite part is hands down the breadsticks! I’m a carb girl, so throw in some soup and I’m sold!

  31. BREADSTICKS! After reading your post, I now want Olive Garden breadsticks. But it doesn’t take much for me to want those breadsticks 🙂 My hubby doesn’t like Olive Garden that much so I haven’t been in forever, which also doesn’t help.


  32. I love it all! However, I am usually too full to eat any dessert, my husband and I always say next time, but we never do. We have NEVER had a bad time at OG, the food, staff, always great! Hope I win!!

  33. It’s been a while since I’ve been and can’t remember the name but there’s a lemon cake that’s pretty tasty.

  34. The dessert! Definitely the dessert 🙂

  35. I am a main course girl!

  36. I’d have to say the main dish is my favorite part of the meal. Although I love making Italian food at home, nothing beats someone cooking for me:)

  37. I love dipping the breadsticks into the house dressing. Yum!

  38. My favorite is the salad dressing. Yummy!!!

  39. Definitely the breadsticks! And I love them dipped in the alfredo sauce too!

  40. The salad and breadsticks….YUM! I always have to remind myself that the main meal is coming as well, LOL!

  41. I’m just like almost everyone else – love the breadsticks and the salad! Always enjoy eating at The Olive Garden!

  42. I love alllll of it! I always get their ravioli and they have the best sparkling wine there.

  43. Soup, Salad , and bread sticks all the way!!! I’m 7 months preggo and get the craving more often than not!!

  44. The dessert. Always the dessert 🙂

  45. Zuppa Toscana- love the soup!


  46. I love everything Olive Garden, but mostly just the fact that my kids eat so well there!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. My favorite part of the Olive Garden menu is the salad. I always fill up on the salad then wonder why I don’t have room for the main course!

  48. Love the breadsticks the best! We are FINALLY getting an Olive Garden in our area of town… opening soon. Would love a GC to surprise my family!

  49. Breadsticks and Salad are the best. The main course is just a bonus!!

  50. The salad and of course, the breadsticks!

  51. Breadsticks dipped in a bowl of pasta fagioli.

  52. I think it has to be the breadsticks and salad.

  53. My favorite part of Olive Garden is the salad. Each time we go, we remember a funny time when taking our 8 year old son there and when the waitress asked him, “soup or salad?” he responded, “YES PLEASE!” The waitress looked at me and then I looked at my son and said “Soup OR Salad?” and he turned to the waitress and said, “Oh! I thought you said SUPER SALAD… and I thought that sounded pretty good!”

  54. Ultimately I could just eat unlimited breadsticks but I recently had an amazing dish with chicken pasta with cheese center and a white garlic cheese sauce it was delish!

  55. Linda Portell says:

    Keep coming back for the breadsticks & salad!

  56. My favorite part of Olive Garden is definitely the breadsticks!!!!

  57. We just recently got our first Olive Garden here in Anchorage, Alaska and there is still a 2 1/2 hour wait for dinner. I’m still waiting for the new to wear off a little so the wait will be much shorter. Having made that disclaimer, I’m sure dessert will be my favorite part of the meal since I have a huge sweet tooth!

  58. My favorite part of Olive Garden are the breadsticks and the yummy salad!


  59. I could live on salad and breadsticks…no dessert necessary!

  60. My favorite part is the main meal – love the seafood alfredo! I also love the salad!

  61. I love the yummy wine they pair with their delicious meals!!!

  62. I love the chicken alfredo at Olive Garden. I cannot get enough of the blackened chicken. Oh man, yum-o-yum!!


  63. I LOVE their dessert! Their lemon cream cake is so light and heavenly.

  64. The scampi. And now that’s all I’ll be able to think about!

  65. Love the salad, love the breadsticks – LOVE the tiramisu! Haven’t been to Olive Garden in ages… need to go soon, whether I win or not.

  66. Yep the breadsticks!

  67. I LOVE their salad and breadsticks! 🙂 They are my absolute favorite, hands down!!!

  68. I love the breadsticks! Mmmm!

  69. For me it’s the soup or salad…I could eat that endlessly. Love that place!

  70. The salad and bread sticks!! I might be able to live on those, although the dessert sounds fab too!

  71. I also love the breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce. YUM!

  72. My favorite part is the salad and breadsticks! Sometimes we go there just for that! But….in the fall, their pumpkin cheesecakes is to die for!!

  73. BREADSTICKS and ALFREDO are by far the best.

  74. Definitely the breadsticks!

  75. I am 8 months pregnant and my #1 craving has been Olive Garden! I love to dip my bread sticks in their alfredo. I pretty much put myself in a carb coma.

  76. I’m thinking their big salad (and the breadsticks that come along with it!) would be my favorite part. Love that it’s bottomless! Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo is my favorite! I always ask for extra balsamic glaze. This dish also reminds me of being a newlywed, because when my husband and I were “roughing it” we would order this to go. haha


  78. The breadsticks are amazing. usually if I can limit myself to 5 or so, I feel like I am doing good … 🙂

  79. The breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce is the best part! But it’s all so good. 🙂

  80. the salad

  81. Definitely the breadsticks!!

  82. The olives in the salad, we fight over them.

  83. pasta fagioli soup, eggplant parm and limoncello dessert

  84. The salad! When I was pregnant with my twin daughters I literally went through 3 bowls by myself. I love it!!

  85. Definitely the breadsticks, and I also love that alfredo dipping sauce.

  86. I love their dessert! The lemon cake is my favorite!

  87. the main course!

  88. I haven’t been to OG in a while but always liked the salad and breadsticks (and soup) lunches.

  89. Soup salad and breadsticks! Yum! But those breadsticks are so addicting I can’t stop eating them!

  90. Not to sound like everyone else, but the breadsticks are my favorite! I usually fill up on those and then end up taking most of my dinner home!

  91. The salad! OMG…their salad…mmm…

  92. Not to sound like everyone else, but the breadsticks are my favorite! I usually fill up on those and then end up taking most of my dinner home!

  93. I love their desserts! The chocolate mousse is amazing.

  94. Kandice Moore says:

    The salad!! Love it!!

  95. I love the breadsticks dipped in their italian dressing from the salad. So yummy!

  96. I love the three cheese ziti, so I guess the main course!



  97. I love the breadsticks dipped in the Alfredo dipping sauce or the salad dressing! But i agree with everyone else, it’s all great!

  98. I love the salad and breadsticks the most!

  99. I don’t think I can pick one. everything about the Olive Garden is fabulous. But they must put something in those bread sticks that make them so good!

  100. I don’t think I can pick one. everything about the Olive Garden is fabulous. But they must put something in those bread sticks that make them so good!

  101. Oh My Gosh, my favorite part is absolutely the breadsticks! I could easily make a meal on just those and not think twice about it!!! Thank you for this giveaway; fingers crossed that I win! 🙂

  102. Salad and breadsticks are the best! lange.kristi@gmail.com

  103. Chicken Marsala and breadsticks!

  104. My favorite is th soup and salad. i love the zuppa toscana. i even make it at home – but att olive gardens, it so so better!
    Lourdes. lmanning9923@yahoo.com

  105. I LOVE the zuppa toscana with salad and bread sticks. I love to try all of the new dishes because they rarely disappoint.

  106. Breadsticks and Salad 🙂

  107. My favorite part is definitely the breadsticks and salad! And for $100 I could eat a LOT of it! 🙂

  108. Hands down they have the best salad EVER! I usually eat so much of it (and the breadsticks of course) that by the time by entree comes I’m full! Luckily everything is good re-heated at home! Hnd583@gmail.com

  109. My husband and I tried the Smoked Mozzarella Fonduta long ago. I think that that’s probably still one of my favorite things to enjoy there. Though it’s been some time now, I always order a raspberry lemonade, too.

  110. My favorite part is definitly the breadsticks and salad! I LOVE the breadsticks dipped in the dressing :). Olive Garden is amazing!

  111. https://twitter.com/#!/jorysnyder

    I tweeted about the contest.

  112. I love their chicken parmigiana! I get it every time!

  113. I love everything but my favorite is probabaly the salad and breadsticks!

  114. My favorite thing about Olive Garden- The Pasta e Fagioli! It tastes wonderful even in the summer!

  115. The salad and breadsticks!

  116. Ahhh…I love their Lasagna Rolls, or the Tour of Italy! And the tiramisu is so, so good.

  117. My favorite part of Olive Garden is the breadsticks (with the salad)…my old college roommates and I would go there just for the breadsticks!

  118. The breadsticks! Ohhh and can’t forget the salad. Yum!

  119. Yum – the main course is my favorite – anything with Alfredo sauce!

  120. This might sound crazy, but the salad is my favorite part. Their dressing is just delicious, and I love the freshly grated cheese! Now I’m hungry!

  121. The salad is my favorite part of the meal!

  122. Gotta say the breadsticks! I also love their Shrimp Arrabiata pasta.

  123. I love those mini desserts! And of course the breadsticks but the best thing is since I have been pregnant I crave lemonade all the time and their Bella Limonata is the best!!!! Love it!

  124. Definitely both the breadsticks and the salad. If I eat enough salad I dont feel so guilty about eating more breadsticks 🙂

  125. Definitely the main course! I must be crazy because I’ve never been a huge fan of their breadsticks (but have been told by the world over how amazing they are!).

  126. Salad & breadsticks with a side of alfredo! I’m pregnant and we’ve been there twice in the past week because I’ve been craving this exact meal. YUM!!!

  127. BREADSTICKS! and salad and soup and the main course! lol
    susan guidry

  128. I love the breadsticks and the salad. Can make a meal of those.

  129. The salad! I swear they put crack in the dressing b/c the salad itself really doesn’t have much in it. I can eat the whole bowl!

  130. The breadsticks with their alfredo sauce for dipping…..yum!

  131. Love the breadsticks!

  132. all you can eat…. I love to eat and I love endless salad…

  133. For me it is a toss up between the bread sticks and minestrone soup!

  134. The breadsticks are absolutely the BEST!!! Second to that comes the Gnocchi and Chicken Soup (Food.com makes a great replicated version too)

  135. My favorite has to be the salad – I love the dressing!

  136. The soup, salad and breadsticks can’t be beat!

  137. I love the salad and bread sticks!


  138. I have so many memories from Olive Garden growing up. That was usually my birthday choice & I would get a virgin strawberry daquri, Fettachini Alfredo & of course salad & breadsticks. And of course, going there with my friends is always a great memory too. It’s funny how a place like that can hold so many memories!

  139. I have so many memories from Olive Garden growing up. That was usually my birthday choice & I would get a virgin strawberry daquri, Fettachini Alfredo & of course salad & breadsticks. And of course, going there with my friends is always a great memory too. It’s funny how a place like that can hold so many memories!

  140. My favorite part is definitely the salad…I can never get enough!

  141. I’ve got to be honest and say the breadsticks!

  142. Their breadsticks are definitely my favorite!

  143. Olive Garden catered an event I attended last year. The lasagna had to be 5″ thick and so delicious. I’ve been looking for deep dish lasagna pans ever since.

  144. The breadsticks are definitely my favorite – but the sangria is a nice touch too 🙂

    lauralee_220 at hotmail dot com

  145. I actually live for that salad with the fresh grated parmesan!!

  146. I love, love, love the salad and breadsticks!!

  147. I am a main course kind of girl. Don’t make me name which one is my favorite, though! I take FOREVER to decide at Olive Garden. Thanks.

  148. The breadsticks!!! They just can not be duplicated at home!

  149. I just love the bread sticks and salad! And I love their raviolis too! 🙂

  150. My favorite part about olive garden is not only the breadsticks, atmosphere, or mints but it’s the size of the meals~I can take half my meal home and enjoy it the next day for lunch!!!!!! : )

    ~Laura Marie

    Facebook.com/lauramariekc or email laura15805@yahoo.com

  151. Love Olive Garden! I love love love their breadsticks and salad….so addicting

  152. I love the salad and bread sticks, but the really bonus is that I don’t have to cook it!

  153. My favorite thing at olive garden is zuppa tuscana soup. It is amazing. Kyle.greenhalgh@asu.edu

  154. My most favorite part of any Olive Garden meal is, undoubtedly, the Salad and Breadsticks!! Unlimited anything is wonderful but these are both super yummy!

  155. So many wonderful things to choose from, hhhmmmm……but I think I definitely have to choose the breadsticks. It just wouldnt be the same without those breadsticks!


  156. I randomly just ate at Olive Garden this weekend, and without a doubt, the bread sticks and salad are the thing of dreams.

  157. My favorite is definitely the breadsticks with alfredo sauce and the salad! I can’t get enough of either!

  158. Love love love Olive Garden!!! I like to eat the breadsticks alone and with my main meal so it’s either breadsticks…or the main meal – it’s all so delish I can’t decide!

  159. Breadsticks, definitely the breadsticks! I never have enough room for my meal when it gets to the table

  160. I absolutely love the breadsticks and salad… my hubby is not much into salad so anytime I can get a yummy one without him complaining I am game! Plus, who can pass up the breadsticks?


  161. I absolutely love their salad! Just the right amount of dressing and goodies. My mouth is watering as I type!

  162. I love olive garden’s breadsticks!!! I agree that it is a very nice family friendly place. My three little girls love it there and they also love the breadsticks!

  163. Salad & Breadsticks no question!

  164. I tweeted about this giveaway. And now I am so hungry from thinking about Olive Garden that I am going to have to go cook something.

  165. I love that I get to eat pasta! One of my favorite things, and my hubbub doesn’t eat it, so now days i only get it when we go out. He loves the soup and salad so it’s win-win for us.

  166. My favorite part about Olive Garden is the salad and the breadsticks! I could eat just those and be a very happy girl.

  167. I love to eat there! Bread sticks of course. I always order chicken parmigiana and it is wonderful.

  168. I love the Zeppoli.

  169. I love the breadsticks and the pasta fagioli soup. I’ve never had their dessert as I am always stuffed after the main course 😀

  170. Favorite thing to eat at the Olive Garden is by far the salad with a tiny bit of extra dressing. The breadsticks with a bit of dressing on them is heavenly, and not quite as bad as dipping them in their Alfredo sauce (nom!) 🙂

  171. I love the classic spaghtetti with meatballs but I get it with half meat sauce, half afredo sauce!

  172. definitely the breadsticks {and salad} thanks for the chance to win.

  173. Hi I’m Shar! My favorite part is knowing i get to enjoy all 3! Olive Garden is definitely a splurge for me. So I like going there when I feel the need to indulge. Therefore The breadsticks, the Shrimp Mezzaluna (holy yum!) and the apple crostata for dessert… EVERYTIME.

    I eat every last bite. 🙂 even the little mint at the end.

    Here’s my blog post supporting this contest..

  174. Breadsticks FOREVERRRRRR!!!!!

  175. I love the breadsticks. unlimited! they are great!

  176. I love Olive Garden! ! ! ! ! ! !


  177. I love the salad and breadsticks! I could eat a whole meal just from those. 🙂

  178. I love the Olive Garden, especially the spaghetti pomodore and the nice selection of desserts!

  179. Soup & Salad for lunch!

  180. I LOVE the breadsticks! I once heard that eating one was the equivalent to eating a snickers bar. I sure hope that’s not true or I definitely inhale too many calories when eating at Olive Garden!

  181. I love the main course (chicken parm)!

  182. My favorite as a kid were the breadsticks, now I would have to say I look forward to the appetizers! Fried ravioli, calamari , stuffed mushrooms, I could use those as a whole meal!


  183. Love the soup and breadsticks!!

  184. My favortie for sure is the breadsticks with the alfredo sauce!


  185. I LOVE the soup and the famous salad that they have at Olive garden…i could just sit and eat and eat the salad. nacarmichael@shaw.ca

  186. I love the 3 course meal…that way you get a little of everything! And the bread sticks of course are to die for!!! 🙂

  187. the soup!

  188. I can’t get enough of their breadsticks! So yummy!

  189. I love all of it! This is my husband’s favorite chain restaurant, so we eat here a lot! My favorite part is the main course and dessert. You can’t go wrong ending the night with something sweet 🙂

  190. I posted the link on my blog.


    But I’m in love with the salad! Save the olives for me!! 🙂

  191. I love the soup, salad and breadsticks!! My sister and I always get so full off of the chicken gnocchi soup. Delicious!


  192. I love eating at Olive Garden because I don’t eat meat, and they have more than one choice for me to choose from. Not to mention the endless salad & breadsticks. Yum!

  193. The salad and bread sticks are my favorite. I’m pregnant and have been craving them for sooo long.

  194. I love Olive Garden! My favorite course is the main dish. I love pasta!

  195. My favorite would be the salad and breadsticks–moreso the salad than breadsticks, but yes, that’s my favorite part!

  196. I love there salad and breadsticks, but I had some sausage soup there once that was REALLY good too.

  197. I love the Tour of Italy at the Olive Garden. My friend and I always split it and its perfect!

  198. I always get the soup salad and breadsticks (Zupps Toscana) and their Tiramisu. Yum!

  199. I love those little desserts! You’re absolutely right. They are just enough. And you are satisfied. Cheers to Olive Garden, more restaurants NEED to do that!

  200. My husband and I always split the chicken parmigiana and then top it off with an order of the zeppoli, with both the chocolate AND the raspberry sauce. We’re creatures of habit.

    Also delicious–Bella Limonata!

  201. I love the “”finger licking salad bowl”” I’m not leaving anything dressing included! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  202. Oh Yum!! We love the stuffed mushrooms and toasted ravioli. I love the salad too with extra croutons. I always say I’m going to try something different but can’t resist the Tour of Italy platter. I’m hungry now!!

  203. My husband and I met their working almost 9 years ago now. Ever since we have been obsessed with the Olive Garden! We love the Seafood Alfredo and Chicken Alfredo Pizza with dipping sauce soooo yummy!


  204. I am a soup-salad and breadsticks addict!! I love the combo!

  205. Omigosh…my favorite thing there is the chicken con broccoli. It’s absolutely fabulous, but it’s so hard to ‘save room’ when I’m eating those nummy breadsticks!!

  206. Breadsticks and Alfredo Sauce, hands down…jasonemilyholt@msn.com

  207. Breadsticks and Alfredo Sauce, hands down…jasonemilyholt@msn.com

  208. The breadsticks and the gnocchi soup!!

  209. I could survive off the salad, breadsticks, and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

  210. I love their salad and bread sticks the most. J live the dressing that they have.

  211. The breadsticks and salad! YUM!

  212. The main course. MY BF and I always try something different and then share – we’re due for a OG trip! Thanks for the chance.

  213. Bread sticks and salad for sure!

  214. The breadsticks and salad are fantastic, but the andes mint at the end is such a treat after an amazing meal.

  215. I could just say ditto here-
    the salad and breadsticks are marvelous-
    and the limoncello mousse is fantastic-

  216. I’m a sucker for the salad and breadsticks!

  217. I love the tour of Italy, it came with with a little portion of chicken parm, lasagna, and alfredo. All of my favorites so I didn’t have to choose just one!

  218. Breadsticks and salad are my favorite!

  219. I looove the salad! Especially the bites with peppers and olives! (jessfuel @ gmail.com)

  220. Mmm … Olive Garden! I love their zuppa toscana and their breadsticks best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  221. I have to go with the salad and breadsticks, I really don’t even need anything else!

  222. Soup, salad and breadsticks. I’m always full after that. I agree with the kid’s menu choices, my daughter always picks spaghetti with broccoli.

  223. I love the salad and breadsticks!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  224. i love the salad, and the fettuccine alfredo!! or the zuppa toscana soup! all so good! 🙂

  225. Love their stuffed chicken marsalla.

  226. The breadsticks!! oh, the breadsticks. And the salad/salad dressing. So, so yummy!

    nataliejbean at gmail

  227. I love the mushroom tortellini and of course the breadsticks!

  228. I love the breadsticks and I especially love to dip them in whatever leftover sauce I have from my pasta dish!

  229. I tweeted about the giveaway!!


  230. my favorite at Olive Garden is an entree – 6 cheese baked ziti – YUM!

  231. Definitely salad & breadsticks, and their minestrone is delicious!

  232. I love the bread sticks and salad- and apparently so does everyone else:)I would love to win this gift card!!!

  233. I’d have to say the main course is best because it gives me inspiration in my own cooking 🙂

  234. Olive Garden’s Lasagna is the BEST and it is what I always order! Yum! Thank you 🙂

  235. My favorite part of dinner at Olive Garden is the endless soup and bread sticks. I always end up eating at least 2 bowls before my meal arrives. CRAZY GOOD!

  236. I Tweeted about the Olive Garden $100 gift card give-away here:

  237. I love everything about Olive Garden…salad, warm bread, real glasses to hold the sweet tea, the lasagna, the lemon cream cake, the atmosphere.

  238. breadsticks!!!

  239. It’s ALL about the soup, salad and breadsticks for us! Holy cow, the Pasta Fagoule Soup is amazing! Yum! Years ago, when we lived in CA, we could buy bottles of the salad dressing to take home…..don’t know if they still do that…..ours here in Maine didn’t the last time we were there! :o( Oh well, I guess we just have to go more often to get that amazing salad!

  240. I could eat a million of their breadsticks!! Yum-o!!!

  241. I love their breadsticks! …accompanied with a delicious bowl of hot soup, of course!

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  243. salad and breadsticks of course

  244. Trish Warwick says:

    I crave the salad and breadsticks!!! So yummy!
    Olive Garden is one of my favorite places to eat!

  245. I love the salmon dish. Mmmmmm! And I could sit and eat their breadsticks all day long of course. But my favorite is by far the desserts.

  246. Umm, what DON’T I love about Olive Garden but the white chocolate raspberry cheescake is to die for!

  247. I love love love the breadsticks!

  248. The breadsticks! I pretty much go for the salad and breadsticks and could stuff myself full of just those. I usually try to save just a little room for the rest!

  249. Can I say all? 🙂 Okay, if I really had to choose, it would definitely be the breadsticks – as long as the alfredo was involved – and salad!


  250. Everything about olive garden is my favorite…..the breadsticks, the Zuppa tuscana, the fettuccini Alfredo and in the fall the pumpkin cheesecake. It is my go to resturaunt for any occasion.

  251. My favorite dish at Olive Garden is Chicken Alfredo. It is delicious! My husband and I are big fans of Olive Garden… we go there at least twice a month! 😉

  252. mm the salad! bowl after bowl after bowl.


  253. I have to say, their salad and bread sticks are my favorite!

  254. Oh definitely the breadsticks, wonder how many I could eat!

  255. Breadsticks and salad!!! Delish!

  256. Here is the URL to my blog where I talked about the giveaway!

  257. I like the breadsticks and the soup.

    dbean415 at gmail

  258. my favorite olive garden food is the zuppa toscana soup!

  259. I also tweeted about the giveaway.


  260. I love eerything about Olive Garden! I especially love the dessert menu. I have never been disappointed!

  261. The Chicken & Gnocchi soup and salad with breadsticks. Sometimes i will just pick this up and take home for dinner. So yummy and warm on a cold day!

  262. my favorite is dinner salad!! YUMM dressing!!

  263. I’ve never had a dessert there, so I’d have to go with the breadsticks. Yum! Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. The soup definitely!

  265. My favorite part is definitely the salad & breadsticks. Also the dessert. I love the food at Olive Garden!

  266. I’ve never been to Olive Garden! I would love a chance to use this so I can try their infamous breadsticks!

  267. The breadsticks hands down. All my attempts to re-create them have been epic failures.

  268. my favorite part about Olive Garden? What isn’t my favorite part. Olive Garden has been my favorite restaurant since the first time I went. A sample glass of wine for a small donation? Yes please. Bread sticks are great, food is great, service is great. I have never had a bad experience at an Olive Garden before and I can’t say that about many places. Honestly, my favorite part about going to Olive Garden is their salad. I don’t know what it is about it but I love it. Then taking a bread stick and cleaning the dressing off my bowl…yum. We don’t go out to eat often but Olive Garden is always a great choice when we do go out because I know that my kids will actually eat their dinner!

  269. My favorite is actually the salad. Does that make me weird? 🙂

  270. Chicken Alfredo is my all time favorite!!

  271. Chicken and shrimp carbonara. But I hated salad until I ate at Olive garden- I’m glad they at least sell their dressing!

  272. Salad! Salad! Salad! Oh yeah, with a side of breadsticks:)

  273. Salad and bread sticks! Im always almost full by the time my meal comes!

  274. My favorite part is truly the salad! It’s always cold and fresh, and I can never get enough.

  275. Definitely has to be the breadsticks!! Although I do love the entree too… hmmm…

    sunflower877 at msn.com

  276. I love the main course of olive garden’s meal. I love italian food.

  277. i love the breadsticks. draws me in every time.

  278. First off I am no snob and I LOVE Olive garden. I have two favorite things I love. First is that fresh shredded cheese over their salad, 2nd is breadsticks…and I order a side of alfredo for dipping!

  279. I love the salad! I’ve been craving Olive Garden for a while now. Yum!

  280. I really love their salad!

  281. I really love their salad!

  282. Yuuuummmmyyyyyyy!!! I love the breadsticks and salad! Can’t get enough of them!! 🙂

  283. I read the official rules.

  284. Soup, salad, and breadsticks!

  285. I love the beginning of the meal with the salad and breadsticks 🙂 Also, their peach sweet tea is so good!

    ejstivers | at | gmail | dot | com

  286. My absolute favorite part of visiting the Olive Garden is the entree. There are so many yummy things to choose from but I always end up ordering the Eggplant Parmigiana because it’s SO delicious. I always get fettucine alfredo on the side instead of the spaghetti. The last time I was there, my server suggested I get alfredo sauce on the eggplant instead of the marinara. It was SO good, now I order it that way every time!

  287. I absolutely love the salad!

  288. It’s all good but I could go and eat just the salad!!

  289. My favorite are by far the breadsticks! YUMMY!!

  290. I think my favorite part just might be the breadsticks! Especially if dipped in the alfredo sauce!! YUM!

  291. I love pasta! So I would say the main course is my favorite!

  292. I love the sour apple martinis with the gnocchi soup. Yummy!

  293. I love,love, love breadsticks with Olive Garden alfredo sauce! Yum!


  294. I love chicken alfredo! Yum!!

    laura915m @ gmail.com

  295. I always order the minestrone, alfredo sauce to dip my breadsticks or something off the pick three appetizer plate makes its way into the sauce 😉 Great stuff and the Bellinis’ Ohhhh Baby! 😀

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/MoNearCrazii

  296. i love olive garden! is it weird that my favorite part is the unlimited salad? i get weird looks from the waiter every time i say yes to having the salad refilled, and even weirder when they see me down it by myself. oops! i can’t help it it’s so good!

  297. I love the breadsticks! I always eat way too many but how can you resist?

  298. The breadsticks! I have to control myself at the beginning to be sure I have room for my actual meal.

  299. I love the salad and breadsticks!!! Mmmm, I am usually full by the time the meal gets there!!
    jennybunderson at yahoo dot com

  300. I just love being able to eat food I didn’t have to cook. And almost everything they make is awesome!

  301. I love the salad at the Olive Garden!!

    fourjacksonsmn at
    hotmail dot com

  302. I love the soup, salad and breadsticks, love going there for lunch…but my favorite thing, that I look most forward to at Olive Garden? The Limoncello lemonade frozen cocktail! YUM!

  303. Salad and breadsticks! Yum!

  304. belle limonata. Delicious drink. Perfect compliment to any dish.

  305. I am also a huge fan of breadsticks and alfredo sauce. Yummy!

  306. I love love love the breadsticks, and also the strawberry cream cake dessert! So yummy!!! My daughter usually finishes it before I have a chance though lol

  307. I love their minestrone soup. I could do that and a little salad and a breadstick or two and feel like I had a somewhat healthy, filling, and affordable meal. Love Olive Garden!

  308. My favorite part of Olive Garden is their Chicken Parmigiana! Best entree ever.

  309. I love the entree (although all three are great!), but I usually eat half and then have another great lunch the next day!

  310. my favorite is the endless bowl of salad & the breadstix to dip in the yummy dressing!

  311. For me, it’s all about the salad!! Love it!

  312. I crave the salad. I could eat it daily! I usually fill up on salad and breasticks and take my entree home for another meal or two!

  313. My favorite part about eating at Olive Garden is the mints they give you at the end!! One time I mentioned to my waitress how much I adore the chocolate mints, and she brought me an entire to-go cup full of them so I could enjoy them with my meals at home inbetween trips to Olive Garden 🙂 That is great service!!

  314. Breadsticks and salad!

  315. Breadsticks and salad!

  316. I LOVE the Olive Garden so it would be hard for me to decide! The salad… the black olives… the breadsticks… the mint at the end… I love them all but my FAVORITE is the Seafood Portofino entree! It is the most amazing thing I have ever eaten!

  317. I love the great variety of food. As well as the wine. Plus, it such a great place to go with friends. A couple of great girl friends, some wonderful food, tasty wine, fabulous desserts and u can be pretty loud and no one blinks and eye! Love love love it!

  318. I can’t choose a favorite part about an Olive Garden meal. I love it all! The chicken and gnocchi soup, the salad, the breadsticks, my favorite entree is the portobello ravioli and I always get the lemon cream cake for dessert!


  319. Totally the breadsticks. Yum!

  320. For me, it’s definitely the breadsticks!

  321. Oh my goodness! I too could eat my weight in Olive Garden breadsticks! YUMMY! Their salad is tasty too… Now I am hungry. 🙂

  322. The salad for sure! I have tried to make the dressing at home but to no avail. That stuff rocks! I would love $100 worth of salad. =)

  323. The salad hands down! My sister has a recipe for a knock off version but I haven’t made it yet!

  324. i love the little after dinner mints! yummy!

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  325. breadsticks!!

  326. The lemon dessert!

  327. The salad, love that dressing

  328. I think I would have to say the main dish. Cheese Ravioli with alfredo sauce. I think I may have to go there and eat some Olive Garden just to be sure this is an accurate comment!

  329. The breadsticks and salad is always super yummy and i find myself getting too full on that before my food even somes.

  330. I absolutely adore the salad. I do have to say Olive Garden is a family pleaser. My husband ALWAYS orders the Tour of Italy and my 14 year old son asks to go to Olive Garden just for the breadsticks!

  331. I love the soup and salad. I could just stop there and be happy.

  332. I am in love with their salad dresisng! yummm!

  333. I love the Olive Garden! Minestrone Soup with bread sticks is the bomb!

  334. I love the tortelloni with steak, so yummy! Diturley@gmail.com

  335. yummm i love their salad, even though it is essentially just lettuce and Italian dressing, for some reason its SO good there!


  336. I definitely love the salad and bread sticks! So good!


  337. There is no salad on earth as good as Olive Garden’s Salad 🙂

  338. I love the breadsticks!! Delish!

  339. The breadsticks have to be the best part! The salad is a close second! I haven’t been there for anything but lunch in forever 🙁

  340. love the salad & breadsticks!

  341. I’m a big foodie! I love the main course. It’s been a while, but, the last time I was there I had a shrimp/pasta dish that was amazing! I ate a few yummy bread sticks too 🙂
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  342. LOVE the breadsticks!! I seriously cannot get enough of the unlimited soup, salad, breadsticks! YUM! Pretending that’s what I’m actually having for lunch vs. my brown bag. 🙂

  343. Love the dessert…the pumpkin cheesecake around the holidays. YUM

  344. I love the bread sticks and the strawberry mango margaritas. The salad is yummy too. My husband and I can make a meal out of salad and bread sticks! Yum.

  345. I just tweeted:

    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  346. They unfortunately don’t serve my all time favorite dish (Garlic chicken con Broccoli) but Zuppa Toscana is another favorite.

  347. Absolutely the main course. Chicken Scampi, baby!

  348. The salad and breadsticks with alfredo dipping sauce Mmmmmm. We went last week for Valentine’s Day and had the 3 course meal as well. There was a double chocolate dessert that I need to learn how to make. It was so delicious!!

  349. I have to go with the bread sticks.

    So glad that you got to enjoy a nice meal out at Olive Garden!

  350. Zuppa Toscana is the best!

  351. BREADSTICKS. OH MAN. Although their Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo is a close second… This would be the perfect way to celebrate finishing finals!

  352. Ooh, I love their mushroom ravioli meal, whatever it’s called. SO GOOD!


  353. Everything is always delicious and the service is fast! Absolutely love the cheese ravioli with Alfredo sauce mmm yummmm

  354. I love the breadsticks, especially dipping them in the Zuppa Toscana.

  355. the breadsticks, o my,yes

  356. It would have to be the fettuccine alfredo with breadsticks! So good!

  357. My favorite part of the Olive Garden meal is the breadsticks and salad. I’m usually so full after eating them that I can’t eat the main meal.

  358. Chicken Alfredo with Angel Hair Pasta! Yum!

  359. How can you pick the best part? From the salad to the breadsticks to the dessert, you leave so happy! AND like you said, you get to take some home! Olive Garden is the best!!

  360. The salad is awesome!

  361. My favorite part of dinner at Olive Garden is eating a bread stick with my usual entree of chicken alfredo. That sounds so good right now!!

  362. My favorite part of a meal at Olive Garden is the breadsticks and salad. The dressing is just right. Light and airy. And I could eat 20 breadsticks if they let me! I also love that Olive Garden is so family friendly. Such a great environment!

  363. Lauren Miller says:

    My favorite part of Olive Garden is the dessert! I love the tiramisu, and the andes mints of course!! I always ask for extra 🙂

  364. The salad is my favorite!

  365. The best part is the breadsticks dipped in the main course… yummy! Really, though, everything at Olive Garden is the best! ~ sarajo36{at}hotmail{dot}com

  366. I love the salad and tiramisu equally! There is a new Olive Garden opening close to me soon and I can’t wait to go! I think I will be there every day!

  367. I love their soup and salad. Not really into bread sticks.

    mrsnicole_jackson at yahoo dot com

  368. The lemon cake is the best! It’s so light and delicious. It makes my mouth water just thinking of it!

  369. I love the endless salad bowl and breadsticks! YUMMO!!

  370. What is there not to like about Olive Garden, but my favorite is the entrees. I’ve tried many and I’ve never been disappointed. The one I tried most recently was the Stuffed Chicken Marsala! It was amazing – plus, their portions are so generous that I always get to take some home for another taste treat!!

  371. Salad with breadsticks – every time!

  372. The breadsticks are my favorite. There has gotta be some secret ingredient that makes them so addicting!

  373. The breadsticks are my favorite. There has gotta be some secret ingredient that makes them so addicting!

  374. Breadsticks by far are my fave part!

  375. I love love love the breadsticks!!!


  376. My favorite part is the company! My girlfriends and I always choose Olive Garden when we’re out for a girls’ dinner or lunch. We share the breadsticks and never ending salad and each order a main course as well (I usually go with the minestrone- perfect for dipping the breadsticks!). We love it!

  377. Definitely dessert; those Zepolis are to die for!!

  378. Hands down, salad and breadsticks!

  379. If I had to pick, I’d say my favorite part is their salad! But pretty much everything there is good to me!

  380. Olive Garden’s breadsticks are my favorite part of the meal!


  381. I ADORE the breadsticks!

  382. What a lovely family! I have to admit that we do not go out to eat very often, and we live in a rural area, so I think I’ve only been to Olive Garden once for lunch, and I can’t remember anything about it! I would probably love ANYTHING because I love Italian food, so I would venture if they had manicotti, I would be ordering it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  383. cathytreadwell@hotmail.com says:

    My favorite part is the insane amount of cheese you can have them put on ANYTHING! More than once I’ve had the waiter stand there and look at me like, “more, really?!” haha!

  384. I’m a hard-core chocoholic, but I tried the Limoncello Mousse on Saturday at Olive Garden, and it was to die for!

    Brianna Squire

  385. My favorite part about the Olive Garden is the breadsticks!!! But I LOVE to dip them in the Olive Garden salad dressing! YUM YUM!!!

  386. the breadsticks are my favourite part. the salad is also good.

  387. I love eating at Olive garden and my favorite part is the salad and bread sticks.

  388. I love the breadsticks along with the entree. The rolled rollatini is my favorite lately.

  389. I love the salad and breadsticks!

    lindsfitch at hotmail dot com

  390. I love the main course.

  391. Dessert is always my favorite. I am ususally too full to get any, but I always look at the dessert menu and pretend 🙂

  392. Five cheese Ziti and breadsticks. To. Die.

  393. The bread sticks with the Alfredo dipping sauce… yum!!!

  394. Oh it’s got to be the breadsticks with a HUGE bowl of their amazing salad all to myself. I don’t share Olive Garden salad. Ever.


  395. I love their bread sticks and sauce. But the salad and main courses are wonderful too! I’m happy to eat pretty much anything there.

  396. I love the breadsticks and the tortellini soup!

  397. Jessica Tallant says:

    My favorite part is the meal. I love love love their Stuffed Chicken Marsala and mashed potatoes. SOOO YUMMY

  398. I love that I am so satisfied with their endless salad and breadsticks that I can look forward to eating my entre for dinner the next day–two nights in a row off a cooking duty! (I love cooking, but even still I like the break).

  399. I love their soups! And breadsticks of course! Yum!

  400. https://twitter.com/#!/Jess_Bitches the love stuffed chicken marsala

  401. I would have to say the breadsticks and salad! Which is saying a lot because I am not really a bread lover!

  402. I love the Chicken & Gnocchi soup and the mini Chocolate and Caramel dessert cup.

  403. You have a gorgeous family! Love the breadsticks and it’s a good value especially for a family.

  404. Breadsticks and salad. Who needs a main dish when you can eat their breadsticks and salad?


  405. I LOVE olive gardens salad and breadsticks. I could honestly eat them every day!

  406. OG’s salad with extra parmesian cheese is my fave!!!

  407. My favorite at Olive Garden is the Zuppa Toscana soup – so Good!

  408. I love the main course, the salad and breadsticks are a great respite from my grumbling tummy but they’re really just staving off the fact that I need to have five cheese ziti al forno in my belly ASAP! Now I’m going to have to go regardless of whether or not I win this giveaway haha

  409. My fav. is the salad and breadsticks!

  410. This comment has been removed by the author.

  411. I love the chicken alfredo, and the breadsticks… and the scampi.. and, well, about every other thing on the menu!



  412. I like the salad and breadsticks!

  413. I love the main meal. Whenever I go I always order the Chicken Scampi. To die for!!! Love it. My husband always tries to eat mine. And I always have enough for leftovers the next day.

  414. Freshly grated parmasean cheese on their salad and their tiramisu!

  415. I love the salad and breadsticks, but I LOVE the entree even more! I’ve tried several and couldn’t pick a favorite-I love that they add new things periodically!

  416. When I was in college my sister and I would save up our money and go to Olive Garden once a semester. It was always a huge treat and we would splurge by sharing a piece of their chocolate mousse cake.

    There will never be a dessert with more significance for me!

  417. I love Olive Garden’s Soup, Salad, and Bread Stick lunch–especially dipping the bread sticks in their tangy Italian dressing.

  418. I’m a salad & breadsticks kind of girl!! Mmmm…Olive Garden!


  419. Those breadsticks are to DIE for! They are definitely my favorite part! But I just had one of their new Toasted Marshmallow Amore cocktails, and that was incredible too!

  420. I love their soup and breadsticks!

  421. I LOVE the breadsticks and pasta. I never eat it at my own house, so when we go out to Olive Garden, that is ALL I want! 🙂

  422. I love the bread sticks. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  423. I LOVE their pasta fagioli soup. The BEST!

  424. I absolutely love their Pasta E Fagioli Soup with the breadsticks!! It is my favorite on a chilly evening! Yum!

  425. My favorite part… the breadsticks and the breadsticks and the breadsticks. And did I mention the breadsticks? YUM!

  426. I love the main course. I could eat pasta for every meal!

  427. Dessert is my favorite, for sure!

  428. Salad all the way! Ooh I hope I win!

  429. I love the salad, soup and breadsticks!

  430. Definitely breadsticks, along with salad. I’m never hungry when my meal comes 😉

  431. I love the breadsticks and salad!

  432. I absolutely LOVE the breadsticks (dipped in the salad dressing) but hey, looking at all these comments who doesn’t?! I have to say the dessert. My sister introduced me to the mini donuts that you dip in this heavenly chocolate sauce. All I can say is it feels pretty darn good to eat so bad. 🙂

  433. Love the salad (even bought a bottle of their dressing to use at home) but the black tie mousse cake is TO DIE FOR!!!! Usually end up ordering a piece to go because I’m too stuffed to eat it there but it is TOO DELISH to pass up!

  434. Salad and breadsticks!

  435. My family LOVES Olive Garden!! Yummy! The kids meal is so big, all 3 of my kids can share!

  436. Nothing compares to the bread sticks!


  437. I love the breadsticks and salad part because I’m usually starving!!

  438. Breadsticks!!

  439. The breadsticks……. That says it all!


  440. my favorite part of olive garden is the salad dressing, bread sticks, and 5 cheese ziti al forno (couldn’t pick just one!) yum!

  441. I love the salad and breadsticks but the main reason we go is for the tiramisu.

  442. My favorite part is that my husband and I (he hates pasta and I live for it) can both find great options! The breadsticks are so delicious too! yummmm… now I’m hungry

  443. I’m all about the breadsticks. I’ve even just gone in and ordered a bag of them for take out. The steak gorgonzola is soo good! I found this copy cat recipe that’s just as good as the original and we haven’t ordered it from OG since! I posted it a while back if you want to check it out.. definitely worth it!


  444. I pretty much love everything they make. The salad, bread sticks, the steak gorgonzola alfredo. But their Zeppoli just finishes off the night! Love those little Italian donuts 😉

  445. cnehmer@att.net

    Soup, salad & bread sticks….and the Tour of Italy…and the chicken parmesan….well….pretty much everything!!

  446. The breadsticks are my favorite part! The salad is my 2nd favorite! I love Olive Garden. 🙂

  447. I really like Olive Garden’s salad.

  448. I LOVE the salad. When I was pregnant I craved it often.


  449. The breadsticks are the best!

  450. I have two favorite things. The first is the minestrone! Yum! and the second is the Braised Beef and Tortellini pasta! i’m not even a huge mushroom fan, but the dish is fantastic.

  451. The chicken gnocchi soup, bread sticks and salad make me extremely happy and full!

  452. My favorite part of Olive Garden is definitely the breadsticks or ravioli!

  453. The breadsticks AND salad! It’s a combo deal for me. 🙂

  454. my favorite part is the salad. It is sooo tasty. And I love how the waiter always adds extra cheese.

  455. My husband and I love the stuffed mushrooms and always order a side of alfredo to dunk the breadsticks in. Yum!

  456. Love the breadsticks! and the salad!

  457. salad & breadsticks!!!

  458. It used to be dessert until they stopped making the Chocolate Lasagna. WHY did they do that???
    But I’m with you and love those breadsticks in the Alfredo dipping sauce. YUM!

  459. The SOUP! Gotta have my Zuppa Toscana!!! (with piles of freshly grated parmesan, of course)

  460. my favorite part of the meal would have to be the delicious bread sticks and FABULOUS salad!My poor servers get worn out by having to run back and forth – bring me one salad after another! I love me some yummy Olive Garden! De-lic-ious!

  461. my favorite part of the meal would have to be the delicious bread sticks and FABULOUS salad!My poor servers get worn out by having to run back and forth – bring me one salad after another! I love me some yummy Olive Garden! De-lic-ious!

  462. Breadsticks – hands down! Can you please come up with a copy-cat recipe?? carrie.sillito@gmail.com

  463. My favorite part of OG is the salads by far!!!!!

  464. i tweeted about this!!!

    Callie Bowers – check it out –


    $100 Olive Garden gift card giveaway from @GrlWho8Evrythng! Check it out!

  465. i tweeted about this!!!

    Callie Bowers – check it out –


    $100 Olive Garden gift card giveaway from @GrlWho8Evrythng! Check it out!

  466. I am all about the dessert! YUM YUM!

  467. Hands-down, my favorite part is the salad! I love the dressing and the red onion slices.

  468. I love the breadsticks, I could eat a basket full all myself!!

  469. It absolutely has to be their salad! YUM! But it is hard not to also say any of their seafood entrees. I like that there is always enough for leftovers the next day. : )

  470. The SALAD!!! yum!

  471. I love everything about Olive Garden! One of my favorites is the frozen raspberry lemonade-so good and it has free refills!

  472. I actually really like the salad at Olive Garden, and then the entrees too of course.

  473. Favorite part is DEFINITELY the breadsticks!!!!! OMG! I have no self-control with them! 🙂 super yummy!!!

  474. I am I huge fan! When we go to Olive Garden its an event! My sister and I take all our childen and go. My favorite is thier Chicken and Gnocchi soup!

  475. the main course!

  476. Valerie Smith says:

    Really love dipping the breadsticks in the alfredo sauce! Yummy!

  477. My favorite part is the main course. I get the braised beef tortelloni and it is so good!

  478. Kendall Welker says:

    My favorite part about Olive Garden is definitely the salad! I could eat soup, salad and breadsticks all day, every day!


  479. The timing of your post is hilarious. Reminded me of Fat Tuesday celebrations back when I was in college. My roommate and I ordered a whole tray of tiramisu from the Olive Garden to go and ate it all in one sitting. It was more her 1/4 and me 3/4. We swore after that night we would never eat it again but I am always craving it this time of year!

  480. Pasta fagoli soup is my all time fave!

  481. This wasn’t really in the options, but I LOVE the soup, salad and breadstick meal because you get all three AND can switch between flavors of soup if you want! Olive Garden is great!

  482. I love love their salad. I really like their chicken scampi.

  483. I love the breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce!

  484. I love the salad and bread sticks best!! A side of alfredo sauce is a must!


  485. The breadsticks and salad are my favorite!

  486. My favorite part is the breadsticks and salad. They are amazing!

  487. My favorite is the breadsticks.

  488. The main dish!

  489. The frozen raspberry lemonade and the alfredo pizza are my favorites!

  490. Um…..how can you resist black tie mousse cake followed by that tasty little mint? And if you have a friendly server-more than one mint! Yum!!!

  491. I love everything about going to dinner at olive garden. The bread sticks and salad alone are AMAZING. I always fill myself on those, and then save 1/2 my entree for the next day because one night of olive garden is not enough!


  492. OMG Breadsticks!!!!! <3

  493. I love olive garden 🙂 My favorite part of dinner is definitely the salad! I love to go for lunch and get the soup and salad combo 🙂

  494. My favorite part is the salad. I’m not sure what make it so good, but I crave it!

  495. Definitely the main course! I love it all though. 😉 Great giveaway!

  496. I LOVE Olive Garden.

    My favorite meal is the Portabella stuffed ravioli with a frozen raspberry lemonade. But what gets my mouth watering is… the breadsticks. Of course.

  497. The endless salad!!! Breadsticks aren’t bad either.

  498. I used to love the bottomless soup and breadsticks, but I also LOVE that steak gorgonzola alfredo. That’s my new go to!

  499. The salad! Its the best

  500. I love the salad and breadsticks.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  501. the bread sticks are my favorite part, but i also love the pasta!

  502. the bread sticks are my favorite part, but i also love the pasta!

  503. Absolutely the breadsticks! I can take home the main course and just eat salad and breadsticks!

  504. My favorite part is dessert! Especially chocolate.
    geminicalli at yahoo dot com

  505. The breadsticks!!

  506. I love the food from beginning to end…that is, from the beginning soup & salad with you know what (great breadsticks) to the ending desserts (chocolate,lemon,raspberry), I guess I enjoy the flavors and quantity!

  507. What is there NOT to like at Olive Garden, my favorite place to eat! The breadsticks do get a high mark though, delicious!

  508. Breadsticks, without a doubt the breadsticks! Not the mention that salad to go with them. When you have those, who needs a meal?

  509. Breadsticks and salad. I like to take a broken off breadstick and absorb some of the dressing onto it and chow that down. Sometimes Olive Garden brings out the worst in table manners for me, but it is oh so worth it!

  510. oh Olive Garden…I’ve loved it since the 80’s. The salad is amazing, and I love the pasta, but dessert has ALWAYS been my favorite. I remember the GIANORMOUS piece of cheesecake you could get (remember that, early 90’s?). Or more recently, the flourless chocolate cake (so sad it’s gone). But now, my current love is the lemon cream cake. Every time I order it, I always think that it can’t be as good as I remember. But it is…. 🙂 Light, slightly sweet, moist and lemony without the pucker. heart it.

  511. I love the Chicken Alfredo!

  512. It’s definitely all about the breadsticks. My family birthday tradition is endless soup & salad lunch at OG. (And $100 could sponsor a lot of birthdays.)

  513. I think my favorite is the breadsticks too!!

  514. I know this is odd.. but I LOVE the kids macaroni and cheese and will order an adult size plate of it with the salad and breadsticks of course… mmm.. NOW I feel like going to Olive Garden!

  515. The soup! All the delicious choices. 🙂

  516. I absolutely cannot get enough of the breadsticks!

  517. Let’s be honest, it’s ALL delicious! But if I had to pick, I guess the breadsticks really top the list. I could make a meal out of those things!

  518. I love love love Olive Garden. I make my hubby take me there every year for my birthday. I have to say though I love there alfredo sauce. It is so good.

  519. It’s all about the breadsticks!

  520. My favorite part of an Olive garden meal? The bottomless salad!

  521. My fave part is definetley the breadsticks:)

  522. Oh, I can’t pick one favorite thing…I love it all. but I do love the salad dressing and the minestrone soup. Plus once our server told me how well behaved my kids were and that really sealed the deal.

  523. The salad and breadsticks for sure! But I love getting soup also!

  524. The breadsticks and salad for sure!!! I love it so much that I literally crave it! Yum!

  525. I always like the main course. Their pasta dishes are great.

  526. I love love love the breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce! Yummy!

  527. salad and breadsticks all the way!! i could eat that for days!

  528. LOVE the breadsticks!!!


  529. The salad dressing!! And their water…. Sounds stupid, but some restaurants I can’t tolerate their tap water, but our local olive garden has great water 🙂

  530. Breadsticks! I actually just went to Olive Garden for the first time in almost 10 years just so I could have the salad AND breadsticks! 🙂

  531. I love their salad, and lasagna!

  532. My favorite part of the meal is the main course…I just love pasta too much!

  533. Definitely the main course!!

  534. I LOVE their lemon cream cake for dessert. I always ask for a side of raspberry sauce to drizzle on top-DIVINE!!!

  535. I love the salad. I swear, I could go just eat that and breasticks and not order anything else. Except for maybe a glass of white wine. When I’m not pregnant.

  536. dessert, always dessert!

  537. Absolutely nothing beats their white chocolate raspberry cheesecake! Please pick me! I just had a baby and could definitely use a night out with the hubs. 🙂 (lyndsi26@hotmail.com)

  538. I love their pasta fagioli. Their Alfredo sauce is amazing! And I could drink an ocean of the bellini peach tea. Yum!


  539. The salad and breadsticks! I love to dip the breadsticks in the dressing at the bottom of the bowl after I eat my salad. Yum!
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  540. THE SALAD!!!!!!!!!

  541. The main course! Especially anything with alfredo sauce or eggplant!

  542. My Fav part about Olive Garden is that NO matter what I order I love! Oh and I cannot visit Olive Garden without ordering their lovely black-tie mousse!

  543. Oh, who doesn’t love the breadsticks and alfredo dipping sauce? I could eat those all by themselves and be happy. I do love the Vanetian Apricot Chicken, too. Yum! I think I want to head to the Olive Garden now. 🙂

  544. My favorite part is the breadsticks, especially when you finish your salad and can scoop up the leftover dressing. Olive Garden’s salad dressing is SO yummy with the breadsticks!

  545. Ummm. The breadsticks. The salad is a close second though.

  546. I love the salad and breadsticks – yum!

  547. Breadsticks! I could eat those all day long :). Jnorthnp@yahoo.com

  548. Of course I love the breadsticks but I also really enjoy the chicken fettichini alfredo! YUM!


  549. Breadsticks. Yum!

  550. mmm, I DREAM about their seafood ravioli!

  551. My favorite is the salad, Oh I could just eat that!!! Yummy!!!

    God Bless~

  552. My fav is the salad – it is delicious! And of course the breadsticks with it!

  553. definitely the breadsticks (and salad!!)

  554. i always get the chicken alfredo with whole wheat penne pasta!

  555. I love love love love love the breadsticks! I agree that i could eat my weight in them!

  556. Their breadsticks are amazing!

  557. I LOVE the salad. I’ve always been a sucker for their house vinaigrette. Nothing special, but gets me everytime

  558. I re-tweeted your giveaway tweet

  559. My favorite part is the breadsticks and salad!


  560. I could live on breadsticks and salad!

  561. I love their yummy main dishes!!

  562. I love the salad and breadsticks, too.(And someone said you can order extra black olives? Yes, please!!) I’ve also had their steak gorgonzola and it was amazing!!!

  563. Thank U on thie giveaway opportunity.
    Hope I’m still in the running…..but I have never been to Olive Garden but golly bum, I sure would like to try it. If I win the gift card that would give me the opportunity to do so.
    Thank U

  564. I would have to say the evil breadsticks and alfredo sauce are definitely my favorite! 🙂

  565. The breadsticks & salad are my favorite! Actually, I love everything-this is one of my favorite restaurants!! By the way, congrats on venturing out with all the kids! 🙂


  566. Without a doubt the breadsticks-yum!

  567. I love the endless salad and bread sticks!! I love to drag the bread stick in the leftover salad dressing! Yummy!

  568. I love everything about Olive Garden!! The salad and breadsticks are the best…so is the pasta!

  569. The salad and breadsticks of course!!
    ~ Amanda J.

  570. The salad and breadsticks of course!!
    ~ Amanda J.

  571. I love the variety of food they have and of course the bread sticks!

  572. I love their minestrone soup and breadsticks.


  573. I love Olive Garden’s salad and soup (all you can eat) and it includes those yummy bread sticks!!

  574. Soup, salad and breadsticks!! the best!

  575. I love the salad, breadsticks and chicken alfredo.

  576. Breadsticks – I’ve been craving Olive Garden for over a month now!

  577. Definately the breadsticks, the hubby and I often just go for the salad and breadsticks!

  578. ……love the salad…with breadsticks of course

  579. I love the endless salad! The dressing is delicious.
    Its impossible to pick a favorite. Its all so good.

  580. I love the salad. Thanks.

  581. I would have to say the breadsticks are definitely my favorite part at olive garden!


  582. I LOOOOOOVE the salad!

  583. My favorite thing about going to Olive Garden is watching my husband order! He always gets cheese, with cheese, topped with cheese…

    Cheese ravioli with alfredo sauce instead of red sauce, and then top it off with lots of parmesan! LOL

  584. LOVE the bread sticks. If I were a better baker, I’d try to replicate them at home…alas, I’m not. They are, hands down, the best bread sticks.

  585. I LOVE the Chicken Alfredo – main course. YUMMMM

  586. Definitely the breadsticks….i would eat them until I made myself sick! 🙂


  587. I’m with you, the breadsticks for sure!

  588. I love the short ribs at Olive Garden. they are wonderfully tender!

  589. Soup, salad, and bread sticks (with Alfredo sauce of course). Yum!

  590. MMM.. breadsticks…. and, of course, a nice glass of wine!

  591. OG is my kids’ FAVORITE place to eat! We all love the salad and breadsticks dipped in alfredo…yum:)

  592. I love their breadsticks!

  593. I love their breadsticks!

  594. Salad and breadsticks of course! Their salad is simple, but oh so delicisou!

  595. The breadsticks!! Especially when dipped in sauce!

  596. I love just about everything at Olive Garden! Love the salad and soup lunch – but also gobble up the Shrimp/Chicken Carbonara!

  597. The salad and Zuppa Toscana are so good! I agree with everyone saying to get extra olives in the salad-it’s one of the best parts 🙂

  598. From another mom of 4, I am also terrified of taking all my kiddos out in public. But I will risk it for the breadsticks!

  599. My favorite part is definitely the breadsticks with alfredo sauce! 😀 I have definitely gone with others before and had only breadsticks for dinner! 😛

  600. Nothing’s better than dipping the breadstick in the salad dressing!

  601. What’s NOT to LOVE?! I’ll admit, their bread sticks do haunt my dreams. I could eat them for breakfast! Did I just say that…outloud?! Aside from their delicious menu, I do love how they cater to my big Italian family! We always leave feeling fat and happy.

  602. Carolyn Storey says:

    I think I must be the only person who has never eaten at an Olive Garden. This would be a great incentive for me to go there!!

  603. I’m all about the breadsticks! I love to dip them in the salad dressing.

  604. The entree is the best part because I NEVER finish the whole meal after having 2 bowls of minestrone soup (that’s a meal in itself!). That means I have lunch the next day at work. Plus, whereas some leftovers at other restaurants don’t last, Olive Garden lasts very well and actually sometimes has an even yummier taste because it soaked up more flavor overnight! All my co-workers always ask what I have for lunch when I bring leftover OG!

  605. Salad and breadsticks! There is something about the dressing on the salad that makes me want to eat and eat and eat!! Love it.

  606. I love their tilapia. Oh so good!

  607. I love their tilapia. Oh so good!

  608. My favorite is the endless salad and of course for every bite of salad you have to eat a bite of those wonderful breadsticks!

  609. Soup, salad & bread sticks! I could eat all of the soup! Especially since I’m preggo!!

  610. oh, and I blogged about it!!!

  611. Actually, I could make a meal with the salad and breadsticks! Yummo!!!

  612. Laura Hogan Bailey says:

    My favorite part of my meal at Olive Garden is the Chicken Gnocci Soup! I HAVE to have it every time I visit – absolutely LOVE IT!

  613. Olive Gardens commitment to continued excellence is my favorite! It’s the restaurant that I know I will be pleased 100% of the time. Minestrone soup is by far the best, chicken parmigiana is a bonus. 🙂
    Emily clear

  614. I love the salad and breadsticks. So so good.

  615. i’m with you! i could eat a whole meal of breadsticks and alfredo!

  616. The main course is my favorite, with the salad a close second!

  617. kayla_plumlee@yahoo.com says:

    I love the breadsticks! And then I get spagetti with meat sauce (my favorite after breadsticks) and love the mint at the end. Thanks!

  618. I would have to say the breadsticks, but my favorite entree is also the Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo.

  619. My favorite part of an Olive Garden meal is the chicken and gnocci soup! Of course with the breadsticks on the side and the Andes mint at the end! Yum!!!!

  620. I would love to win!


  621. Breadsticks all the way!

  622. Their salad is the best!

  623. my favorite is the breadsticks and salad
    tcogbill at live dot com

  624. I love the salad! But the main dish is always yummy too!

  625. My favorite part is soup and breadsticks!

  626. My favorite part is when they bring me a delicious plate of Chicken Scampi. Love it!

  627. I liked their Sangria

  628. Definitely the breadsticks! I always check the dessert menu too, just to see what’s new! Love Olive Garden!

  629. My favorite part of Olive Garden is the salad & breadsticks! The salad dressing is so amazing & swirling the breadsticks in it makes it even better!!

  630. Just tweeted about this awesome & yummy giveaway!


  631. I LOVE the salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden, and I love your blog!

  632. I love, love, love their bread sticks and alfredo sauce!!!

  633. I love the breadsticks!!

  634. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Olive Garden, I love to go and eat the breadsticks and salad! I could eat it everyday :}

  635. Breadsticks for sure! 🙂

  636. Definitely those delicious breadsticks with the salad!! YUM

  637. Of course the breadsticks! But they also have this appetizer of fried lasagna that is really good!

  638. The salad and breadsticks are the best!!!!

  639. Definitely the breadsticks!!

  640. Breadsticks!!

  641. I personally love the salad & breadsticks. I usually don’t go for Italian dressing but OG’s dressing rocks! Our family is 1/5 vegetarian & OG accommodates us so well & for a great price. LOVE that place!

  642. I pretty much everything from Olive Garden but breadsticks dipped in their alfredo is my favorite!

  643. My favorite thing about Olive Garden is the salad and bread sticks! Love their salad dressing!

  644. Breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce – yummy!

  645. My favorite is the meal. I always try their new entrees and have pretty much loved them all.

    weedm74 at gmail dot com

  646. Chicken Parmasan would have to be my favorite, but you gotta start it all out with that salad & breadsticks to make it complete!!

  647. Breadsticks, soup, and salad

  648. Breadsticks!

  649. It may sound strange but I love their salad and dressing!

  650. My favorite part is the salad and breadsticks.


  651. I just tweeted about the contest and gave the URL. My twitter handle is @kstater89.


  652. Definitely the salad and dressing! Love love love!


  653. the salad!!! i love the peppercinis in the salad!

  654. Olive Garden is my favorite. Like you, my favorite part are the breadsticks with the alfredo dipping sauce. I usually go with just my husband so I don’t have to worry what my friends will think when I go through 3 baskets of breadsticks.

  655. My favorite part of the meal is the soup…the chicken gnocchi one…wait can I say that was “soup” a choice? If not then the breadsticks come in a VERY close second.

  656. The breadsticks of course.

  657. Breadsticks

  658. Hello, you go there for Zuppa Toscano, salad, and breadsticks!!! That’s all there is to it! :)em

  659. Breadsticks and salad!

  660. Best part of olive garden is the bread sticks! Hands down!

  661. The salad dressing is so good, and I’ve tried replicating it with “copycat” recipes but they don’t come close. Breaksticks follow.

  662. Love the salad! It was a happy day when I discovered I could buy the dressing there and make my own salad at home 🙂

  663. I LOVE the unlimited salad from Olive Garden! My favorite part of the meal!!

    Thanks so much for the contest!!


  664. I could live off of their breadsticks and salad.

  665. The bread sticks for sure are my favorite. Although as a young girl it was all about their cheese ravioli. I could never get enough of them.

  666. My favorite part is the salad and breadsticks and of course the main meal! I love it all!

  667. Okay, so NOW, the salad is my favorite part, but when I was pregnant and really didn’t care if I gained weight, it was definitely the Black Tie Cheesecake!!!!!
    I would get two orders of it – one for in the restaurant & one for later! Pathetic, I know! 😀

  668. DESSERT!!!! 🙂

  669. Olive Garden is my absolute FAVORITE!! I am just married and poor so I never go now haha. love me some breadsticks

  670. Ooo I love Olive Garden!
    My favourite are definitely the breadsticks. But the salad is a close second!

  671. The bread sticks!!

  672. Breadsticks all the way!! I could eat their breadsticks and salad all day long!!

  673. Nicole Weilandt says:

    Breadsticks, Main Course or Dessert? Breadsticks are the clear winner! It is the fourth utensil in a meal; Knife, Fork, Spoon, Breadstick. It helps guide the potato from the Zuppa Toscana onto your spoon. It finds each drop of salad dressing left in the bowl after all the olives are gone. If one manages to finish a main course plate, the breadstick wipes that plate of any trace of sauce. More likely, those breadsticks follow you home with your leftovers. That way you are sure to have just enough room left for a sweet spoonful of deliciousness for dessert!

  674. I love the breadsticks too…especially with the alfredo sauce. Yum!

  675. Breadsticks for sure! My favorite meal is their chicken and veggie skewers with roasted red potatoes. No pasta, but so yummy!


  676. I love their zuppa toscana and breadsticks so much, I could just eat those and call it a meal! But I didn’t know about that special-I will have to go for it! I like sharing food too so I can try my hubby’s but unfortunately, he is not of the same mind.

  677. Alexis McBride says:

    My favorite thing at Olive Garden is their breadsticks and salad! So delish 🙂

  678. Definitely the salad and breadsticks!

  679. Definitely the salad and breadsticks!

  680. Breadsticks are the winner for me for sure. They are delicious!

  681. The breadsticks and salad! My two most favorite things!

  682. My favorite part is the main dish, (always Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp that I share with my son) but sometimes I get so into the salad and bread sticks that I forget I’m even getting a main course until they bring it!

  683. Now I’m craving olive garden! I love the chicken gnocchi soup! Their desserts are delicious, but I’m usually so full I don’t get to that!

  684. -definitely the salad & breadsticks are my favorite part of an Olive Garden outing…they are both sooooo good! 😀

  685. Love their bread sticks!

  686. My favorite has to be the salad…I could eat and eat and eat it LOL

  687. The chicken parm!!

  688. The best part of Olive Garden is the amazing salad dressing! It’s awesome on the salad and to dip the breadsicks into. jennl53@hotmail.com

  689. Adding my voice to the choir. My favorite part is the salad and bread sticks – yum!

  690. Besides the amazing service, the seafood Brodetto is to die for and I am getting hungry just thinking of it. Absolutely heavenly!

  691. My absolute favorite is the breadsticks, but I love everything about Olive Garden. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked something I have gotten there.

  692. My favorite course has to be the breadsticks. I lost count how mny I ate last time!!

  693. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  694. I love the salad and the breadsticks are to die for!


  695. My favorite is the salad with a lot of extra olives!!

  696. Love it all! The soup and breadsticks have to be my faves though! 🙂

  697. Love it all! The soup and breadsticks have to be my faves though! 🙂

  698. I love the breadsticks.

  699. The BREADSTICKS! 🙂

  700. I love the all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks at lunch!

  701. I love the bread sticks! It’s the ONLY time I eat bread, that’s how good it is. 🙂

  702. Breadsticks of course!!! and their minestrone soup!!!

  703. I love the salad and breadsticks! I love to order a meal and take it home to eat while eating the salad and breadsticks at the restaurant.

  704. Bread sticks hands down. I also love their peach tea!

  705. Our Olive Garden allows us to sample wine! The bread sticks are the best. julieann009@cox.net

  706. I love the chicken scampi.

  707. Endless salad!

  708. Breadsticks, breadsticks, and more breadsticks! It is ridiculous how many I can eat!

    Also…the wine. Always the wine 🙂

  709. main course – the pasta!!

  710. The soup, salad, and breadsticks!!! Great lunch!

  711. oh man, i actually went to olive garden recently for the first time in FOREVER and i was so impressed! i got that meal deal and everything was so good! i think the salad and breadsticks are my favorite part. they have the best salad! my husband got the minestrone soup and it was REALLY good too!!

  712. Soup Salad and Breadsticks all the way! I’m pregnant and CRAVING it lately!

  713. I’ve never had the pleasure of eating at Olive Garden (not sure why!) but I think my favorite part would be the main course. Gimme the good stuff baby!

  714. we love the salad and the breadsticks yummm
    hebb dot julie at gmail dot com

  715. Has to be the breadsticks! My favorite, I could eat them all day and night.


  716. Oh wow, I love Olive Garden…tough to choose. But, I’d have to say the salad is the best part! We have actually started buying their salad dressing because my husband and I crave it all the time.

  717. I definitely have a sweet tooth so my favorite part of an Olive Garden meal is the dessert, especially if it’s their Black Tie Mousse Cake!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  718. I could go to Olive Garden and only eat the salad and bread sticks! In fact, I usually take most of my entree home to eat later because I fill up on the salad and bread sticks!

  719. Margie Huddleston margie@thehuddlestons.org says:

    My husband and I just LOVE the soup salad and breadsticks! My favorite has to be the Zuppe Toscana. So good!

  720. Margie Huddleston margie@thehuddlestons.org says:

    My husband and I just LOVE the soup salad and breadsticks! My favorite has to be the Zuppe Toscana. So good!

  721. I rarely get to eat out let alone a nice sit down restaurant since I have 3 little boys. But anything would be good but those breadsticks always hit the spot.

  722. The salad – here in Utah they’ll substitute ranch dressing!

  723. It has been awhile since I have eaten at Olive Garden because I have a 4 month-old son and a 3-year old son that keep my pretty busy, but I would love to win the $100 gift card! My favorite thing about Olive Garden is that I can munch on their yummy breadsticks and salad while waiting for my meal. By the time my meal arrives, I am usually so full that I end up taking most of it home for leftovers! That is, if my husband doesn’t get to them first!

  724. my favorite is the salad. i love their dressing!

  725. Breadsticks,Breadsticks, Beadsticks. Did I mention I LOVE the beadstisks??

  726. I love Olive Garden- when I take my 3 DD we all order different dishes and share. Love their salad.

  727. My favorite part is the salad…its so good and the dressing is the best! thanks!

  728. ok, from some thousands of kilometers i can’t come to eat there…. but i can say that the photo of your family is so beautiful!
    have a great time,

  729. Breadsticks!!

  730. My husband and I love the lasagna fritatta appetizer, especially when accompanied by soup, salad, and breadsticks! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  731. The main course! The salad is gross and the breadsticks are just ok. I usually get the rolled lasagna or the appetizer sampler.

  732. I have loved eating at Olive Garden since I was little. I always get the Chicken Alfredo, but end up taking most of it home because I eat almost an entire basket of bread sticks! I absolutely love Olive Garden!

  733. I love their lemon cake, but the minestrone soup is to die for!

  734. The breadsticks are delicious and so is their tiramisu! 🙂

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  735. Dee says: