A CakeCaps Giveaway

All my friends here are having babies right now. There must be something in the water so I’m going to stick to drinking straight Diet Dr. Pepper :). Actually, yesterday for about 5.8 seconds I was really baby hungry. Then the craziness of my life dawned on me and I realized I can wait…for now.
CakeCaps is a company that creates these cute little cupcake toppers. They are made out of a thin layer of edible frosting that melts into the cupcake frosting when applied and they have over 25 designs. I jumped at the chance to try some of their baby CakeCaps designs out and to give them to my friend who just had a baby. The nice ladies at CakeCaps want to let you try some out too!
So just leave a comment before tomorrow at noon, EST (September 16th) to enter the giveaway. The winner can choose whatever design they wish.
And tomorrow I will give the recipe to the awesome frosting I used for these.

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  1. Oh those are so cool, what a great way to personalize a party! YUm, enter me please

  2. Those are really cute! I love your sugar cookie bars AND baked beans recipe.

  3. How fun, and cute!

  4. Adorable! Count me in! :-)

  5. Love the Argyle one!

  6. Those are so cute!!

  7. How fun, can’t wait for the frosting recipe!

  8. I have 3 friends who have all had babies in the past 2 weeks. Cupcakes with some of these would be an fun gift!

  9. Myself, my two sister in laws and three friends are all preggers right now. These would make such a great gift!

  10. Holy adorable! I want some

  11. So cute!! We bake cupcakes way too often in our house! These would be a fun change in our decorating!!

  12. These look like they would be fun and easy to use! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. How fun! I am so addicted to make cupcakes right now too!

  14. So cute! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Starting a cupcake business and would LOVE these. PLEASE random generator… CHOOSE me!

  16. These are adorable!

  17. They are so cute! Would love to personalize a shower with these.

  18. So cute!! I’m throwing a baby shower for my best friend next month and I think these are a great idea!! If I don’t win (pick me, pick me!!!!) then I’ll have to go check out their site!!

  19. How fun! Would love to try some cupcake toppers! =)

  20. TOO COOL!
    There’s a baby boom afoot in my circle of friends too. However, I’m sticking to Capri Suns!

  21. Enter me, too! Thanks!


    needles at fidnet dot com

  22. Way cute…what a good idea

  23. Very cute! I love the design, what kind of cupcake did you use?

  24. What a cute addition to cupcakes!

  25. I love those!! Such a good idea!!

  26. LOVE these! They look easy enough for my children to do. Please enter me. I just found your site and just love all your ideas. Thanks :)

  27. What a fun idea!

    anetemso {at} gmail {dot} com

  28. OOO i love cupcakes!!

  29. Cupcakes are so hot right now!

  30. You are having lots of giveaways, I love it! Too bad I never win. Maybe this time!

  31. I love these! :)

  32. those are really cute! sign me up!

    as far as being baby hungry, I’m okay until I start thinking maternity clothes are cute again. then I know it’s time.

  33. Mmm. I like cupcakes…

  34. so cute! cupcakes are my favorite.

  35. I’ve never seen these before – maybe I can finally do something cool with my boring cupcakes!

  36. My sister just found out she is having twin boys. With 24 cousins and two more coming these would be an awesome favor to give out at her babies birth! Count me in I’d love to win!!

  37. Too cute! Pick me! Pick me!

  38. Adorable! Such a fun and easy way to decorate a cupcake!

  39. I read your blog everyday. If there is not anything new, I go to older posts. Love your blog.

  40. Those are so cute! What a fun way to decorate cupcakes!

  41. I would love to try those out!! My sister, sister-in-law and cousin are all having a baby soon, they are due in Nov, Dec, and Jan. so I will get my baby fix soon too!!

  42. I would LOVE to use these on the cupcakes I am baking for a charity race next weekend! Super cute!

  43. Those are super cute! I would love some!! :)


  44. Love anything easy yet polished! by the way I have been cooking from your blog the past week and John has loved everything especially poppy seed chicken!! He said you have to make this for my parents.. I said um no not with their health standards, cream of chicken ritz crackers and sour cream sure do taste good but I’m afraid it may put a forbidden pound on my disciplined In-laws.

  45. I want in! I am making the cinnamon roll cake tomorrow~I can’t wait!

  46. These are darling!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Dang it. My baby’s blessing is this Sunday. I want those little blue baby feet… I succumbed to the baby hunger & drank the water. :) He’s almost 3 wks old.

    PS, I love your blog. My sister found you and showed it to me. I spent hours (nursing, so not completely unproductive) salivating over your recipes. So far I have yet to find one I don’t want to make.\

    PSS, we’re having your smores bars at the blessing. I’m so excited.

  48. I make lots of cupcakes and those look darling.

  49. Those are darling! There is definitely something in the water because everyone is having babies! I need those for showers!!! So cute!

  50. I have never seen something like this, I’m dying to try them out!

  51. How cute are those?!

  52. sweet! Those are way cute!

  53. Oh my how cute are they I use edible sheets from time to time I really like to use them on cookies so please for the love of muffins pick me

  54. What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  55. pick me, pick me!!

  56. I would love these for the pregnancy craze going on in my life. Either of my friends would love these at a baby shower!

    I also made the rainbow cupcakes and they were a huge hit!!!

  57. YUM! I love cupcakes. Always willing to try new recipes.

  58. Adorable! I can’t wait to see more designs in more subject areas.

  59. I love those! I remember when I was younger, Pillsbury put out sugar cookies that came with frosting packets and those same edible decals- they had looney tunes pictures on them! They were by far my favorite cookie.
    I’ve been wanting to decorate with these for years now, I had no idea there was a company that produced them!
    Thanks for bringing these to light, and thanks even more for the giveaway!


  60. Cupcakes are my weakness. Those look delicious.

  61. These would be too cute for so many occasions!

    Becky P.
    rjpowell25 @ johnsfire . com

  62. I would love for my cupcakes to look as awesome! What a great idea you came up with! :D

  63. I love your blog!! I’ve made tons of the recipes and always get a great response from my husband. I love your honey lime enchiladas.

  64. Ok, I think I’m needin me some cupcakes now! mmmm Looks like they’d be fun!

  65. Super cute idea! They look de-lish!

  66. Fer cute. Awesome for baby showers.

  67. These are cute! Cool giveaway!

  68. I love to make cupcakes. What a fun to way to spice my soon to be 2year olds birthday.

  69. Cute!

  70. LOVE THEM!!!

  71. Love it… count me in!

  72. so cool! I have a few baby showers I’m throwing coming up! These would be awesome!

  73. This has recently become my FAVORITE blog! Love all of the recipes on there. And, these are adorable! So fun and creative!!

  74. Wow, these sound like alot of fun!!

  75. Those are cute! So, do we get a new cupcake recipe too? You made them look so delish!

  76. Those are adorable! I love them!

  77. I love those cake toppers although it just doesn’t feel right biting into them! No worries – I still manage to eat it!

  78. These are really cool. I love stuff like this. Thanks

  79. So cute! I can see so many uses for these.

  80. Me, me me!!

  81. I just had a baby boy on Aug. 28! I want to win!

  82. Those are so cute!

  83. Perfect for the harried party hostess and grandmas too! Please count me in!

  84. how cute! :)

  85. Too fun! I need all the help I can get decorating cupcakes

  86. [email protected] says:

    My daughter is expecting our first grandchild. Would love to win the Cake Caps to put on cupcakes for the baby shower!

  87. Very cute!

  88. Super cute and now I think I am going to have to go make some cupcakes! Yum!

  89. What a cute way to decorate the cupcakes. I love it!

  90. Those are so adorable! In my family, births come in threes. My sister in law just had a baby, but the other 2 (both cousins) are still pregnant. :)

  91. i need a good excuse to make adorable cupcakes. ps did you see your sliders recipe was cited on another blog last week? i was reading it and thinking it sounded familiar and then she had your name and a link to your blog (if you’re curious it was on lick the bowl good). hope you guys are well!

  92. This has become my FAVORITE new blog to look at (does NOTHING to help the diet). Keep up all the yummy recipes.

  93. Wow, these are so cute and what a quick and easy way to really dress up a cupcake!

  94. So cute! I think I need to get some of these for some baby showers coming up!

  95. These are awesome–I need some for my sister’s upcoming arrival of baby #1!

  96. Those are so neat. I’ve never heard of them before but I’d love to try them out!

  97. i’m one of those having a baby also! those are so cute! would that be tacky to give these to the people that are doing my shower?:)

  98. Oh my, these are cute!

  99. Your cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Baby fever seems to be going around! Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway…those look like a really fun addition.

  100. This would be perfect to use for my son’s birthday in November!

  101. I just became a grandma!!! Those cupcake toppers would be perfect to use for some treats for my son and his family. I love them.

  102. Wow! Those are so dang cute! I haven’t seen anything like them before. I’m hoping to get a chance to try them out.

  103. Very cute idea! Going to see what cool designs there are to choose from right now.

  104. Those are super cute! I’m part of the baby extravaganza. My son is 6 weeks old and he’s amazing!

  105. What a great idea!

  106. i’d love to try them for size!

  107. Love them!!! Please pick me!!

  108. Those are really cute cupcakes!

  109. AWesome! And so elegant.

  110. so cute I so want to try them

  111. A great reason to make cupcakes!

  112. These are precious! I’d love to personalize some cupcakes with these :)

  113. They would be great for one of my football parties! Boomer Sooner!

  114. HOw fun! I want to try these!!

  115. For cute! Side note: thank you for not making us become a follower, put it on facebook and twitter, etc. I just like the plain old leave a comment contests for crying out loud!

  116. These are adorable I would love to try them!

  117. super cute

  118. super cute and look yummy too!